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*hard Times*
As I look at my life and how hard it is to be me,My eyes, my lips, my color that cover*s me.. How I wish at times people can see what*s in me, My talents, my intelligent, my education that provides for me, How I strive to be a person in this corrupt world we call society, Looking for the right type of jobs, that would build my mind and that will fit me, As I drop to my knees thanking god for what he*s done for me, Keeping food on the table and a place for me to sleep, As I continue on my journey keeping faith in the air, living my life day by day praying one day some one will care* by Azul
Funny Thoughts
"Treat me like an angel and I'll be your lil' devil." Crazy is a relative term in my family! Men, chocolate, and coffee are all better rich. "Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." "Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to." Procrastinate now, don't put it off. Boys make good pets! Princess in training! At least I can still smoke in my car Caution, Blind Man Driving. "Never think about the mistakes you made. Think about the mistakes you will make." All trespassers will be shot on sight. All survivors will then be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Have a nice day! "To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail."-Michael Jordan "No BLOOD no foul." "Life's an Ocean, Sail It" "We are going to rip off your testicles.......and slash your tires." - Nip Best friends are the people that know all about and still put up with you! I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.
My Weekend
we had party that made me crazy running here and there.. before even it begun i'm already drowning w/bubbly water.. i made the dinner for 15 people including 5 kids Salmon & i made it the way Timmy tips.. [so Timmy everyone luvs that thanx to ya] i made Aubergine Parmigiana a Greek salad vegetables quiche i made cheese and macaroni casserole & tofu dogs for kids while im cooking i drank lots of red & white wine as soon it started im not myself anymore hahahahaha somehow i inhibit other people body:D and i still manages to swam for half ah hour before i pass out so thats my Saturday all right.. so yesterday.. i went to church ya i know somehow i need some face to face talk to him coz somehow i have some thing to ask him.. but the minute were out everyone is so swearing so i add some swear to that too hahahahahaha i took my sister out for breakfast watch movie.. we watched MUMMY 3 nice though Rachel Weiz is no longer there.. then i went shopping coz i felt horrible ag
Flirty Train
New Train...for all you folks who like to FLIRT..and OMG...yes I'm one of them To get on this train r/f/a all members. Let them know that you are joining the flirt train in your friend request. If they are already a friend leave them a comment like "I like to flirt" and don't forget to re-rate them. NO DRAMA...NO DRAMA...NO DRAMA did i say NO DRAMA When new members add you rate them as well as leave them a flirty comment. Rate this flirty folder and you'll get a flirty tag specially made by vitamin de~. Start with this picture. Start rating...this is a great way to keep in touch with friends and meet new friends. Don't forget to message Vitamin de~ when you've finished the train to be added....and rate the picture folder for your special flirty tag. ~vitamin de~
Things Takin For Granted
have u ever took the time to think of everythin u take for granted?? the smell of the mornin air,the sun upon ur skin,to hear someone say they love u,the laughter of ur children! no one knows how long they have so today everytime u look at somethin think would u miss it if it was gone? make sure if u love someone let them know casue who is to say ur gonna be here tomarrow to do!
Off The Record
off the record there's somethin i need to say to you this ain't easy but it's what my heart has to do cause i can't let you go untill i let you know that off the record im still in love with you By Aaron Watson gud song but sad
Thank Uuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!
The Human Body
Just Another Poem
I have just come back from my holiday to Britiande, Portugal. It was fantastic its a small town in northen portugal, deep in the mountains. There are lots of bars to visit, and a shop there with a beautiful girl helping her parents in their shop. I will upload pictures of the area tomorrow but right now I am heading to bed.
Any Girls That Are Tech N9ne Fans
Love This One... So True
~~{Calling All Ladies !!! Calling All Ladies !!!~~ Have you ever wanted to show JUST what you have??? Well nows your chance to shine!! The Pu$$ycat Playmates and Pimps are putting on a Wet T-Shirt Contest and all are invited to join!! The first 8 ladies to sign up will compete for the bragging rights of Best Wet T-Shirt !! The rules are simple and easy to follow ... If your interested in joining this contest, there is a entry fee. Its not alot and well worth it. All you have to do is send 5,000 fubuxs to the Pu$$ycat Playmates Homepage and add in the message that its your entry fee for the contest. The contest will run for a total of 4 nights. On the last night the Grand Prize Winner will be chosen and announced. Contest nights are as follows .... November 21st @ 3am EST November 22nd @ 3am EST November 28th @ 3am EST November 29th @3am EST ( Contest will be held in the Pink Pu$$ycat Lounge ) On the first night 4 girls will compete with the top 2 m
Jack And Jill
Do you know the moral of this story. Don't screw around and get caught :) I need to stop watching tv...seriously!
