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Do you know how you make me feel when you look at me like that? do you realize how your words shape my day do you feel the way my body trembles when you get close to me do you know how you take my breath away with just a kiss... the distance may be great but it will not last forever and then my life will really begin i am happiest when i can take care of you when i know the little things i do are appreciated and done simply out of love i look forwarding to greating my day with a smile just because i woke up in your arms to carry our child would be the greatest gift you could give me with only giving me your name coming close to help me raise my son into the man i know he can be all because of you and the influence you are over him I have never wanted or needed anyone so much in my life with your arms wrapped around me i know i am safe and that i have someone to hold on too someone strong enough to protect me from myself and push me when i get too comfortable and need to be challenged. i trust you when i dont trust anyone else i am blessed to be able to love you and be loved by you no relationship is without its trials and tribulations...... but i am willing to give it my all to make this work to give you both the space you need and the nurturing you desire to be there when times are rough and be the one you come home too i will always be waiting for you you bring out the tomboy in me the need and desire to keep up with you and do everything you do but you also bring out that creative side of me the side that writes, and sews, and paints, and reads... i am comfortable enough not to lose everything i love to do and even more comfortable to do everything you love too You will have someone to teach and i will enjoy learning and the other things we do the magic we create will take many forms i am sure because you bring that side out in me i wont mind letting you make the majority of the decisions as long as i am listen too and i am sure you will understand see my point of view however there will be times when i dominate and you will listen.... and we will both enjoy it so very much i will sleep easy tonight knowing our star is shining down on both of us my life, my love, my lover, my best friend, a father to my son whom at this very moment is asking me to make him a big brother..... which will happen when you and i make that decision... my love my life another few days and you will be in my arms and i will sleep easier with you by my side where you belong i love you baby
we each have our demons my love how we express ourselves and those demons differs greatly i fight my demons by giving them words you fight them with solitude each way works for each of us but this is the reason i dont show you everything i write these words i write are my only outlet sometimes other than self destruction i dance with my demons little devils they are because the sparing of words within my mind demand it it is the only way i can release there control over me just like solitude is your way of battling them i refuse to give them the control they demand my heart is yours my soul is yours stolen with a simple kiss that showed me more than mere words can explain you quite my mind i do not doubt you my love i need you like i need air to breath but alas our pasts have been unkind to us life is what we make it though and i refuse to paint you by the same brush my heartaches at the thought of you doubting my stability...for i am here for as long as wish to have me forever is my dream, my wish, my pledge to you i have never been so content as when i am with you at ease with self and mind for you are my rock as i hope to be yours side by side we can have it all some hard work lots of love and gentle touch of treasuring eachother and desire kindled with just a glance i love you hand in hand i will take care of you as you take care of me and my love you are my reality i am here next to you in thoughts and dreams and soon you will be able to curl up in my arms to sleep and wake up next to me and we shall have a reason to great the day with a smile because we both will know we are loved for who we are not the illusions other see you are the only one i trust to see all sides of me and when i hear your voice whispering goodmorning my love i am loved by you i know this already just know i am here for you in your solitude you are still loved i just wish i could heal you as fast as you healed me i miss you my love


tears fell from my eyes this morning my love your song playing on my alarm yet you were not here and many things i left unsaid when i get angry i shut down all i feel is hurt and pain every logical approach i take lead me to a wall i could not get over without your help how can i fight ghosts? how can i fight your past? how can i make you believe what i feel is real? that i am real? words said in anger can be very destructive harming not only you and me but us as well so i choose my words carefully as not to offend and hurt the man i love so much but yes i was angry at the situation for we deserve better than that we earned this magic we have found i am not impractical when it comes to love very much a realist who would love to have her head in the clouds but knowing truths of the world and the pain caused by callous words spoken in the past but echoing in the present i have my own confidence issues and some of which has been brought to the surface now i feel i must be cautious instead of care free of my expressions of love for i am unsure of how