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Please get the fuck out of here. I fucking hate you. your such a liar. you have no idea I guess I'm ok with moving on with everything I am glad that I'm doing bad with out you BTW your dick is too little for me lmao. 7 inches give me a break!!!!! I get a 9.5 cock when I want. you can't handle this BIOTCH. You are going to slow don't want the Beep-Beep up yo' ass. fucking a ugly ass bitch. Cuz you ain't a real man you gotta to sleep with a bitch uglier than the shit you take every nite. lmao.
and I'm getting a reward for it too. FUCK U tell your big gum whore to stop leaving me messages on yahoo in shit. they will lock your ass up and throw away the key. GOD your girlfriend is disgusting. and you call yourself the man...with what? looks like she got gonorehha in her mouth...and you too.fucking hicks.
skulls and bones crossing together worms in your sockets are giving me the worst headache sickening you are crawling inside of my soul you laugh as the flesh rot and falls into the gravel.you never loved me ever. it was all a manipulation. and you know living in a shadow of non existence laugh at yourself now it will all end. scream it out; let the blood seep through your teeth taste the iron, my fist laying ever so sweet into your skull deprivation of the truth has killed me. I am the TOWER you lied. your my destruction. you buried me deeply. Stop pretending. you know.....your nothing. look in the mirror who do you see? living a lie...fuck Extacy. swim,baby swim see the truth? it is there..can you see it..it's the light to your justice
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12 years ago
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