Casablanca Is Gone
Bogey has fled the site. Of all the gin joints in all the world I had to walk into the one with the obviously highest number of faked profiles by "studs" and "sluts". The irony is a true young woman hit me up and I am willing to break my rules of adult fun with online site members as a birthday gift...and as confusing as this site is, she will probably never get my message and just like in the movie I'll spend the night with a coctail, black jazz piano player and as I don't do men the dark night will have another friend so let down by sites like this I will just let the bottle drink me for the night. As time goes by....................... Giving away love has become usual for me.  I can come to your city and love you more than other men in your past...I hope to see you in my inbox wanting to know honest and sincere since when asked exactly all the insane details I promise to have 8+ hours designed just for you...the woman first to rock me like a hurricane will get a special
Bridges Can B Built...
this is a repost from lady victorias blog..thank you for sharing thsi my dearest sister. my heart is always yours to have. Fires rage in my heart the heat heals the pain bridges can be built as a human being I listen to your suffering you offer me your story the pain of the war I learn bridges can be built you are my enemy I was told be a good girl speak only our words and then I met you bridges can be built truth is more important I will speak out for the healing of the world take courage take spirit the game of the tribe is not for me bridges can be built the clothes of prejudice now stripped away as I open to you leaving my bare soul that can love you all bridges can be built with the eyes of knowing I move from us and them our differences disappear the unity of humanity remains bridges can be built your sons could be mine and I could be your brother planting the bomb that killed the little boy bridges can be built and now I sta
A Different Kind Of Christmas Poem
The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep. In perfect contentment, or so it would seem, So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near, But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear. Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know, Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow. My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear, And I crept to the door just to see who was near. Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night, A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight. A soldier, I puzzled, some tw
Lmao @ Mumm
My Official I'm being a shithead MUMM Comments.. January 9, 2009 @ 3:24 pm (I jumped in here,about midway through the bashings... *** is me and > is the other person) >it wouldnt matter if you actually lasted longer than 3 minutes the first time 3 actually know someone that lasts that long?? :-P my last 2 guys lost their virginities 4-5 hours my sons dad 15-30 min my bf before him 1 hour + guy i lost my v tag to, who was also a virgin 2 hours **Umm..maybe if they FELT something IE friction they might have exploded earlier =X >ehh wrong answer douche, i have a narrow vagina. and i am a power bottom, they go then get it back up and go again. and again and again. just cause you cant keep your shit up dont fucking me that i am lacking cause my boyfriends can... bald fucker **"power bottom" that means fat ass to most men..Even from us bald fuckers ;) >power bottom is a gay term for the bottom (person being fucked) who doesnt just lay there
Women And Hatred
If you are truly a true friend, than you would not let what others tell you about a person base your opinion of that person. If you are a true friend, or a true human being, you will get to know a person YOURSELF and not what others say. Be grown...and don't let your online g/f or friends control your life or your friendships. I have been on this site for well over a year and unfortunately, I have alot more haters than I ever imagined. I don't bother these ppl and I let them be. Most of the hatred stems from me and my bubbly personality and me being able to be friends with men more easily than women. Now we all know how Fubar seems to be the new hook up spot and ppl are falling in love thru the computer more now without even meeting ppl. So when I become friends with a man and they seem to like my honesty and just who I am a person, their "online" lover gets upset and hence becomes my hater and feels the need to make up lies and talk shit about me. That's when I exit hater
Hello Everyone
I'm new on fubar and wanted to say hello to everyone. Any questions for me just ask.
Party Animal
i'm a party animal and love life, come and join me, lol
Contest !!!!
