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This is kind of tacky but oh well.... Cover Me with your madness baby Cover Me with your grace Dont offer all your love without a steady embrace. The days have been so long and the nights have been so lonely I have missed you so terribly And you tell me I am the only Cover with me your kisses baby Cover me with your grace Only offer me your hand if it comes with a steady embrace.
As I sit here in my lonely hell No where to go, no one to tell. Feeling silent tears roll down my face, they can't be seen there is no trace. Alone in this world so big, creeping like an ant on a twig. Seeing others that are just like me Then poof; they are gone, wasn't meant to be. Giving my heart, giving my soul Just one last tug there is to pull. Falling and losing myself deeper and deeper Quietly, I go back to becoming a weeper. Does anyone really know me? Does anyone really care? Does it matter that my world is colliding All that is left is pain and despair.
Look at me, I'm down again I get this way now and then When ever I start to care Seems my heart is laid out to air Look at me, I'm down again I get this way now and then Just when I feel the world is bright The days turn into an awful night Look at me, I'm down again I get this way now and then Perhaps there is some type of pill For the scars and bruises that will not heal Look at me, I'm down again I get this way now and then as I said...... Look at me, I'm down again
Sorrow Deception Sorrow Deception The way it was I lied, you lost trust I was honest, you still have no trust I cared, you pushed away I cried, you smirked I am so lost without you, the comfort you once gave is gone So terribly alone and so afraid of life, sometimes too afraid to go on I need your trust as much as I need your love, I beg and plead for it Yet it still seems as if you push me further The Sorrow Deception of my acts has lost once again Tawnya Sue Read Copyright 2008 Tawnya Sue Read


Life I once traveled through life on a methamphetamine high, living with no rules and no way to comply. The drug took its toll, it left me dry. Losing everything 3 times over, you would think I would learn, but no not me, I still wanted a burn. The police came and off we went, which yet we still did not learn. Today life is beautiful, I am well and strong Starting over in life is not so wrong, a good job, a good home.... Now I just ask why, WHY DID I WANT TO DIE? Tawnya S Read Copyright 2008 Tawnya S Read
Feelings Sometimes I feel like am going out of my mind Seems like I never understand I just need to unwind Its not like I wake in the morning and wonder if its all right Because when I look around all I can see and hear is the fight Tawnya Read Copyright 2008 TawnyaRead
Grandpa I never got to say Good-bye to the man I adored so much. I never got to Thank you for all of the Wisdom that you taught. As a little girl sitting SCARED on your lap-- looking at my adult life--wishing I was back on that lap. I am very strong minded as you will see, every time you tried to guide me--I drifted off to sea! Although I learn the hard way--one thing I know for sure--I will Love and Miss You forever more! Goodbye Grandpa.... Tawnya Read Copyright 2008 TawnyaRead
My Daughter T--errific as a daughter A--blaze with radiant energy B--orn a leader, not a follower A--bsolutely the best daughter in the world T--hrilling to be around H--appy most of the time A--dorable even when she is sleeping Tawnya Sue Read Copyright 2008 TawnyaRead
Where Our relationship was beautiful sunsets all year round laughing clowns holding one another tight where did our love go? Our relationship was a game of chance move forwards move backwards lose a turn where did our love go? Our relationship is so bitter the room is so quiet I feel all alone my memories are painful where did our love go? Tawnya Read Copyright 2008 TawnyaRead
Happy Look at me I am happy again Life has begun for me all over again The trees stand tall the flowers stand open The sun burns bright The moon still glows The children still run the grass still grows I have woke up after 9 years Time to stretch Time to smile Time to live awhile. Tawnya Read Copyright 2008 TawnyaRead
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