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I Thought
i would like for all my and ct family to know that i own a radio station Rebel Radio it is an internet radio station and i run it from the chat program i talk in as well Halsoft the station does take request and dedications from anyone and everyone We also advertise CT very well on the station most of my DJ's use Cherry Tap as well . we are also currently looking for DJ's so if anyone is interested can send me a private message and i will of course get back with you on it We play all types of music and enjoy and love all who listen to us ..the addys below can tune you in to listen thanks and have a blessed day to all my and friends love you all or to use in winamp again thank you all love sinful bytch You are friendly, kind and caring Sensitive, loyal and understanding Humorous, fun, secure and true Always there... yes that's you. Special
Cajun Joke
boudreaux and thipodeaux decide they going to bourbon street to mess around.well before they go.thipodeaux tell boudreaux.bou you need to go get some comdings. boudreaux say,"comdings,whats that" thip say"ma thats them things ya put on ya privtes so ya don't catch nuthing." so boudreaux gos down to the drug store and he goes up to the cashier."ma sa.i need some comdings" the woman says"comdings,sir whats that?" boudreaux say,"them thangs you put on ya privtes so ya don't get sick." "oohhh,you mean condoms"she say. "yea yea,i guess thats them" so she ask boudreaux"what size ya need?" boudreaux looked puzzled"ma i don't know.never wear them thangs before" the cashier tells him to go in the back of the store.theres a room there with a sheet of plywood with stick his dick in each hole and come back and tell her the size. so boudreaux starts to the back. well she slips behind the plywood.boudreaux takes out his dick and sticks it in the first hole.she gives him a blowjo
ok i no none of you guys talk to me much i no i suck with comment but i need your help im doing a project on technologys in bussiness i only need 3 different things but i cant find anything can you guys send me any ideas on things people use in buisnesess because i dont no what to do any electronics that are new not herd of much please thanks in advance Lynn
Adult Story-milk And Cookies
Story- Milk and Cookies We are in the kitchen, baking chocolate chip cookies...we are laughing and teasing and having fun....We have some of the batter left over and we start out by licking our fingers, but soon I put a little batter on your nose and you tell me "NOT FAIR"...I kiss, suck, lick off the batter from your nose and you get a wicked twinkle in your eye and ask me if I'd mind helping you clean the bowl....I agree and you drop to your knees and look up into my eyes and pull down my pants zipper and pull out my half hard cock, you give it a few strokes with your hand, getting me harder and then position the bowl so you use my cock as a scraper to remove some of the extra batter from the sides of the bowl and then you take my cock into your mouth and give me a very sensous blow job, starting at just the tip of my cock and then taking me deeper and deeper into your mouth. You taste both the sweet batter and my cock and you moan in delight as the two tastes mingle in your m
Naughty Japan
Swinging couple 'Jack & Rose' to hold Osaka gangbang today Take my wife... dozo." This is not a one-liner by a Japanese clone of Henny Youngman, but a topic of rapt reader interest in Shukan Jitsuwa's (1/11-8) first issue of 2007. It seems that swapping has been taking off with a vengeance, bringing together couples whose ages range from still wet-behind-the-ears kids in their 20s to white-haired swingers in their 60s. And what's more, it's doesn't stop with simple swaps that just involve pairing off and retreating to dark corners of the room. Oh no -- these are full fledged orgies with multiple participants of both genders. Shukan Jitsuwa estimates the number of Japanese who engage in swapping -- or "ero-couples" as it prefers to call them -- presently number in the several hundreds of thousands. "We've been married for seven years now," says a dyed-in-the-wool enthusiast who goes by the name "Jack." "And thanks to perverted play, we've still got the hots for each other."
Quuensryche - Saved !
06 Saved.wma
Juggalo Wolfs Wolf Pack
- LOST LOVE - every day i walk into the darkness souless n' heartless love is forgotten everyday i sit around just rotten once loved but lost it im the one that goes unseen and unheard inside i died burn the world n' write my name in blood in the night sky when i was with you i felt so alive when you stopped lovin me is when i died now i walk with the dead with 666 in blood writen on my forhead i have no heart you left it in pieces on the floor and only you can put it back together guess its just all lost love there is no above there is no below its just you in a dark hole and all you see is darkness love is rotten n' cruel oh so many times have i gotten played like a fool ya cut my heart out n' threw it in a blender your love once so tender now so cold wish i could just be taken out this world but your the one who keeps me here if you a lo or a lette goth pagan or just fuckin' crazy or just want to get to know me add me on here or yahoo >
Pucker Up
Hello all. Please go to this website and vote for #1. Once you are done, delete your cookies (tools, internet options and delete cookies), wait 15 mintues and you can vote again for me. Thanks for all your help!!!!
Major Monthly Updates
The February Update is Complete! Click on the cover above or the banner below to be taken to the PIMPED website. Please stop by our CherryTAP profile and add, fan and leave us some feedback! PIMPED@ CherryTAP
This Pleasure Of Mine
This Pleasure Of Mine To what do I owe this pleasure of mine Which stands alone in frozen time Nerves on end, they bend like steel Exhausting gasps, could this be real The tender touch of moistened lips The gentle sway of curvy hips Like oceans waves of thunderous roar Bodies crash , still wanting more Her beauty impailed on phallic pleasure Feelings intense, too much to measure Lust unchained by rise and fall Holding to some, yet wanting all Faster we travel through passion’s quest Paced by the fall of rising breasts Closer, yet closer, the end is near Quivering flesh, the sounds I hear Collapse to me, a soul so fine Tis what do I owe, this pleasure of mine
Sitting On A Picnic Table In The Park
So I sit here looking at the ground wondering Where I am going up or down. I want to run and get wild play the games that get your adrenaline moving, But need a man to help me out. Have him pin me down tease me And please me with his tongue. On that long picnic table back far Behind the trees past the pond. Start with his hands going up under my shirt Squeezing my breasts just right. As his hand goes under my skirt Feeling my juices flow over his hand. He begins to work his way down past my belly Making me moan slightly as he licks his way down To my clit and my pussy. . His hand on my breasts and His tongue playing with my clit while fingering my pussy As I moan even louder. I feel him suck real hard then bite and suck and the hand is in and out Of your pussy. You whisper to him fuck me NOW. He giggles just bit and say's no not yet. My eyes open to see the sight of the law standing right there he sits at the table and say's Don't let
Just My Birthday Party!!
My best friend and I had our party together yesterday. We didn't do anything special.. Just got a cake and had some icecream and made some burgers and ate chips..Just got a few friends together.. I took some pics.. and we ate, after that we were to full for cake or So I ended up takin it home with I will be 35 the 24th of this month and she will be 42 the 28th of this month.. So in all it was an okay birthday..
Go Do This Please! go there! and comment bomb the hell out of it.. PLEASE. i will send you gifts ok?? [if you give over 75.] PLEASE. =]] thanks. ive left 1000. which is my limit for the day. =[[

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies I'm not cute or built to suit a model's fashion size But when I start to tell them They think I'm telling lies. I say It's in the reach of my arms The span of my hips The stride of my steps The curl of my lips. I'm a woman Phenomenally Phenomenal woman That's me. I walk into a room Just as cool as you please And to a man The fellows stand or Fall down on their knees Then they swarm around me A hive of honey bees. I say It's the fire in my eyes And the flash of my teeth The swing of my waist And the joy in my feet. I'm a woman Phenomenal woman That's me. Men themselves have wondered What they see in me They try so much But they can't touch My inner mystery. When I try to show them They say they still can't see. I say It's in the arch of my back The sun of my smile The ride of my breasts The grace of my style. I'm a woman Phenomenally Phenomenal woman That's me. Now you understand Just why my head
The Truth
Perversion of a truth I'm stuck there, (Inside of lies buried in me, why) Alone Born into a world never asked to be here (Try to forget truth doesn't exist, truth) (It doesn't exist, it doesn't exist, truth) Maybe we're all the children of a star, Misguided in direction, our misdirection Pardon me while I pray for light I'm not the only one, that walks between the rain, there are many. I'm not the only one, When everything is lost that doesn't surrender Perversion of a truth I'm stuck there (Inside of lies buried in me, why) Alone Blind walking through a world I never asked to be here Versions of the truth... I'm not the only one... Lies!
iam in a sexy contest here on cherrytap i way behide can u all help me out and vote 4 me go here and go to the pics on that profile and then go to the pics where is says sexy contest my pic is in there cats_eyes_4_reals thanks 4 helping
Sex Things.....
John woke up one morning immensely aroused so he turned over to his wife's side of the bed. His wife, Heather, had already awakened though, and she was downstairs preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Afraid that might spoil things by getting up, John called his little boy into the room and asked him to "take this note to your beautiful Mommy." The note read: The Tent Pole Is Up, The Canvas Is Spread, The Hell With Breakfast, Come Back To Bed. Heather, grinning, answered the note and then asked her son to "take this to your silly Daddy". The note read: Take The Tent Pole Down, Put The Canvas Away, The Monkey Had A Hemorrhage, No Circus Today. John read the note and quickly scribbled a reply. Then, he asked his son to take it back to "the lady in the kitchen." The note read: The Tent Pole's Still Up, And The Canvas Still Spread, So Drop What You are Doing, And Come Give Me Some Head. Laughing, Heather answered the note and then asked her son to "take this to the poor dude upst
New Here
just up late with nothing to do. i finally get the hang of how to do stuff on this site. but at the same time im bored. this site is pretty damn tight. i just have ti get the hang of it.
Hello All: Yesterday afternoon around 140 or so my daughter had a baby girl. Her name is Brandy Janelle she was almost 8 lbs and almost 21 inches. Mom and baby girl are doing fine today and should be coming home tomorrow morning.
End Of The Rainbow
College life was something I had anticipated and dreaded at the same time. It was like everything. It was like meeting Amy. Amy lived next door. Room 418. It is safe to say that she had the most popular room on the floor. I think mostly it was because she had the best CDs and was generous with them, but she was also audacious -- okay, a little crazy. By the time I got to know her, I was simply joining the party of seven or eight that nightly got together, talking and laughing into the early hours of the morning. She was openly gay. I was in awe of her ability to just be who she was, when even the other girls would give her shit about it, at least in a friendly way. You know, like when I would go to the bathroom, someone would inevitably say, "Lock the door... you know Amy likes to watch!" Of course, Amy didn't mind. If someone forgot, she'd threaten it herself. Like everyone else, I laughed about it. And, I locked the door. As time went on, and the semeste
Conspiracy Of Science
1. Life isn't fair, but it's still good. > > > >2. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn't be in it. > > > >3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. > > > >4. Make peace with the past so it won't screw up the present. > > > >5. Pay off your credit cards every month. > > > >6. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree. > > > >7. Cry with someone. It's more healing than crying alone. > > > >8. It's OK to get angry with God. He can take it. > > > >9. Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck. > > > >10. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile. > > > >11. When in doubt, just take the next small step. > > > >12. It's OK to let your children see you cry. > > > >13. Don't compare your life to others'. You have no idea what their >journey is all about. > > > >14. Life isn't tied in a bow, but it's still a gift. > > > >15. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don't worry; God >never blinks. > >
Simple But Very Useful Beauty Tips.....
DONT THINK ITS JUST ' HAIR' - IT ADDS TO UR BEAUTY- TAKE CARE OF IT. DAMAGED, DRY HAIR: A nourishing conditioner for dry or damaged hair, which can be used for all hair types: Separate the white of an egg from the yolk, whip it to a peak. Add 1 Tbsp. water to the yolk and blend until the mixture is creamy. Then mix the white and yolk together. Wet your hair with warm water, remove the excess moisture, and apply the mixture to your scalp with your fingertips. Massage gently until the froth is worked into your scalp, and then rinse the hair with cool water. Keep applying the mixture until it is used up and then rinsed until all of the egg is washed away. DANDRUFF:Pour distilled white vinegar onto the hair, as close to the scalp as you can manage; massage into the scalp; and allow to dry for several minutes before washing as usual. Repeat daily until the dandruff disappears, usually within a few days. HAIR LIGHTENER:To lighten hair, use 1/4 cup chopped fresh rhubarb to 2 cups boiling
Think What You May, This Is The Truth
to those of you who think he is telling the truth, i hope one day you will wake up. bumpem3car has been a liar for the last 6 years i have known him. My name is gloria. I met him 6 years ago, we talked for a while on the net, after about a month, he began to tell me how much he loved me, gave me his cell and work number so we could talk. I never thought much about why i could never get him on weekends or nights, just during work hours was when we talked. he ask for a picture of me which i sent to him. i was told he put in glass frame next to his bed and on his desk so he could see me his every waking hour. anyway.. over the next few months, my feeliong grew for him by leaps and bounds. He told me the things i wanted to hear, Made me feel as if i was the only one for him. He got around to asking me to send naked pics of me to him, i did,only because he had convinced me he loved me and we would be together for the rest of our lives. after about 8 months, i told my friend about him
Wooooo Hoooooooo Happy Days
Im jumping up and down and doing cartwheels about now! Tomorrow I leave to go pick up my lil boy! Lil man is coming to stay with me for a whole week!! My mind is spinning with ideas of fun stuff we can do while hes here! Hes only 5 so if anyone has any special ideas on stuff that you like to do with your kids, let me know. Im always looking for new fun ideas. Hes a lil ball of fire, so we are going to have to keep really busy! Hope my old bones can keep up with him!! YAAAYYYYYYYYY
Poetic Release
if a soul could sing what would you hear? if a heart could paint what would you see? if emotion could write what would you read? if true hope could be found would you share it with me? many voices great and small make a song of the whole if you should listen you will hear a song that sings within your soul i will have some poems coming up once i can find them once i recover my notepad ill post a few
What Planet Are You From?
You Are From Neptune You are dreamy and mystical, with a natural psychic ability. You love music, poetry, dance, and (most of all) the open sea. Your soul is filled with possibilities, and your heart overflows with compassion. You can be in a room full of friendly people and feel all alone. If you don't get carried away with one idea, your spiritual nature will see you through anything. What Planet Are You From?
To Realize
To realize The value of a sister Ask someone Who doesn't have one. To realize The value of ten years: Ask a newly Divorced couple. To realize The value of four years: Ask a graduate. To realize The value of one year: Ask a student who Has failed a final exam. To realize The value of nine months: Ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn. To realize The value of one month: Ask a mother who has given birth to A premature baby. To realize The value of one week: Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper. To realize The value of one minute: Ask a person Who has missed the train, bus or plane. To realize The value of one-second: Ask a person Who has survived an accident. Time waits for no one. Treasure every moment you have. You will treasure it even more when you can share it with someone special. To realize the value of a friend or family member : LOSE ONE. The origin of this le
Posts For Special Friends
With a heart made of the purest gold you shine as bright as a star You make happiness feel so real as you touch the hearts of others Seeking out just to find yourself you find love in that one special girl The waves sweep in to try and crumble but the love will always remain deep down..... To Josh with love.... I hope you find true happiness in whomever you you allow deep in your heart. You are a great friend and I only wish you the best... *hugs* This one goes out to a great friend of mine. Hurt and pain take bond to force a surrender. Allowing you to feel numb to the bone. Standing dtill just for time to hopefully pass by, only to realize it's a slow motion effect. Time after time you take on what seems like the love of a lifetime. Only to really see that past beckons back inside when the door slowly shuts behind what you thought was true love. Counting through few times of truly feeling happy, you take time to try and recover the loss. Taking a step
Is This My Lucky Day
The Sun moves toward trining Pluto early tomorrow and we can feel the harmonious alignment of our intentions with our deeply rooted emotional power. Our passions drive us to accomplish more than we normally can, but this isn't about running around and doing many things. It's about making something dramatic happen, but without the drama. Positive changes can improve our lives, yet the Moon in stubborn Taurus possibly frustrates the process.
To All My Friends
I have almost 200 friends on my friends list.. I'm not asking for much just a few seconds of your time. I am only asking for a rate of a 10 or 11 if you can spare it on my photo in the The Mother's Day Contest and 1 Comment. I know some of you don't promote contests and that's fine. Thank you to all who have already helped me. I appreciate it. I will return the favor to you if you are in a contest Girl Scouts Honor.. and yes I was a girl scout.. and guess what my first badge The drama badge so if you would like... you can leave the drama llama as my comment lol.... and it would mean a lot if it was the interactive one so I could come by and play with him and scratch his little ears because he is just sooo darn cute. Yes I should have been a comedian. But seriously I would love to win this. And wasn't my daughter just beautiful on her wedding day. Love to you all.. And remember if you need me just private message me your link to your contest and I'll be
I do apologize for not logging on in forever. It could be the flashy junk that prevents me from doing it on a regular basis or the fact I cannot find a job to save my life in San Antonio.   Other than that I have been cleaning for people and lost more dress sizes. I'm down to a 14 now.   I have a boyfriend who keeps me on my toes. Omg!  We walk often and he loves sushi as much as me. If you are in San Antonio or know people please let them know I clean and they can contact me on here. I'm also thinkng bout having a yard sale to clear out some clutter. I'll be selling all kinds of things.Heres some of the items I am selling.   Take care all   Candace aka Iamthesushifreak  
Cool New Rating Site
Click on the icon and go straight to the site. Check it out!
Men N Women Lie
another blog from dr romello Q&A Q & A biaaaaaaatches... Q: How long should a girl wait to start having sex with her bf, someone they just started dating, or someone you just met...? Answer: Now, it's hard really to put a time table on these... In my opinion, whenever your ready, just let things happen.. you both will know when your ready.. there will be some wet "kitty" (meeeow) involved with some good wood.. haha You could be talking to someone for a while, but never met.. And then have sex with them the first time you do hangout... Then end up dating them for 3yrs or even getting married... Bottom line is, there arent any rules,no times table.. Some people like to wait.. cool, good for them... Others, just are a sexual person.. to each to his own...!!!! it's all about the vibe.. You just have to ask yourself some questions. Is having sex with this person in keeping with my values? If your a freak.. YES.. hahaha Everyone has different values.. just k
Sunday night I went out with My snippy girl and a acquaintance, we were having a nice time together and he took us to diner and some beers, during our table talk he started suggesting that he would love to be My slave, he would do everything that I ask and so on. Mind you, this is a vanilla guy, who has never experienced any BDSM related activities, so W/we were explaining to him what really means to be a slave, what were My expectations and some of the physical things he might have to experience, such as denial, teasing, pain, torture, etc. The guy was all heated up in the idea... hmm I bet he couldn't just keep his mind out of the gutter, probably thinking in his little dickhead brain that he would be able to get a piece of some action... LOL After we finish our food and drinks, he drove U/us back home, I whisper to snippy that I was going to tease him and prove his willingness when W/we get home. I talked to him and he agreed to come to My house. I asked snippy to prepa
Birthday Boy
SPECIAL PRAYER FOR A SPECIAL PERSON.MY FRIENDSTHIS PRAYER IS FOR MY FRIENDS DAUGHTER,I'M SURE THAT EVERY ONE OF US HAVE SOMEONE VERY DEAR IS GOING THROUGH PAIN BUT THIS LITTLE THREE YEARS OLD GIRL WAS IN A CAR ACCIDENT AND NOW SHE IS IN THE HOSPITAL FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE ,YOU KNOW THAT GOD IS ALWAYS WITH ALL OF US IN EVERY MOMENT,SO LET US PRAY FOR LITTLE Abbigail la'shai Baby Boy J'S DAUGHTER AND FOR WHO EVER ON YOUR MIND. A PRAYER FOR STRENGTHO Lord,In this time of need, strengthen me. You are my strength and my shield; You are my refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. I know, Father, that Your eyes go to and fro throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts long for You. The body grows weary, but my hope is in You to renew my strength.I do not fear, for You are with me.I am not dismayed or overwhelmed, for You are my God. I know You will strengthen me and help me; that You will uphold me with Your righteous hand. Even as the shadows of illness cover me, I f
Happy Mother's Day To All Moms
L.r.l. Society Of Wolves
Monday 9:42 pm.Est.: To all Family of the L.R.L.~Society of Wolves.blakpnthr68,has Created a Masterpiece,that should be Displayed on all members of the L.R.L.~Socity of Wolves,Profiles. She is very Talented an Gifted,an it's Trully my Honor to Display it.An to Except as the Official,L.R.L.~Society of Wolves Emblem Image. #2.It's come to my Attension,that some of my Family members,don't relize that if they already have there Wolf Morph's.That they may Wear our Colors.L.R.L.~Society of Wolves.A Family that I Hope Will Display, Loyalty,Respect an Love.With much Unity.An Hopefully Much Love an Support during Various Contests. #3.Non of this could have been Possible,with out.My Advisor + Recruiter,PokerPete13~L.R.L.~Society of Wolves.Who I concider a Co-Founder,of this Society.He really Jumb Started it off the Ground.An I'm Forever Greatfull. Pete an I met during our Comment Bombing of Theresa B.G.D's in her Sexiest Contest.Pete is very Admiral + Honorable.An he Warrants Utmost Res
My Awesome Crush...!!!
i'm sitting here chillin at the computer talking to JT...who i've been chatin online with for four and a half hours...but what can i say..he's IRRESISTABLE.... trust me if you knew this guy you would lose your freakin mind...just talking to him drives me wild... anyway, it's 3:45am on mothers day...WOO HOO...i've been awake all night with my daughter and she's just now fallin asleep but she probably won't stay that way...but yeah...have you ever been so head over heals for someone you thought you were in love...well try being head over heals in love with someone you've never met... weird right...but it happens... i'll post another blog lata...peace homies~!!!~ where do i begin...okay so at first i was a little in denial about this guy, then i admitted that i had a crush...well, i figured out today that it's more than just a crush...i'm totally head over heals... everything about him is perfect: his lips, his voice, his body, his eyes...everything! I'm still not quite sure how it h
Just Need To Say
Chain Graphics Etc
Hey cherries, im not trying to sound rude or anything but, I do not like nor do I do chain graphics or letters. To me they take too much room up on my comment section and honestly, "Who in the hell hasnt seen all of them on here yet?" I do apoligize to the ones that post them to me but, upon recieving them I delete them right off the bat. So if you would like to post something on my comments then please do so but no chain graphics or comments nothing personal against anybody but just please dont do it and then your comment will not be erased! :) have a good one
Well it looks like im gonna have to go by myself tonight (sniffles) :(
For some reason, I know not why, the person mentioned voted my photo a 2. I don't know if she took time to visit my profile. I know she didn't contact me to find out what kind of person I am. Think I'll go down rate one on her, see how it feels. I left her a message too. Why do people put pics of others, Male putting Female pics, on their main profile? They can't get people to look at their profile any other way. Or is it they just don't have the confience in their own self being. Kind of lame to try and get ratings by tricking someone to go to your page. Besides that, in most cases you probably don't get the rating because it wasn't what they were looking for.
Sxymomy05@ CherryTAP
Im Hot! =]
so i'm new to this and it is sooooooo confusing to me right now, sorry if i dont write you guys back im still learning this site!!!
