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created on 06/09/2010  |  http://fubar.com/blah-blah-blah/b333266  |  21 followers

so i have had a few people come to me and say "so and so said they had to choose between you and some stalker"  that i felt my "list was compromised"  LOL

WRONG...the stalker blogs that started back 3 months...were as a warning to friends.  this person may befriend you, kiss your ass, bling you...just to get to me.  i have quite a few mutual friends in common with the person...even one in my fufamily who is way closer to me than the one who is claiming i made them choose.  i had quite a few friends notice that suddenly the mutuals (the friends i had on my list for years...were suddenly very interesting to the stalker) were more and more

i have also heard that at least one person who was NEVER on my list...got caught up in being popular due to the drama that was caused ... that they made comments about not choosing.  WTF?  you were never on my list...i understand your need to feel seen and shit, but come the fuck on.

something that makes me sick...claiming you have cancer or something else on here to get sympathy, bling or whatever.  seen a lot of people do it and it is tasteless, classless and you should be punched in your face for it

lastly...i am finding some things funny in the past week.  what some are forgiven of doing...and what others did that arent.  

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