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Caleb Roberts
Caleb Henry
Caleb Romo
Caleb Vines
Caleb Aniedei
Caleb Danley
Caleb Veal
Calen Nakash
Caleb David
I'm not really good at these about me things so I'll just say this, if you want to know anything just message me and ask.
Caleb Debruyn
Ehh, not much to say about me! I'm just a happy go lucky teddy bear, managing to find love in all the wrong places. Just talk to me, I'll let ya know about me. It covers a vast majority of things, not limited to video games, music, anime, and the like. I am usually making my own outfits, which is fun. Might post pictures of some of the things I make later on.
Caleb Owens
Caleb Christensen
Caleb Jernigan
Caleb Thomas
Caleb Smith
Caleb Amos
Caleb Julian
Caleb Adkins
Caleb Q
well im caleb im 20 almost 21 looking to have a good time maybe somthing serious wanna no more hit me up
Caleb Steele
Caleb Robinson
Caleb D'andria
Caleb Cook
Caleb Kinney
Caleb Freeman
Caleb Shields
Caleb Shields
Caleb Turnbough
Caleb Hensley
Caleb Mcclellan
Caleb Crouch
Caleb Winegardner
Caleb Decker
Caleb Rhyne
Caleb Ogtbaje
Caleb Sturgill
Caleb Campbell
Caleb Coslow
Caleb Brobston
Caleb Peters
Caleb Madden
Caleb Logan
Caleen Mcintosh
Caleb Blount
Caleb Price
Caleb Andrew
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Caleb Gentry
Caleb Macina
Caleb Rohn
Caleb Jensen
Caleb Zdybicki
Caleb Johnson
Caleb Schwires
Caleb Smith
Caleb Pair
Caleb Sowers
Caleb Mcdonald
Caleb Law
Caleb Slone
Caleb Wolfe
Caleb Parker
Caleb Ingram
Caleb Searcy
Caleb Humphrey
Caleigha Washington
Caleb Ivy
Caleb Lamothe
Caleb Dawson
Caleb Simonds
Caleb Sindle
Caleb Michael
Caleb Crayola
Caleb Travis
Caleb Bryant
i love fucking. not gonna lie. I'm the bomb at it and they know it. I'm in college three jobs and a complicated ass relationship. looking for friends and maybe more. hit me up if you wanna txt. snoweboarding, surfing, producing music and videos.
Caleb Thomson
Caleb Rubash
Caleb Studer
Caleb Wood-daggett
Caleb Snowden
Caleb Horton
Caleb Shadowens
Caleb Huber
Johnny Depp is awsome Horror, thriller, and action movies
Caleb Miller
I live with my brother. I tryed college, didn't work I server at Chili's. I have a tattoo on my back, and I also have a tongue ring. NAVY Sheriff Surburu WRX STI Nissan 240sx Skating Biking Swag Action Horror
Caleb Roy
Caleb Reynolds
Calep Stephen
Caleb Henman
Caleb Cherry
Wats up everbody my name is Caleb I'm nineteen, I live in Cleveland Tennessee, I'm interested in a lot lol, but my biggest interests are riding through the mountains, tattoos, playing guitar listening to music, and chilling wit my friends Tommy chong, slash, hendrix, and of course lennon Anything by Steven king,Harold&kumar, anything cheech and chong
Caleb King
Caleb Davis
Caleb Schnarr
Caleb Mailen
Caleb Clark
Caleb Jeffrey
Caleb Vandorn
Caleb Evans
Caleb Godwin
Caleb Leonard
Caleb Pittman
Caleb Strickland
Calendar Girlz
I am the Owner & Founder of Club Curvaceous Madames a BBW Club in Jacksonville Florida! We also are featuring The Curvaceous Madames BBW Calendar Girlz. Our Calender is now available for Pre-Order on our Website We are a size acceptance Club for Plus Size Women and the men that love us in Jacksonville. We host monthly NightClub Nights, pool parties, beach parties, & more So come check us out if your in the Jacksonville Area & if your not check out our Sexy BBW Calendar now onsale for 2013 Featuring Ladye Isis, Bella Rayne, Vanilla Suga, Alana, Amber, Tracy, Sara, Roxy, Sunny Ddelight & Leandra! Check out our photos section! Find us on Facebook
My name is Caleb im a proud veteran..Im big into the outdoors. wanna know more ask Fishing and beer, hunting, fighting, fu@$%ing, sports and women
Caleb Chapman
Caleb Apt
Caleb Carson
Caleb Smith
Caleb D
Christan Video Games, Reading,Not Math
Caleb Householder
Caleb Shui Gao
Caleb Seeman
Caleb Hughes
Caleb Brock
Caleb Rojas
Caleb Vargas
Caleb Barkley
Caleb Hawkins
Caleb Coulter
Caley Flowers
Caleb Hendricks
Caleb Richards
Caleb Carney
sooo ye­ah im 19, ­single,im ­kinda shy ­now. ive b­een hurt a­nd used al­ot. origin­ally from ­san antoni­o texas bu­t now i li­ve in wash­ington, i ­am a very ­kinky pers­on. Im a r­ocker and ­a raver. dont kn­ow me then­ please do­nt be afra­id to inbo­x me. i wo­nt bite c;­ unless yo­u ask foreplay c­; parkour ­graffiti p­laying wit­h my band ­BDSM
Caleb Kuhn
Caleb Cesario
Cale Winter
Caleb Morris
Caleb Fairchild
hey im an 18 year old artist and illustrator whos looking for a good relationship. concept design,illustration,guitar,music,etc.