Ok.... have you ever been friends with someone or thought you were good friends with someone and everything was great..... then all of a sudden they weren't? Like you sense or feel something is wrong.. and you know if you ask they'll just say nothing.... or you do ask and they say nothing.... but you can tell it.. just in the way the person interacts with you? It's not like it usually is. Or maybe its just me reading too much into things..... *sigh* well anyways...... I'm tired... off to bed... nite nite
Level Up
Hey friends , family , and fans help out . I just need 14,100 to get to the next level, so please help!! Show me some love Thanks!
When the fire trucks are delayed 40 seconds in traffic, People say: "It took them 20 minutes to get here." When the truck races at 40 m.p.h., it's: "Look at those reckless fools." When four men struggle with an eight-man ladder: "They don't even know how to raise a ladder." When firemen open windows for ventilation to reduce heat in fighting a fire: "Look at the wrecking crew." When they open the floor to get at a blaze: "There goes the axe squad." If the chief stands back where he can see and direct his men, people say: "He's afraid to go where he sends his men." If they lose a building: "It's a lousy department." If they make a good "stop" folks say: "The fire didn't amount to much." If lots of water is necessary: "They are doing more damage with water than the flames." If a fireman gets hurt: "He was a careless guy." If a citizen gets hurt: "It's a crazy department." If a fireman inspects a citizen's property: "He's meddling in somebody b
My Anniversary!!!
My Happy Hour Giveaway
I am hosting a happy hour giveaway. Just send me your link to the picture you want to use to my blog so I can rip it. Gifts will be given during a happy hour after you got all the comments that you need for the gift you are going for. There is no time limit so bomb when you and your friends can. Good Luck. Mens Bracelet: 650 comments Platinum Cherry: 1,050 comments Diamond Earrings: 1,050 comments Trailer: 1,450 comments Womens ring: 2,050 comments Mens ring: 2,050 comments Rolex: 3,050 comments 64 Impala: 3,550 comments Silver Motorcycle: 6,150 comments Tropical Vacation: 7,050 comments Corvette: 10,550 comments Porsche: 18,050 comments Yacht: 25,250 comments Million Dollar Mansion: 175,550 The blog link: Hosted by: Military Supporter~Round Table Bombers~@ CherryTAP
The Art Of Multiple Orgasms
I used to blog on myspace alot! This is a copy of one of my own blogs I hope you like it! Okay today I chose to talk about Orgasms. Probably because I have many things that rev my engine. I mean I have lots of friends who say they have never had an orgasm. WHAT!! HOW?? I mean it is so easy. Just let yourself go and enjoy someone ravishing your body taking time to explore your every curve. I firmly believe the art to a good orgasm is to know your own body. So as I am talking with my friends I just blurt out. "Do you masturbate?" And my friend gives me a disgusted look and says NO WAY! Orgasm: The peak of sexual excitement characterized by strong feelings of pleasure and by a series of involuntary contractions of the muscles of the genitals, usually accompanied by the ejaculation of semen by the male. Also, called climax, a similar point of intensity of emotional excitement. Climax: The point of greatest intensity or force in an ascending series or p
My First Blog
Things that irritate a sane person 1. A piece of foil candy wrapper makes electrical contact with your filling. 2. A station comes in brilliantly when you're standing near the radio, but buzzes, drifts and spits every time you move away. 3. It's bad enough that you step in dog poop, but you don't realize it till you walk across your living room rug. 4. People behind you in a supermarket line dash ahead of you to a counter just opening up. 5. People who ask "Can I ask you a question?" 6. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time. 7. The car behind you blasts its horn because you let a pedestrian finish crossing. 8. The elevator stops on every floor and nobody gets on. 9. The person behind you in the supermarket runs his cart into the back of your ankle. 10. The radio station doesn't tell you who sang that song. 11. The tiny red string on the Band-Aid wrapper never works for you. 12. There are always one or two ice cubes that
Just To Let You All Know
I just thought I would let you all know that I am finally moved. I really hate moving. But I am finally moved. I wont be on as much as I use to but I will still be on some so DO NOT to come show me some love and stuff. I have missed you all and I am glad to be back..
Okay y is it that when you are with a new guy the old one always comes back some one explain that then you realize that you made a mistake and that you should really be with the old one because you still love that person. but when you get back with him you are so happy and all that but in the back of your mine you miss the new guy? and y is it that the second divorce is a hell of alot harder than the first on you mentally ? 1. Learn that women are not the only ones that can change the toliet paper roll. 2. You can clean up after your self. 3. Never offer to help and then when she says thats okay i got it go and find something else to do we are only being nice. 4. If we ask do i look good you always say yes 5. Never miss a day of tell us: -how nice we look - how much you love us -how much we are needed
My Blogs...
I was brought to my attention by a very intelligent friend, that I had posted my blogs in such a way that they all could not be rated individually. Anyway, I separated them out so they could be rated individually. The only down side is I lost any comments that were posted. Thanks for all of your kind words! XXXOOO Brian
Liars..users... Fakes..
Wow you wanna know what I'm really tired of ?? People who always ask YOU for help, and you always help them.. No matter what.. You do your best to help that person out.. Go all out, and do what ever it takes, even the littlest thing to help that person, and do they help you ?? Hell no they don't.. But they have NO problem asking you for help.. I'm tired of it.. Do NOT ask me for help if you aren't going to help me out in return..I'm tired of being the nice one, and always helping people out.. But when I need the help, NO ONE is willing to step up and help me.. As far as all my "CT friends go" I am deleting friends.. If You want to stay on my list.. SPEAK UP or you will forever hold your peace.. Because you will be gone.. I speak to VERY few of you, yet have a SHIT LOAD of "friends".. So again.. Speak up and say that you want to stay and WHY You want to stay, or you are gone.. Have a wonderful night... Sorry I forgot to put in my last blog.. This isn't a cry to attention or anything li
I Don't Know What To Do?
I've bee at my job for about 3 years and want to try and be a Sergeant but I don't to get clowned by my fellow officers. Your opnions would greatly be appreciated. Peace.
Check Out The New Pics And Back Ground
come check out the new pics and back ground i have a lot more pics to put up when i level up plz come help me out thx
Be Afraid...
i saw on the news today that there is a university that is talking about letting students carry concealed weapons?!?!?!?! for their protection...... how MESSED up is that??? i can see it now, some hurt, lonely, unstable person walks in a room full of people and pulls out a couple of guns....well we all know the ending to this story. BUT. 75% of the people in that room carry a gun and shoot 5 to 10 more people... do the math. how many accidents would happen at drunken partys? teachers shot because the student didnt like the grade they got? i could go on. yeah, im afraid...
Self-help Sixxy?!? Lol
So there was a MuMM on children, behaviour and discipline issues. I got a bit carried I've been known to do. *blush* It's a topic I'm not just passionate about, but have been on BOTH sides of before. Without getting into personal details, I know what abuse is like first-hand. I have always tried to find a way to relate to children so that punishment is a last-resort, no matter what form chosen. You'd be surprised what a little "persuasive" guidance can accomplish with children. :-) (I.E. - "Let's see how many toys you can put away in 15 minutes!" or "How many toys can you fit in your toy box?" etc. Get the point? It works!!!) Here's the two long-winded comments I left. LoL -------------------------------------------------- Comment 1: Whatever you choose to do...CONSISTENCY is key! If you do not follow through each and every time, or make "empty threats", they'll quickly learn which buttons to push, when & how to push them, and that there will be little to NO conse
Hiya all. I'm going to chester zoo again on Monday or Tuesday,depends on which day isn't raining AND if I've recovered sufficiently from Saturday night :) Anyhooo.If you've got any animal that you're a particular fan of,let me know and I'll try to get a pic for ya. Thanks for listening Drive safely Paul
Just Saying...
A Little bit about yourself!!! Remember all fields are optional! Name: Age: Phone Number: Location: Height: weight: Hair: Eyes: Piercings/tattoos: What Do You Think Of My? Personality: Eyes: Face: Hair: Clothes: Humor: Choice of music: Manners: Friends: Decisions: W0ULD Y0U... [] go out with me? [] give me your number? [] kiss me? [] let me kiss you? [] watch a movie with me? [] take me out to dinner? [] drive me somewhere [] make love to me? [] take a shower with me? [] be my bf/gf? [] hug me? [] buy me food? [] take me home to meet your family? [] would you let me sleep in your bed if i didn't have one? []Smoke pot? [] sing car karaoke w/ me?_ [] sit in the doctors office with me because I didn't want to go alone? [] re-post this for me to answer your questions? [] let me give you a piggyback ride? [] come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere? D0 Y0U... [] think im cute? [] wa
Be Offline For A While
Greetings All, Just heard back from 'The Man' - And I have a new job starting Monday Morning for the Archaeological and Historical Conservancy. Its a 6 - 8 Week Project near Bonita Springs, Florida (NW of Miami) - the other side of the State, a place called Corkscrew Swamp. At least the gators aren't mating this time of year,,, ACK!!! LOL. Anyways, I will not have internet access except for the rare visit to the local Internet cafe or Library. I will be there Mon-Fri and come home for the weekends though, so I will try to say Hi then. So, If you are wondering what has happened to me - I haven't fallen off the Earth, just trying to make some Money. Leave me some LUV, I'll know You came by. Blessings All!!! The following 2 Pics relate culturally to the people that once lived, strived, died and maintained a distinct culture in the area I will be working in: The Calusa People. Needless to say, they were MUCH more sophisticated that had previously been assumed. Amongst their achieve
Random Acts Of Me-ness
Okay for those of you that don't know, I have injured myself in another totally random, off the wall way. Monday night around 10:00pm, my idiot dog, Jack (who is mostly pit) snatched a piece of steak off of my dinner plate. I reflexively popped him on top of the head to get him to drop it. He didn't even notice the contact enough to look up. *I* broke my freaking hand! Just once, I want to be able to say I injured myself in a normal way, like a car wreck or a simple fall. But no. I get things like I broke my foot walking through my own yard, or now, I broke my hand on my dog's head. I officially fail at life. Oh yeah, did I mention school has judt dtarted and I went on Tuesday and took a page full of notes with said hand? Because, without freaking fail, it was my right hand! So, point of the story is I probably won't be on here much for the next few weeks because it is a b!tch to type with one hand and even more of one to use the damn mouse left handed. So, as decreed by The RedRum
A3ther's Mind
ONE: What's another nail in the coffin when you're already dead Just like another bullet in a corpse's head Load the magazine, pull back and cock Just like that we're ready to rock Flick the flint, let the flame rise Inhale the smoke, we're dead inside Feet on the ground, but head's in the sky I'm betting my soul, no second tries I'm on a one way road to destruction I've got a one-day active bloodlust My one track mind can't function Since the one last day my heart was dust Why do you have to ask me why I don't change I've never liked seeing me acting so strange And don't even try to tell me that I don't care How would you know? You've never been there That's why I laugh when you try to get me guilty Cause in my mind there's no reason to be And it's so funny when you try to act Just like when I leave and never come back I've got one last thing that I've got to do But I've got one straight shot to success This is my last minute ticket for one last trip thr
Things I Like And Make Me Think!!
Love is a gift it comes from the heart but how will you feel when you and your love are apart? I feel like half of me is missing and I will never get it back unless I get you but that's the thing of the past I can pick up my life and start over again but half of me won't let that happen part of me still wants you part of it still makes me cry you will never know how much I care unless you give it a try You told me that you loved me why did you leave me to cry in the cold you swore this time was different why does that line seem so old You told me I was the only one who could make you feel that way you told me that you cared about me so why didnt you stay All the nights you laid with me alone in the dark in my bed now I finally realize you were just messing with my head Love is such a powerful word a word people often misuse something they take for granted something they beat and abuse My wounds run deep inside me there's blood all over
Im Back
hey everyone, sorry ive been gone so long but things have been very busy for me. Now all things are going good so lets all party hard.
~♥~ Think Of Me Fondly ~♥~
Im so confused right now... i love you with all my heart. Your all i think about. But, im don't know if you want me like i do you. I don't know if you still love me like you did. I miss you so much, i miss being yours. I hurt right now.. my heart breaks.. trying to figure out where ur heart is. Do you love me like i do you. I want you so much. All i can do is sit here and cry. Cause my heart is hurting so bad. I'm about to just take off.. cause i don't think my heart can take being broke again. I don't know what to do. I'm just here... hurting inside. Hoping that u love me too. Well tonight I had gotten home from visiting a few friend's from down the way, it was still cold out but with no snow. You know that cold wet and dreary weather, just cold enough to make me feel miserable as I had made the mistake of wearing my spring leather coat. An hour ago I had ran out of smokes and well was fairly glad to be back in my nice and warm apartment, I got myself a glass of mead wine and sat at m
Funkone's Blog
Funkyone@ fubar
Really Need An Answer
Ok I was blocked from posting mumms. Was told that it was because of Nsfw which im my post didnt have any. So when they block you from that do you ever get it back? And why would someone report me if I did nothing wrong?
hello all my friends and family :) if any of you have ever noticed me before , and i guess you must have at least long enough to be friends right , you probably remember i had a beard . it was a white one too lol. ok so i shaved it a few weeks ago . my questions are 1) should i stay clean shaven ? and 2) do i only look 53 now instead of 54 ? lol thanks for your help in making my decision . i know you will :) your bud ,( i hope still after being so goofy ) Brian
hey everyone its me i finally started a blog and thought yall should know i just recently got engaged to crazyangel here on fubar and i love her to death we have been sein each other for 5 months now in real life and decided it was time to pop the question. well here i am tellion all you Fubarians the good news
Lucky Bastard...
All you that think "DAMN she's got a man...." GO and SHOW my man some love... Click HERE...and show tyr some love... his 21st birthday was last week so go get his ass drunk so i can take advantage of him... if i'm pleased, i'll even show you pictures ;) come on, show him some love, you know you wanna see what i have in store for him... ~~Sin
God Bless America
HATS OFF TO CHARLIE DANIELS....AT LEAST HE HAS THE COURAGE TO SPEAK HIS MIND!!! I don't know how everybody else feels about it, but to me I think Hispanic people in this country, legally or illegally, made a huge public relations mistake with their recent demonstrations. I don't blame anybody in the world for wanting to come to the United States of America, as it is a truly wonderful place. But when the first thing you do when you set foot on American soil is illegal it is flat out wrong and I don't care how many lala land left heads come out of the woodwork and start trying to give me sensitivity lessons. I don't need sensitivity lessons, in fact I don't have any-thing against Mexicans! I just have something against criminals and anybody who comes into this country illegally is a criminal and if you don't believe it try coming into America from a foreign country without a passport and see how far you get. What disturbs me about the demonstrations is that it's tanta
Heartache. . .
I Bought A Bird Feeder .
I bought a bird feeder. I hung it on my back porch and filled it with seed. Within a week we had hundreds of birds taking advantage of the continuous flow of free and easily accessible food. But then the birds started building nests in the boards of the patio, above the table, and next to the barbecue. Then came the poop. It was everywhere: on the patio tile, the chairs, the table...everywhere. Then some of the birds turned mean: They would dive bomb me and try to peck me even though I had fed them out of my own pocket. And others birds were boisterous and loud: They sat on the feeder and squawked and screamed at all hours of the day and night and demanded that I fill it when it got low on food. After a while, I couldn't even sit on my own back porch anymore. I took down the bird feeder and in three days the birds were gone. I cleaned up their mess and took down the many nests they had built all over the patio. Soon, the back yard was like it used t
I'm So Bored!!!!!
I was on a website that I'm also addicted to tonight and I added a picture with the name 'ImaClassyBitch' (you know because I am) and the very first comment I get within 1 minute of setting up the page is "No, your a fat bitch" with the rating of a one. Also just for kicks to see how many people in the world thinks I'm as cute as I say I am I add a picture of myself on HotorNot, I check my rating and its a 4.7. Thats very depressing I don't think I'm a 4.7, I'm atleast a 7, 7.5 on a good day. And I know I'm a big girl but I don't need no DUMB ASS commenting that I'm not classy I'm just fat. To all my blog readers Do you think I'm ugly???? It's almost 4 am where I am and I'll still up on the computer. My boo is about to wake up to go to work in about an hour and a half and right now as he turns over and scratches his ass he probably thinks that I'm right next to him snoring my brains out, but nope I'm sitting at my dest on this site, my new addiction next to MySpace looking around t
"comes The Dawn" Or "after A While" By Veronica A. Shoffstall
Read it, and thn write your favourite sentence and comment if you want...I love it all..! After some time you learn the difference, the subtle difference between giving your hands and chaining the soul. You learn that to love she does not always mean support and that company does not always mean security. You start to learn that kisses are not contracts and gifts are not promises. You begin to accept life's defeats with an unbowed head and open eyes, with the understanding of an adult and not the sadness of a child. You learn to navigate all life's roads of today, because the land of hills ahead (amanha) is uncertain for one's plans, and the future has a habit of getting in one's way as they go forward. After a time you learn that the sun burns if you say long enough in it. You learn that it does not matter how much you care, some people simply do not think things are important. Accept that a person is not always happy or agreeable, but there is a time when you need to pardon it
All About Me
hi my name is shan i suppot man utd i like my music im singal but looking
Realization 101 Part 1
Time for a new blog.  Time for a change of my norm.  Well somewhat a break from the norm.  Usually I sit back at just bitch about the things that are pissing me off.  Or things that I have been holding in.  Might as well not lie there are plenty of things that will be part of that.  However at this particular moment in time I am more in the zone of realization. So many topics just don't know where to start.  Ah what the hell here we go. The first random thought and situation on my mind at this givin moment is - Why is it that people over the age of 18 cant act like adults, but, yet they want to be treated as adults?  A few examples.  "The he said, she said Bullshit", "Not taking responsibility for their own actions", and last but not least, "Drama...Drama... And wait did I say Drama"  This vicious cycle is all pretty much one in the same.  However it does nothing  good period.  Some people just choose to live there not realizing that in most cases your never going to
Y R Ppl So Retarted
i was walking around in a Target store, when I saw a Cashier hand this little boy some money back. The boy couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 years old. The Cashier said, 'I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money to buy this doll.' Then the little boy turned to the old woman next to him: ''Granny, are you sure I don't have enough money?'' The old lady replied: ''You know that you don't have enough money to buy this doll, my dear.'' Then she asked him to stay there for just 5 minutes while she went to look a round. She left quickly. The little boy was still holding the doll in his hand. Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give this doll to. 'It's the doll that my sister loved most and wanted so much for Christmas. She was sure that Santa Claus would bring it to her.' I replied to him that maybe Santa Claus would bring it to her after all, and not to worry. But he replied to me sadly
So Much Fun
Went to my nephews first wrestling match last night I had so much fun. If anyone in missouri illinois are is interested in a fun time let me know the next match is dec 1. We had such a good time. thanks susie
Different Drummer Ministry
Tattooing, piercing, and body modification have a spiritual essence. I am opening this ministry, Different Drummer Ministry, to preserve religious practices and to help with donations for people around the world. I refer to those rituals that are of ancient and of modern mankind.  The practicioners are involved with the alteration of the body as art or as a cultural phenomenon. Ancient practices being used today must be respected and continued.  Their peoples, as well, deserve assistance on many fronts.  Modern practices must be respected and continued.  The people who are of tribal cultures, deserve every chance to keep the integrity and sanctity of their society. A change in in the person's ritual life, or in their modern life, must be seen as an intrinsic right.  They are very close to the same thing though there is a diffent force at work in an office building job promotion and seven hours later the same man is getting a tattoo to honor a relative that has passed to the Elysian Fie
A Christmas Story.... Leg Lamp
I love this movie.... TNT has started showing it already... :D
Love Thy Father Mumm ~ Follow Up
This is a follow up to my Love Thy Father MUMM. Today I received my 1st Holiday card from my father whom I never new..and in that card was a check for $300.00 which I think is a lot for him.. I am completely perplexed by this..and a bit overwhelmed. I am hoping that maybe he would like to get to know his grandchildren, they could sure benefit from him and he would benefit from them. Now time to MUMM on my response...
The Moral Of The Story
One day at the end of class little Billy's teacher has the class go home and think of a story to tell, and then conclude the moral of that story. The following day when the teacher asks for the first volunteer to tell their story, little Suzy raises her hand. "My dad owns a farm and every Sunday we load the chicken eggs on the truck and drive into town to sell them at the market. Well, one Sunday we hit a big bump and all the eggs flew out of the basket and onto the road." The teacher asks for the moral of the story. Suzy replies,"Don't keep all your eggs in one basket." Next is little Lucy. "Well my dad owns a farm too and every weekend we take the chicken eggs and put them in the incubator. Last weekend only 8 of the 12 eggs hatched." The teacher asks for the moral of the story. Lucy replies, "Don't count your chickens before they're hatched." Last was little Billy. "My uncle Ted fought in the Vietnam war; his plane was shot down over enemy territory. He jumpe
Are we headed for the days of prohibition on this site???? I mean pic prohibition! I have had, in the past two days, 2 pictures marked as NSFW that are anything but! A CARTOON of Santa's elves mooning him and just now, a beautiful personalized comment sent to me by a friend! It had less skin showing on a PICTURE, not the person who sent it, than I see everyday in school! I guess the pic gestapo is out in force...wait excuse me, more like the "KGB"! It is amazing what is being marked NSFW! Anyhow, that is my rant for now!
You will sometimes meet someone you believe is a soulmate; you feel the connection on many levels, perhaps instantly. And as you get to know each other more, you begin to feel the connection deepen and you feel that you must have an arrangement with this person that predated this lifetime. Do not assume, however, that this soul connection necessarily means that you are meant to be happily together for this lifetime. It may be that you are meant to be friends and allies, helping each other out. It may be that you are going to help each other in ways that even involve conflict and separation, but with an end result that is beneficial to you. It may be that you are going to learn some lesson from each other and then go your separate ways. What you need to do with all relationships, including those that have that instant and deep connection, is let be. You need to allow all of life, including close relationships, flow and evolve. You need to let people be who they are, not what you want
When I ate today at noon All I could think about was you Wishing you was here to do what you do Wishing I could feed you with my spoon Hoping someday I'll see your smile again I don't know if I can take all this pain Knowing that I am here and you are there Thinking about the times we had and will not have You are the best there ever was and will be There is nothing to explain you, but lovely Even when I was sad you made me happy I just don't know what to do I just hope one day, I get to see you It all started with a simple hello As we met over the internet. But as our conversations got to be more, Things seemed to change from when we first met. A stange feeling started to over take me Something that I've never felt before. It seemed so strange but felt so good, I craved for that feeling more and more. The innocent way we chatted back and forth Kept us going all day and night long. With the excitement of knowing we will soon speak, Was like the word
The Genocydal Empyre V3.0 2008
PEOPLE, tuning in is easy! Just click HERE and your music player will open or a WINDOW WILL POP UP ASKING YOU WHAT PROGRAM YOU WANT TO USE. CHOOSE WHATEVER IS LISTED THERE, such as Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, RealPlayer, Nero, or whatever other player you use for music files.Click above for the Darkside Radio homepage.Once on that page, TO TUNE IN SCROLL DOWN AND CLICK THE SKELETONS. 4.8.08Be Sure To Tune In !!! Special Show Featuring A '3-Peat' Interview With Fred Brito !!!Rock out with Lord Genocyde:7:00 p.m. Central TimeClick above to DOWNLOAD THE DARKSIDE RADIO TOOLBAR which will make it EVEN EASIER to access the Darkside Radio stream.OR go HERE to the MySpace for a direct tune-in!Brought to you also by:The Lady Misty Genocyde. Welcome to the softer side of insanity....Lord Genocyde will be interviewing this awesome dude:Fred Brito aka The Benevolent ConYou've seen him on Dateline NBC and Dr. Phil, but do YOU know the WHOLE story? Mr. Brito will be joining Genocyde live
Is There Life After Divorce????
u better bet there is!!! I was married for 8 years, it was terrible now im not saying that all marriges suck, just mine!!!! I am a firm beliver that if it works then more power to ya however if u know its not going to work then get the hell out and live life while you can!!!! I know first hand how short life is so in no way shape or form am i gonna waste it!!! If i could only give one peice of advice to anyone it would be live life to the fullest everyday!!!!!! Peace love and happyness to all who read this!!!1
Wykd Tykt!