they will be taken i know you did not mean to come across as you did but i feel as i was called a liar... and everything i told you is what is true you amazed me never kisses so gentle or a look so hungry passions stirred that have laid dormant for years woke so throughly it left me shaking you left me shaking and hungry for more to explore all the possibilities then your words left me feeling meaningless and that devastated me and part of me is hiding now waiting to see if it will be safe again to come out..... or is it better to stay hidden away from rejection.... time will tell i guess just know i love you i miss you you are what gives me life i could have played it safe instead i am here out on this limb waiting to see if what i see what i felt is real or are you another illusion and i am the fool yet again i am left unsettled trying to let go of the anger a poem or two more maybe then i will be able to breath with out fear of drowning in it i shall let you read those as well in due time when it is not so fresh and can be seen by new eyes in fresh light and to be seen for what they are just words of this unicorns tears Ironezzz Lady the woman who actually wants nothing more than to love you and perhaps be the mother of your children nothing else really matters you, ally, drew, this is my world this is my life i love you i desire you i need you i want you i crave you i adore you please accept these humble words as truth because i write from my heart and they are echoed in my eyes I love you


the pain at the thought of you losing your music terrifies me it breaks me in ways nothing else could your passion, your joy lost fear rains from deep inside panic fills my sobs and even talking to you did not help ease this pain nothing has and i caused this myself speaking freely, no more not yet anyway to hurt you causes me to hurt myself my world my life unable to take you in my arms and show you just how much you mean to me is killing me today i do not want to do anything but cry and find a way to end this pain i unintentionally caused you caused myself but short of death i have not found a way is there a way?
an insult to you i hardly think but it is not i who rules that mind of yours it was a song to honor me and i never heard it played a gift to you it was meant to be because it is i whom the song was about to bring me happiness and something for you to enjoy playing how silly of me to think you would take it as the compliment it was meant to be and here i am tears streaming sobs rocking my shoulders as my world walks away you tell me not worry about how you feel about me that will not change but you can not convince me of that right now you just walked away leaving me dying inside questioning every word ever said because if you loved me so much why could you shut me out you ask me to understand but do not give me the means too you asked for honesty and you walk away taking everything i have with you shattering my heart and begging you to talk to me how fast leave when it suits you i guess i have to wait and see if you return as if the distance between us is not great enough you have to throw me into the abyss as well pain never so great felt as right now i give i surrender i give up i will wait and see if you call until then i will let the pain eat at me tearing apart all that was left and leaving the scars for all to see i am hurting so badly and no one cares no one is there i am at the bottom looking up seeing only darkness hearing nothing but my own sorrow and my own death will become me
missing little feet running rampant a storm brewing and waiting to hear the voice i would know from my grave for i gave him life a little boy with blue eyes playing his games and wanting to hear stories read by mommy the name i love hearing the most i really wasn't ready to be mommy yet when you came along but you brought a light to my eyes and direction my life was lacking you brought me full circle to the place i am now where we are a family just the two of us against the world i cry from missing you so much one day with you running around or hearing your voice and i am lost just like when the other love of my life disappears for awhile i know you both come back to me i know how much i adore you little man you love me unconditionally i never felt it before until i held you little fingers gripping my hand and looking at me with those blue eyes there was a time when no one but mommy would do how much you have grown and changed since then and more changes are coming lil man you and mommy are going to move and add a few more to our world and every day i pray i am making the right choices for you and me i am just muddling through this parenting thing praying for the best and loving you with all i have just as i am muddling through my love life but this time i think this right my heart says it is so does my head so we are going to take a chance and see if i can bring out the best in both of us I love you Andrew my son my life do not ever doubt that I miss you so much my son these tears today are for you each a silent prayer for your safe return and to tonight when we can read eachother stories and the tickle monster can bring that laugh to life i love you my son with out you i am truly nothing with out you i would be dead someday you will read this i hope and understand that mommy owes you her life and all of her happiness includes you i am going to be adding to our family two more to begin with i hope you love them as much as i already do and i hope they love you as much as i do if not it will be just us again because i will not do that to you i love you too much to harm you in any way to say our prayers and wish you sweetdreams tonight is all i wish for all i wait for mommy misses you