Caleb Prescott
Caleb J Charley
Caleb Rust
ask idk yet just want love
Caleb Toms
Caleb Lujan
Caleb Carlos
Caleb Carroll
I'm Pride. I work in both the Entertainment and Gaming industries. I like to travel and I've been to just about every state in the United States and many countries outside of it including Sweden, Amsterdam, Scotland, England and our southern neighbor Mexico. I am a Film nut and lover of PC Gaming. You will hardly find me on a 360 or PS3, nothing beats a computer for gaming. I enjoy a lot of music but I'm quite picky.
Caleb Vaughn
Well my name is caleb im 20 years old i go to college and work and drink lol im single and thats about it hit me up people.
Caleb Krakliow
Caleb Postman
Caleb Groves
Cale Bode
Wow, about me... thats a loaded question with a tragic answer. I'm 38 and single, was with the woman I thought I would be with for life for 10 years before I found out she was cheating. her brother told me she was sleeping around then a week later broke into my house while I was out of town and took his own life in my front room with MY 12 guage shotgun. was a hell of a thing to be a suspect in the death let alone loose some one I loved well I guess I lost 2 people. I recently found out that my best friend was one of the people she was betraying me with. I flipped out and got a tatoo (physical pain over emotional) A purple broken heart on my right wrist. several months later the friend who was cheating found out his wife was too... he has a matching stain on his left wrist. we are still friends, I've lost too much already... I've moved on and can smile today, everything happens for a reason and it has made me who I am toady so I wont sit in pitty or feel sorry for myself. I am st
Caleb Rowland
Calen Blake
Caleb Dennis
Caleb Mayorga
Caleb Keon
Caleb Butler
Cale Smith
Caleb Sansbury
Calgary Couple
We are a couple.M 27 F 26.We have 2 great kids, and a houseful of animals.We enjoy watching movies, playing pool, slowpitch and spending time with family.We are really on here to make friends and chat. She is bisexual and is very interested in having fun with other women. Friendster You have a sexual IQ of 134 Survey of my Life by davyaSo Basically..Name:: JamesNicknames:: KitAge:: 25Birth Date:: May 3,1981Hair Color:: brownEye Color:: brownHeight:: 6'3Piercings:: 2Tatoos:: 3Heritage:: Native CanadianBest..Food:: Salmon
Cal Hui
Cal Harper
Cal Harlan
Cal Hubbard
Cal Huffman
ask me and we will go from their home camping nascar movies
Calherbe Saintilus
Cali Burn
Music, art, Scuba Diving, Family, Being a good father and lover. Photo touch ups. Nude figure art and modeling and so on Heat, City of angels, Fight club, Snatch, Lilo and stich and so many more...
Cali King
Cali Brockitt
~My Name is Cali ~ ~Im 21 years old~ ~Im 5'5~ ~I have had a rough life ~ ~I live in Texas~ ~I am Married~ ~Im in love~ *Even though we fight*~ ~My best friend is Brandi~ ~Mess with her, I will have to kill you!~ ~I hate stupid people~ ~Im Inked ~ ~I have a nose ring, tounge ring and 8 earrings~ ~I have a kitten..I love him to death~ ~I love my Family~ ~Im always there for my friends~ ~Im always online~ ~I can be concieded sometimes~ ~My emotions sometimes get the best of me~ ~Im a good listener~ ~I have a sense of Humor~ ~I watch the news everyday~ ~I think Paris Hilton is pretty..So what?!?!~ ~I have friends in Iraq!~ ~I hate people who act like they are better than everyone else~ ~You get what you deserve~ ~I love sleeping~ ~I like Rap, Rock, and R&B~ ~I love Horror Movies~ ~I love getting Comments of any sort!~ My husbands Page! DaddyBoneCrusher@ LostCherry My MySpace Page My MyCrib Page My CampusBug Profile My HoverSpot Page Partying B
Cali Elizabeth
Calissa Brownell
Cali George
Calito Mejia
Calista Ferguson
Cali B
Calista Lott
Calix Plaza
HEY SEXY CHERRIES! I AM A 33 YEAR OLD SEXY CHOCOLATE MAN FROM NYC,...AND BASICALLY ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS..... IF I DONT HAVE IT ...THEN U DONT NEED IT!! .bbzs1 {content:"Body Properties";} body { background-color:000000; background-image:url(''); background-position:center center; background-repeat:no-repeat; background-attachment:fixed; } .bbzs2 {content:"Table and Section Properties";} table, tr, td {background:transparent; border:0px;} table table table {background:transparent;} table table table td { background-color:000000; filter:alpha(opacity=90); -moz-opacity:0.9; opacity:0.9; -khtml-opacity:0.9; } table table table table td {filter:none;} table table table { border-width:2px; border-color:E0E0E0; border-style:outset; } table table table table {border:0px;} table table table {width:300px;} table table td.text table {width:auto;}