> > > > > > > > ONE MILLION FUBUCK NSFW TRIPLE SALUTE CONTEST! > > > > > > > > ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > BIG BUCKS FOR A ROCKIN' KAWK NSFW SALUTE!!! > > > > (we want them to be from men we know.) > > > > ------------------------------------------------ > > > > > > > > ONE MILLION FUBUCK NSFW TRIPLE SALUTE CONTEST! > > > > ================================================= > > > > c'mon, you know you wanna... > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > all you've got to do is: > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Take a pic of your cock > > > > ------------------------ > > > > > > > > with LUCKY /& STOMPS/ or/ SICKKIE /& BOMBSHELL written on it. > > > > > > > > then send it to: > > > > > > > > peroxidebombshell > > > > she will put the pics ((salutes into the folder she has appropriately titled CONTEST)) > > > > > > > > sundday the 8th the entries will
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good day mates iam 26 and i iam a snake cacther iam a nice person unless you piss me off mate well all i got to say is jog on motherfuckers hello iam from the land down under iam 26 i cacth the worlds most venomous snakes benn bit 45 times by these deadly but beutiful animals iam nice person until you piss me off and if you have xbox live this is my gamer tag so jog on have a nice day mates
Bed Time Pleasures
This Is What Friends Are For
Some of you know that I have a very good friend on here, her name is Linda.  We have been friends since we both joined this site when it was Cherry Tap. We have had lots of fun on here, bombing, being in contests together and helping each other out.  We've shared lots of laughs, tears and many secrets. She feels like a sister to me although we have never met, I hope to meet her one day.  I have spoke to her children on here and they are wonderful kids as well.  We have even shared snailmail. She just found out that her mum has cancer.  So what I would like for all my fu friends and fu fans and family to do is. Drop by her page, show her some love and support and so whatever it is you do in this type of situation to be kind to someone in need, because she would surely do the same for you if I asked her to because that's the kind of friend she is. Thanks a lot..Love,,  Amy   Gypsysoul@ fubar
listen up everyone who needs to care i am lookin for all juggalo family members. that includes juggalos and juggaletts. pass it on to ur friends everybody. facepaint or none family is family i want to bring everyone together.  i am waiting,,,,,
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What's The Less When You Learn The Lesson, Then Forget It?!
For the rest of my life there are two days that will never again trouble me. The first day is yesterday with all its blunders & tears, its follies & defeats. Yesterday has passed away, beyond my control forever. The other day is tomorrow with its pitfalls & threats, its dangers & mystery. Until the sun rises again, I have no stake in tomorrow, for it is till unborn.  ~ Og Mandino, in the Return of the Ragpicker   This is so beautiful that I just had to.....  
I work as a limo driver here in Las Vegas, if your making plans to come to Vegas...... remember to give me a call. I can take care of Night Clubs, Strip Clubs, or anything you will need on your trip... I can cut you a deal if you mention your on FUBAR....     Jerimiah       702 834 1250
Alrighty, we know most of you are easy-going and like to have a good time but let's go a little beyond that! You've got 10 seconds to make an impression. A photo will open the door but how and what you write can make or break the deal. Unlike bars and parties where you have think on your feet, you now have the opportunity to carefully craft your portrait in the best possible light. So take a moment to write an amazing greeting here. Remember: you are selling a product : you.
Akram Robat
Future of banking Cheapest Car Insurance
Marketing Ideas Small Business
marketing ideas small business superbadasslistbuilder
What I Wan In A Man!!!!
1. God fearing 2. Faithfull 3.Charming 4.Handsome 5.Witty 6.Responsible 7.Gentlemen 8. A caring listener 9.Appreciate finer things 8.Full of thoughtful surprise 9.Romantic lover 10.carries bag etc. 11.Remembring occassions 12.Neat , no tattoo,no piercing, 13.Decent 14 Financially succeeful !5.Work steady 16.Usually remembers punchlinesof jokes=) 17 Doesnt smoke,doesnt drink alcohlic it's ok if occationaly 18.Cute... 19. SINGLE,,,,no ex wife......   How i wish there's a man in this world that i try to find perfect for me....if you know you are my man that ive waited/looking for just ym  me
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Latino Lover
Night In The Park..............

Fubar Pc Nazis
Positive Thinking
First Impressions....