HAVE YOU HEARD ??? WYKD Lounge is holding a tykt contest!You have chances to win a Ticker and there are even daily drawings to win a slot during Prime time to have your favorite songs played on WYKD RADIO CLICK THE WYKD TYKT BELOW FOR DETAILS.(Do Not send orders to Rain or me.)Ordering is done through Wicked Storm WYKD Homepage! Buy 1 get 2~*~ Get 2 WYKD Wheelz for the price of 1! ALL DAY SATURDAY!! ~*~From Midnight 1/19 EST till Midnight 1/20 EST~*~
New Job
so got my new job... its cool... gonna be makin rediculous money soon... been workin my ass off and when im not im playin my 360....
Message To A Friend
It has been said that one of the greatest weaknesses most people have is their inability to let others know how much they love them while they have the opportunity to do so. So today, I take the opportunity to thank not only you, but also the lord for your friendship. Now ours is not an ordinary friendship, but then again ordinary is not a word that I’d use to describe either one of us. Because I am a shy but friendly fellow while you, you are an incredible human being with whom I share a kindred spirit. I strongly believe in you-in all the things that are important to you, and the admirable way that you live your life. I have watched you draw from within yourself, the strength t overcome life’s obstacles. Your ability to turn lemons into lemonade and the way you grow from those experiences that life brings you. You have a determined spirit and a great strength of character-qualities which I have never come across so strongly before, and both which I greatly admire. I hope that what is
Delete Her!
I was going thru some old emails that i have gotten and came across this one.I decided 2 share it with all of you!~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you love God and you're not ashamed of him, repost this and see what he does for you tonight... ************************* *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** **888888888888888888888** **888888888888888888888** **888888888888888888888** *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** *********888888********** ************************* Repost this saying: "Delete her!!!" Remember, the Bible says: "IF YOU DENY ME BEFORE MAN, THEN I WILL DENY YOU BEFORE MY FATHER
This Is An Emergency - Please Read
Please Read this and go to the link ~ It contains info on a baby who was murdered and the father is being looked for. The mother was one of our own fubar members :( This is a repost of her bulletin. I do not want condolences about this situation, I am posting this bulletin with a link that includes pictures of the man who murdered my 3 month old son in hopes that maybe someone has seen him somewhere....anywhere....please take the time to go to the link and watch the news video which includes a description of the car he was driving and his picture...If anyone knows anything at all, please dont contact 409-771-7488 please repost the hell out of this so as many people as possible can see this. and if someone could sticky this for me so even more people can see it i would really appreciate it thank you everyone
What The Hell
Why is it when people look at you they smile. This piss me off everyday cause when you know exactly what they are thinking. Lets just get this straight if you hate me say so cause I hate to faced people. When you have family like mine you know when things are good and bad. Look if you think this life you are living is good think again. Shit mes up for a reason and its called fate so deal or roll over and die. There itt is off my chest.
So I took the time to tell the ass exactly how I was feeling last night. I told him how I felt he was neglecting me and the boys, and everything else I felt i needed to say to him. Did it work? No. I feel even worse now. And now I'm doing somethimg I haven't done in years. Since when is it ok to break marriage vows? When one partner isn't happy? When one person has already done it to the other? When? My husband cheated on me around the time we got married! Once before, and once after. And today he decides to tell me that if I were to cheat on him, I wouldn't be cheating unless I fucked the guy. And if I did, he wants to watch, if he can't be here to watch, he wants me to video tape it. Is there something wrong with this picture?
Damn No Difference
Well I guess I should not have expected any thing different here. I get so tired of other sites being hit by so called grown men who can not bother to read. I thought that it might be different here seeing as how everyone if suppose to be of legal age. But that does not mean that they can read either. Well I hate that we women take the time to write things that will tell people about us, but you men don't bother to read them all you do is look at our pictures and think that we just have to get to know you or should I say fuck you. Well I am sorry to bust your bubbles that is not how it works here. If you have never heard that you have to romance my mind before you get anywhere close to my body, then please take note. IF YOU CAN NOT HOLD A CONVERSATION ABOUT SOMETHING OTHER THAN SEX THEN YOU WILL NEVER GET SEX FROM MOST REAL WOMEN. SO PLEASE STEP UP YOUR GAME BEFORE CONTACTING ME AGAIN.
so it all happens to everyone at one time or another well we can all get together throw a big fuckin party and say fuck you to who ever has screwed us over in life so lets all just kick back open up that case of beer and raise a middle finger to all those stupid fucks in our lives, oh yes and then just smile and enjoy the rest of this ride called life
New Jersey, our home, thank you so much. How many of you out there are, like, long time MCR fans? (crowd cheers) That's right. That's right, New Jersey. How many of you guys are new MCR fans? It's okay to be a new MCR fan. (few people cheer, followed by laughter) Listen to how quiet it got... At the Bamboozle 2007, after Sleep "A surprise party? For me? You shouldn't have!" after Mama, Rock am Ring, Germany (& Tampa, FL 4/19/07) "What's that? You wanna fuck me?....sorry, that seat's taken!" 8 June 2007, Download, Donington Park, UK "I'm not gonna tell you what to do with your life." "You could put a domino mask on anything, and it becomes a superhero. You put a domino mask on a milkman, and he becomes, like, Super Milkman." "There's defiantly moments where, you know, we were asking ourselves, like, are we crazy?!? Is this pushing it too far, you really can't tell because you've become so attached to something, you're so in it, um, that you can't tell. But, um, i kind of
I need a drink bad!
Sex Freak
Was chatting with a guy on my dating profile and got really horny, then my connection dropped... so I started to think naughty xxx There's a knock at my door. I answer the door and it's you. You ask if I'm alone, I say yes. I take your hand and lead you into my bedroom. I'm wearing a sheer white blouse and you can see the lacy white bra beneath it. And I'm wearing a long red wraparound skirt and white stockings. I stand on tiptoe to kiss you, a deep kiss with lots of tongue. Then I push you back onto the bed and step back from you. I undo the knot on my skirt and it falls to the floor. Underneath you can see that I'm wearing a white lace g-string and white thigh-high stockings. I slowly unbutton my blouse and let it slip from my shoulders, revealing my bra and the tops of my breasts. Next I kneel down at your feet and remove your shoes. You are not wearing socks. I gently tickle the bottoms of your feet. Then I stand up and pull
You ever have your kid embarass you..or anyone else? I have been telling my hubby all this time..about how our youngest has been awesome at hitting/slamming balls..and such. Well tonight was first time hubby showed up.. and was there first game. Brandon was a total embarassment. As it is.. my kid is a comedian..and hes he gets away with alot...and he knows it. was just awful. He was doing 3rd base..where they been putting him. He kept holding up his glove each time.. without the ball.. pretending to get the other team members out. He wouldn't even let them get on the base hardly. Then a mom on the other team..was tryin to take a pic of her boy. on 3rd..and brandon is there smiling at her..thinking she was taking his picture..while theres a batter up , getting ready to hit. Then hes out there.. hollering.. hey batter , batter..and the moms are thinking hes cute because he has no top front teeth. Then , he got to bat .. 3 times.. and each time.. he sw
A Thing Of Beauty Auction~own Me
**I also need as many rates as I can get on this… if you’re unable to bid at this time plz just give me one rate no comments just 1 rate is all I ask** In honor of Mother's Day, I am happy to share with you that I am one of the loveliest women on Fubar! Bidding is now open, and will remain open until May 10th One of the participants and if I’m lucky will receive prizes of 100,000 fubucks. Those will be the woman with the highest rating average, and the woman with the highest number of rates. Should the same woman have both the highest average and highest number of rates, she will receive 200,000 fubucks. I reserve the right to refuse any bid or bidder at any time, and may also increase my offers via photo comment should the need arise. Serious bidders only, please! Thank you much!! Whispers…Haunt Me in My Dreams ~~Member of Dylon’s Diva Mafia~~ A Mad!! Hatter!! Thank you Heartistic Soul for making this happen!! Heartistic Soul@ fubar
Mother's Day
A Mother’s Love A Mother’s love is a special love that only she knows how to show No matter what life may bring, a mother’s love will always flow. A mother’s love comes mixed and stirred just like she cooks a favorite meal A mother’s love can come in and seal the deal. When the going gets rough; and times seem to be too tough. When you feel that there is no one in your corner When you feel there is no one there to catch the slack. Just turn to a mother’s love, she will all ways have you back. God has blessed the woman to give birth, To give a gift that is life God blessed the woman with a special love A love that no one can match A love for her Child No matter how much trouble that child may cause, No matter how mad that child may make you, A Mother’s love comes out and all is well. I will stand on the top of a mountain and tell the whole world A mother’s love can not be toped nor matched. So with this I send, to all mothers on this day and every othe
Re: Fucking Back
Well just wanted to let all whom give a shit that I'm back on Fubar cause I got a laptop today. Show me some luv cause next week on the June 5, 2008 I will be leaving for training at Fort Polk Louisiana. I'm deploying to Iraq for my first time so I'm going to blow you up huge if you blow me up huge. Thanks!
You Wanna
ok so if you wanna get with me send me a message telling me why and tell me about yourself, be specific.
Hot Dad Contest Please Help
I have been entered in a hot dad contest at a local radio station please vote for me. Just go to this site http://wape. com/morningmess/hotdad08vote. html as my friends know i am a single dad of a little boy whos mom is never around,he has been my life for over 2 years, we will win a trip to orlando if i win. Please please help out
hope you all enjoy! MUAH!
Fubar License
IF YOU WOULD LIKE ONE, JUST HIT THIS SWEET PERSON UP ¢¾SunySkyz¢¾Owned By Argonutz & His Angel¢¾Owner of Dominustempus3¢¾@ fubar
Awsome Video Tribute To United States Soliders
pls watch this if u support our troops
Dark of night fades in the morning light. the clouds part from its blinding light. the rays shine down I feel the warmth but my heart feels cold it has no warmth forever empty the darkness grows my heart does ache and no one knows If i could find my one true love. an angel for me sent from above in my darkest hour she did appear an angel of light to remove my fears sent from heaven filled with love. she did come with the love of this angel my heart would burst for just one touch I do thirst In her arms i have no power. I begin to see she is the one my one true love sent from above from across the distance she did reach and filled my heart were none could reach forever will my heart Belong to this angel from above. for she is my one true love. I love you baby.
Can You Surprise My Fiancee?!?
My Fiancee is going into the hospital for surgery on the 31st of July, yes this month she was hoping she could make God father or be going to Godfather before then. Could you help make her day? I won't forget you if you do!!! All I ask is, if you help please message me and let me know that you helped her, if you don't I will probably miss you & I don't want to do that & I will do my best to surprise you! You can click on her link below if you would like to help. Ty for taking the time to read this & ty in advance for the love you show her!!! Sexci Girl *surgery this week, won't be around much@ fubar
My 2nd Auction.. Please Show Love
i am up for my 2nd auction..will someone own me please? copy paste that to go to it... or read the bulletin i just posted...and click on my pic!
4 Chuckii
***Join Me On Sunday August 10th For The most futastic day ever*** ***IT'S ALL ABOUT CHUCKIIBOO DAY*** Chuckii is mad busy with work and has'nt even had time to come onto fubar!!He will be back real soon!Lets show him the love and respect that he deserves and spank his page hard all day long!!!Save your 11's and use them on chuckii!Dont have 11's ...thats ok to....rate his pics up with mad 10's!!!Show chuckii the appreciation that he always shows everyone! ***This is gonna be 24 full hours of non stop chuckiiboo!!!*** ***Respect Him and leave him 50 photo comments!Let him know that your thinking of him!***Rate all his stash!!Save your bling cause we are gonna hit his page real hard with the cha blingggggggggggg blingggggggggg!!!***
True 9ja Guy De Luv Giva
Hey there , My name is Chike,am 26 ,single ,never married .Am from the most popular black nation NIGERIA and am a proud Nigerian to da bone .Am fun to be with ,caring and good sense of humour cuz i will do anything to put smile on your face .Am on this site to make real good friends, someone who needs guy , i mean a serious relationship , someone willing to be loved and cared for .I knw i might be far from where you are in distance but in heart we'r never far cuz TRUE LOVE KNWS NO DISTACE.So...if you'r there anythere looking for someone to show you real love and commitment ,then count on me .I dont care how old you might be cuz to me maturity isnt measured by age or me and lets share our differences and culture and make good friendship and show true love.PEACE TO ALL Y'LL. CHIKE
Purest Of Pain (Lesbian Kissing) Current mood: depressed Category: Romance and Relationships Give me back my ecstasy. You set my soul on fire, until I'm burning with desire. You light the match that inspires red hot fantasies of you and me, together as two lovers should be. I'm intoxicated by your scalding touch, and I never knew I could hunger so much. You move my heart like a fine work of art, but you fuel my soul until the fire rages out of control, and I'm lost to fantasies of you and me, together as two lovers should be. I need to feel your heat, and lose myself to kisses so sweet. This lonely heart cries out for you, begging for a rendezvous. I'll get no rest until I can still, a passion that remains volatile from red hot fantasies of you and me, together as two lovers should be. I know our spark could never miss, when I draw fire from your kiss and consume your body with fiery nips of del
A 11 Years Old Poem
Hi, I Am Caroline
~*~ news of my life ~*~ HANSON is coming to Denver CO!! OMG!! Counting down !! Myspace Countdowns at
Somebody please hold my hand! This is alot to take in. I don't know how this all works. Is it true this is a dating site? Hi, thank you for the gifts... being new I tried to return the favor by gifting back what I received... but i couldn't find the drinks section... AND I don't think I have enough Fubucks yet. Ugh! I am FUBAR Woa! this is way new and confusing to me.... If I don't respond or do or say something wrong... please forgive me.
Mush Push!
Greeting to all. What has society become to have the ability to create war.For what? This land was founded on people that made America what is is today, please, lets not forget that ok? I can do without a Caddy, but not a fatty... Feed the poor, create no more... -- Tax this Bush....
Litefoot has spent years developing his music making abilities and growing his fan base. On November 11, 2008 Litefoot will release his newest album “Relentless Pursuit” EXCLUSIVELY AT WWW.LITEFOOT.COM - The album is a blend of contemporary rap music infused with Native American perspectives and Tribal rhythms for the masses to enjoy! Join the foot soldierz team
Sad Times
Nearly 3000 people died this day 11 years ago. All my life I will never shake the images I saw on the TV set of the first tower burning and then watching the second plane crashing into the other tower. Hearing unconfirmed reports at the tim e of other planes being crashed into the Pentagon and then watching the Towers collapse one after another. The sadness in my heart, the anger and the feeling of hopelessness that day. I was working in a call center that handled over 20 thousand calls a day. After that moment we had 16 the rest of the evening. The United States took the biggest hit in the face since Pearl Harbor, more towers falling. A Cardinal moving around trying to keep people inspired in a hopeless time died from a piece of debris off one of the buildings that night. I didn't sleep, I did not eat... I simply watched the television since that was all I could do is remotely hope for lives that were lost to miraculously be saved. Few and far between but it was happening. The real h
Club Mystic Update - 10/17/08
Racism Against Gays.
Ok so recently in the Mumms there was a mumm about California's Proposition # 8. And there were several comments bashing gays. making critical statements and being Judgemental. So heres what I have to say about that. 1)There is NOTHING wrong with being Gay! 2)Gay People deserve to have the same rights as anyone else. 3)Every child should know there is nothing wrong with being gay. Telling your child(ren) that being Gay is wrong is just helping make one more racist S.O.B. And the world definatly doesn't need any more of those. 4)What says Gay's can't bring Children into the world? Hello thats what Sperm Banks and Surrogate Mothers are for. Hello not to mention ADOPTION!!! Yes adoption the best way to have a child because someone else out there decided Hell lets have a kid or heaven forbid Got raped (not being rude just honest) and didn't want or couldn't care for a child. So theres a million children in foster care that need a home with loving parents. 5)You c
Nov The First Week Order in for del tinne swords. Got a grail for my cooking at Southmarch. Moot was terrible but it looks like our Hocktide will be a camping event and have equestrian activides. I made a new drink and my amori negray was a hit. Will pay bills this week and try to get the computers upgraded.
Barbie Gone Bad
All ya need to know for now :-) 34, single, never married, raised in Atlanta, now live in Memphis, work for FedEx, started an adult dating site CARNALFRIENDS.COM this summer - had to sell it because we didn't know what we were It's still going well and I think I'll try again in the future. I love to hang out with friends, travel, watch my Atlanta Falcons, and just have a good time.
OK so Im bout to get SILLY then a muthafucka! Why do people say one thing then try to clean it up after you cal them out on how they act? LOL ok I got better questions....n Why do muthafuckas act like they dont know what the word space between you and them mean???? Why do Silly! muthafuckas want to get fresh after you done told them about themselves? How can you call yourself mature and an adult when you act like a damn 5 year old.... oh wait my 5 year old acts better, hell she knows better! How can you say you want all these things in life ::::I.E.: a goood hearted person, someone to treat you right with respect and honesty, someone to love you and cherish you> when your attitude and your childish ass ways pushes everyone you have ever met away? Why is it that all those people have the same shit to say and all treat you like crap? Is it because your attitude is garbage? Is it cause you annoy people? Is it because your too fucking pushy and dont know how to leave shit alone? Or is it b
Any One Hefe In/near Tulsa,ok
Hello There Early 30's M Female here in oklahoma Work alot; Spend time w/ Family n Friends. But does't prevent us for a lil fun =) we get out or chill out fri-sun shoot lol Up for everythin and anythin w the approval of all parties in volved lmao. Talkin about bowlin he he campin,bars,cars,and what ever! So Holler C'ville/Tulsa area only please
It Hurts =[
right now im sittin here crying coz i dont know what i need to do to make my relationship ok.. =[[ i mean right now im pretty much dead coz it doesnt feel like he loves me nemore and i cant take this nemore. im tryin to be everything he wants.. and it just seems like he just wants "her" and im not her.. never have been her.. and i dont even feel good enough to be called her.. i just wish i knew what to do :((
Help Me Out Here
HEAR ME OUT HERE.. So.. times are rough for everyone right now money wise and well i've been wanting an XBox. I did some research and found this really awesome program that ACTUALLY WORKS, saw the videos and everything. I'm 20% done I just need 11 more refferals. There's 2 ways to do the system one is a point system where you earn your xbox all by your lonesome self. another way is via refferals getting other people to join which is what i'm doing. All i had to do to validate that was complete one offer and i did it for a free credit report *make sure to cancel before they bill you!* once you get your link you can do what i'm doing and get your free one to. It's a great program. And you may want to make another email address to catch the spam. Here's the FaQ: 1) What is the catch? Why does this company give out free XBOX? When you complete the offer, the advertiser will pay TRAINN some money. When you refer your friends, the advertisers will also pay TRAINN more money. So, aft
For Someone I Consider Special Oin My Life
I Want you, want you, Doesn't matter that you're not here, I forgive all the silences. I want you, I don't care, I know you might disappointme , I'm a willing captive, Why fight? There's no point. I want you, Need to hold you in my arms, Need to smell your sweat, inhale your breath, Need you inside of me, That's where you belong, That's where you were meant to be. I want you,when you get bald, old and ugly, I really don't care, I just want you to be there. I want to open your door, Because I have my own key, I want to come in, Because you too, now want me. I want you to need me, I want to stare in your eyes, I want your promises, I don't care if they are lies. I want your body, Warm in my bed, I want you near me, I want you so bad. Tonight as I struggle to sleep All I can do is think of you Wanting to hold you in my arms And make sweet love to you. Tears slowly cloud my world As I hold my pillow tight Wishing you were beside me To mak
Here lately I have been having the strangest dreams. I am not even trying to figure them out anymore. Snow,people I know that I know but don't know where from,my bed(no there isn't sex)running(like I want to die doing that)quotes from authors or people I don't know,alcohol and my dog.What the hell? Every now and then I am actually happy in the dreams.Now that in it self is just screwed up!
Right On Andy Rooney
Andy Rooney said on "60 Minutes" a few weeks back: I don't think being a minority makes you a victim of anything except numbers.. The only things I can think of that are truly discriminatory are things like the United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America. Try to have things like the United Caucasian College Fund, Cloud Magazine, White Entert ainment Television, or Miss White America; and see what happens...Jesse Jackson will be knocking down your door. Guns do not make you a killer. I think killing makes you a killer. You can kill someone with a baseball bat or a car, but no one is trying to ban you from driving to the ball game. I believe they are called the Boy Scouts for a reason, which is why there are no girls allowed. Girls belong in the Girl Scouts! ARE YOU LISTENING MARTHA BURKE ? I think that if you feel homosexuality is wrong, it is not a phobia, it is an opinion. I have the right "NOT" to be tolerant of
What My Name Means
ROSE Gender: Feminine Usage: English, French Pronounced: ROZ [key] Originally a Norman form of a Germanic name, which was composed of the elements hrod "fame" and heid "kind, sort, type". It was introduced to England by the Normans in the forms Roese or Rohese. From an early date it was associated with the word for the fragrant flower rose (derived from Latin rosa). When the name was revived in the 19th century, it was probably with the flower in mind. ---------------------------------------- A rose is a perennial flower shrub or vine of the genus Rosa, within the family Rosaceae, that contains over 100 species. The species form a group of erect shrubs, and climbing or trailing plants, with stems that are often armed with sharp thorns. Most are native to Asia, with smaller numbers of species native to Europe, North America, and northwest Africa. Natives, cultivars and hybrids are all widely grown for their beauty and fragrance. [1] The leaves are alternate and pinna
Hh Contest....
OK, so Im in a HH contest and I need massive amounts of rates in order to win. So could u all please follow the link and vote for me?? Thank you...