♥ Cali Pie ♥
♥ The condensed version of myself is, easy going, open, honest, independent, loyal and blunt. ♥ I love being a dreamer. ♥ I love being passionate about everything I do. ♥ I love being compassionate to those who deserve it. ♥ I love the feeling of being appreciated. ♥ I love finding beauty in just about everything. ♥ I love writing. ♥ I love reading ♥ I love music ♥ I love listening to music and singing along. ♥ I love the simple things in life ♥ I love friends. ♥ I love family ♥ I love movies ♥ I love bubble baths ♥ I love the sounds and sights of night ♥ I love being spantanious. ♥ I love crying when I'm sad ♥ I love laughing when I'm happy ♥ I love listening to the rain ♥ I love storms ♥ I love the feeling of not wanting a moment to end ♥ I love seeing things through other peoples ey
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Calixto Lopez
California Dreamin
Cali Brockitt
Im Cali, Im 21 years old, I live in Texas with my husband of almost 4 years, no kids yet! I like to party, hang out and meet new people, so hit me up sometime! Hmmm, My interests are, photography, webdesign, MYSPACE lol, Family, friends, partying, sleeping, singing, dancing, etc. I loveeee horror movies!!!! Comedy also! And Action!
Cali Man
HowManyOfMe.comThere are 0 people with my name in the U.S.A.How many have your name? I live in WI but grew up in New England. I am 34 years old with long strawberry blonde hair,grey eyes and am 5 feet 9. I am wiccan and always love meeting other people on the same path. I think 99 percent of men are full of shit and that the world is going down the crapper. I am cynical,bitchy and jaded but a hell of a lot of fun once I trust you and you get to know me. (There is a reason for my madness!) I am married to someone who needs to appreciate me before I get sick of his shit. I love him to death despite this so do not contact me for the sole purpose of trying to screw me. I have kids that I adore and I am intelligent,artistic and will be the best friend you ever had once you crack my shell. Feelling gutsy? Then give me a yell. ALSO - Do NOT bother asking me to be your friend unless you have read my ENTIRE profile and plan on being a friend. I would rather have 5 friends who are real on
Cali Girl
This is it. I am Erica and I yes love to be licked. Every woman does, they just don't admit it bc they are cowards and like to keep things hiden. Which in my opinion is stupid, bc EVERYONE DOES IT. So why can't we express what we do, feel and say. Anyway, I am 22 and I am your standard party girl. I do go to school and you will not get in the way of that. I am very focused and career oriented. Wanna hang out yea thats fine, but when I say no, it's simply NO!!! I don't care about what else to say at the moment, so I will finish this up later or whenever. Bye.
Calif.,long Beach
Cali Bbw
31 Year old bisexual female. Just looking to have fun and add to my list of friends. If you like what you see and hear. Holla at cali's best bbw. Muah
California Stud
Woman, music, cheese
Calicia Ledoux
I am a twenty year old female who want to find friend. I love to hang out and I am constantly on the run.If you want to know more just ask!!!
Cali Sky
Calico Lane
C.ali Loopus
Cali Owens
Cali Wimutu
Cali Love
Caliegh Matthews
Cali Jones
California Angel
Cali Robinson
hey whats up im 19 i live in senoia which is righ outsde of newnan and peachtree city i a single and gay so if your interested than hit me up
Calista Fynaardt
im a country girl, live in a small town. i love hanging with my friends, i love doing crazy shit. but if ur all about sex dont bother talking to me. im not a lil play toy, that's what sluts are for...go find one...! lol anywho im up for meeting new friends, and just having a good ole' time = ) HIT ME UP! later gaters! gernerally when its no single didgits i can be found outdoors. wanna know more, ask.
Cali Diez
Cali Stout
Calieb Simmons
Cali House
Calin Davalos
Cali Bickham
It's not easy being a sexy piece of Dark chocolate, but hey!!! Someones gotta do it... I'm a complicated individual who's in search of a woman whos driven... knows what she wants and is not afraid of going get it... My interests include... well just willing to experiment...