Farewell: thou atr too dear for my possessing. And like enough thou know'st thy estimate. The charter of thy worth gives thee releasing; My bonds in thee are all determinate. For how do I hold thee but by thy granting, And for riches where is my wanting. And for that riches where is my deserving? The cause of this gift in me is wanting, And so patent back again is swerving. Thyself thou gav'st, thy own worth the most knowing. Or me, to whom thou gav'st it, else mistaking; So thy great gift, upon misprison growing, Comes home again, on better judgement making. Thus have I had thee as a dream doth flatter, In sleep a king, but waking no such matter
I Believe
POST THIS IF YOUR DAD IS OR WAS A HARD WOKING MAN AND HAS HELPED YOU AS MUCH AS HE COULD AT THE TIME NO MATTER HOW GOOD OR BAD YOU WERE AND IS JUST THE BEST DAD EVER IF YOU ARE BLESSED TO STILL HAVE YOUR DAD WITH YOU OR HE IS IN ANOTHER PLACE AT THE MOMENT,OR HE IS WAITING FOR YOU IN HEAVEN,PASTE THIS TO YOUR STATUS AND LET EVERYONE KNOW YOU ARE PROUD OF YOUR DAD YOU CAN REPLACE ALOT OF PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE,BUT YOU ONLY HAVE ONE DAD,AND REMEMBER ANYONE CAN BE A FATHER, BUT IT TAKES SOMEONE SPECIAL TO BE A DAD I believe that the sun shines,after the rain, I believe if you dont get hurt,you,ll never gain I believe in not doing things the easy way, I believe that being selfish doesnt pay. I believe in a secound chance,I believe in a life long romance, I believe there is life after death,and standing up to a life of mess, I believe in love at first site,I believe that rerevenge is not right.I believe that first impressions last, and there is nothing better than a good laugh, I believe that
I Could Imagine Forever
You are not perfectBut I think you areTo tell you what I feelWords can only go so farIf I could only share one ounceOf the love I feel todayAnd to know, just for one secondThat you might feel the same wayI’d hold you for as longAs I could imagine foreverAlthough we say it couldn’t lastI don’t want to say neverThe way we can talkTo understand, to just knowIs something so specialI never want to let it goThe time our paths did crossAnd the lives that we liveLeave us, it seems, so littleTo share and to give.But to give, even a littleIs so much better than noneTo be someone for each otherIn life, in love, in fun.
Mobile Analytics
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From Dream To Reality
The time for fanciful fantasization has passed;Our time has arrived, at long last-Our future together may begin as you command-Come to me my beloved, take my handAnd we shall learn to fly togetherAs we embrace what remains of forever!Much thought has gone into this offer-Be not, to this imagined miracle, a scoffer;Before an answer may pass your lips,Think of the potential of our unpursued relationship-All that it may have been, if only we had tried;Think of the magic we have, before you decideTo keep this inspired romance under continued coffer-Think of this as your 'can't lose, can't refuse' offer!We know how our hearts feel after our brief romance,So why not allow each the benefit of a real chanceAt love, unfettered by outside influence? !Let us allow our souls their long-sought confluence!I have closed mine eyes, in heightened mentation,And used all the power of my imagination,To conjure up the image of what a man need be,And time after time, you are all I ever see!I implore you to
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Black Glitter
God I feel like shite, I have a head cold and my head feels like anytime soon it's just going to bloody pop! I am never drinking again! Yes if only I could say that without a smirk…. But fact is I don't enjoy it anymore I found myself just drinking because everyone else did when we went out… I don't need alcohol to enjoy myself Christ I am hyper and confident enough without it, so bring on the coke for me…..well maybe lemonade from time to time ! –rolls her eyes- I just want to go back to bed but I have a thousand and seven things to do starting with getting dressed.. yeh I am naked ohhhhhh just think of that….-bounces her bits- hey if I had a cam I could make a fortune with my bouncing breasts… ohhh the shame of it…..-laughs- Anyway I am off to make myself a little more presentable, if that is humanly possible at all.. Have a good one!
Loving Lost Cherry
I do not know about anyone else but I am loving this site very much. Made lots of great friends.
No Bounds
Our love knows no bounds It trancends earthly grounds Longing to touch your face To smell your skin to touch your lace Entwined in your arms Away from all lifes harm To capture your heart Our new love will start Reaching out to touch your soul Minds and hearts take a toll Loving you is like the warm sun Making our hearts beat as one
Silly Me
Check This Out! Imvu Rocks!!