I Desire
I desire, love, true love. Someone to love. I desire, someone to be with, for the rest of my life. I desire, a man, who's eyes don't and can't lie. I desire, a strong and happy marriage that'll last. I desire, Peace of mind when I'm with him. I desire, his caring touch each and every day. I desire, his attention on occasion. I desire, passionate kisses from him. I desire, cuddling close to him. I desire, talking to him each and every day. I desire, a man that loves me so much, words couldn't possibly describe. I do believe all my desires, Have been met. And I do believe, I desire you. A desire to be within your arms for ever. Love me today as you did yesterday, and love me more tomorrow, I promise, I'll never ever stray. I desire.... You.
Just 10 Things Period..
you have to post a blog with 10 weird things ,facts about you and then you have to send it to 5 friends and telling them they have been tagged and to read your blog..i think thats it..if not go ask purr 1.. I hate to write blogs 2..I hate it when friend or should I say so called friends trap you into things (like this) 3..I love to be a mean and hateful bitch 4..I love sex 5..I love to try new things 6..Most people love me when they hang out with me 7..Im all about 8..I just want to have fun 9..I dont have many friends cuz i choose not too 10..I am glad this is over purr..thank you very much
Me Being Just Me
I just wanted to say i am new to all of this and thank you everyone that is leaving me comments and etc .I HOPE EVERYONE HAS A AWESOME DAY.
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Dating Online
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Dating Online
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Lionel Messi In Usa The English super star david Beckham will be featuring with his actual soccer team AC Milan, as the team tours in the United States of America and plays one of its football games against Beck's prior team, the Los Angeles Galaxy in August. The Los Angeles Galaxy competes in the American soccer league (Major League Soccer) and is expected to fill in the stadium's seats to the full. FC Barcelona that will be be playing against the Manchester United of Cristiano Ronaldo for the trophy of the the Champions League final game in Rome, Italy with be facing the MLS team of L.A. Galaxy on the 1st of August (Rose Bowl Pasadena, California). The Spanish group of football stars are also planned to visit the Seattle Sounders on the 5th at the Qwest Field. Barcelona, led by Messi, Eto'o, Alves, Pujol and other soccer idols will feature in a 3rd match which confirmation is still pending To comment on this story, or check further more details, c
Much Sadness In The House
The average life expectancy of a cocker spaniel is 15 years, but this old guy would have been 17 on June 12th, but today we had to put him down. He had a a bad bad bad heart, in which was deteriorating the muscles of his hind legs, so he had a tough time getting up and around the 4 younger dogs. Even in his old age he felt like he could do his job  of protecting you, even though he couldn't move very fast. Worst of all he was losing his body functions. He was around a long time, and he will be greatly missed.
Info About Me
If you want my pics, just tell me,  there yours.   If you want to email me---                   My IM, just ask me;)
Fantasy Football
I am involved with multible fantasy football leagues.  If any one would like to join up with one of my leagues that I am involved with get with me asap.  Seats are filling fast!  Drafts are set for July 19th.  The sooner you get with me the sooner you can get in on the fun!!
Please For Me
ok i have no idea how to do this by myself but my one friend is a lounge owner he owns Darkness Within so if you want to talk to me or just droll from looking at me join me here   not sure if you have to copy and paste it or just click on it or just go to my lounges and click Darkness Within we are looking for all staff in thier as well so come on you know you want to for lil ol me il buy you a drink :P
"Three founding members of goth-rock group EVANESCENCE have been dealt a blow after forming a new band with ex-AMERICAN IDOL star CARLY SMITHSON - they've nabbed another band's name. Ben Moody announced plans for his new group The Fallen earlier this month (Jun09) and now the band's label bosses have been hit with a cease and desist notice from the managers of another act already calling themselves The Fallen. Alfadog Music executives fired off the legal missive to Skh Music bosses on Friday (19Jun09), insisting Moody and Smithson's band had to come up with another name. The original The Fallen, who formed in 2005, posted a message to fans of their website, stating, "We are truly sorry for the confusion that stemmed from an unexpected announcement from Skh Music." Ironically, the band has just released its second album, Between The Angels And The Deep Dark Sky." ( 40. Cry 39. One more chance 38. Man in the mirror 37. Liberian girl 36. Another part of me 35. Ja
Is it just me,or does it seem  like now  that Michel Jackson is dead,everybody all of a sudden has sooooo much love for him?   I mean,where was all this love when he was mutilating his face?Or when his last record Invinsible flopped?If you ask me,these so called friends need to hang their heads in shame because it appears that none of them was around when Mr. Jackson needed them the most.It just seems to me that  if they all truly loved him when it counted,he might just  still be alive.Well,that's my ten sense.What's yours?
Immigration Issue
  Wanna solve OUR ilegal immigration problem without spending billions on a fence and guards (you can give the money to the healthcare plan)?  So simple.  Pass a bill that says if we find a company that has hired an illegal immigrant, they will get charged $100,000.00 per violation/person.  On the bill say the illegal will be shipped back to their country of origin.  Hey two sentences, one piece of paper, so simple an 80 year old Senator MIGHT read it and even understand.   Next call up CNN.  Have the INS put down their doughnuts for a day.  Plan a raid on ANY major meatpacking company.  This is the hard part, keep it a secret till AFTER the raid.  Have CNN film the whole thing as you round up the illegal workers and load them on a bus.  You will need one INS agent, that can count (that is also a toughy)and they count the number of people loaded on the bus.  He/she then adds 00,000.00 to the number of people loaded on the bus and hands the company the bill, payable in 30 days.  CNN
why dose every girl say that they love someon and they just met them girls should never say that they love someone unless if they truuly mean it
Feeling In A Broken Heart
Today is my birthday and for the first time in my life I'm sad. I have a cloud over me, I try to get away but it follows me. Its raining down on me,Keeping the sunhine from my face, I feel soaked, weighted down,heavy if you will. Happiness is around me I can see it but the cloud won't let me near it. I'm tired of feeling anger, sadness and loss. PLEASE COVER ME!!!! Hand me an umbrella, aNYTHING I'll try ANYTHING to rid myself of this cloud...... PLEASE COVER ME.... If I sleep forever, I won't have to hurt anymore. I won't have to be alone, I won't have to act. I won't have to waste the sunlight or fight the moon..... I can just sleep forever
To Mem ( T N T)
Your eyes are the stars that shine so bright, Your arms are the blanket that wraps me tight. Your body's my shield that protects me from harm, Your touch is my teddy bear, soft and warm. Your hand is the tissue that dries my tears, Your strength is my sword that fights my fears. Your smile's my sun that brightens my days, Your kiss is the wind that takes my breath away. Your hair is the sky as black as night, Your laughter's a child so full of life. Your voice is the lullaby that sings me to sleep, Your lips are a candy so juicy and sweet. Your'e the answer to my prayers from up above, The one who will always have my love. I love you
Mission Impossible
best laptop backpack cordless weed wacker
Hey every1 im tryna meet new friend all over da world so like if you down with it Check me out.................
I Love My Hubby!!!
Muy husband Jeff is the BESTEST!!!  Today he brought me home some Lillies, muy favorite flower.  He is muy world, muy everything.  I love him so..... much and always will.  He is muy rock and muy safe place.  Jeff I love you baby!!!   With ALL muy heart and soul. You are the best thing that has happened to me and our family.  I hope you know just how special you really are.  Thanks for busting your ass and workning 2 jobs to support our wonderful family. Your hard work does not go unnoticed!! Muahz rawk and are the BESTEST!!!  ~ Shelly (Wifey)
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Lord Jesus Christ I am the LORD Jesus Christ ! The message of Jesus Christ1 The Lord God created man, created this book (Old Testament + Revelation) also that people knew and recognized him. This book is prophetic, rather thanhistorical, which has written Lord God, during the creation of world, their own hands, (because he can do it, because he created man) latest book of Revelation (New Testament in fact fictitious) because the Bible, Old Testament, Consist of different sorts of books (more than 1000 chapters and 43 headline). Of Revelation John, is the same John, from the book Maccabees, which is the smallest, and that I, as John and Jesus Christ, this is the same person. Book of Maccabees penultimate book is the Bible, who do not have many Bibles. Byblos is almost 4000 years of history of prophetic, advanced, and this prophetic history is torn off sense between books of Revelation and the Maccabees, nearly thirty years, these thirty years a clean sheet which my life and you
The Morning After
The Morning After :There's just some things that I can't explain like the reason why I make you feel this way I keep on saying that I am going to change now how could you believe a word I say I wish there was some way to see I never meant to make you cry If I could take back just one thing I swear that I'd take back that night Everything I loved was gone the morning the morning after I wish I never woke up on the morning the morning after And now it's all coming back to me, you say I can't believe you do these things to me And so I guess I gotta face the truth I'm no good for you there's nothing I can do I wish that we could make believe and pretend everything's alright And I would give up everything if I could just take back that night Everything I loved was gone the morning the morning after I wish I never woke up on the morning the morning after Everything I loved was gone the morning the morning after I wish I never woke up on the morning the morning after I wished to I hold you bu
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What Is Love?
     If you were expecting someone perfect,  you  picked the wrong girl. Go buy a damn barbie!      What is love? why must we always search for love? Do any of us really even know what love is? hate is so much easier than love. That's why there are more wars then peace... love is easier to give up on. how do you really know if your in love? honestly? lust is easy confused for love. so how does one really know what love is? Some people just say its out of habit some say its cuz they are more in love with the idea of love then love it self.. So how do we find this out? i mean some say love is being able to see a person at their lowest point and still don't want to give up on them. Some say its loving a person to the point that you
Fuck Fake Ppl They Can Suck On My #$%^
Holding On
The Bitch From Hell
wheres them ladys at
Need Help With Your Business?
Anybody know anyone with a business that either doesn't have a website or has a website that they are currently unsatisfied with? I've recently partner with a friend that is very successful at helping businesses out. If you'd like to get more information, let me know
My Random Thoughts
Fubar has the best of everything. It has the best people, and activities the internet has to offer and I for one love it alot! Is it just me or has this site gotten better and better? I love Fubar and am going to be a long standing member for as long as I can, or as long as my computer keeps running.
The Way I Feel
The way I feel,when I'm with you,I forget my troubles,like there's just us two.You make my heart,beat fast and strong,and you make me feel,that I truly belong.You fill the gaps,inside my heart,like I've finally found,my missing part.I sink in your eyes,I'm warmed by your smile,and the world is perfect,just for a while.You make life better,than it used to be.You are the sugar,in my cup of tea.Whenever you need me,I'll always be there.I'll be there to talk to,I'll be there to care.
Web Analytics Tools
Each trip to a website by a guest makes details. On coming to a website a guest recognizes material of a website, flows them, browses WebPages, mouse clicks the links, downloading details, locations purchases, or simply locations some concerns and leaves the website. All these relationships with them by the guests are simultaneously registered by web analytic resources. This is done in order to keep close tab over the performance of the website and to redress the faults for improving performance of the website. Before we understand the importance of these resources, let's know some facts about them. There are two types of analytic resources. They are off-site resources and on-site resources. As for off-site resources, they record the details of the views of the users and share the outcomes of the studies across the web. On the contrary, on-site resources aid the internet marketers to evaluate the performance of his or her website and compare theirs with others. The analysis is performe
To all of my friends here on fubar, and all I met along the way,   I didn't really want to write a goodbye letter. It is said that old soldiers do not die, but just fade away; I wanted to simply fade away here without causing too much of a stir. However, there are too many people here that deserve an explanation for why I am leaving.   Originally, I came on fubar to meet fun, interesting people and to hopefully meet a woman I could honestly get excited about. I met some amazing people here and I feel blessed beyond belief in the realization that there are so many awesome individuals throughout the world. But, I failed in my original goal. I am still as single as I was six months ago, and even though some wonderful women have approached me, I cannot have a virtual romance. A Skype conversation will never replace a real conversation, an emoticon kiss can never come close to the true thing when needed most, and an :-) will never replace a smile that is honest and truly meant.   But,
Fuck! We Coulda Killed Em!
Man me and Sheikiepoo.. we coulda fucked up that cop.. there had to be two.. WHY.. WHYYY.. if there was only one.. we could have killed him.. and disposed of the car and the body properly.. but that second cop had to get out.. that motherfucker!! Noone would have missed him.. noone would find him. FUCKKKK.. oh well.. motherfuckers pullin people over and shit.. bein assholes.. riiiiiight.. they didnt find ANYTHING on us.. ohh i wish it was only one.. fuckin right... Love Your lette Bloodytheclown! :)
I'd Rather Be Your Friend
I see your soft dark skin, And you make me shiver within. How I long to touch you, And tell you all the things I want to do. I want to lie next to you in bed, And tell you all thoughts in my head. I can see the passion in your eyes, And I know you want to tell me goodbye. I want you to look deep into my eyes; The fire is burning and it will not hide. I thought I'd let you know how I feel. Yes, believe me it's real. But a broken heart would never mend; So, all in all; I'd rather be your friend. Lisa Flores 5-11-97
Notice Anything Different?
I am changing my last name back to my dad's last name. Some of you know that i never got along with my mom's husband. I want him completely out of my life. I have been wanting to change my last name for the past year. And now that i have my dad back in my life, I really wanna go back to his last name. Let me know what you think.
My Everlasting Love
Today while at my family reunion I met a man known simply as Sarge. He wasn't with our family, he was with his Church who come out to that park every Sunday for lunch and to also give food to the homeless who stay in the Park. It was only when Duckee and I decided to go for a walk after we were so stuffed full of food that we met this man. He stopped to ask us about our piercings, like so many that day had already done. He told us about one of his son's who has an eyebrow piercing. He asked if it was any different from his time, that when you got into a fight people went to rip out your piercings if possible. We answered his question and told him how it was no different now then it was back then. From there the man named Sarge went into his life. Not too involved at first, just enough to start up a conversation about his life as it is now. He is a recovering drug addict and lives in what I believe to be a half way home with 3 other men. Two of which are black, one of which is
Just Talkin
lets see, i dont know what it is that i do wrong to men, i understand that your supposed to date for a while and not call until he calls or some shit and there are so many damn rules to it all and honestly i dont give a shit about any of them. if i want to spend time with a guy then im going to call him and let him know.and if he doesnt want to spend time with me then be honest...i just want someone that wants to be with me as much as i do them, its not like im high matienence...spending time at home doing nothing but cuddling is a good time to if there are any latino guys out there that could appriciate that...then hit me up!!!
Hey there everyone im pretty new to this! so far i like it..
Soldier Got Your Back
This Is Me Deal With It
TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF Name: Nikki Deans Birthday: December 5 1978 Birthplace: Eau Claire, WI Current Location: Eau Claire, WI Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: brown Height: 5’9 Right Handed or Left Handed: right handed You’re Heritage: Finnish, Italian, English, Irish, Cherokee & I don’t know what else You’re Weakness: chocolate, romantic gestures, & Vin diesel You’re Fears: I am not raising my son Brooklyn right Your Perfect Pizza: Taco Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: learning how to cook different ethnic foods Thoughts First Waking Up: check on my son and give him a kiss You’re Best Physical Feature: my eyes You’re Bedtime: when ever I go to sleep You’re Most Missed Memory: my mom and dad being together before they got divorced Single or Group Dates: both Cappuccino or Coffee: both Do you Smoke: yes, cigars Do you swear? When I get mad enough Do you sing? I was in choirs in high school Have you been in Love?
Brand New
Hey all my lc friends I just wanted to tell everyone who stops by and show me love don't be mad if I don't reply right back I've preparing to move so I will be without my computer and all my friends thats trapped in it lol for about a month! I will be back to return the love asap!! Until then everybody take care! Meka Okay this is my very first blog on l.c and sorry to say but I don't have anything interesting to say at this time hell its too early in the morning for me! But i just want to say thank you to everyone that has shown me love already!!
I Am New Here At L.c.
My New Job
I get into the lab and no one knows im am coming. i look around for my boss and i see HIM. " Who da hell are you and what do you think yoins doin jus walkin in here"say Mr. Justice (i will never refer to him in any other way)"we'll im the new guy, i ...uh ...start tongiht" i said" Work, work , we in a war son, why isnt your prissy ass on the front line. I thought they started letting you queers in the military. nothing makes better cannon fodder then a queer, do you hear me boy!!"i just looked at him in wide eyed amazement. knees quivering i looked him straight in his evil eyes and said "SIR, im here to Work, so put me to WORK""I like you boy, you rubed me wrong at first but i like you. these are your knew pardners, they'll show you the ropes"So i look and there they were, like a bad dream Saturday at midnight." oh hello, please dont let my apperence fool you.......""tommy" i said" oh well, its so awfuly nice to meet you tommy. these are my servents, magent
The Nirvana Network
Imagine how we can acomplish these words from John Lennon. It all starts with the first line. IMAGINE THERE'S NO HEAVEN. How many times in the history of humanity has a "heaven" been sold to us. Sold to us by priests, politicians and businessman. The first, the priests and religions being the worse of the three. They spread out tales with books with so called "scriptures" or "God's messages" which naive people accept as true or divine.. How many people have perished due to so much non sense. This is like calling "a thousand one nights" or "harry potter" inspired by divine power. To each his own is fine as long as those naive individuals don't come and try to convince us even by force to beleive in such absurd fiction. We the intelligent people must be "tolerant" with their existence but also aware of their intentions. Next time your doorbell rings or you hear an insistent knock on your door; And you find a salesman with a book on his hand selling you he
Cheers To Everyone
My ernie is flying all the way from florida, to come and see me....I am so excited! The adreniline is rushing hardcore.....I dont think I have gone this extream meeting someone off the net I am a little nervous....but we have been talkin for a long its really cool. Anyways I need to get to sleep...I got someone commin in from FL to see me tommarow...Wish me luck y'all....;-) CRY BABY This real sexy guy, that alot of people prolly know of, Fuckaodoodledoo aka Ernie is comming to see me in just 7 days. Next Wednesday to be exsact. The 25th. I am pshyced...I am pretty much bouncing for so I thought I would let everyone know how happy I am! Anyways †INFAMOUS CRY BABY†
Check Me Out
check out this page and tell me what you think smartypants@ CherryTAP check out my cool picks and tell what you think alot of people have looked at my page but didnt rate it why not it only takes a secound
Nude Pics For You
Thoughts And More......
14 DAYS LEFT!!! Your Name I wrote your name in the sky, but the wind blew it away. I wrote your name in the sand, but the waves washed it away. I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it will stay. I'll be there when you laugh I'll be there when you cry I'll be there when you hold my hand and look into my eyes I'll be there every morning I'll be there every night I'll be there when your sick and need me by your side I'll be there today I'll be there tomorrow I'll be there to wash away your sorrows I'll be there when you want me I'll be there when you don't I'll be there cause i know theres hope and never wanna go. Baby I love you and hope you realize I will always be there for you no matter what the situation. I care about you and appreciate you as a person. You have the most beautiful heart, your so sweet. I want you to know how I feel, I want you to know how true my love for you is and how it will always be that way. I know how bad we had it as ki
Type Of Condoms
Fully Dysfunctional
of being alone.. of being upset... of being ignored... of being used... of being overwhelmed... of being exhausted... of being un-appreciated.. of being un-loved... of being un-touched.. of being un-involved... of being un-knowing.. of being tired... ...of everything... So I was told by my wonderful new friend,Jason Griffith, That I should tell everyone my embarassing story about my,oh so tiny, tattoo that I got back in April or so...I know I know it was a long time ago.. but I'm sure you'll still laugh! So here goes... As most of you that know me... should KNOW I have a huge fear of needles.. deathly afraid of them! (I'm sure you're already laughing!)Well,my best friend Gwynn was tellin me one day that we should go do somethin cuz of course we were bored. We were at work and it was about 10 am. Neither one of us got off work until 4 but we were still tryin to figure out what it is we should do. Well my friend Gwynn pops off with "Lets go get a tattoo!" Acting a
Check Out My Pictures So I Can Download More!
I'm up to my limit on my pictures... HELP!!!! leave me comments, become my friend, help me out, I need to earn more points to allow me to have more room for my pictures... So help a friend out and show the love, please? ***Poohbear***
This Is My Tribute To Our Soldiers By Putting This Here
Christmas Poem Twas the night before Christmas He lived all alone in a one bedroom house made of plaster and stone. I had come down the chimney with presents to give, and to see just who in this home did live. I looked all about, a strange sight I did see, no tinsel, no presents, not even a tree. No stocking by mantle, just boots filled with sand, on the wall hung pictures of far distant lands. With medals and badges, awards of all kinds, a sober thought came through my mind. For this house was different, it was dark and dreary, I found the home of a soldier, once I could see clearly. The soldier lay sleeping, silent, alone, curled up on the floor in this one bedroom home. The face was so gentle, the room is such disorder, not how I pictured a United States soldier. Was this the hero of whom I 'd just read? Curled up on a poncho, the floor for a bed? I realized the families that I saw this n
For Our Military
Who are our military?? Talking and getting to know several American Soldiers I got to thinking... Who are they really?? When you pass someone on the street, dressed in sweats or jeans.. tshirts.. do you know if they are military?? NO... why? because these men and women are our next door neighbors.. they are the kids we went to school with.. the "geeks", the football stars.. the bookworms.. They are "Mrs. Smiths" son.. such a nice boy he is.. Something else to think about Peeps.. when you go camping, and your sitting around your fire in your campchairs you paid 50 bucks for.. and you walk 100 feet to the bathroom to shower.. and your roasting a Brisket on the grill.. REMEMBER one thing.. these men and women serving our country.. they eat out of packages.. they sleep in the dirt.. in roughly made housing.. they pray for pics of your camping trip to make their life a little more homey.. and on Thanksgiving and Christmas when your sitting around with your family and friends wh
So I suppose this is my first blog on hell I might as well make this interesting. I feel so stupid writing this but I have fallin in love with S&M...Don't ask me why I just did. The power that one person can have over another just thrills me beyond all comprehention. There has only been one person who awakened this passion in me, and now I can't get enough of it. There's one problem though. I have not met anyone yet who actually has the audacity to try anything like that with anyone. Most guys are so concerned with not hurting a girl, and that's all fine and dandy, but what if the girl wants it to a certian extent. Not to be HURT but completely controlled to a degree. Is this some kind of horrible thing to ask to be the submissive in the bed room. I think not, but nobody wants to take the challenge do they. Nobody seems to have the Balls to give it a shot. Now don't get me wrong I love romance and the standard passion, candles soft music, etc but geez can't somebody break out
A Woman
HERE IS SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT... There comes a time in every woman's life when she has to take a close look at herself. Not at her circumstance, not at what he did, not how unfair life is, not who made you do it, just at herself in all her glory and imperfection. For many women this is a scary thing because often times they don't want to know the truth about themselves. Real women know what I mean. As women, we have a tendency to water one another down. Maybe it makes us feel good or look better than the next woman. Or maybe we just don't know how to tell that woman how we admire her. Have you ever admired a woman who has been through changes in her life? Or have you made up in your mind that she is just messed up. Before you make this mistake, take a close look. A woman who has endured the most unusual life is someone of wisdom. Someone who has been chosen by God to go through. Think of all the great women in the bible, Mary Magdalene and Esthe
A Good Head Is A Terrible Thing To Waste!!