Cali Finest
California W
Calico Datmoney Jones
Cali Livin
Caliban Yarrow Hitboy
Calita Simpson
Cali Jimcaale
Calicali Vargas
Calin Addams
Calist Ndi
Caliber Ink
Calina Wolf
Guys, Girls, Cars (im jealous of aj :/) Oh heres what AJ is putting on his car(find in car in AJs album lol) NOTTO® SE - Complete HID Conversion Kit- 15k- Infinite Blue, Universal Lightning Eyes Headlight Kit- Purple, 4" Inlet Dragon Air Filter-Blue, SPYDER® - Black LED Tail Lights, Suicide Door Conversion Kit, Magnaflow® - Street Series Universal Polished SS Muffler with Double-wall Tips (x2), AKUZA - RISSA -20" DIAMETER (20x8.5), Universal Flexible LED Under Car Kit- Puple or Black Light, Universal Afterburner LED Mirror Kit- Purple,
Calinda Walker
Calixte Jlouis
Caligula Jones
Caligula Zambrano
Cali Dreamin
Cali Boi
Caliebe Lopez
Cali Red
Cali N Cruz
Calin Newton
Calib Micheal
Calixtro Lopez Ramirez
Cali Da God
Calistus Chukwu
Caline Tiloro
Calio Back
Calico Kat
Cali Mac
Califas Moreno
Calico Silva
Cali Green
Cali-pari Million
Cali Doll
California Sharff
Cal Jones
Cal Jennings
Singer/songwriter, musician, arranger/composer, videographer, member of ASCAP.
Cal Jennings
Cal, Jc, Polar Bear
Cal Jones
Cal Jones
Callahan Murray
I'm am what I am. I enjoy a multitude of activities. Working for a better future, and possibly rejoining the military. If they let me back in that is. I've been around the world and seen and done quite a lot of things. Hit me up for a chat. Hiking, driving, gaming, exploring, trying new things, definitely eating new cuisine. I love to travel when I get a chance. Aaron Lewis, Les Claypool, Trent Reznor I haven't seen a movie in a long time I didn't like. My favorite though are Kung-fu flicks. Even the old horribly dubbed ones.
Callie Filler
Callie Falter
Cally Earlsmith
Callie James
Callie Cunningham
Call Me
Callie Sexedup
music, dancin, parties, sex, girls, b/f , huge hung young guys, threesomes, sexy pics etc etc
Call Sarah
I am 21 years old, just graduated from College, and just purchased my first home with my husband. I live near Reno... If you wanna know, don't be shy, just ask! My outlook on life: You only live why not enjoy yourself? I am a fun loving, determined and optomistic individual. I love the summertime when I can get out and swim and live life to the fullest. I am up for meeting new people, having fun, and staying young. The meaning of life (in my opinion): To live each moment as if it were your last, to love everyone and hate no one. To laugh as much as you can with others and at never take things too seriously. And most of all, life is meant to enjoy, so take your time, don't rush it, and don't worry, just be happy... All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney Travel School Swimming Friends Movies Fitness Up for having a good time in whatever I find myself doing! Message me at collinsstar@sbcglobal
Callie Anders
Callie Woolsey
Callum King
Call Mac
hey well i am just a fun loving guy who is looking for a good time and friend's to chill with. love life and everyone in it. looking for people who are off the hook and different from everyone else. i am non-judgemental person and look for people that are the same. if ya want to know more just ask i am always gonna answer and no question is a wrong one. i haven't gotten this far in life without taking risk's
Cally Lead
Callie Ha
well, i think i am nice, i do not judge anyone for any reason. i love to meet anyone, but i do not like it when people are mean. i want peace, and i wish that our women and men will come home soon with love in their hearts. war is a ghastly and disgusting thing. macrame, tattoos, piercings, animals, love not war, movies, music, photographs, colorguard and marchingband, and i can't think of anything else right now. my grandmother, jerry garcia, maynard, and my mother, she is a strong woman. sling blade and a million others, i am a movie freak!
im lookin for a thug, a true gangsta guy!! the one who looks all tough yet wont ever make me cry!! u should be my baby the one who understands, and even when ur boys r there ur still like.... "wanna hold my hand!!" hey wus up?!? about me...well im 20 years old! single, and livin in southern cali. i have a 2 year old pride and joy!! im pretty laid back, u know, i just like to kick it! i guess if you wanna know anything else...just ask k! music, comedy clubs, the beach, anything i can have a good time doing really!! ;) scarface, the rat pack,blood in blood out, very bad things resavoir dogs, pulp fiction,kill bill 1&2, the godfather,and many many more!!
Call Me G
Well, what is there to say... I'm 6'1" and tons of fun...hehehe I love cars and women, and if I can get both in the same spot at the same time, even better. Really I'm just a fun lovin guy, and when time permits, i'm out riding my 4 wheeler, Racing my car, cruising the strip, or fixing one of my cars, or the 4 wheeler. Don't be afraid to chat with me, unless I'm too ugly and scary for ya!!! Females, I love the Ladies, any size shape. If I like it I'll let you know for sure Big, Tall, Skinny flaca, even y'all with the big ol Nalgas. Blind Crippled or crazy, I love you all.