I know it sounds really really gay, but check it out anyway, I'm Enzara. I'mGuest_Starfire820on
Life Is Seriously A Fkd Up Mess
Why is it that losing a drummer feels like someone died? We had the tightest little group and now we have to go through the whole process all over again. The human wonderbra is retreating into himself and leaving me to deal with the aftermath. Sometimes I feel like we're close enough to taste sucess and then it's just pulled away like the proverbial carrot. There's so many good bands out there especially here in cali but you have to cling to the hope that your band has something new, something untapped and speacial. I can't help but believe that, otherwise I'd just throw in the towel. Wrote 2 new songs this week...both thuroughly bathed in feminine angst and served up cold with a side of bitterness. Lovely...just fucking lovely. Bad things always seem to come in threes. First of all a guy gets killed where the human wonderbra(aka my bf) works...then a friend gives me a rabbit which i dont want, and my drummer leaves the band ten minutes before practice. Fk me running. Since this is my
I just found out that I have a vampire name. 3 different web sites have all given me similar names. Some of you may not believe in that stuff, I myself am skeptical. But I like anything mythical, mysterious...and it wierd that 3 different places come up with similar names. Well here it is.... Angelique Vigée-Lebrun Known in some parts of the world as: Leto of Wallachia The Great Archives Record: Died and rose again in the name of eternal love. This could be a random thing, who knows. But its cool to learn! I grew up on Rock n Roll, which is now considered classic rock. I love Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative, even some Pop. I absolutely HATED country until a few years ago. I like a few artists, but I can not get over the WHINING that is in a lot of that music. (This coming from a girl who grew up not too far from NASHVILLE.) Go figure. What do you like? Just a Place I thought I would post names of some people I have lost touch with. Tami Kaiser ~ Brian and Cheyenne's mom. K
What A Kiss Means
What a KISS means *Kiss on the belly----"yes im on my way down" *Kiss on the Forehead ----"i want to keep you forever" *Kiss on the Ear ---"I'm horny" *Kiss on the Cheek ---"We're friends" *Kiss on the Hand ---"I adore you" *Kiss on the Neck ---"lets fuck" *Kiss on the Shoulder ---"I want you" *Kiss on the Lips ---"I love you" OR "I want you" *Holding Hands ---"she/he is mines" *A wink ---"wanna go somewhere else?!?!?" *Slap on the Butt ---"wanna hook up" *Playing with the Ear --- "I can't live without you" *Holding on tight ---"Don't let go" *Looking into each other's Eyes ---"I wanna be with u" *Playing with Hair on Head ---"Tell me you love me" *Arms around the Waist ---"Your mine and I'm never letting go" *Laughing while Kissing --"I am completley Comfortable with you" --Advice-- *Dont ask for a kiss, take one. *If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you're definitely in Love (or strong like).
Are You Really There?????????????????
I have come to realize I am not the only one who has a prob with this! What do I have a problem with you ask??? Well how many times have you thougt a friend was here on LC when they Really aren't?? TOO damn many. That little dayglo cherry that is supposed to show when you are online, is a lyin little SOB! I have been on the phone with LC friends when they are in the car driving somewhere, and their little LC dayglo cherry says they are online, and I KNOW they are not. I hate that shit! I know there are gonna be probs with this (or any site) but I hope they can fix this!
I'm Backkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!
Hey everyone i'm sorry that i've have'nt been on here for a while i've been working on my new video "Long way 2 go" I want to thank all my fans for supporting me. P.S. Some people might think I just a FAKE well news flash i'm not this is the real Cassie and the people that do believe me just send me a friend requst and for those who think i'm FAKE i don' care about you all i'm gonna continue being me and persuing my dream to become a star. I LOVE you all but i have to go. BYE Cassie
Gotta Love It..
F U@ CherryTAP
Molson Canadian Comercial
(this is not me it's a molson canadian commercial) Hey. I'm not a lumberjack, or a fur trader... and I don't live in an igloo or eat blubber, or own a dogsled... and I don't know Jimmy, Sally or Suzy from Canada, although I'm certain they're really, really nice. I have a Prime Minister, not a President. I speak English and French, NOT American. and I pronouce it ABOUT, NOT A BOOT. I can proudly sew my country's flag on my backpack. I believe in peace keeping, NOT policing. DIVERSITY, NOT assimilation, AND THAT THE BEAVER IS A TRULY PROUD AND NOBLE ANIMAL. A TOQUE IS A HAT, A CHESTERFIELD IS A COUCH, AND IT IS PRONOUCED 'ZED' NOT 'ZEE', 'ZED'! CANADA IS THE SECOND LARGEST LANDMASS! THE FIRST NATION OF HOCKEY! AND THE BEST PART OF NORTH AMERICA! MY NAME IS JOE! AND I AM CANADIAN
Sex Poems
roses are red Lemons are sour Open ur legs and give me an hour Kissing Is A Habit Fucking Is A Game Guys Get All The Pleasure Girls Get All The Pain 10 Minutes Of Pleasure 9 Months Of Pain 3 Days In The Hospital A Baby Without A Name The Baby Is A Bastard The Mother Is A Whore This Woulda Never Happend If The Rubber Hadn't Tore!! Sex is like math You subtract the clothes Add the bed Divide the legs And Pray to god You dont multiply Roses are red Grass is green Open your legs And I'll fill you with cream Hickory dickory dock This bitch was suckin my cock The clock struck two I dumped my goo And dumped her to the end of the block Sex is good Sex is fine Doggy Style & 69 Just for fun Or gettin paid Everyone likes gettin laid Sex is evil Sex is a sin Sins are forgiven So stick it in!!! roses are nice violets are fine. ill be the six if you be the nine.