walking down this road yet again but i see the crossroads in front of me I no longer fear whom i shall be meeting for i know it is you with your hands held out one for me one for my son hope fills me love overwhelms me and for once i am sure i am no longer alone because you are beside me walking with me hand in hand, fingers entwined the bond between us already strong because of our love my soulmate the missing piece of my life the reason I breath the reason I go on a child can do so much for one but to have someone to share the smile with over the simple joys and help to raise my son from boy to man to hold you in my arms to kiss your brow as you lay curled up in my arms to whisper I love you yes I look forward to this crossroads to you and Ally waiting for Drew and I walking hand in hand with our little ones and knowing when I look up you will be there watching me to know that I am loved for the first time in many miles I am loved I love you * i truly do
breathing comes harsh tears on the brink of falling holding a little angel tonight making my heart cry for you wanting not to let go of the gift i was holding wishing it was your, ours my breath catches emotions flooding me again washing me backwards into the rocks nothing to save me from these tears fear eats at me trying desprately to understand what i have no way of knowing bottling everything inside screams falling on deaf ears feeling dead inside only pain and fear numbing me to the simple joys no lil man to distract me this time no smiles or hugs or kisses to remind me to breath no one listening no one hearing no one caring for these tears silence is tragic when so much distance is between us no comfort found only an empty bed curling beneath the covers hiding myself from the world it is not like anyone sees me just the illusions of someone they want to see but when you see me i feel real but then the fear crowds my eyes and your voice is not there to comfort me to reasure me to give meaning to my empty life my heart is yours please hold it close because i can not tell if you are building walls or trying to tear them down and my happiness lies in the balance my life has been cruel i have paid the prices for my actions and now i wait watch and see will you come to me?
the little things in life are what makes it so interesting the people that are involved each bring something to your life from precious gifts of a shoulder to cry on to the smile from someone you adore the words of wisdom coming from little angels and friends you can truly depend on the person you run to when things are too tough and the person who inspires you to the gifts of hopes and dreams and something to look forward to everyday and when someone special comes along friends see it in your eyes and will be there to wish you the best or pick up the pieces when they fall to the advise sometimes unwanted but always heartfelt and to the one that takes your breath away and constantly amazes you and when you find these treasures keep them close and always let them know you care... *to my friends...I love you all, and especially you my love
thunder crashes lightening strikes echos off the mountains surrounding me not as magical as home but nonetheless amazing rain drops fall and the thounder rolles dancing its own waltz accross the sky echoing through my mind answering the questions and releasing the anger building inside of me anger at the past that i can not correct anger at myself... for wanting too... the wind blows strong running accross the tears i shed waiting for my world to right itself feeling like i am on a ledge teetering, waiting, will you come am i strong enough to withstand yet another storm a moment in time frozen looking into your eyes trying to see what is hidden in your soul to see if in the end you hold out your hand and help me back away from this ledge who am i to pass judgement on you who are you to pass judgement on me deserving does not come into the equation no one deserves anything one must earn everything love is a gift that we give to whom we think is deserving of it sometimes though it just kindof dawns on you that you gave that gift without realizing it that is what i did with you without realizing it i gave that part of me to you and you do deserve it wheither we like ourselves or not has nothing to do with how we see eachother i see strength of character i see the father you are i see the love you have to give i see your fear i see your self loathing i see your pain i see your anger i see how you look at me with awe i see how you play yours songs for me i see how moved you are by my words i feel that you see me the mother, daughter, friend, lover the monsters that eat at me making me doubt myself and echos of the past and yet you still love me and I love you i will fight your demons with you will you fight my demons with me? i may not know the reasons but i know the emotions for the are the same with me how my frustration echos in the thounder because all i want to do is hold you and i am too far away to do that so you retreat from me and i am helpless but to sit and wait wait for your call and now i will let the tears fall because the rain will hide them the thunder will drown out my sobs and no one will be the wiser of just how helpless i feel at this moment
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