Callie Colier
Callum Whelan
Callie K
Callista Blood
Mom of 3 wonderful children. And yep sorry guys im attached, married to a wonderful man going on 7 years now. But i love to chat, and be silly and have a ball.
Work too much. Play too little. But working on changing that. travel,camping, photography, techy stuff.
Call Me Daddy
Get your layout at I like reading, watching movies, listening to music...playing pool, having fun with my else you wanna know just hit me up... Courtesy of I Like People who are real to me and real to theirselves, I dont want somebody who tries so hard to impress, I want somebody who is being theirse
Not much to say except, that I was born on Aug 21, 1982 in Ancon, Panama and was raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I left Wyo when I turned 18 to join the Army. After the Army I went so many places I can't even keep them straight. I have been living in Tulsa, Ok since October 04 and not sure where my next stop is. Anyway, I am going back to school pursueing my Psychology degree with a minor in Computer in Tulsa sucks, but better than Wyoming I say.
Hi im cal from england!
Call Me Anytime For A Good Time Rachel Stephens 803-215-3313
I am a southern girl from n.augusta S.C. if your in the nieborhood call my # is 803-215-3313 ill show you real southern hospitality wink wink .i have six kids and a fat ass.Hope ya like it .
talkinig 2 hot ask me 4 MSN ;)
Cally Smith
Callum Macphail
What can i say about myself? well im 18 or 19 i dont really keep count ive surpassed my own life exptancey lol. well im a writer, poet storyteller what ever, im currently studying zoology before i head over the water to the states to my sisters place then were heading over to canada blah blah blah well im a blade maniac, fascinated with swords, and i also like nast thinks i really enjoy inflicting pain for sexual arousal its just so damn fun! but only if the irl enjoys it im not that cruel. well im scottish as my profile now says, lived in the country most my life, not really much of a city guy, heres a description, six foot, sapphire blue eyes, long dakr hair. well thats about it.
Callum Eaton
Call Me Candy
I'm that quirky multi coloured haired girl sitting next to you that you are terrified of or maybe think is a stupid loser who's always in trouble. you know, the one who will blurt out scary random thoughts and looks like she wants to kill everyone.. that would be me. no im not mean unless you decide you want to be an asshole and ask me stupid questions or start being a bitch before you even know me. i may come off as rude sometimes or maybe to you all the time.. its called I'm not even thinking about you so stop be so friggin vain. Another thing: If you have a problem with most of my friends and you give them any shit, you have a problem with me. better not give me any shit though, cause ill make your life a fuckin NIGHTMARE. Once you get to know me , I'm alright. I love Music. Punk, Rock , Metal, stuff like that. I love Skateboarding. (not all tha good at it, but its a release). I like to blow bubbles, swim, write poetry; I can play bass and drums.I dont like labels ,I dont kn
Call Of The Wild
Callista Moonbeam
i am one with the earth. im trying to get spritual, i work on it everyday. i am not a christian but i do respect others religions. like the rule says what ever u put out will come back to u three fold. my sprit guide is a cat. im still in skool. in april im going to cancune with my best friend. i do have a myspace --> check it out if u wanna. i really dont know what to say so if u wanna chat hit me up.
Callie Brucks
I am 20 years old and expecting my first child, Madison Kay. She will be born around July 1, 2007. I am going back to college in the fall and will major in Early Childhood Education. I am excited for what my future holds for me. If you have any questions, ask.
Callie Casselberry
Callie Vineyard
I'm 23 and Pagan Books Angelina Jolie Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Van Helsing
Caller Ringtones Caller Ringtones
Caller Ringtones Caller Ringtones
Caller Ringtones Caller Ringtones
Callie B.
I'm 22 years old. I'm just became single again, but I'm not looking. And if you're a stalker, might as well stop now, cause I'm sure as hell not meeting anyone on here in person. But I am willing to be your friend if you take the time to be mine. I have a beautiful 8 month old, and a little girl due in September. I love reading horoscope books, watching comedy or fantasy movies, listening to all sorts of music, and I especially love hanging out with friends. I'm also into psychology, so if you have a problem, I'm a good listener and I've been told I give good advice.