                Listen, you don't have to be a brain surgeon to please your man.  Whether you're a Ho or a Housewife; a housewife and a ho; in love with a man or just tryina git da bills paid...   one of the best kept secret to keepin a man open on you is giving him GREAT head.  Yeah, that's right!!  Everyone but Boogie! :-) So, get yo prissy-ass on the floor and suck that mans dick! The nastier and wetter the better!!          Here are some tips that are sure to tighten your jaw game and blow his top:          1) "Love what you do" - Don't act all stuck up wit dick in your mouth.  Don't be afraid of it.  It don't bite.  Worst than not giving head is doing it like you really don't want to.  *MEN HATE THAT!!     2) "Wear Lip gloss or lipstick" - Not that MAC lipgloss.  Yes, it's sexy as hell.   And when you're wearing it, it will make a man want to put his body in your mouth, but it's too sticky and it doesn't allow you to move your mouth up and down on th
A Daddies Love!!
when I look in your eyes I see potential, and unconditional love unaffected by life's shit that I plan to keep you above the way your eyes sparkle when I enter the room touches my heart being a kid is fun, but raising one is the truly fun part I would climb mountains, slay dragons, take a bullet in the chest to save you because everything that has came from me, you are w/out a question the best I hope I can be the dad for which you will be proud I'd give you the stars, moon, sun, and your favorite cloud because when you hug me, I feel like I honestly matter I used to think only in stories could u live happily ever after before you were born, I was just living to die that all changed when u arrived, and took your first breath when you cried there has to be a higher power, I'm speechless, I don't know what to say except never worry that your dad will be gone, because I'm here to stay if you ever need me, I'll always be just a "daddy" away if your being bullie
Where Are All The People At?
So im a cheap drunk! lol! But tonight i decided, ive not drank in FORFUCKENEVER so i baught a bottle of Boone's Farm Blackberry Ridge and i got home and realized i already had one in the fridge.. So I drank it first, and then tilted the other back... YAY boones farm, i needed a buzz... And im a Wineo anyhow... Lets hear from all you girlie girls who preffer Boone's Farm to Beer or Liquor? So here's a pic from my Once in a while occasion, besides i deserve it since im spended Turkey day all by my lonesome (depressing I know)! Syn PS. couldn't find a pic of the Blackberry Ridge, but i like this one too! So i joined Cherry Tap hope'n that id get a good responce from people and get some mad amount of friends.... And have some people with similar interests as my own to bs with.... So where are you all at? Things are moven slow over here on my end. Talk to me people! I won't bite, unless you wish for me to! tee hee! Syn
Hey everybody. I have entered my first contest and I could really use your help. Please stop by and vote for my photo. Warning, Contest is adult in nature. WPF!!! [ photo: 1495173400 ]
Controversial Topics
Question.... If religion determines the purpose for sex, does each religion have its own clustered views on the rights and wrongs?? If My religion says its to reproduce and therefore i find it "wrong" to be a homosexual..can I still say its wrong if Im a different religion?? How then do I justify my opinion? Or on interracial relationships?? Abortions? Pedophilia?? Im not a religious person, therefore I have no idea if your religion controls your views on everything(im imagining yes) HELP okay so im fuckin off on here...and i decide to go add my 2 cents on some mumms...i hit one whether or not to verify age by cc on here...well that gets into the whole kids lookin at porn i get a shout...and now im in my first actually chat here..about a REAL topic..and now i know why i dont talk about real issues with anyone..hardly ever..i get so heated..and everything is soo confusing.... Pedophilia, paedophilia or pædophilia (see spelling differences) is the paraphilia of being sexual
Girl Friend Application
REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. LET THE FUN BEGIN........ Your Name: Age: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9.Condom or skin? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16.How long would we have sex? 17.Would you tell your friends about me? 18.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THIS BACK TO YOU! EVEN IF YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND- REPOST THIS!
Got This From Just-a-dad Its Too Cute
Puppies for Sale A store owner was tacking a sign above his door that read "Puppies For Sale." Signs like that have a way of attracting small children, and sure enough, a little boy appeared under the store owner's sign. "How much are you going to sell the puppies for?" he asked. The store owner replied, "Anywhere from $30 to $50." The little boy reached in his pocket and pulled out some change. "I have $2.37," he said. "Can I please look at them?" The store owner smiled and whistled and out of the kennel came Lady, who ran down the aisle of his store followed by five teeny, tiny balls of fur. One puppy was lagging considerably behind. Immediately the little boy singled out the lagging, limping puppy and said, "What's wrong with that little dog?" The store owner explained that the veterinarian had examined the little puppy and had discovered it didn't have a hip socket. It would always limp. It would always be lame. The little boy became excited. "That is the puppy that I wan
A Blonde's Year In Review
A Blonde's Year in Review January - Took new scarf back to store because it was too tight. February - Fired from pharmacy job for failing to print labels.....Helllloooo!!!....bottles won't fit in printer !!! March - Got really excited.....finished jigsaw puzzle in 6 said "2-4 years!" April - Trapped on escalator for hours .. ... power went out!! ! May - Tried to make Kool-Aid.....wrong instructions....8 cups of water won't fit into those little packets!!! June - Tried to go water skiing .....couldn't find a lake with a slope. July - Lost breast stroke swimming competition.....learned later, the other swimmers cheated, they used their arms!!! August - Got locked out of my car in rain swamped because soft-top was open. September - The capital of California is "C".....isn't it??? October - Hate M & M's.....they are so hard to peel. November - Baked turkey for 4 1/2 days ... instructions said 1 h
Dirty Dirty
Funny animations | Myspace gifs dirty minded got ya lol
This Is So Hard
This is my first blog but i had to get some shit off my chest. 4 years ago on Christmas i lost my son to a rare condition and i have no idea 4 years after to deal with it. I have tried to move on but every time this time of the year comes around i cant help but think about it and go into a very deep depression and i have people telling me that they know how i feel? Then i get madd and ask them "Have you ever lost a child?" and 98% of the time its no so how the fuck how can they know how i feel if they dont know the heartbreak and loss that i have had 2002 was the worst year of my life #1 I had to put my grandmother in the ground (the most important person in my life ) on my birthday #2 My baby boy passes on Christmas day #3 I had to have a funeral for my baby boy on new year eve, all my most favorite holidays and now they are all ruined. The only question i have to the lord is what did i do to deserve this pain?
Am I
Am I a hypocrite? Because I've decided to change my ways after finally realizing that people aren't the ones to lean on with all my heart and that God is the only one that's gonna hold me up? Am I a hypocrite? For trying to let the past be the past and have no effect on my future that lies ahead and I'm trying to cut away clean as that sharp knife that was given to me? Am I a hypocrite? Because I tripped up and fell down and now I'm having to get up and pat the dust off of my weary grown knees and havin' to walk on with my own two feet? Am I a hypocrite? For apologizing and telling the truth? The truth shall set you free, the truth shall set you free. Am I a hypocrite? When I say all I have is a heart full of love even for those who don't love back? No, all that makes me, is human...which I know I am
Behind these eyes a child cries. Behind these eyes a mother weeps. Behind these eyes terror reigns. Behind these eyes I look, mirror in myself, what do I see but a man apart. The lifelessness is all that remains. A piece of a whole. Destructive in nature and plague to the world. I walk along but to no avail. I see the world through clouded hate. Why does it have to be this way? A silent scream goes unheard. Requiem of a dream, no one cares. These eyes see red, and nothing clear. These shattered remains, a man apart is dead! That's my hand at poetry. Not saying it's good, not saying it's bad. It's just my own words
Moonlight Lovers
Our naked bodies clinched together in bliss, Here on this cool beautiful night, embracing each other in an eternal kiss. the moon caresses our bodies at will. Slowly we look into each others eyes, then i gently brush the hair from your cheek, in my eyes you see the depth of starry skies. our passions forbidding us to speak. My soft lips cascade down your neck kissing, kisses burning like fire within, kisses that bring you passions and desires, showing the love we have been missing. burning embers ignite within releashing the fire. Flames of passions surface making you quiver, my gentle hands caress your body all over, the cool breeze makes your body shiver. I hear you moan softly over and over. The pleasure that is building in you excites me, You feel my warm breath against your skin, Your body is responding to my body now. I feel my manhood growing from within. Slowly i kiss my way down to your nipples, my tounge caressing them making them hard, throug
Mlk Day...
Ok...I don't usually do this type of stuff, but I read something tonight that really ticked me off. There is a mum on one of my friends page asking if people consider MLK Day an actual Holiday. Now. some of the answers were it should be and some were it should not be because of certain things. Not going to reply to the naysayers, but I have to say this. This is the only Holiday...THE ONLY HOLIDAY...African Americans can consider their own. I'm not racist by a longshot, but I just can't understand why some white people don't understand the importance of this man to us. How many people do u know have put their life on the line for their race just to have them be considered equal to others. And, I'm not talking about in other countries, because it happens all the time. Would U have been able to weather all the criticism, hatred, racial slurs, beatings and all that this man went thru, along with the other leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. We celebrate this day because he
My Thoughts And Beliefs From The Heart...
Online or in person, to me, a friend is a friend. I'm thinking, though, to erase some on my list simply because there have been many a time that I have sent comments of different kinds and letters to some and I NEVER hear from them. I can understand if one is busy and hasn't been able to write for a couple of weeks to a month. Heck, I even think sometimes two months can be understandable...but once a year or never?? I mean, I'm not always good at letter writing...not always anyhow. BUT I try to get back to a person ALWAYS in reply or apologize if it takes me longer than usual which doesn't happen often. Well, I heard, from a friend, that some just want to be popular and think it's a game. Well, I've outgrown that since high school. I wasn't really popular and I didn't care. I had friends and that's what was and is important to me. I believe in quality, not quantity. I just see it this way...if one is going to be one's friend, BE A FRIEND! Do you agree with me? To me, a friend isn't a w
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What Flavor Are U?
You scored as You have the Gift of Wisdom. You have had the gift of Wisdom bestoyed upon you. You know how things work, and usually don't know where your knowledge comes from. The same applies to other things that you "just know". People come to you for advice because you are almost always right. Have patience with yourself and don't over do everything.You have the Gift of Wisdom81%You have the Gift of Perception/Aura Vision75%You have the Gift of Empathy69%You sadly do not recognize your gift yet56%You have the Gift of a Seer44%You have the Gift of Discernment38%What is your gift?(PICS)created with You Are Strawberry Ice Cream A bit shy and sensitive, you are sweet to the core. You often find yourself on the outside looking in. Insightful and pensive, you really understand how the world works. You are most compatible with chocolate
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hello this is my first blog ever and i am useing it to pimp my IMVU account out hope you stop by 2 see it. I'mGuest_digge69on thank you this is a click link for my lounge if you want to join click the pic and join i will soon have a live stream in their
Not Too Happy
you know i have noticed how i go out of my way to speak to some of my soclled friends and they dong have time to at least say Hey im here how r u amd sorry im busy. personally i feel at least sayhi. is this thing just a game to most people. i dont understand. i mean I am here to really make friends. i love meeting new ppl. some of the ppl i meet are kreeeeepy but i take my chances. even the one legged one armed one fingered half eared bind deaf and mute man needed a friend. i feel like i know i dont say anything to some of the ppl on my friend list but they dont even make the effort to sat hi to me wheni come on line at all. they dont evern seem to notice if anyting is new. i put out some new ictures a long time ago and they havent gotten much rates. but i bet if i put up some racey pictures of myself allnaked and cold and showing everyone what i was born wearing i would get some rates and stuff then huh? well sorry i cant do that. and i try to be friends with everyone but i getso busy
Poem: A Life'sdream
A LIFE'S DREAM To be famous I have no wish to be. With movie stars and politicans, Well, thats just not for me. I believe in freedom. Believe me, that's true. But free from what? I haven't a clue. I crave a simple life, with family and friends. With all its ups and downs and life's little bends. A cabin in the mountains, A lady by my side. Out in the wilderness, That's where I'd abide. With clean, clear creeks And trees, old, straight, and tall Living up in Alaska, Boy, could I have a ball. o sit on my cabin porch and watch nature's strife. To live with nature, To live that life! With fishing and hunting and living off the land. In front of my cabin door, I think I'd make my last stand. James L. Gardner 02-02-07
So my friend is in a contest if you can vote for him that would be great!! and you can read all my sexy lil comments as well...anyways here is the link: hey all wow someone thinks my feet are sexy so if you can vote and post comments............great!!!! well the link is down below (go look at his pics and look for the contest...) hrdrfstr@ CherryTAP so wow Im now in another contest for sexy smile so I will post the link and if you all can rate and comment comment comment it would be great mmmkay ha ha ha oh and make sure to vote too for the feet thing (even though I think feet are kinda ewugie)
Cool Game
This is cute and funny...I think at least. :-D
Supporting Our Soldiers
Spc Betty, J.J. D Co, 3/116th IN 2490 25th Street Camp Shelby, MS 39407-5500 I've seen alot of people "supporting the troops" and thats fine. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Now I could say that none of you will ever understand unless you sign up, but there's people that are in the military that go a whole enlistment and still don't understand. So here it is. Say you're applying for a job. You have the job requirements, you've read the job description. In every job there is going to be a time when you have to do something that you don't want to do. Well it's just as well in the military. Even after you've read the job description it has to be something you want to do. After that you have the accomplishment factor. I know some of you may not think we accomplish anything as big as what you've accomplished, but we have, and we still do. Even if we haven't the things we do tackle are big to us. If you look at the big picture....whether or not our lives have any relation
Turn Around
When it all seems hopless, you feel like walking away, hope you will remember, you are the sunlight in my day, in your heart you know, I love and need you, you lighten my load, you are my best friend, I do love you so, you are my world, and so much more, the most beautiful lady, I have ever known, without your love, my heart would turn to stone, before you walk out, there is just one thing I ask, listen to your heart, and just Turn Around... Music Video Codes By Music
I'll Follow You Into The Dark
Although I can not hold you, I try my best to show you, just what you are to me, I hope that you will see, your love set me free, from all I used to be, you came into my life, changing everything, gave me the will to live, made it all worthwhile, even if just for a time, all the wrongs seemed right, if all our days end now, I'll find away somehow, to have you with me, the way it was ment to be, where ever forever takes us, come what may, I just had to say, I love and need you always, deep in your heart you know, I'll Follow You Into The Dark.. Music Video Codes By Music
My Poems
you say you know what I went thru you say you felt the same way you say your sorry you put me thought it all... but you weren’t the one that was bleeding laying silently on the floor crying for the pain to end but pain only came more you weren’t the one that sat crying on a back porch step unknown you weren’t the one left out in the rain, when nobody’s ever home I waited for years and years more mom for you to see what was happening to me but even now you don’t see the full truth that I've blocked so far from my memory I’m begging you Don’t leave me here crying just yet but you jut left again you say all the pain will be over soon but you listen to much to the lies you don’t realize I'm dying inside you say you felt the same pain but you didn’t even feel half Don’t you know what I went thru? All those years I faked a laugh don’t you see what I did to myself? dying on the cold floor bleeding behind the house the knife in my dresser and one under
Breaking News. I'm sorry, but you'll have to go to this site and read it thoroughly to help me puzzle this out. Sadly, it rings quite true, but in my mind it HAS to be satorical. What do you think? -ang. I Don't Like The Person You Become When You're On The Jumbotron Okay, Dave, we need to talk. I didn't say anything on the way back from the stadium, because I was collecting my thoughts. But now, I think it's time we clear the air. Look, you know I've always loved and supported you. I believe you are, at heart, sweet, romantic, intelligent, capable, and wise. But something happens when the eyes of an entire stadium are on you, and it makes me wonder whether I even know you. Dave, I don't like the person you become when you're on the Jumbotron. The Dave I know is polite, modest, and content. Jumbotron Dave is crass and loud. The Dave I know has a sweet, gentle smile. Jumbotron Dave has a tongue that waggles and undulates lasciviously. Accompanied
Cutest Kids Contest
my kids are entered in the cutestkids contest please come vote and rate them i will show the love in return have a great one gothbitch821 just click on the pics above to get to the pics thanks again
Great Things To Think About
12 types of females! 1. Ms. Gold-Digger Advantages a. You have some one to manage your money. b. She always looks good. c. She makes your other niggas jealous. d. She makes you look good. Disadvantages a. When you get broke she'll be gone and take what you have left. b. She makes sure she has a child by you to sue you for child support. c. Once your nigga comes up she'll be on his arm the next day. 2. Ms. Freak (secret lover) Advantages a. She knows all the right positions. b. She'll try everything more than once. c. You're never unsatisfied. d. She'll do all the things your girl won't do. e. She doesn't mind being your freak, as long as she catches one too. Disadvantages a. Eventually, b/c she's a female, she'll end up catching feelings. b. She starts to act like she's your "main". c. She fucks wit ya boy and act like you in the wrong for telling her that she's a freak. d. Eventually her shit gets old. And you need a replac
Rut Roh!
April 11, 2007 AP - Apr 10, 9:03 pm EDT CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) -- The witness who discovered Michael Waltrip's overturned car initially thought no one survived the accident until the NASCAR driver wiggled out the back window. The witness, an 18-year-old college student at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, requested anonymity during a phone interview Wednesday with The Associated Press for fear of reprisal from Waltrip's fan base. But she said she lives near the two-time Daytona 500 winner in Sherrill's Ford, and stumbled upon the accident when she was returning home around 2 a.m. Saturday. She saw an overturned Toyota Land Cruiser in a ditch and rushed over to check on the occupants. She didn't see anyone in the car and no one answered her shouts, so she called 911 for help. ``After I got off the phone I was walking around the car again and somebody stuck their foot out the back driver side of the window,'' she said. ``That's when Michael Waltrip got out. He w
ok heres what i dont get. i have tried my best to rate everyone who visits my profile and even people who dont. granted i prob dont get to everyone but i cant be on here as much as id like to with 7 month old twins im very busy alot of the time so i apologize to those i may have missed.what ticks me off though is i have always reposted and rated others who have been mentioned in bulletins. the one time i put a bulletin up asking for help it gets ignored! why is that ? why is it that when people ask for help leveling and dont get the response they want then they post a bitchy bulliten but when a not so popular cherry asks then people dont even friggin read the damn bulliten???!!!???!!
Ms. Racks 2007 Contest Help Me Win A 3 Day Blast!!!
100 Things
100 Things You Didn't Want to Know About Me... [Tell the truth] 1. What is the last alcoholic beverage you drank? ~ Jack n coke 2. Do you follow college football? ~cant say that i do 3. How many miles does your car have on it? ~115K 4. Who was the last person to send you a text message and what did it say? im gonna tell u 5. Last time you went swimming in a pool: ~this past summer 6. Are you happy: ~at the moment yea 7. Where was the last place you went shopping: ~walgreens...cuz i practicaly live there cuz i work too much 8. How do you feel about your hair? ~i want it longer and mabe go back blonde 9.Where do you work?: ~walgreens 10. Last thing you ate: ~mac n cheese 11. Do you wish you were someplace else right now? ~yes in my babys arms 12. Last time you smoked a cigarette? ~just put it out 13. Do you have any expensive jewelry? ~yes,i also have a topaz ring that i got from a passed great aunt that i hafta pay ins on blah 14. AIM or MSN?
Please Read This
Hey all how you doing? Thanks for taking hte time to read this. I will keep it short and simple , as to not take up alot of your time. I want to say I love CT and its a great site, but as I said on Myspcae as well, i am not here to win a popularity contest. I could careless if people like me or not. the ones who do will let me know the ones that dont... well you'll come up with some lame shit :) So please if you are going to add me, or have added me already, take some time to read my profile. I am gonna update it as i can, but i am new to CT and will take a bit to make my page look good. Thanks again for reading this!!! And if you dont like typos well... I dont care!! :-D
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Horrorscopes 5-20-07
Good relationships move to the next level under this celestial influence. However, that means one that's faltering is on its last legs. Be open to change, and you'll see results. Fight it, and it'll get more difficult.
Are you Naughty or nice Your Result: your Naughty! wild thing! You were born to be bad. Naughty by nature, you've tried everything at least once and aren't afraid to get your hands - or the rest of you - dirty when opportunity knocks. Whether that means plotting for advancement at work or toying with somebody's affections, you're willing to break the rules. As long as you're having a laugh and getting ahead, anything goes. And it is fun to defy convention every once in a while, but you're walking a bit of a tightrope. Every so often, try listening to that little angel on your shoulder who keeps saying "no!" - it's okay to be nice sometimes. In the meantime, keep being bad and enjoy yourself. Just don't throw caution entirely to the wind. Your Nice! all sugar, no spice! Are you Naughty or nice
Mostly Political Jargon
Christopher's Fitness Guide Part 1 (gears more towards women) *I have lady friends I workout with who wanted me to jot some stuff down for them, and I decided to put together a guide. I'm working on it in parts, so check on my site frequently and I'll keep updating it* If you wanna get in shape, you should read up on my guide based on information I have accuumulated over the last 3 years or so. Here are some simple rules I have learned about fitness: -There are 3 types of results you can derive from pumping iron: 1.) Power/Strength/Mass (Think the bulky guys in strongman competitions) 2.) Muscle definition/moderate mass/moderate strength (Think bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger) 3.) Muscle tone/definition/low fat percentage (Think Suzanne Summers) -Fitness imporves not only your physical health, but also your mental health. Before I worked out, not only was I skinny (defined from years of Gymnastics, but skinny nontheless), I also tended to be depressed from
The Real Me #1
TO THE READERS OF THIS BLOG KNOW THAT THIS IS A LOOK DEEP INSIDE OF ME AND THE REALEST PART OF ME U WILL EVER SEE...I NEVER OPEN UP THIS MUCH...IF U READ THIS PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS....THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS...... THE REAL ME BY JOHN MILLS I guess that maybe its time to do this. Alot of people want me to open up to them, but thats not always easy to do. I guess im gonna try to tell u in this blog what i really feel deep down inside of me and what im really about. I guess this is the only way or the way i feel most comfortable telling you all about me. Bear with me bc this might be very long but it will be well worth the reading. If u have any other questions when i am done please let me know and i will be happy to tell you. First of all you have to understand i was born in the south. I come from the country in north carolina and am deeply rooted in the south. I wasnt born racist but grew up with southern values. I went to chu
Things I've learned from my boys. A king size waterbed holds enough water to fill a 2000 sq. ft. house 4 inches deep. If you spray hairspray on dust bunnies and run over them with roller blades, they can ignite. A 3 year old boy's voice is louder than 200 adults in a crowed restaurant. If you hook a dog leash over a ceiling fan, the motor is not strong enough to hold a 45 lb. boy wearing batman pajamas and a superman cape. It is strong enough however,if tied to a paint can, to spread enough red paint on 4 walls of a 20 by 20 ft. room. You should not throw a baseball up when the ceiling fan is on. When using the ceiling fan as a bat, you have to throw the ball up a few times before you get a hit. A ceiling fan can hit a baseball a long way. The glass in windows (even double pane)doesn't stop a baseball hit by a ceiling fan. When you hear the toliet flush and the words "uht oh", it's already to late. Brake fluid mixed with Clorox makes smoke, and lots of it.
