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So last year in the late part of November a friend on facebook shared some story.  I believe it was another police shooting or something along those lines.  A friend of hers posted a jpeg in the comments and it caught my eye.

Around Halloween time I read an article about macabre collections.  There was a picture of a white man in a seated or kneeling on one leg position, there were what appeared to be mummfied heads on the wall right behind him.  Reading about the picture it said that the man was a Portuegese born British soldier who did in fact collect mummified heads of the Māori people (New Zealand indigenous people).  The Māori believed in Mokomokai (preserving heads). Which became something to use in bartering with the Europeans.  You can google if you please to learn more of this or to see the picture I am referring to.

Anyways, back to the story.  This friends friend posted this picture but it was a meme stating that white American soldiers killed African kings and queens just to use their heads as trophies.

Totally untrue and if I hadnt have read the story, I might have taken it as gospel (except normally if anything seems crazy, or wild...I will google it to see).  I corrected her and she wasn't angry but I dont know if she took the time to google what i had told her.  I can imagine how many people seen that jpeg and went "omg" and never went any further.

Well recently I came across another one of these jpeg memes.  This time regarding Japan banning muslims (completely) and listed a bunch of stuff.  The one thing that got me going "wtf" was the use of the word "negligible" to say Japan had negligible embassies in muslim countries.  What an odd word to use (imo).

So what did I do?  Well I googled.  Guess what the result was?  The jpeg meme was wrong.  Snopes itself had a big FALSE at the top of the page.

People are believing and sharing this to further their bigotry (look the Japanese are doing it).  I can understand why some Americans look to Japan as being the ultimate beacon of freedom of speech, democracy and happy citizens but really....is googling that hard?

Next these people are gonna delete the word "kamikaze" from history so they can futher their agenda that muslims thought of this and are the only ones who have done this and that is why they are evil.

Facts, they can be powerful tools.



are really sad :p

so almost everyone knows about the site that has some really old fubar users and new ones posting fuchicks nsfw...the ones who sell their pics for bling and the ones who dont.  whack on, whack off

the thing i have found funny recently (and i know of 2 chicks who have claimed it) is the fuchicks on here...CLAIMING they were posted over there...and they werent :p

i am sure it is a crushing blow to your ego...to know you posted nsfw pics here and they arent getting posted by some pervs on another site...but seriously?   you werent posted cuz you are old and ugly.  you can SAY they posted you...but only you seem to have seen yourself on there


thats it :)

so i have had a few people come to me and say "so and so said they had to choose between you and some stalker"  that i felt my "list was compromised"  LOL

WRONG...the stalker blogs that started back 3 months...were as a warning to friends.  this person may befriend you, kiss your ass, bling you...just to get to me.  i have quite a few mutual friends in common with the person...even one in my fufamily who is way closer to me than the one who is claiming i made them choose.  i had quite a few friends notice that suddenly the mutuals (the friends i had on my list for years...were suddenly very interesting to the stalker) were more and more

i have also heard that at least one person who was NEVER on my list...got caught up in being popular due to the drama that was caused ... that they made comments about not choosing.  WTF?  you were never on my list...i understand your need to feel seen and shit, but come the fuck on.

something that makes me sick...claiming you have cancer or something else on here to get sympathy, bling or whatever.  seen a lot of people do it and it is tasteless, classless and you should be punched in your face for it

lastly...i am finding some things funny in the past week.  what some are forgiven of doing...and what others did that arent.  

merry whatever you celebrate or dont celebrate or hate or love or whatever....its the end of 2011.  for some of us...its been one craptastical year.  hopefully the next is a much better one (h)

oh...all the happy hours are booked on the day my 5 year anni would be...so no happy hours from me! ha :p


disclaimer:  COMMENTING on my blog may get you deleted off someones list (it happened last time...not sure what she did that was so horrible, but meh...if you comment, be prepared :P )

so i have this stalker alien chick on me...

she was able to avoid me and shit for about a year (since i lost a few friends due to her crap).  she came by a few days ago and i wasnt in the mood for it and sent her a message saying "stay off my page"

the mails went on...she calls me crazy and full of drama...yet she is now trying to friend all my friends

the latest one was my fuwife.  my fuwife didnt know of all this shit...well cuz it wasnt that important to me (this chick)


but since she is doing this...be prepared for the most sugary sweet add request you have ever gotten on here (if you are a woman...expect her to want the pretty girls to be on her pretty girl list.  if you are a guy, she might talk of blowjobs and cuming on her face)

i dont care if you are friends with her...or will be.  just know, she is using you cuz for some odd reason she is obsessed with me

i was given a happy hour (again) can it be known that i hate them...please dont gift me them :)

i tore the bandaid off and it will be tomorrow..gonna give my points to my kitten


one last thing

i pay attention to everything, i judge everything (as i am sure others do...somethings may not matter as much to others as they do to me and vice versa).  i would never dictate what a person does on here...so please dont be upset when i decide to do what i plan on doing when i feel not just emotion is ruling my decisions.  i think it is only fair :)

there are few...some are "pals", "buddies", yanoo people you dont expect much from (and shouldnt) they dont run very deep.  nothing wrong with them...they just arent worth a shit yanoo?

i wanna say i (h) Kit

maybe the 4th person to be truthful about stupid shit on here and also one of a handful of my friends that stood up for me.


thank you Kit

i appreciate you as always <3


can someone drop a link in her shouts for this? lol

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