Callen Princehorn
better just ask Never wanna b bored.Wanna do it all.Love fuckin around
Caller Ringtones Caller Ringtones
Callen Whipple
Call Me Crash
Well it is like this. My passions are my Harley and playing golf. I enjoy a night out with that special person. Today I do not know who she is but she is out there some where. I am the single parent of a 12 year old and have 2 other adult children. I live well and play hard. I am easy on the eyes and generally a nice guy. Stop by and say hey. John Lennon and my Mom Field Of Dreams Good Fellows Blazing saddles
Callum Robinson
well wat to say im 20 years old, im male hehe! im 5ft 9, light brown hair, blue eyes and weigh 175Kg. i love keeping fit, like going to the gym and playing sprots dont like runnin though but still do it just cause it helps lol, i love playin poker i play live and online, im mainly into my boxin and football though which i box for the Royal Navy Boxin squad and ive had 7 bouts and still unbeaten and i also play for the Royal Navy Under 21`s Football team which i enjoy too! ive been in the navy 2 years now and love every minuet of it, i mean wats not to love about gettin pissed everyday with 30-40 of your best m8s haha and gettin to see the world is a bouns especialy with the sports i play ive boxed in germany and played football in the US and australia. and thats about me anything else u wana just ask and ill tell u if its approprite hehe oj. You are suave. You are attractive both psyically and mentally. You use your abilities to attract anyone you desire. 'What is your sed
Im just an average person with a love for life and what it has to offer. So I guess in that case Im pretty boring(NOT). I do occassionally like to party and to go to the bars. Im not the centerfold girl but i could careless what anyone thinks. Yes I do have a little meat on my bones and that doesnt bother me. So if your not into someone like that then you can Kiss My A$$. But just remember that I can still do it myself and my way.....And no its not all about me. It can also be about you and what you like. So in that case if it is something you like then you need to let me know. Im only here for friends and family..Im not looking for a relationship. I have one and that is all I need. Your more than welcome to add me as a friend or make me family your choice.. As long as you respect me, I will respect you. I like being outside whether it be camping, swimming, or just riding four-wheelers and playing in the mud. I also enjoy whatching tv and movies as long as they are not scary. Im
Call Me Daddy
Callum Mcshane
Calla Huff - Deadly pictures, gothic horror, sick layoutsif width=373 height=440 border=0> hi my name is calla im a realstate agent working from home i am here to make some friends and i love cars -bloody movies- ann rice steven king la banks they are my favorite books i love vampire movies werewolves witches zombias if its bloody i love it lol
Callum Hartley
Call Me... Mj
Chatting with Friends and Meeting New People,I am outgoing, assertive, confident and outspoken. I have a very playful nature countered by a no nonsense professional side. I am reserved in some situations and rather demure in others. I also like working out 3+ day a week, Bike riding, skiing I'm just an athletic person who like having fun and keeping a open mind about life and things I do. My weekend activities are going to the beach playing volleyball, Bowling and outdoor concerts and anything fun or educational. I forgot Erotic Poetry. Playful women who like to party, unbridled passion, I am an Unpretentious Gentleman who believes life is a long term learning experience. Next to God we are Indebted to women, first for life itself and then for making it worth living. My intent is not always sexual; it can be Intellectual as well. So let me deep into your mind so that our thoughts can be become one.
Callmeanytime Stewart
Call Me Laffin
Just like to laugh, play music and and honest
Callie Beatty
Callie Loudenber
Callisto Karma Of Evil
I am a girl that knows how to get things done. I am smart in everyway possible...Now I must admit sometimes I use my intellegence for not exactly good things. But hey nobody is perfect. I like to see what things can happen in life. I am mischievoious, and love to find fun everywhere that I go. There are things in life that puzzle me. Like why can I just find a guy that would like to lay nexy to me and just hold me close? The warm touch of a kindred soul is what I have been looking for all my life, but I have yet to find a guy that can karmically merge with my soul in a deep and none physical way. I want something more out of life. I want to make more of life than just what life is offering me at the moment. I know the future is not perfect and there will be bumps in the road ahead , that yes I have created for myself, but I just want those bumps to not knock me down and break me. I am sweet, sassy, sexy, and ever changing. I see all things as things that can chang
Calley Ice
Callie ......
i swear that all these boxes have the same meanings lool, i am not spending my whole day writing this sorta stuff out lool sorry im callie, my mum has a lounge on here so she persisted that i got on here to support and become part of her online community. My brother is also on here. i am very much into my music, love grime, uk garage, hip hop, rnb, soul, rap, beatbox, ragga, dancehall. I study music tech, been doing it for the last 2 years and im just about to finish an intensive course, hoping to go on to study at uni. If you wish to know anything about me then just ask. love all my family loads as well. big up dj wicked angel! ;)
Callei Fraioli
Calli Good
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Call Me A Bitch Again And I Will Pee On Your Leg.
Hey all. I live in Normal IL and and am currently attending college courses. I love to read. I am high performance, not high maintenance. HONEST rates are appreciated, not hated. I'm a single Mom with 2 kids so I don't get out much so this is as close as I get sometimes. That being said, I play enough Candy Land and have no desire to do so on here. I will talk to anyone but please don't bother if you just want to be stupid. Best graphic I love to learn so will probably be a student until I die. I like to work on my house and would rather spend a Saturday with a power saw than at the spa. I'm a multitasker from hell so if you are tryin to chat with me and I don't get back right away, I'm probably finishing up 3 other things so be patient, I will get there. I'm here to make friends since I don't go out much so feel free to send a message or shout! Best graphics, layouts, and more for your profiles! Click Here!
Call Me Pariah.
"call Me Snake." The Name's Plissken.