Jeans And Stilettos
Ex's Bf's Should Stay Gone!!!
ok i've been broken up w/ my abusive ex for 14 months now. we were togeher for 2 years, i raised his son from the time he was 19 months old to the time he was over 3, pottytrained him, started teaching him to talk (he was a special needs child because his biological mother was a methaddict), fed him, clothed him, nurtured him, put him to bed at night, he called me "Shmom" short for Shannon-mom (my real name is Shannon). i supported them BOTH financially since the bastard wouldnt get off welfare and so i paid the rent, bought the groceries, bought the clothes on BOTHS their backs, bought diapers, baby wipes, everything! then the jerk had the gaul to track me down on myspace and send me a message saying "what happend to our love. i really did love u. it's your long lost love David" so i flipped. and i said "long lost YES love HELL NO!" u abused me, u hurt me took advantage of me and then broke my heart by cheating on me w/ your son's mother, THEN cheated on me AGAIN w/ some random chick
Can any of my friends please help me out and go to the link below and vote and rate my pic please. I will return a favor. Thank You all. [ photo: 1684473848 ] I need any one and every one to click on my pic to go to the pic shown and please vote and rate my pic. I will always return the favor when ever is needed......
I can't believe my baby girl just turned three years old yesterday! We had such a wonderful day! Karissa got so many gifts! She was surprised! There were a lot of people here wanting to celebrate her special day with her. Karissa requested a Cinderella cake. And it was beautiful! I hated to cut into it! Because it looked just beautiful! My baby girl...She's growing up! Hi There Cherry Fans! Just wanted to wish you a very happy new year! Hope that we can all stay in touch! Maybe you can stop by & take a look at my page. I've updated it for the month of January. I love getting all festive each month! Hope to talk to you soon! Leave a message showing your love & I would do the same! Love & Hugs! Just wanted to take a moment & wish everybody that stops by my page...A Very Happy Thanksgiving! Courtesy of
Love Is Like A Goes Where It Pleases And Pleases Where It Goes.
Daddy Roush@ CherryTAP Its nice to see everyone having fun and I hope it continues on. I live on a natural high and enjoy every day I'm given on the God given green earth.
After stumbling out of a bar, I started to cross the street at the cross walk because I am such a grade A citizen. As I take one foot off the curb, I hear this sound of tires grinding across the payment. I turn to look over my shoulder and I see this silver lancer coming right at me, but it’s not the vehicle laying rubber on the pavement. Frozen like a deer in headlights, I try frantically to get out of way. As the lancer gets closer I can see the person driving, it looks like she is practicing her “Rocker” squint in the rear view mirror. As her shrunken head hanging from the rear view mirror sways back in forth, she realizes that she is going to hit me, she slams on her brakes and swerves to try and avoid me. But it’s too late… she slams into me and I go flying… her car finally comes to a complete stop 20 yards past me, then I see the reverse lights come on and she starts to backup. As I am feeling relieved that she actually stopped, she runs me over again. Now I am stuck und
hi i'm cherry,i'm 36 years old,i'm a blonde with green eye's as you can tell.i'm 5"7 and weight i can't tell!!!i have two beatiful daughters one is 21 the other is 13.they grow up to fast.i live here in west texas some where.i'm here for friends and to have a good time.sence i have been here on cherrytap i have not been bord at all.would like to say thank you to the one's that have been keeping me busy. This is a tribute to a fallen hero SGT. Conrad Alvarez......Please turn up your volume, there is a special song playingConrad was born Jan. 20, 1986, in Sweetwater. He grew up in Sweetwater and Roscoe. Conrad attended school in both towns and played football for the Roscoe Plowboys. He graduated from high school in 2004 at Hobbs, Texas. Conrad moved to Big Spring in 2004 and enlisted in the Army in 2005. He was on his second tour in Iraq. Conrad married Maira Chavez, Oct. 10, 2007, in Hopkinsville, Ky. He was a Catholic. Conrad is survived by his wife, Maira Alvarez of Oakgrove, Ky., al
My Respect
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Romance is like love, it has no color nor an age, It cannnot be explained in a single word or phrase. Romantic or not, anyone can relate, especially those with any affection to anyone or anything. Romance is overrated, or overrated is exaggerated, meaning, evryone has their own opinion, on its definition. To have some affection towards another, or a interest in your own contributions, is like the feelings of romantic persuader, dwelling to their own mechasisms. Romance is passion, the involvement of strong feelings. It may also be a burden if obsession has penetrated. But, who can define what Romance really mean? is it the young couple's who use it as pass time, or the old folks, who say it is their secret. I honestly cannot say, for romance to me is like trying to explain, what makes a rose an attribution to my opposite sex. I do not try to infer on own life, but this word has brought an attraction to