Things That Make Us Wonder
Can you cry under water? How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered? If money doesn't grow on trees then why do banks have branches? Since bread is square, then why is sandwich meat round? Why do you have to "put your two cents in".. . but it's only a "penny for your thoughts"? Where's that extra penny going to? Once you're in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity? Why does a round pizza come in a square box? What disease did cured ham actually have? How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage? Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up like every two hours? If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing? If you drink Pepsi at work in the Coke factory, will they fire you? Why are you IN a movie, but you're ON TV? Why do people
All Things Wiccan
This is just a little taste of some of my personal & favorite recipes. Some are used for various medical purposes ... others are just for "chillin" out. I have been asked if i worshipped Satan.. and some are confused by exactly what Wicca is. In this first post i will make an attempt to explain a bit. FIRST -- I DO NOT WORSHIP SATAN I do not even BELIEVE in the existance of the Christian Satan. HOWEVER... i do indeed believe in the presence of darkness or what some may call harmful spirits. I personally believe STRONGLY in the presence of spirits and some call these Angelic or Demonic.. i DO NOT... they are spirits or unseen guides.. not all friendly.. not all harmful but they do indeed exist. Not all are humanoid either. I believe that ALL THINGS have a life force.. even plants and animals. For example.. consider the tree.. it has " blood " .. we just call this SAP. Without the sap.. a plant can not live.. its a different color and consistancy from what we term b
Isn't It The Truth!!?
Joe Smith started the day early having set his alarm clock ( MADE IN JAPAN) for 6am. While his coffeepot (MADE IN CHINA ) was perking, he shaved with his electric razor ( MADE IN HONG KONG ). He put on a dress shirt ( MADE IN SRI LANKA ), designer jeans ( MADE IN SINGAPORE ) and tennis shoes ( MADE IN KOREA ). After cooking his breakfast in his new electric skillet (MADE IN INDIA ) he sat down with his calculator ( MADE IN MEXICO ) to see how much he could spend today. After setting his watch ( MADE IN TAIWAN ) to the radio (MADE IN INDIA ) he got in his car ( MADE IN GERMANY ) filled it with GAS from Saudi Arabia and continued his search for a good paying AMERICAN JOB. At the end of yet another discouraging and fruitless day checking his Computer (Made In Malaysia ), Joe decided to relax for a while. He put on his sandals ( MADE IN BRAZIL ) poured himself a glass of wine (MADE IN FRANCE ) and turned on his TV ( MADE IN INDONESIA ), and then wondered why he can't find a good paying job
For My Daughter Dana
Just because she loves this song.. and it fits how I have been feeling for the last three or so weeks. I hope you like. I love you babygirl!!
Does Any Woman Want A Housekeeper?
According to this reading, you are 52% sexually hot! 'How sexually hot are you?' at According to this reading, you are 52% sexually hot!
Deeva's Blog
I'm really bored today - I guess I should pick up around here - but I'm having too much fun online, lol.
Miss Gail
Gail -- [adjective]:Insatiable to the point of crazy 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
Velvet Revolver
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True Love Real Or Fiction
So since I just felt the need to go ahead and start this here blog to find out what the general belief is in this matter I will start first. I believe that no matter how bad or how fucked up life maybe if you survive it long enough you will eventually find your "True Love." I spent many years fucking up and yeah doing basically everything that I was told not to do. I have had relationships after relationships and when I least wanted it I found the most wonderful woman in the world. Everything about her is right, So yeah I have found my "True Love" and whats more about this is I know she is my true love no doubts in my mind. Anyway tell me what ya think.. Peace, Rock
"the day you'll remember is the day you'll lose me" joshua leech 2006 i personally think its a powerful qoute for those who can see the true meening of it thats awesome for those of you who cant but want to sorry cant help i came up with this qoute in a time of depression when i felt an inpending breakup coming and in the end for some reason i was right about the end result and how she would feel. just thought id share a qout i came up with and helped me maybe it can help someone in a similar situation
Getting Even!
Story About Getting Even One December day we found an old straggly cat at our door. She was a sorry sight Starving, dirty, smelled terrible, skinny, and hair all matted down. We felt sorry for her so we put her in a carrier and took her to the vet. We didn't know what to call her so we named her "Pussycat." The vet decided to keep her for a day or so. He said he would let us know when we could come and get her. My husband (the complainer) said, "OK, but don't forget to wash her, she stinks." He reminded the vet that it was his WIFE (me) that wanted the dirty cat, not him. My husband and my Vet don't see eye to eye. The vet calls my husband 'El-Cheap-O', and my husband calls the vet 'El-Charge-O'. They love to hate each other and constantly 'snipe' at one another, with my husband getting in the last word on this particular occasion. The next day my husband had an appointment with his doctor, who is located in the same buildi
Lost Soul
Yes that's me a lost soul. I been told that I have no feelings nothing bothers me. I have a black heart. Maybe they are right for I do not feel .I feel no pain ,no hurt. no sorrow .Why? I'ts a long story maybe I will put it in here someday.But for now I'll stay a Lost Soul
For The Record
Wammie's World
One of Fubar's Coolest and hottest guys Ben DoveЯ®™ is in a contest to win a Happy Hour! If my friends could go and leave a few comments and a rate any love will be appreciated thank you so much click the picture below! Don't Press Your Luck Wammie
Words To Brighten Your Day
HE: I'm a photographer I've been looking for a face like yours! SHE: I'm a plastic surgeon. I've been looking for a face like yours!! HE: May I have the pleasure of this dance? SHE: No, I'd like to have some pleasure too!!! HE: How did you get to be so beautiful? SHE: I must have been given your share!!! HE: Will you come out with me this Saturday? SHE: Sorry! I'm having a headache this weekend!!! HE: Go on, don't be shy. Ask me out! SHE: Okay, get out!!! HE: I think I could make you very happy SHE: Why? Are you leaving? HE: What would you say if I asked u to marry me? SHE: Nothing. I can't talk and laugh at the same time!!! HE: Can I have your name? SHE: Why, don't you already have one? HE: Shall we go and see a film? SHE: I've already seen it!!! HE: Do you think it was fate that brought us together? SHE: Nah, it was plain bad luck!!! HE: Where have you been all my life? SHE: Hiding from you. HE:
State Police Warning
STATE POLICE WARNING TO MYSPACE USERS* Body: STATE POLICE WARNING TO MYSPACE USERS* Please read this.....I hope that all of my Friends Post this and help keep our myspace friends safe. State police warning for online: Please read this "very carefully"..then send it out to all the people online that you know. Something like this is nothing to be taken casually; this is something you DO want to pay attention to. If a person with the screen-name of RatBonesBlakStar or contacts you, do not reply. DO NOT talk to this person; do not answer any of his/her instant messages or e-mail. Whoever this person may be, he/she is a suspect for murder in the death of 56 women (so far) contacted through the Internet. Please send this to all the women on your buddy list and ask them to pass this on, as well. This screen-name was seen on Yahoo, AOL, AIM, and Excite so far. This is not a joke! Please send this to men too...just in case! Send to everyone you k
As I lay here, the ever so constant and lingering pain in my chest desperately longs to rid of the cold ache, infamously known as loneliness. My pillow holds up a troubled mind, as my blankets keep my loneliness warm. A deep hard, but held back feeling of escaping emotions stays not far from my mouth, but stays in the place that bears all pain, anger, and lost lonely sanity. Another shed of my tears does nothing, for no one knows of my cries or misery, leaving me with nothing but dehydrated eyes. Why should one have to feel such a desperate longing for completion? For it is not a great thing to have to look forward to
Tazworlds Domain
Ok where do we start with this little blog now ? Could it be the Crappy Coverage ESPN provided with Sats Race at Richmond ? Nah thats normal for ESPN to drop the ball an show everything BUT THE RACE !!
She Is Hot
Spanish Class
*A** ** SPANISH ** **Teacher** **was explaining to her * *Class** **that in Spanish, unlike English,* *nouns are designated as either* *masculine or feminine.** ** **"House"** **for instance,* *is feminine:** **"la casa."** ** **"Pencil,"** **however,* *is masculine:** **"el lapiz.."** ** **A student asked,* *"What gender is 'computer'?"** ** **Instead of giving the answer,* *the teacher split the class into two groups,* *male and female,and asked th em to decide* *for themselves whether"computer" * *should be** **a masculine or a feminine noun.** ** **Each group was asked** **to give four reasons* *for its recommendation.** ** **The men's group decided that* *"computer"* *should definitely be* *of the feminine gender** **("la comp utadora"),* *because:* *1. No one but their creator* *understands their internal logic;** ** **2. The native language* *they use to communicate* *with other computers is* *incomprehensible to everyone else;** ** **3. Even
Older Work
6/1/02 My heart screams in pain when your not around My soul bleeds a river when I cant find you My mind cant find what its searching for But my hearts made of gold and my spirit of fine wine, my mind keeps looking for the flowers i just cant find. But baby dont wory cause my heart only melts for you, my soul wont go bad and my mind will keep searching too All because its just another day in the light of love so baby dont worry I'll never stop loving you cause its just another day in the light of love 5/14/03 I'm sitting in my truck thinking about what I'm about todo. While walking down this concrete path I'm looking back at what I'm leaving behind. I'm Climbing this steel mountain, when i start to cry, knowing I wont be back for a long time. I'm standing on the peak waiting to leave, looking out and all I se is a group of wives and children and I remember why I'm here. I stand up with pride as we begin to move on our way, crying because of all I'm leavin
For Friends
ARG!! I swear i save and save and save and people keep bustin out with these six million dollar bids on the spotlight..I can't even tell you how long I've been saving money for that damn spotlight! I don't get how all these people have so much money. I think i need to start selling myself or showing my good pix to get money and points. Shoot I don't even get as many rates as I use to since me and Ryan have got together. That is a whole other lame story! LAME!! ARGGGGGG....Tell me what ya think! Do i need to join on the ban wagon?? Should i take my Pictures down so people will stop hating on me for having a bf? Fa La La I love GEORGIA football!! Oh and anyone who doesn't know i went and saw monster trucks saturday! It was NEAT! Never been my thing but my ma surprised Ryan with I went! It was dope! Those things get SICK air! muahahaha! I'm done ranting hope everyone is having a GREAT night! LUV ya guys! I just wanted to thank everyone who sen
Types Of Sex
The 1st kind of sex is called: Smurf Sex. This kind of sex happens when you first meet someone and you both have sex until you are blue in the face. The 2nd kind of sex is called: Kitchen Sex . This is when you have been with your partner for a short time and you are so horny you will have sex anywhere, even in the kitchen. The 3rd kind of sex is called: Bedroom Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a long time. Your sex has gotten routine and you usually have sex only in your bedroom. The 4th kind of sex is called: Hallway Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for too long.... When you pass each other in the hallway you both say "f*** you." The 5th kind of sex is called: Catholic Sex, which means you get Nun in the morning, Nun in the afternoon and Nun at night. The 6th kind is called: Courtroom Sex: This when you cannot stand your wife any more. She takes you to court and screws you in front of everyone. And last, but not
Article The more I learn about PETA, the less I think of them. The story of them killing animals isn't even unusual. According to PETA's own filings, in 2004 PETA killed 86.3 percent of the animals entrusted to its care -- a number that's rising, not falling. Meanwhile, the SPCA in PETA's home town (Norfolk, Va.) was able to find loving homes for 73 percent of the animals put in its care. A shortage of funds? Nope: last year PETA took in $29 million in tax-exempt donations. It simply has other priorities for the funds, like funding terrorism (yes, really). But don't take my word for it: I got my figures from -- and they have copies of PETA's state and federal filings to back it up. The bottom line: if you donate money to PETA because you think they care for and about animals, you need to think some more. PETA literally yells and screams about how others "kill animals" but this is how they operate? Pathetic
Not Sure
angel eyes CT wife to Jay 'bob vila' ~GIT-R-DONE REBEL FAMILY BOMBSQUAD~@ fubar Dj Dynamite♥Claimed By Dj Booger ♥One Sexi Bitch@ fubar ♥MÂЯ¥JÂÑΞ™♥ Ï.β.Ï.Ç.♥ ÇΘΘĶÏЄ™@ fubar sad_gurl210@ fubar ♥ANGIE BABE ™ HAS THE BEST FRIENDS♥~*CO-FOUNDER OF GODFATHER FAMILY*~@ fubar ~Slave Princess~ Owner of ~Castle Secrets~@ fubar ★ANGEL~BABY★®™(♡FU BAD B*TCH♡) ~C•W•O•F~ (CHARTER MEMBER)@ fubar Sexy_Shell Co-Owner of Playboy Protected by Rowdy@ fubar juliet07@ fubar I Love Skittles@ fubar
Your Sign
Just wanted to let everyone know why I haven't been on here today. We got a new puppy on Saturday. He was doing real good until yesterday. Then he wouldn't eat or drink anything. I tried anything and everything I could think of, but he wouldn't touch a thing. So, this morning I called the Vet and they said to come on in. When I went to the carrier to get him, he couldn't hardly stand up this morning. Went to the Vet they said they thought he had Parvo. So they did a test and sure enough, he did! I was heartbroken!! They gave me an estimate on the cost of care through Friday. I about fainted, almost $400!! The Vet said they had a blood test they could do to get a better idea of his odds. Well while they were running the blood test, he stopped moving and whinning. I called for the Vet and she came and took him away to check him. Came back and said his heart was about to give out. So, we decided with the Vet's help that the best thing to do would be to go ahead and put him to sleep. I di
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Hello and welcome to FuBar, I'm just stopping by leaving you some love. You may find it bit confusing on here at first so if you need any help just ask. Enjoy and make loadsa new friends, but don't forget to add me as one because I just love new friends & fans. heres a tip for you incase you don't know already. people who rate 9 or less are classed as downraters/haters/losers. nobody likes them on FuBar, some members even send out a bulletin to all their friends telling them that they have been rated less than 10, then their friends go to the downraters profile, rate 1's then blocks them etc. so the moral is, even if you don't like what you see, either rate everything 10 to save any grief lol or just don't rate at all and move along. also people who fan you prefer to be fanned back by you in return. rating peoples profiles & pics,making friends & fanning people all helps you with points so you can level and do more things on here like add more photos and fan people. B:you li
Explicit, Be Aware... Letter To Santa
Dear Santa, I haven’t written to you in a while. Well, years actually. It’s not because I didn’t think about you but I thought you’d be busy with all the children in the world. As an adult, I didn’t want to bother you.... Oh and by the way, thank you for the doll when I was five. It was just what I wanted. Anyway, lately I’ve been feeling a little neglected. I know you’re busy and I know you probably don’t think adults need you as much, but, well, Santa, I do. For a long time now, there has been something that I really want. Something important enough that I’ve finally sat down and decided to write my Christmas letter to you. I hope you can get this. It’s not a doll. It’s not a bike. Nothing your elves can probably help you with. No, Santa, what I want is special. Here goes... Santa, I want a lover. A hot, sensual lover who will make love to me all night long, never get tired and be concerned about my pleasure first and his second. I know this is an unusual request, so I’m pre
Story Of The Maltese Cross
The Story of the Maltese Cross The badge of a firefighter is the Maltese Cross. The Maltese Cross is a symbol of protection, a badge of honor, and its story is hundreds of years old. When a courageous band of crusaders, known as the Knights of Saint John, fought the Caracens for possession of the Holy Land, they were faced with a new weapon not known to European fighters. It was a simple but horrible device of ware. The Saracens' weapon was fire. As the crusaders advanced on the walls of the city, they were bombarded with glass bombs containing naphtha. When they were saturated with the liquid, the Saracens threw flaming torches into the crusaders. Hundreds of knights were burned alive while others risked their lives in an effort to save their kinsmen from painful fiery deaths. Thus, these men became the first firemen, and the first of a long line of firefighters. Their heroic efforts were recognized by fellow crusaders who awarded each ot
My Thoughts
I try to post things that are fun, exciting, and makes each of us think. I want us to examine ourselves and if I can get any blackmail information on you it is a bonus. Lets discuss kissing.......... How much tongue is too much? When do you first kiss a woman? Tell me of your best kiss? I am like all men in hoping I am the best kisser, lover, friend......... well not so much friend LOL I also love to kiss. It is something that is pleasurable, arousing, and if done correctly painless....and not too messy I personally like to initially do light lip kisses, and let the moment simmer. I then take my cue from the woman as to how to proceed. My most memorable kiss was a woman I was meeting for the first time. I was on a three hour flight, and had another 45 minute bus ride so I had some time to think about this. When she arrived to pick me up, I walked up to her kissed her deeply, and for about a minute but it seemed longer. She must have been impressed since three but
Just Something Cool I Found
I didn't write this I found it courtesy my friend Blue: "The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider Freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness. We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often. We've learned how to make a living, but not a life. We've added years to life not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor. We conquered oute
Limp Bizkit Behind Blue Eyes
limp bizkit behind blue eyes
Deleting peoples accounts who have screenshots of conversations which include certain higher ups "people who have the power" on this site, is not smart.. screenshots which were legally obtained, because they were provided by one of the 2 people who were in the conversation....In the screenshots, you can clearly see a set up and someone requesting the other to acquire information on certain members...and sending a shirt as a gift for services....NOT SMART... A smart woman walks in should a smart man...A smart man should also be careful who he trusts...How do you think everone has possession of the screenshots, because the person you had the conversation with , screenshot it and sent it to others...He set you up and acted like he was a pal.. In those conversations, it clearly shows bias behavior...and a desire to eliminate certain members...and obtain "damaging information on them".....and as previously stated it shows a certain someone sending gifts to a member, i,
Contest For Promoting The Beer Bar Lounge!
Another promotion contest using fu-bucks this time! $100,000 a good amount and money will build as the lounge comes alive! This is a great lounge great music with no staff and so on to help make it into the best lounge on FUBAR! Send everyone to the lounge and have them subscribe and then leave a message at the bottom of the lounge! All these have to be followed to be tracked! Lets get this going! $100,000 fu-bucks at stake!! 12/12- 12-16 now til sunday at midnight eastern time! This is to help build The Beer Bar Lounge! The way it will work is between now and 12/9 sunday, whoever can send the most joined members into The Beer Bar Lounge will win. The way it will be tracked is that the members you have join will have to send me a profile comment telling me they joined the lounge and who brought them into the lounge! This way it is trackable to everyone so they know where they stand in the contest! I will verify they are members! Winner will recieve A blast, and 4 tick
Show The Christmas Spirt, Must Read!!
TAPS If any of you have ever been to a military funeral in which taps was played; this brings out a new meaning of it. Here is something Every American should know. Until I read this, I didn't know, but I checked it out and it's true: We in the United States have all heard the haunting song, "Taps". It's the song that gives us that lump in our throats and usually tears in our eyes. But, do you know the story behind the song? If not, I think you will be interested to find out about its humble beginnings. Reportedly, it all began in 1862 during the Civil War, when Union Army Captain Robert Ellicombe was with his men near Harrison's Landing in Virginia. The Confederate Army was on the other side of the narrow strip of land. During the night, Captain Ellicombe heard the moans of a soldier who lay severely wounded on the field. Not knowing if it was a Union or Confederate soldier, the Captain decided to risk his life and bring the stricken man back for medical attention. Cra
The Real Deal
I like the "stuffing my face" status. It's positive confirmation that people eat at all hours of the night. Definition... F'TARD: Someone who turns in their portion of a team assignment 3 hours before it's due, thinking it was clever to copy/paste portions of websites to fulfill their word minimum. Definition... PLAGIARISM: See F'TARD. Why is it that some women think that men are drooling cretins with leaking faucets piped into their skulls? I understand that there are a lot of male idiots out there, but really... does my profile info look like I'm the average uneducated, tooth-gapping, breath-fermenting male? (Read Shout-Box from bottom-up...) ->Osiris: Actually, pretty smart. I'm a Marketing executive and know the tricks of how to make $$ from the stupid. Osiris: lmfao..stupid ->Osiris: Oh are ya? Sorry... I'm brushing my cat. She coughs up hairballs if I don't maintain her coat. Osiris: im waiting 4 u [Long uninterested pause] Osiris: ok suit ->Osiris: All
White Women Twice
I probably never mentioned this before, but I think I was a black man in a former life. Not that I'm a big believer in reincarnation. Nor do I have any particular black tendencies, if such things exist. Yet I have a connection to American blacks that I cannot explain. And that connection is this: Whenever I am exposed to anything related to the black holocaust in America, I experience a deep physical response. Don't get me wrong, I despise, as you probably do, all the oppressions throughout the ages—the concentration camps, the Crusades, the systematic slaughter of Native Americans and slavery are all equally repugnant to me on an intellectual level. However, for some inexplicable reason, the simple act of thinking about, reading or watching anything about the black holocaust injects dark venom into my bloodstream that causes all sorts of disturbing, sometimes violent, physical reactions within me that other oppressions do not. It was a Salon article that recounted the history
Lonely On Holidays
this year isnt the same for me bein around the holidays bein its first time of over 3 years ive been single for totally over her its been since end of april this year me and heather split..but i didnt think it would bother me then as it is now not havin anyone to share anything with sept for parents but thats not really the of my family is in diff states ranging from ga,sc,and nc. im used to not seeing them and understand..shes made her choice and got with someone else and hes has taken my place bein with her and sharing what i used to but its all good ive been let down and lot has been taken away from me from all that happend i had the heart and she slowly gaining all that back n hopefully ill be able to share all that again with someone new i just wasnt ready to jump right into a relationship but it didnt even take her month or so if that and even move back to her home state of wva with him...oh well such as life and just another day... well yall
My Thoughts And Ramblings About Current Events And Issues
I got one of them cool looking guestbood things in the "shows" area of my stash. Go there and sign it. The link is below: Here is a blog that I posted on my Myspace. Thought it would be an okay one to start out my blog thing on here. ------------------------------------------------- I think that the quote in the subject line perfectly falls hand in hand with a current situation that I just read about in Yahoo News. A young Lt. in the U.S. Army is going to be on court martial tomorrow for refusing orders to go to Iraq. In the article from the, it provides the transcript from the interview with the reporter. It just BOGGLES my mind to know that there are people in this country, much less already in the service, that feel like this. I will spare a long blog that you would have to scroll forever by just giving the link the article. Telling the story is not my intentions in this mornings blog, but merely to conv
SOCIALISM: You have 2 cows and you give one to your neighbour. COMMUNISM: You have 2 cows, the Government takes both and gives you some milk. FASCISM: You have 2 cows, the Government takes both and sells you some milk. NAZISM: You have 2 cows. The Government takes both and shoots you. BUREAUCRATISM: You have 2 cows; the Government takes both, shoots one, milks the other and throws the milk away... TRADITIONAL CAPITALISM: You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull. Your herd multiplies, and the economy grows. You sell them and retire on the income. ENRON VENTURE CAPITALISM: You have two cows.You sell three of them to your publicly listed company, using letters of credit opened by your brother-in-law at the bank, then execute a debt/equity swap with an associated general offer so that you get all four cows back, with a tax exemption for five cows. The milk rights of the six cows are transferred via an intermediary to a Cayman Island company secretly owned by
Changes To My Friends Lists
Just a note to see who read blogs and who is really a friend, i will be going throu my family and friends lists yet again while i still have my VIP,,, i will be deleting those who DONT * visit me * chat to me i dont want any point whores here who just added me for points and rates. If u havent read or visited me in a week i will be deleting u from my lists and i will be readjusting my family lists accordingly. There is so many cheats on here aswell, if u have no salute and i added u before i wanted them as a prerequisite u will be deleted also, i will NOT be supporting FAKE accounts I thank all those who regualarly visit and talk, to u love ya all and u all know it,. Bites, hugs, nibbles and smooches to all those who are TRUE. To those who are fake, i guess u dont even know because u dont even know i have written this Take care blessed be dark dreams Manda,,,,aka VixenParanormalGoth
Sex Application
Age: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9.Condom or skin? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16.How long would we have sex? 17.Would you tell your friends about me? 18.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend?