Ex-soldier and legendary fugitive.
Callissa Wickings
Callie Strode
Cally Rawson
Callie Brecker
My name is Callie. Im 33 and a single mom of two kids one is 13 and the other is 10. I live in Panama Florida and am the manager at Backyard Grill and More LLC at the mall.I have a wonderful guy that I am seeing he is a true southern boy and I wouldnt trade him for nothing. I share a place with my best friend Angie and her son. We have been best friends for twenty years and wished our other best friend Brenda lived here in the same town then we would be complete. Anything else you want to know just ask.. tearin it up on the 4 wheelers with my best buds Hartley and Bear...fishin, huntin, campin, swimmin. Pretty much anything outdoors. If there is a mud hole you can bet Im in it. I am an insulation installer so Im def. not afraid to get dirty or break a nail. Life is to short to worry about the small stuff. I laugh as much as I possibly can and try not to be too serious... Southern Comments at HotComments *Hot Comments* Click Here HotCo
Callie Pike
hey everybody am callie am 19 and live in carthage IL i have a wonderful baby named collette love and a grate boyfriend he is so good to me am easy going and i just go with the flow now dont think becuse of that i dont stand up for my self never mistake some ones kindness for weakness am trying to finsh school and be a good mom am just a real person looking for people to talk to there is nothing fake about me In general i love to write poetry do art and read i like to go out when i can just hang out with my friends and kick back Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics
About me? Outgoing. I laugh a lot. and make people happy... i'll try anything just to be able to say "iv'e done that.." MUSIC: i listen to anything and everything. Old and new country, rap, rock, floyd. haha. i can relate to all. Status: Single Interested in: Men Here for: Friends. and for the hell of it. Other: swimming. life guarding. boats. music. crowds. wave runners. dirt bikes. snow boarding. traveling. friends. dancing. fishing. camping. concerts. clubs. anything and everything.
Call Me Jay
It's a beautiful life, I choose to embrace everything Heyy,Beautiful!! [[wouldn't you say its a wonderful day??]] Hii, I'm Calli, but most call me Calli Walli Bear. I am young, but have experianced a lot. Though I am awear I will experiance more and learn more. I don't know everything, but I do know a lot more than you think. My life is complicated, but I'll try my best to explain. I live in a world of my own and allow small amounts of people in as possible. I have an amazing boyfriend,and he is indeed my life. Atleast part of it.
Callie Lockwood
i listen to a lot of music/ burn a lot of incense/candles/ i'm like the nicest person ever/ pretty cool too/ i like to chill/ i find TV so boring/ i'm very silly/ extremely social - i could talk for like hours and hours without getting bored/ i'm like really wise but not smart academic wise/ i love to write/take a lot of pics... maybe i'll do something in photojournalism.../ i take everything literally/ if i don't like you - you'll know - i'm not gunna talk shit about you and then pretend to like you - aka i'm not a bitch/ i love diesel shoes/ please don't lie to me/ i don't care what you do as long as you don't get me involved... you wanna be a fuckup, go head/ i'm adhd and some other shit/ i am terrified of the ocean... more specifically sharks/ i could go on for another 10 hours but i'll spare you... basically i have a shitload to say about any given topic. bob dylan/ my cheese dogs/ photography/ earth...
Callum Vaughan
Calli R
My name is Calli I am 21 years old. I have 2 sons right now Tyler James 2 1/2 and Zachary Justice 1 1/2 I have a little girl on the way to be born in Dec. I am recently going through a divorce it is almost finalized. I am here to see what happens and see what kind of people are out there. All are welcome to message me!!
Callie Lewis
Any horror movies usually.
Callie James
Callum Madley
Girls Girls and more Girls, gotta love em, if it wasnt for Beer, Motorbikes and wemen i wouldnt wanna live.
Callistus Ekene
In general I'm just really rad! I love surfing, music, politics, reading, and life. I have an associates in science.. and I'm currently in progress of becoming one of the hottest nurses ever,ever. All the strong women in my life Jesus Bettie Page Sarah Palin Tarantino rocks my socks! Everything Horror! Action
Callie Kennedy
Call Me Karnage
Cally Sailer
Callie P
Callie Baker
Calloway Reaser
Callie Pemberton
hi im callie, im a part time student and supervisor at a restaurant, ive got a weird sense of humor, i play guitar, duh look at my screen name, and yeah thats the basics, anything else just click and say hey i love music, listening to it, playing it, and writing it, im a movie nut
Callie Maxie
I am a down to earth person.. who isn't affraid to tell u what I think .. yes I can be a bi*ch ... but I can be the best person in the world.. that is pretty much all u need to know for now .. any questions holler at me..
Call Me What You Want!!! Just Don't Call Me Late For Dinner!!!