To All My Friends
I will be VERY busy the next 3 days as I am hosting the christmas dinner/presents opening and all that hoopla for the first time this year. And on Tuesday Mat, Crys & I are gonna spend the day at Disney from 8a-midnight!! Basically enjoying the parks then meeting our parents to watch Gary Sinise tell the christmas story thingy at the Candlelight Processional and of course stay for the Osborne Family Lights, Fantasmic & late night rides at MK! WOOT! So dont expect to see me much till wednesday afternoon. Hope everyone's xmas goes well and you get something god if not everything you asked for! and on that note..... HAPPY CHRISTMAKWANZAKUH TO ALL! LMAO For a few months now I have had a room mate named Crystal. Its odd the way she became our room mate as she was the new girlfriend of the ex best friend Ray. She came to meet him before halloween and we all hit it off so she stayed a few days and after a bit of a discussion she convinced me to allow her to move in and find a job
im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored please help xx im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored,someone help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hiya,im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored any one wanna play xxx
For My Friends And Family
Music Video Codes by Music Video Codes by Music Video Codes by
HEY PEOPLE WATS GOOD WIT U, I'M NEW 2 ALL THIS, SO A LIL` HELP WOULDN'T HELP ANY SUGESTIONS FROM ANY 1 WOULD HELP..... =-)..... The Ultimate SEX Survey by game_gurl69Do you like it rough or sensual?: ROUGHDo you prefer to be with the opposite sex or the same sex? or both?: BOTHHow often do you like to have sex?: ALL THE TIMEIs sex a top priority for you?: IT CAN BEDo you have sex face to face with your partner?: SUM TIMES,BUT LIKE IT FROM BEHINDHow often do you get drunk and have wild, crazy sexy with a complete stranger?: NOT ENOUGHHow do you feel about one night stands?: IT'S FINE IF U R SINGLEHow many one night stands have you had?: 4What's your favorite position?: ALL POSITIONS U CAN THINK OFWhere's your favorite place to have sex?: ANY WHEREDo you prefer to make love or f*uck?: BOTH , DEPENDS ON THE MOODHave you ever watched porn while having sex?: WELL YAHow long do you usually fore-play b4 doing the deed?: DEPENDS ON THE MOODDo you get off first or do they?: I DODo
Want A Spanking? Hehe
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
I always feel lonely.My husband is never home when I need him.He's always @ the da*n firehall.It makes me feel like he would rather be there then here with me, and it hurt's me so much.He picks his friends and the firehall over me almost every day.He dont care how I feel inside.I tell him to leave for good but he won't.I would rather be apart from him then have to keep feeling lonely.I would rather be with some one that will be there for me then always away.I miss being loved.I wish I could find some one that care's how I feel.I want to find some one that will love me.I hope some day I will find that person.
* Beautiful Nature Of Compassion *
"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us _universe_, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty." -- Albert Einstein
Denisties And Writes Too !
Trix N Treats
Wow. So I ventured to a new unknown territory. The place : Midwest City Jail . This is my story. It's a true story. The names of the people and places were not changed to protect the innocent. It was a Saturday evening. My son, Caleb, spent the day with his father while I was working. This was a very unusual experience for me because his father is always too consumed with work and his future wife ( Jenny ) to have time available to spend with his first son. I say first because Jenny is expecting to deliver his second child, also a boy. All I can say is good luck to her. I was also once a future wife of David's that was expecting his child. Never in my life will I voluntarily experience that much hell again. I arrived at David's around four fourty five. I stayed briefly; just long enough to pack my son's things and ensure his father that his recent announcement of engagement had minimal effect on me. I am completely happy as long as she doesn't expect to be special to my son.
Sometimes it may seem easier 2 tell a lie. But its really easier to tell the truth in the long run! To all the fakes and foneys who think they have everyone fooled, remember, what goes around comes around, 10 fold!