Be Mine
¢¾Be My Valentine Application¢¾ This is the "Be My Valentine Application" Everyone knows there's at least one person on myspace that you want to be your Valentine. Heres the application for that special someone. Let's see who replys back with the following filled out. Have Fun. Area 1: Name: Age: Phone: Height: Do you Drive: State You Live In: School: Grade: May I Call You: Single or Taken: Would You Date Me: Kiss On First Date: Will You Send This Back To Me?: Area 2: What would you do if I... I made a move on u: I kissed you: I lived next door to you: I asked you on a date: I was hospitalized: I ran away from home: I got into a fight and you weren't there? Area 3: What do you think about my... Personality: Eyes: Body: Area 4: Have you ever.... Lied to make me feel better? Wanted to kiss me? Wanted to kill me? Wanted to hold me? Wanted to date me? Broke my heart? Kept something important from me? Area 5: "X" marks the spot Would y
The Rescue
Every night I wait. In the darkness,for his shadow is running late. For my true love is my internal fate. I hear the footsteps from afar Galloping on the chosen star. Will he hear my cries? As he silently flies, Into paradise's doors My love for him forever pours. As Always, Sapphire aka Valarie A Laboy © July 19th 2006
My Real Name
I went to Cajun Cherry's blogs and found this interesting so I thought I would do this. HowManyOfMe.comThere are 0 people with my name in the U.S.A.How many have your name? WITH THIS BEING SAID NO ONE SHARES MY REAL NAME DOES THIS MEAN I AM SPECIAL ?
P!ssers And Bs
Here's a story that caught my eye. See what you think. WWII vet fights homeowners group over Va. flagpole By ZINIE CHEN SAMPSON (AP) – 15 hours ago RICHMOND, Va. — One of the nation's oldest Medal of Honor winners was back in the fight Thursday, this time against a neighborhood association that wants him to take down a front-yard flagpole. Supporters, including a U.S. senator, have been falling in behind 90-year-old retired Army Col. Van T. Barfoot, a World War II veteran awarded the lofty Congressional honor for actions including standing up to three German tanks with a bazooka and stopping their advance. Barfoot put up the 21-foot flagpole in September in front of his suburban Richmond home. He raises the American flag daily at sunrise and retires it at sunset. "It's really ridiculous to want to keep the flag from being flown," he said in a telephone interview. "I've heard some terrible excuses out there." The Sussex Square homeowners' association says the flagpol
Karla's World
Every morning, I wake up and the first thought in my mind is what in the hell is my purpose? Somehow or another, I always end up fucking something up. I get so damn tired of dealing with people's crap, that I wish I could just f*cking disappear forever. The only thing that I ever did right was my little girl. Now, tell me, what the hell am I supposed to feel when several people in my life keep teling me that I screwed everything up? Apparently, I wasn't thinking, supposedly. I'm just done. Mentally & Physically. I don't know, maybe I'm just over reacting, but sometimes I just don't even feel like living. Anyways, there's my blog. Do with it what you will. After spending all these months back here in GA, it made me realize that there are so many f*ing retarded idiots in this small town...After my divorce, I built up a wall around myself so no one could get in, but when I tried to let someone in, it just backfired. Big Time. Maybe I shouldn't let my walls down. Maybe it's not my time to
Trying To Level Up Only 11,000 To Go
hello everyone it's me tyson just trying to level up and needs your help , please rate my pics and leave photo comments,show some love i always return the favor!! thanks ,peace!!
Army Stuff
Halfway down the trail to Hell, In a shady meadow green Are the Souls of all dead troopers camped, Near a good old-time canteen. And this eternal resting place Is known as Fiddlers' Green. Marching past, straight through to Hell The Infantry are seen. Accompanied by the Engineers, Artillery and Marines, For none but the shades of Cavalrymen Dismount at Fiddlers' Green. Though some go curving down the trail To seek a warmer scene. No trooper ever gets to Hell Ere he's emptied his canteen. And so rides back to drink again With friends at Fiddlers' Green. And so when man and horse go down Beneath a saber keen, Or in a roaring charge of fierce melee You stop a bullet clean, And the hostiles come to get your scalp, Just empty your canteen, And put your pistol to your head And go to Fiddlers' Green.
Taken Too Soon
Bill "Butch" Rigg 11/22/71 ~ 3/10/90 March 10,1990 one on the most important people in my life passed away. He was taken from us way to soon by a hit and run driver. I know some may say get over it already. But my last words to my brother were "I hate you." When in fact I didn't know that Hate was such a horrible word and would haunt me for the rest of my life. I had made a promise to my brother 2 weeks before he was taken from us To this day I have honored that promise and that was to not do drugs. This is the way that I have made peace with myself for the horrible words I said to him. The following songs are those that bring memories of my brother flooding back to me everytime I hear them. Listen to them don't listen to them, I just ask you one thing tell those that are close to you that you love them everyday. Because my bro introduced me to the Beastie Boys and this is one song that well he loved!!! Boys II Men ~Its so hard to say Goodbye to Yesterday ~
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Girls are a dime a dozen, The ☆Dream Girlz☆ are Priceless!© Don't forget to show these fab ladies sum ♥ Rate, Fan, Add, & Comment them all!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Sporks Update
Mother extradited from New York By Nathaniel Lukefahr The Facts Published March 9, 2008 It took 24 days to bring Caren Kohberger back to Brazoria County to be charged with child endangerment. It took 17 minutes for her to post bond and leave the Brazoria County jail. Kohberger, 27, the mother of a 3-month-old boy whose body was found Jan. 29 in Galveston County, flew Friday morning to Houston accompanied by two Brazoria County Sheriff’s deputies, Sheriff Charles Wagner said. She was booked into the Brazoria County Detention Center at 9:20 p.m. Friday and released 17 minutes later after posting $20,000 bond, according to the sheriff’s office Web site. “She appeared in front of a New York court yesterday and chose to waive extradition,” Brazoria County District Attorney Jeri Yenne said. “The state did not oppose a bond reduction, and she was booked into the Brazoria County Detention Center.” Angleton lawyer Jimmy Phillips Jr., who is representing Kohberger, could not be
“Hello, Sir what would you like to order?” says the feeling to heart that come to his store. “Hi, I would like a non-fried emotions, no tears with extra caring and a cup of love please.” The feeling start to put in numbers in his cash register, “Would like that love to be doubled? Only 1 additional attention; comes with free smile for every purchase this month only.” And the heart replied briefly: “Yes please, superlove me!” Life is like a nice fast food restaurant if we ever play with our imagination. Heart is often hungry for love and they want it to be double up. Heart cannot judge what is wrong or right, less or more, forever or temporary if it collides with loving someone. We are frequently drifted away with the thoughts of greener pasture when our feelings being abandoned or even abused by someone we truly love. The weakness of our flesh and bones tend to speak the truth of our humanity. The desire within burst like a flame and gasoline poured over and over by the ego
Poems And Such
Tonight as I prepare to sleep I will say a prayer For the one who has my heart I will ask that he has the things in life That will give him the most joy Or that he be placed on the path That will lead him there I’m not going to lie I am hoping that it will lead Him back to me But it’s as the good Lord wants Tonight I will say a prayer That I have the courage to let go Or the strength to hold on And the piece of mind to know That I am doing what is right For the both of us Because the confusion Is tearing me apart Only God knows the plan It's as he wants Tonight as I lay in bed I will cry tears of joy Just for knowing him Tears of pain For not having him And tears of heartbreak For loosing him And again I will pray That he will someday Learn to forgive me And accept that I only tried to love him The way we were intended to love As I lay here I will drift to sleep Envisioning what could have been And dream about being wrapped In his str
The First Time
My mom..*ROXY* is in a fubux giveaway hosted by Painter...Please help her get as many fubux as possible...plz click on the pic..rate and leave as many comments as possible..tyvm.....and don't forget to stop by the host..*Painter* and show him some love too.. y'all very much..
The Real Me
Life has been a bitch to say the least, but the journey has shaped my life as such to where i am able to recognize when I have found her. I have seen the worst that humanity has to offer. I have hated, despised, wanted to see the people that have tried to ruin me suffer, but through it all I have not let those urges change the basic core of me. I have a passion that is unyielding and I have been trying to find the one to give it too. I found her...she is my Angel. When I found her I knew she was the one...I love her with all that I have to give. A moment away from her is painful. It just not becasue she is a new girl. I have had many new girls, but not a single one of them have elicited the emotions I have for her. I know that I can tell her anything and she will not judge me or tell me I am being stupid. She is very beautiful, but there is more to her than her physical beauty. She amazes me with her words, the kindness in her voice, the fire in her eyes, and how she makes time for
Mom Met Dad In The Back Of A Rock And Roll Car
its been so long since i wrote in this thats its almost funny! i have been working on film, for the past few months! had a woman and lost her within less then a year. hahahaha hard to stay with me i guess! but soon i shall have a few films under my belt! short films of course but still an achievement non the less! i work very hard damn it! and i dont need you people underminding my work!!! damn it see that happens all the time! i work hard and you have to make me feel like shit! i was thinking if angels have no free will, and they dont they are basicaly god's bitches, then satan got a bum rap! i mean he was as god made him, i dont think he wanted to overthrow god at all, but simply be, but no god was like hey man if i dont have an enemy people will start to wonder! so i kinda made you the most beautiful so you could become the most evil! i know it sucks and all you want to do is play scrabble(see hardly anyone knows that satan is an avid scrabble player) but you have to start a revolt
Why I'm Away
Hi all it's Ark (Arkham for them that don't know me). I'm keeping an eye on sparklys account at the mo,he has asked me to do this blog to let you know he's in hospital right now and that he is on the psych ward. he don't know how long he is going to be away right now. if you want to leave a message for him i'll be sure to let him know. love&hugs all Arkham♥ So people i got a text off sparkly again asking me to blog for him. He's going to be in hospital for another week,and they keep trying new meds on him and shit (he said that). If you have his number (cos i know some of you do) drop him a text or call i'm sure he would love to hear from you . if not drop a message hear and i'll pass it on for you. love&hugs Arkham&hearts i am still in the hospital recieving treatment for the breakdown i had. also they are reviewing the medication for my bipolar disorder. hopefully they will make me more stable and less prone to some of my angry outbursts. i would like to say a
Metal Contest @ Far And Beyond
Special Thank You To Black Dahlia Show Her Some Love ×ßL©K×ĞÃHLÏÄ×@ fubar Want To Own A MetalHead? OH! And A Perv-er Too 150K Bid So Far SOLD!! To Rebbie ~*~ Rebbie ~*~ Proudly Owned By SingleDad38 & Miss ♥ Vee~*~ Owner Of I.P. & BigDawg & MissBlue@ fubar >>InsanePatient is going to kick some a$$ in Far And Beyond FRYDAY 3pm to 4pm Easteren If your ready for Metal the way its suppose to be played click any pic for a free ride ARE YOU THERE? DARE YA!!!!
no hablo ingles pero para las mujeres latinas estoy aqui soy de puerto rico megustan las mujeres pequenas sexys y calientes
The We That Make Me A Better Me...
I have waited my whole life to be loved like I am today. I have longed for the moment in my life when he would take my hands and kiss them sweetly, look dreamily into my eyes and say I love you - prepared to shout it - if my heart so desired. I have yearned to feel the sense of urgency in his embrace and his body tremble when I kiss him and he feels my heart leap with joy. I love the silly way that he gets nervous a bit and stands before me like a schoolboy in love. HE LOVES ME! I know it and I can feel it!... I can hear it in every word that he speaks, I can see it in his every movement, every action. He looks at me like I am a mystery, a treasure, a gift; and it is the most wonderful feeling that I have ever known. My hearts pounds out of my chest when I am near him and it soars when he says my name. He is everything to me and I want the world to know it. When I am in his arms the world fades around us and becomes a blur...we exist seemingly in the span of the universe and only al
Donations Needed
Donations Needed The Bad Wolfy is about to be a Species in Danger of Extinction..... Yeah, The Bad Wolfy needs a lots of FUBUCKS DONATIONS!!! He Wanna Get His 1st Spotlight and He needs all the help he Can get!! I'm going to give you his link!!! The Bad Wolfy~~Fu-Owned By Anna & Miss BeBe@ fubar I don't gonna ask for much just go over and help every Fu-Bucks Donations are well received!!!
What Kind Of Seduction Style Are You?
Your Seduction Style: Fantasy Lover You know that ideal love that each of us dreams of from childhood? That's you! Not because you posess all of the ideal characteristics, but because you are a savvy shape shifter. You have the uncanny ability to detect someone's particular fantasy... and make it you. You inspire each person to be an idealist and passionate, and you make each moment memorable Even a simple coffee date with you can be the most romantic moment of someone's life By giving your date exactly what he or she desires, you quickly become the ideal lover. Your abilities to make dreams come true is so strong, that you are often the love of many people's lives. Your ex's (and even people you have simply met or been friends with) long to be yours. No doubt you are the one others have dreamed of... your biggest challenge is finding *your* dream lover. What Kind of Seducer Are You?
Thank You For My Gifts.
To my child . . . . . Just for this morning . . . . . I am going to smile when I see your face and laugh when I feel like crying. Just for this morning . . . . . I will let you choose what you want to wear, and smile and say how perfect it is. Just for this morning . . . . . I am going to step over the laundry, and pick you up and take you to the park to play. Just for this morning . . . . . I will leave the dishes in the sink, and let you teach me how to put that puzzle of yours together. Just for this afternoon . . . . . I will unplug the telephone and keep the computer off, and sit with you in the backyard and blow bubbles. Just for this afternoon . . . . . I will not yell once, not even a tiny grumble when you scream and whine for the ice cream truck, and I will buy you one if he comes by. Just for this afternoon . . . . . I won't worry about what you are going to be when you grow up, or second guess every decision I have made where you are concerned. Just for this afternoon . . .
I see your face, I see your smile, I look into your eyes, And forget about what, People think of me, I lose all track of time, Hell I even forget to rhyme, If this is a wrong, I'll do the time, I can't let their words, Effect what we've got, It's just you and me baby. I hear your voice, Soft and sweet, And nothing matters, I just gotta do, What I need to, I want to be in your life, I want to make you smile, So don't forget, It's just you and me baby. Neither pain, Nor lack of sleep, Can keep me down, For I have something, That wins against all odds, Something that matters more, Then my own personal gain, Something that I can't afford to lose, Something I can't live without, And that something, Is a special someone, That special someone, Is YOU. I wake up every morning, Thinking that your here, I try to find you, I hear your voice, I feel your touch, But no matter what I do, Your still gone. I know we've been down this road before, Baby I've c
My Fu Family
OK, THESE ARE SOME AMAZING PEOPLE ON HERE CHECK THEM OUT IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY THEY NEED YOUR IMMIEDIATE ATTENTION!!!!F/A/R/B/C HURRY UP!!!! MY FU OWNER: Anna~Shadow Leveler~Fu Engaged to Teddy Bear Beer Hunter~@ fubar MY FU OWNEE: - KEL - [Fu-Owned by Livin Da Dream]@ fubar MY FAMILY: RğÚgH^ñ^†ğÚgH ~~~ ÖwñêРߥ §wêê† KåñĞ¥ K裏†ïñå ~~~@ fubar **Sexy Mami**@ fubar *GÚMM¥ È׺Rȧ§~~ÇHÖÖ ÇHÖÖ** 4eva owned by gummy vodka@ fubar ღஐRising Angelღஐ~~Owned By Capt Barbossa@ fubar Sarah@ fubar Southern Stunna ☠wifey 2 Paul☠Club FAR☠@ fubar ***chuckiiboo***@ fubar Ğesire@ fubar
R.i.p Issac Hayes
Bully Suny Skyz Made For Me. Ty So Much
I'm Pimping out one my other friends you might already know this handsome person and be real good friends with with him, if not then you are missing out. For the time I've known him he is really cool person to know and I'm glad to have him as a friend. I'm pimping him out so come and show my friend some mad FU LOV
Raven's Reality......
Anybody who knows me knows that I love to laugh and kid around. I have been friends with alot of people over the years, but really close to only a few. If you check my friends list on here my second "family" member is Tranquil...I have only known her since the beginning of the year, but we have gotten really close. It's one of those friendships where you meet someone and by the end of the week, its as if you've known them forever and you can't remember a time in your life that they weren't there. In the span of a few short months her and I have become really REALLY close. We do almost everything together. We even work together. She has a massage therapy practice, and I essentially work for her. She also started process serving and we've begun to do that together too. Partly for safety reasons, and partly for the fact that I'm not sure she could find her way around the county if I wasn't there to read the maps and be her GPS. LOL......Her boyfriend goes with her when I can't, but she sa
This Will Be Fun.. And Interesting
1. Would you have sex with me? Answer: 2. What positions would u want to b in? Answer: 3. Would u suck/LICK me ? Answer: 4. Would u fuck me hard? Answer: 5. Would u hav sex with me the first night u met me? Answer: 6. Would u pull my hair while we had sex? Answer: 7. Would u do me in the shower? Answer: 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up to the bed and then do me? Answer: 9. Would u have 3-some with me? Answer: 10. What about me makes u want to have sex with me? Answer: 11. Would u talk dirty to me while we sexed? Answer: 12. Where would you do me? Answer: 13. Would u do me in front of people? Answer: 14. Would u do me again and again? Answer: 15. Would u do me in the rain? Answer: 16. Would u mind if we did it like a porn star? Answer: 17. Would u have phone sex with me? Answer: 18. Would u cheat on me? Answer: 20. If I gave u my heart would you love it or let it go? Answer: 21. Would you do me once and leave m
Just Me
In this lifetime I want to share Love, be loved and teach love. I want to know that the people around me are secrue in knowing that I love them. I think that it shouldn't take saying "I love you" EVERYDAY it should be in our actions, our thoughts and the energies that we create in our lives. So show someone you love them today
New Jersey If you've ever lived in Jersey'll appreciate this!!! If not, too bad, read it anyway! New Jersey is a peninsula. Highlands, New Jersey has the highest elevation along the entire eastern seaboard, from Maine to Florida . New Jersey is the only state where all of its counties are classified as metropolitan areas. New Jersey has more race horses than Kentucky .. New Jersey has more Cubans in Union City (1 sq MI.) than Havana , Cuba . New Jersey has the densest system of highways and railroads in the US . New Jersey has the highest cost of living. New Jersey has the highest cost of auto insurance. New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the nation. New Jersey has the most diners in the world and is sometimes referred to as the "Diner Capital of the World. " New Jersey is home to the original Mystery Pork Parts Club (no, not Spam): Ta ylor Ham or Pork Roll. Home to the less mysterious but th
Satisfied Mind
Satisfied Mind Red Hayes and Jack Rhodes How many times have you heard someone say, "If I had his money I would do things my way." How little they know, well, it's so hard to find, One rich man in ten with a satisfied mind. Oh, once I was waiting for fortune and fame, Had everything that I needed to get a start in life's game. Then suddenly it happened, I lost every dime, But I'm richer by far with a satisfied mind. No money can buy back your youth when you're old, Or a friend when you're lonely or a love that's grown cold. And the world's richest person is a pauper at times, Compared to the one with a satisfied mind. When my life is over and my time has run out, All my friends and my loved ones I'm gonna leave them no doubt. But there's one thing for certain, when it comes my time, I'm gonna leave this old world with a satisfied mind.
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Thank To Great People
I just want to give a big thank you to THE ZODIAK BOMBERS and every one else that have been comment bombing the contest im in,it goes for 10 days so its only day one. I joined late and with all the hard work you guys are doing you moved me into second place,keep bombing away i will be giving out random FUBUCKS every day to different bombers..once again you guys Rock and a big thank you!!!!!!!!!! Please click the picture and rate and comment as mush as you can
I Am Me.
so me and my friends saw twilight last night. and it wasnt as good as i thought it would be. it was okay. i just wish they picked a different actress to play bella. i dont really like kristen stewart that much. i think camilla belle would make a better bella. Camilla Belle but so anyway i dont know why my friends found edward cullen hotter than James. I so think james is the hottest male character in the movie. James I was a bit bored with the movie but its not That bad. oh and we didnt get to buy popcorn anymore coz we were late :S good thing i bought my caramel macciato earlier wooooh starbucks forever :) Toodles! xoxo WTF is wrong with china? i wont even say that im not reffering to EVERYONE in china because i think i am! fuck i think ive turned racist against chinese people! i just so have to fucking blog about this because china has done too much harm not only against filipinos but to other countries too. first the lead scandal
Coolest And Sexiest Woman On Fubar!!!!!!
[b]Make sure you Add her...IMO she is the Coolest and most beautifulest Woman on Fubar Make sure you Check her out and F/A/R her[/b] ღCllgegrlღChief_Deputy_of_Adminღ2nd Alarm Hotties ღSWAT/ IAღFu-Bomber&@ fubar
Bday Party
hey everyone having a bday party this weekend in nc and if u on my friends list and in nc let know if u wanna attend it will be in the country and will bonfire and it is bring your on beer party lmao
Mj Blogs
Stupid Americans: We, as stupid Americans, take everything for granted. You'd think we'd look around, watching everything crumbling around us... and realize we're fucked! We are a 3rd world country in the making... the architype for failure. Big business has tapped us dry, making their new homes in foriegn lands. The things we need become more expensive, as the value of our dollar plummets into oblivion. Our leaders bleed the working man, holding us down with their foot upon our backs... and their hands in our pockets. All is dictated, what we want, need, feel, love, desire... are we so dumb that we need a beer label to turn blue to tell us when it's cold??? You either fit into the scheme of things, or you're expendable... it's that simple. It's time for a revolution, a "take back our mind, body, and soul" awakening! But people would rather rally around the television... and vote for the next American Idol. Is reality THAT mundane? Do we really need to know w
For Anyone Who's In The Military
You are the fellow brother Trained to beat any weather This country is now safer and better I know you will always have pain Constantly fighting to stay sane The fighting will always drain I see it written on your face Please know it's not a disgrace We now live in a better place Words can never repay what you faced every day we fold our hands and pray Please know that we do care The war was cruel and unfair The cross you will always bare I know you can't go to bed Because of the images in your head Just remember what I said We will always cherish for the ones who perish Never give up or relinquish You felt pain in your heart Your world fell apart Lost not knowing how to start Please come over here and I will make it clear You will never have to fear I know you will never forget Just please don't regret it was the devil you met You continue to drive you are still alive God chose for you to survive You must live again Forget where
Venting hubby has gotten me in such a pickle w/my daughter and me it isnt even funny we did finally work things out but....hopefully no more drama...she actually shut my phone off and we got into it bad and said sorry to one is back on...ugh no more drama....
how can you tell if your love one is cheating on you
center> <
Horoscopes/comment I Got
Auction.pimp Ur Page!!!