Callie Ball
I uploaded some sexy (nude) pics on my sexually explicit sex shots So Click here to see them (you have to login to verify your over 18) SOUND GOOD....I just want to find a great guy (preferably one that is interested in and likes women) to hang out with, get to know, to share favorite things and places and find new ones with.I am pretty easy going, but usually shy around new people until I get mind if things do end up taking off.big earrings.going to the movies to sit in the very back row, where you can be very bad:) camping.
Call Me Mike Please ***read About Me Before Asking For Friend Request ****
Well I will make an attempt to fill in this area. I am in a relationship with my best friend, she is also a member of FUBAR. PLEASE DO NOT CALL ME hun, baby or sweetie, those "pet" names are reserved for my girlfriend and ONLY HER. Also I find it to be disgustingly repulsive. If you cannot respect my simple request, then pass me by. If you want to call me anything, call me Mike. ( use this in your friend request )Those who do not use it, more then likely won't be added. I am here to play the "FU Game" and to just make some friends. I am not looking for anything more than that. Yes I have made some great friends on here, they are hard to find due to the immaturity of most people on here, but thats what you get from the internet. Due to the way I live I am what most would call a "hick, hillbilly, or a redneck etc...". I would be the first to agree with them. I enjoy fishing, hunting, being outside, and mudding. For you "yank's" that is going through mud on 4 wheelers, truck
Here I sit in a little corner on God's green earth loving every minute of it. I am a family woman that is very proud of them all. I have 3 great kids and a grandbaby on the way!!! Most 30 year olds won't take that all that well but damnit I raised her she is my daughter. I am very happy that we are going to have a baby around this house again. I am happily married and have been for a while now. He is the only man for me. That will NEVER change. I will be the first one to say that I am a crazy bitch, but I worked very hard to get to where I am. I do not fear speaking my mind to whomever it may be. If your ass needs chewed I'm doin it. I am strong willed, bull headed, heavy tongued. I am proud to stand tall and hold my own where I am. I am not really here for points or anything like that. I want to make new friends, listen to good music and enjoy life. For the most part wer are all here for the dame thing much do I really tell ya'll! I have been happil
Cal Little
I'm just a simple country guy who works way too much lol, but I'm currently working on taking more time for myself. I do like to go out and have a good time once in awhile. These days I do tend to be more of a homebody though. I don't do drama and I don't put up with liars, so if you wanna chat then GOOD, but know that I will block you if you bring either with you. hunting, fishing, riding horses or 4-wheelers, and pretty much anything wlse outside
Callum Crane
Callie Hinton
Call Me Vyk
So let's start with this. I'm a single mom, proud of it, and not looking for a daddy for my little girl. Not saying I won't date if I meet the right one, but I don't NEED a man to raise my angel.That being said: Obviously, I'm single. Her father bailed months ago, and it's since complicated more. Apparently he thinks I'm good enough to fuck, but not good enough to be with. Men.I'm quirky, sarcastic, often have a dirty mind, and intelligent. Expect sarcasm, dry wit, and sometimes emotional swings.I'm not interested in showing you my tits, or seeing your naked parts either. Rate/fan/add me if you want. I return rates I see in my bar tab. Don't get all offended if I don't add you. Something about you just wasn't likable to me. Have fun! Sign by Danasoft - For Backgrounds and Layouts Some basics? Here ya go! I'm real. "Ohmigod!" I'm fat. "Are you serious?!" I'm eclectic. "Oh one of -those-!" You Are 92% Brutally Honest The truth hurts, especially when it comes
Callico Johnson
Callum Thornley
Callie Miller
Callie Ruhl
Call Boy Nilesh
Callum Mcgillivray
Cally Sailer
hi Im Cally Im 19 single lookin for something Real no games i like camping swimming volleyball baseball football im outgoing kind sweet loveing like to cuddle and watch movies video games walk watch the stars drives to the mountains road trips even though i dont drive lol and i love trying new things i love 4 wheeling fishing hiking trying new things i love the outdoors alot i just want someone that i can spend the outdoors thing together hi Im Cally Im 19 single lookin for something Real no games i like camping swimming volleyball baseball football im outgoing kind sweet loveing like to cuddle and watch movies video games walk watch the stars drives to the mountains road trips even though i dont drive lol and i love trying new things i love 4 wheeling fishing hiking trying new things i love the outdoors alot i just want someone that i can spend the outdoors thing together
Callie Nottellinuthinkimcrazy
Callum Mellor
Calli Good
Calli Bowen
Call Me J
Keep Guessing!!!! n/a
Callie Lathem
Callie Adams
Called Preach
Callie Thornton
Callmecso Lia
Callie Johnson
Callie Barfield
Nothing to exciting to say about myself. I like making new friends online,spending time with my kids and of line friends. I like cooking,movies,going for walks,and watching crime shows. Cooking Walks Movies Kids Friends Computer Laughing Shopping Friends All Fast and furious Action Some Musicals Pixar Comedies
Call Me Biggy
Im cool guy likes to party drink and very outgoing Looking to find new freinds
Cally Carrasquillo
Callie Hicks Thacker

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