Mid Night Rider
Coming To Terms
Ive been doing a lot of reflecting on my past and who i was and who i am now. I didnt like a lot of the things i found at first but the deeper i went the more i found that im not as bad as i thought i was. I finally found myself again. Ive been pretty down and out the past couple years but i can finally be who i want to be. I feel a lot better about myself than i used to. Im finally the person who my family and friends will be able to be proud of. I have finally grown up and taken the time to face myself and the things that i feared about myself. All i want is to be a better person and friend to all of the people who helped me and saved me from all of the stupid things i used to do. No matter where i go or what happens i want them all to know that they will always be in my heart and in my mind as my heros.
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The Crow
so there has been talks of remaking the crow. i just wanna know what ppl think of this idea good or bad? please weight in you opinion.
my grandma just found out that she has cancer
Starting Over...
  So I deleted, basically everyone off of my list... As of today.  If I don't know you, or don't want to be your friend I won't add you.  I had too many people on my list, I didn't know or even talk to, so those I wanted to keep stayed on, YOU are the lucky ONES I guess, if U call it that...  I am also going through and clearing my list of fans... That I am a fan of.  So if U want me back on ur list u better re add me, and re fan me, and re rate me...   Peace   The Sexxxi Mexxxi   Brandon
Ty For All The Love...=)
Ty all so much for the love you all are such good friends..=)
V For Vendetta Monologue
Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose vis-à-vis an introduction, so let me simply add that it's my very good honour to meet you and you may call me V.
Mona Rosa Mona Rosa,siyah güller,ak güller; Gülce'nin gülleri ve beyaz yatak Kanadı kırık kuş merhamet ister; Ah senin yüzünden kana batacak, Mona Rosa,siyah güller,ak güller Ulur aya karşı kirli çakallar Bakar ürkek ürkek tavşanlar dağa Mona Rosa,bugün bende bir hal var,Yağmur iğri iğri düşer toprağa,Ulur aya karşı kirli çakallar Zeytin ağacının karanlığıdır Elindeki elma ile başlayan...Bir yakut yüzükte aydınlanan sır,Sıcak ve minnacık yüzündeki kan,Zeytin ağacının karanlığıdır...Zaman çabuk çabuk geçiyor Mona,Saat onikidir,söndü lambalar.Uyu da turnalar gelsin rüyana,Bakma tuhaf tuhaf göğe bu kadar;Zaman çabuk çabuk geçiyor Mona. Akşamları gelir incir kuşları,Konarlar bahçemin incirlerine;Kiminin rengi ak,kiminin sarı.Ah,beni vursalar bir kuş yerine!Akşamları gelir incir kuşları... Ki ben,MonaRosa,bulurum seni İncir kuşlarının bakışlarında.Hayatla doldurur bu boş yelkeni O masum bakışlar...Su kenarında Ki ben,MonaRosa,bulurum seni.Kırgın kırgın bakma yüzüme Rosa:Henüz dinlemedin
Friend Or Foe
The time i'v spent with you makes me laugh the dreams i'v had of you makes me cry without a touch the setbacks makes me wanna leave the soul you have has me loving you time is short dreams are far setbacks suck but your soul is perfect why oh why does Crying,loving,laughing and leaving hurt so bad......mabe one day the heart will find out but i will find out with out you.
Summer Is Around The Corner Auction
a href="" target=_blank>" target=_blank>" border=0>
Missing You
Here I sit 3:30 in the morning lonly with out you. Here I sit 3:30 in the morning thinking about you. Here I sit 3:30 in the morning not able to sleep with out you. Here I sit 3:30 in the morning missing you.                  
Journals Of Maniacal Debauchery
Often I sit and think of death. Death to myself. The death of others. I sit idly by and watch as you walk down the street. I notice your weaknesses. I wonder what t would be like to disperse you and relieve you of this awful place, this treacherous world that envelopes you everyday. You and I are alike in many ways, yet you percieve it not. You rise from your slumber each day, don the mask that carry you through the day, and noone really knows of the pains you feel inside. I am so very tired of this face that I have to wear for your approval of my life. The happiness that I have to show just to keep you from dwelling inside my mind. That is one place you do not wish to be, inside my mind. There are things in there that would make you die from fright. Things that I have seen and done in my past that modern people on this planet would deem inconceiveable, morbid, and dank. Yet I drudge onward. Sloshing through the pits of this hell, earth. Waiting for your approval even though I say
Its time this site has been expose for what it really is, a slutfest full of things who, despite being married, post slutty pictures for the world to see. Now the "things" i am refering to are you people, which in my eyes are nothing but things. this morning i removed everyone from my friends list and defaned everyone i was a fan of, because none of you things are worthy of being called a friend, you're all just a bunch of sluts and fags who believe in a bunch of crap that some idiot thought up and made into a so called religion. WHY DONT YOU LOSERS TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTERS AND GO OUTSIDE INTO THE REAL WORLD. GET A JOB AND MOVE OUT OF YOUR MOM'S HOUSE, THAT'S NOT ATTRACTIVE!!! Seriously, who was the idiot to create some of those mumms anyway? should i wear this or that? should i go to the club or not? should i date this guy? NO ONE CARES!!! Leave those stupid mindless questions to yourself, if you cant decide then you're an idiot. seriously are people that damn stupid and lame tha
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The Words And Thoughts Of The Black Widow
you know people tickle me wtih all this fuengaged,fumarried and fuboy /girlefriend crap its just another way that people have again bought there real life in to the inernet and messed things up,so i thought but then i read every day of people or watch t.v were people hook up on internet and the real thing fasanating about this is in a paper i read almost 20% of those matchies is on the cherry tap or fu-bar network damn...well i have had no luck at this and its basicaly because It's often said that, "it's what's inside that matters." Sure, perhaps for the world at large that W/we see passing on the street everyday, that may be true. What is meant by "what's inside" sometimes seems to vary greatly depending on who is speaking. But where sexual and especially romantic relationships are concerned, there is no denying that what REALLY matters is chemistry. Chemistry, where the heart, mind and hormones collide... usually heavier on the hormone part. This idea, in general, can apply also t
Very Important Rant.
Ok not really but I feel like bitching. Trying to get 4 people to stick to a plan is harder than trying to negotiate multimillion dollar contracts. People (my friends) should let me be in charge of outings. They should just trust that the one thing I know how to do well is have a good time. I really do. I'm a walking, talking, pill popping good time and people should learn to recognize! *chicken neck/finger snap combo* I didn't really need drugs or booze 3 hours ago but now I am willing to walk 10 miles for them. 11.5 miles actually. My horoscope says to reach out to my elders this week. I think my horoscope is being written by a sadistic asshole.  Ham and cheese hotpockets are for people with stomachs stronger than mine. I need a shower and a facial. *waits for dirty comments*
Dear John....
Fuck Everyone
Ok, so I'm just wondering why there is even a NSFW option.  If it's not safe for work, why the fuck are you even looking at this at work anyway?  Shouldn't your ass be working?  I know if I caught my employee's on a website that was not related to work, they wouldn't be my employee's anymore.  People seriously need to grow the fuck up.  "Oh my god, this person's showing their body...  That's just not acceptable."  And I have a strong feeling it's Either old guy's, or homely women, or old and homely women tagging photo's NSFW.  Last time I check this is an adult website, and you must be 18 or over to join.  Are people that insecure with their sexuality they have to make other people suffer because they can't stand the site of their naked body, much less anyone else's?  If you don't like the picture don't look at.  That is all!  And by the way, seriously...  Get off the fucking website at work... ....If you think I'm nice, or think I'm "awesome" or whatever little story you have going o
I'm a woman that is wearing a false face. I've been hurting since god knows when. I grew up with a man pretending to my father. When my real father tucked his tail in between his legs and ran off. I was bullied in school. And at times it felt like i was bullied at home. I grew into a woman thinking, believing that the love that was missing in me, i would find in a man. A man turned into a handful. And here i am...a single mother...back in school...trying to turn my wrong into my right. Trying to raise my daughter by myself. And go to school. And keep my high. I choke back the tears til i'm alone. At times i wanna run and hide. I have no true, real friends i can go see and hang out with. It's just me and my daughter. I love spending time with her, but i would LOVE to have a night or day where it's just me. I've made many, many mistakes and have faults. But i'm tired. I'm so tired. Tired of mr. wrong pretending to be mr. right. Tired of thinking about the pain my daugther will have wh
Random Thoughts In The Night
You know these days I just don't sleep to much anyway. Tonight, sleep eludes me all together. Anyone who has talked to me for a while knows that I don't do well alone. Maybe thats why I can't sleep tonight. Maybe the weight of my loneliness is weighing me down. But I don't think thats it. I think tonight, I am simply thoughtful.  I think about what has been... What could be. There isn't a whole lot of could be these days. Could that be whats keeping me awake? Just because I can't see whats around the bend? Could I ever see around the bend? I don't know. I suppose in the past I've had some insight into what would come tomorrow. It is not to say that I cannot tell you what I'll do tomorrow. Its that I know tomorrow will only bring more of the same.  I remember a time when I slept like a rock. I had a reason to wake up. I knew that in the morning, everything I loved would be there waiting for me when I opened my eyes. I was happy then. I worked hard. I sweat and bled and loved every
I Don't Have To Be Nice
LIARS. I don't understand your motivation. What does it do for you? Lying to people, being completely dishonest about yourself and your life. Didn't your mama ever tell you that when you always get caught? Always. There are NO exceptions, sure you think your slick now, but I guarantee, somebody if not everybody knows you're full of it. We're all just waiting for you to choke on your own lies. Furthermore, I am sick and tired of you telling them to me. You come to me, spitting whatever kinda game you think you have...silly boys. You're not smooth. I see, I hear and more than likely, I'm friends with the chicks you're talking too. Lets just stop all this mkay. I'm not interested anyway. Thanks though. Be careful who you lie to. Just sayin, there are some bitter bitches out there that will hang you from a tree by your nutsack. Just saaaaayin. HAGD. Kiss Kiss. NEVER MISTAKE MY KINDNESS FOR WEAKNESS. It takes a lot more heart and courage to forgive someone than to hold a grudg
okay so someone said it's unhealthy to get less than 2 hours sleep a night... meh maybe there is some truth to that but i've always managed anyway... but to share... i have sleep paralysis so some nights my body freezes and the left side of my brain activates and i hallucinate... i also have nightmares on pretty much most random nights i manage more than 2-3 hours...  and yeah i like scary movies... but my nightmares aren't quite fun... i have very vivid dreams... not just sight and sound but smells tastes and even feelings.... ever wanted to know what it's like to be someone else.... well i do... now imagine if that person was getting a thrill out of killing people.... (no i'm not joking) and then switch and play the role of the victim... knowing exactly what he plans to do to you.... and how he's gonna take his time... to be able to feel what they feel exactly... the heart racing fear or excitement... and when you wake up you don't quite know who you are... reality is blurred and
Hatred For It
" Family "
The only requisites are being of good cheer and company, being a 'friend' and 'fanned' already. " Don't You Want To Join That Number ? ".   As the Dixie Hummingbirds did not use to sing : "Nope. "    You are not joining mine. I am not joining yours. Period. It's only fair. Full stop.  
Random Shit
the woman on here who deserve the most attention dont get it... its the sneaky photo shopping, angle testing, fake ass bitches that get all the attention.  stupid.. but.. am i surprised.. not at all.   Enneagram Type 7 - The Enthusiast Pleasure seekers and planners, in search of distraction People of this personality type are essentially concerned that their lives be an exciting adventure. Sevens are future oriented, restless people who are generally convinced that something better is just around the corner. They are quick thinkers who have a great deal of energy and who make lots of plans. They tend to be extroverted, multi-talented, creative and open minded. They are enthusiasts who enjoy the pleasures of the senses and who don't believe in any form of self-denial. Sevens are practical people who have multiple skills. They know how to network and to promote themselves and their interests. They often have an entrepreneurial spirit and are able to convey their enthusiasm to those w
In The Dark I Feel You
I stand in the Dark alone, No I am not alone  I feel you there the electricity is there. I feel your hand close to my hair, my face. Your close but I can not see you, I feel you  my heart beats faster and my breath shortens. You are close, the heat is unbearable,  Will I die here in the Dark never to see your face in the sunlight,  never to feel your touch on my skin that you set on fire with your breath  In the Dark... In my Dreams When I think I see the light of the sun, I feel your breath on my neck and your whisper in my ear "Do not go, Do not leave me here." I step back into the Dark,  afraid I will loose you if I step into the light. I am destin to Die here in the Dark?
The Best Gift!
Empty words that, have no meaning. Only motives behind them, a specific reasoning. One goal, in mind. Once it's achieved, they'll leave you behind. Can you tell the difference in the words, that are true? I can, because of YOU. I didn't have to see them, I felt their worth. I felt the power, the love, and even the hurt. I could read them, with my eyes shut. And still feel them piercing, into my gut. I have yet to feel anything, so strong. They were spoken out of passion and love, nothing was wrong. With the way they, spoke to me. Words so real, there was no need to see. Them spelt out in, black and white. I still feel today, I felt them last night. You speak to me, through the inside. Too powerful to ignore, or disguise. There is no covering it up, you still burn bright. It is your voice, keeping me awake at night. I never quite understood, I had to feel it to believe. It is the best gift, you could ever receive. Because it doesn't go away,
Life As We Know It
Its pretty cool... that through the internet, you can meet people from all walks of life. Different perspectives, and have amazing conversations with people. It is a great way to widen the social gap and come together and initiate conversations, learn so many new things!! I met a really great guy, who just out of being kind, helped me with my chemistry homework. I talk to other people who are either out of the military and moving on with great sucess, and others that kind of got lost, and i can lend a helping hand or a listening ear. This has been a fantastic experience. I wish more people would be open.. and listen to what people have to say, listen with there hearts. Its not about bling, or like me fan me ect ect... its a great way to become more socially aware.. and have some fun while your at it Remember.. at the end of it all, all that matters is love. Did you love with the whole of your heart? do the people in your life know you love them.. i hope you make sure to do that EVERY
Find Out If You Are Getting Enough Healthy Proteins In Your Diet
Protein is really a complicated macromolecule, that includes lots of nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen plus sulfur. It is actually constructed from unbranched chains of amino acids. A standard protein is made up of almost 200 or 300 amino acids. It's a elementary piece of virtually all living cells. Proteins must generate, manage as well as fix almost all protein components of our bodies which includes our bones, hair, your skin, muscle mass along with other body parts. Proteins perform a serious part in the production of bodily hormones, enzymes and in many cases genes. Additionally they offer vitality, however not that much as carbohydrate food do. Proteins are obtainable out of a variety of food products like dairy foods, eggs, animal meat, seafood, fresh vegetables along with beans. The requirement for ProteinsProteins are considered as being the blocks of the overall body. They're necessary for regular working of the whole body. The proteins have a vital role in the creation of D
Let Love Begin
Take my hand and lead the way; tell me all you want to say. Whisper softly in my ear, all those things I want to hear. Kiss my lips and touch my skin; bring out passions deep within. Pull me close and hold me near; take away my pain and fear. In the darkness of the night, be my beacon, shine your light. In the brightness of the sun, show me that you are the one. Give me wings so I can fly; for I can soar when you're nearby. Enter my heart, break down the wall, it's time for me to watch it fall. I've been a prisoner, can't you see? Break my chains and set me free. Strip me of my armor tight; you'll find I won't put up a fight. Release my soul held deep within . . . I'm ready now, let love begin.
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Sing Something
If you have been following United states Idol on tv, you can probably factor out some recommendations from the judges' criticisms on the tryouts and you can now probably determine what makes them say 'no' to these performers trying to get through the tryouts. If you have been doing and you want to create your art, going to ability reveals in your neighborhood or doing in groups and cinemas can be a excellent way to work out your ability and understand excellent doing try out recommendations that you can use in larger contests like United states Idol. Getting a big crack in doing mostly includes providing a excellent try out so if you are who audition to get a doing profession or getting a award, here are some doing try out recommendations you can add in your record for a excellent try out performance. * Know the competitors. It is always sensible to know the competitors or explain to you are who audition for. Be advised of the recommendations and guidelines, enough time you are eli
Health & Nutrition
Healthshop101 carries a variety of Liquid Ionic Calcium products to meet the individual needs of customers. Several forms of ionic calcium are available. There is also an option for the liquid ionic calcium magnesium blend as well. This variety gives the customer a choice to find the Ionic Calcium that will work best for them.Also integral to your body’s health is Calcium, but again if not in Ionic form, your supplement is not working up to its potential. In addition, without the balancing power of Magnesium, your body may actually retain too much Calcium-our body cannot assimilate Calcium without sufficient Magnesium. Cal-Mag’s Ionic formulation of Calcium and Magnesium gives your body the right balance of these important minerals.Liquid Ionic Calcium helps with many functions in the body. Many people don’t realize that calcium isn’t just good for building bones, but also assists in regulating muscle tone, muscle receptiveness to nerve stimulation and the regul
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No Offense Intended
no offense intended here and i know i will no doubt make quite a few ppl mad but it is not my intention of doing so, but i got to looking today at my friends list and had 95 ppl on it and i probably only talk to about 10 or 15 of them so i have decided to start deleting some of them off. i know almost all of the ppl on my list i asked to be added but when i did i thought i would be talking to you and i have sent shouts out and not got any response back, so i am taking that as you don't really want to talk to me and if you do let me know, i won't bite(unless you want me to,LOL. and if you don't want to be on my list that is fine, you won't be hurting my feelings, but if you do want to be my friend then send me a shout or a message, something to let me know that you want to be friends. if i did offend anybody i am sorry.
Well I got the rest of my tattoo finished last nite.....I am gonna say for right now....this will be the last of them......this one hurt like hell, my back was shaking like crazy, but I am glad I got the sides added on, I think it looks wild... Well lets see my first blog...I am really glad I came across LC. I have meet some very interesting people to say the least...a couple of people who no matter how much time goes by I will never be able to of those people I have alot in commen with...he knows who he is..I just want to thank each & everyone who is in my friends/family, each of u has made some of my days ALOT better... well the dr called in some meds for me on Friday....they r working like GOLD...I do feel better, but because I have been sick the house has gone to shit....nobody cares that I have been sick & in bed for a couple days, they all still want dinner cooked, clothes washed, ect....but I am feeling better, the meds only help with the symtoms, I still feel like
Questions !
Body: 22 RELATIONSHIP QUESTIONS Body: OKAY YOU OPENED IT.. NOW YOU HAVE TO DO IT .. AND BE HONEST! 1) Single, Taken? 2) Are you happy with where you are? 3) When you meet the right person, did you fall fast? 4) Have you ever had your heart broken? 5) Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is ok? 6) Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you? 7) Have you talked about marriage with another person? 8) Do you want children? 9) How many? 10) Would you consider adoption? 11) If somebody liked you right now, what do you think is a cool way to let you know? 12) Do you enjoy playing hard to get? 13) Do you want someone you cant have? 14)Do you believe love at first sight exists? 15) Do you believe in celebrating anniverseries? 16) Do you believe that you can change someone? 17) If you could get married anywhere, where would it be? 18) Do you have feelings for someon
Well my dad was able to get off of work to come and see me the 19 of next month. But still keep your fingers crossed becuz he has jury duty the day before he comes to see me. The last two times they didnt need him. So please pray that they dont need him or that the trial doesnt go into the next day. Thanks for everyone's support.
There will come a day when your tears of sorrow will softly flow into tears of remembrance... and your heart will begin to heal itself... and grieving will be interrupted by episodes of joy... and you will hear the whisper of hope. There will come a day when you will welcome the tears of remembrance... as a sunshower of the soul... a turning of the tide... a promise of peace. There will come a day when you will... risk loving... go on believing... and treasure the tears of remembering.
Would You...???
was offered $200.00 to fist a gay guy....hmmmmm but i declined...he wanted to scream like a virgin...his words....thought i would leave that to sum one else... :o)
Lost Cherry
In the year 2007 I resolve to:Molest more hamsters. Get your resolution here. 70 QUIRKS ABOUT ME - 01. Initials: JLM 02. Name someone with the same birthday as you: No one comes to mind. 03. Last thing you ate: Turkey Manwiches.. Yum! 04. For or against same sex marriage: They can do whatever they want... i don't care 05. I say Shotgun! You say?: 'Don't shoot shotgun'! 06. Last person you hugged?: hmm well i was down at the bar tonight, and hugged alot of friends goodbye.. but i'm pretty sure it was Sarah. 07. Do you believe in God?: Get back to me on that... 08. How many U.S states have you been to?: 5 or 6 mostly just passing through. 09. How many of the U.S states have you lived in: 1 10. Ever lived outside of the US: Nope 11. Name something you like physically about yourself: Nothing comes to mind, really 12. Something non-physical you like about yourself: I'm a warm and caring person 13. Who is your best friend?: Jason 14. Why are you
What To Do When You Have Noting To Do
we have fun in diffent ways we do thing out doors and when there are people a around but they can not see us at all. how do you have fun let us know. we like to play out side tie her to ta tree and see what happens when people walk by and see what they woud do what would you do when you see a person tie to a tree ?
Deleteing People
these are poems i wrote a while back i was bored they aint the best but i tried number 1 its called (THE VIBE I GET WHEN IM WITH YOU) UP AND DOWN THAT LONELY ROAD OF FAITH IVE BEEN THERE BUT NOW IM IN YOUR ARMS I FEEL FREE I FEEL LIKE I FLY INTO THE SKY AND BE FREE LIKE A BIRD FLOATING ON THE AIR WAVES F THE SKY NUMBER 2 THE HOLD AS YOU ME IN YOUR ARMS IT LETS ME KNOW THERE'S NOTHING IN THIS WORLD I CNT DO OR ACHIEVE AS LONG AS YU ARE BY MY SIDE ILL FIGHT FOR YOU ILL DIE FOR YOU ILL LOVE YOU UNTILL THE LAST BIT OF BREATH ESCAPES MY LUNGS NOTHING WILL STOP MY LOVE FROM REACHING YOUR HEAR AND SOUL NOW FEEL THE HOLD I HAVE ON YOUR HEART NOW THERE AITN THAT LOVE NUMBER 3 EACH OTHER once as i hold you i let you know how i feel about you by exspressing my feelings in the wau i hold you as you hold my hhand it shows you ill never leave your side when we look into each other's eyes we can tell what eah other is thinking we know when eachother is sad or shy we

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