Sometimes a person never thinks that one day that will be here on earth and then shit happens to mkae people think. Have anyone else had odd things happen to them latetly?
Fucken Lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Exerpts From A Dog's And A Cat's Diaries.
EXCERPTS FROM A DOG'S DAILY DIARY: 8:00 a.m. Oh, boy! Dog food! My favorite! 9:30 a.m. Wow! A car ride! This is a blast! 9:40 a.m. A walk in the park! Ate some crap...Delicious! 10:30 a.m. Getting rubbed and petted! I'm in love! 12:00 p.m. Lunch! Yummy! 1:00 p.m. Playing in the yard! I just love it! 3:00 p.m. Staring adoringly at my masters...they're the best! I'll wag my tail in joy. 4:00 p.m. Hooray! The kids are home! I'm bouncing off the walls! 5:00 p.m. Milkbones! Great! 7:00 p.m. Get to play ball! This is too good to be true! 8:00 p.m. Wow! Watching TV with my master! Heavenly! 11:00 p.m. Sleeping at the bottom of my master's bed! Life is soooooooo great! EXCERPTS FROM A CAT'S DAILY DIARY: Day 683 of My Captivity: My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects. They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while the other inmates and I are fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets. Although I make my contempt for the rations perfectly clear, I ne

You prefer Rough sex! You like it ROUGH. Hard, great, wonderful slamming sex is your type of sex. More the product of lust than love - and utterly horny - rough sex is what satisfies you. 'What is the best type of sex for you?' at
Banned From My Lounge
I`m Falling and I Can`t See the Ground:no wonder i dont come in here anymore its turned into a cyber room - fucking hypocrits im unsubscribing delete | ban Apparently she thinks talking sex or flirting is wrong and nasty.. and yet.. she came into my lounge every damned day doesnt say a word.. Nothing. Now she complains what they talk about in my lounge.. She doesnt have any right what so ever. Stay out of my lounge Renee.. you aren't welcomed anymore!!!!Good riddens!
Blog Blog Blog
ok so i have a 5 yr old who is bipolar and he just got home last week from a hospital in saratoga. he takes meds and shit and they work for the most part the problem i am running into is he targets all his anger on the 3 year old sometimes hurting him real bad he recently clocked him in the nose and stood there laughing i am at the end of my rope and am unsure what i am going to do i cant be with them every sec. of the day. HELP ME first blog here on cherry tap and dont know what exactly to say. this place is different but i like it . very friendly people . And i like it . and there are adults and no little ones cool for me well will write a more promising blog sooner or later .
Julie'smusic Hits Favorite
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .* . . . . . . . . . . . . .*. . . . . . . ** * . . . . . . .. . . . . .*** . . * . . ***** . . . . . . . . . . . . .** . . **. . . . .* . . . . . . . . . . . . ***.*. . *. . . . .* . . . . . . . . . . . .****. . . .** . . . ****** . . . . . . . . . . . ***** . . . .**.*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .*****. . . . . **. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .*****. . . . . .*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .******. . . . .*. . . . . * . . . . . . . . . .******* . . .*. . . . .* . . . . . . . . . . .*********. . . . . * . . . . . . . . . . . .******* . *** . . *******. . . . . . . . .** . . .*******. . . . . . . . * . . . ******. . . . . . . . * * . . . .***. . *. . . . . . .** . . . . . . . . .*. . . . . * . . . . . . .****.*. . . .* . . . . . *******. .*. .* . . . . .*******. . . *. . . . . .*****. . . . * . . . . .**. . . . . .* . . . . .*. . . . . . **.* . . . . . . . . . . . ** . . . . . . . . . . .* erik santos - say you'll never go Say
Redheaded Barbie's Blogs
1. The female makes the rules. 2. The rules are subject to change by the female at any time without prior notification. 3. No male can possibly know all the rules. Attempts to document the rules are not permitted. 4. If the female suspects that the male may know some or all of the rules, she must immediately change some or all of the rules. 5. The female is never wrong. 6. If the female is wrong, it is because of an egregarious misunderstanding which was the direct result of something the male did, said, did not do, or did not say. 7. If rule 6 is invoked, the male must apologize immediately for having been the cause of the misunderstanding without any clues from the female as to what he did to have caused the misunderstanding. See rule 13. 8. The female may change her mind at any time for any reason or no reason at all. 9. The male is never permitted to change his mind or under circumstances without the express written consent of the female which is given only
Gorean Thoughts/dreams/fantacies
Have rejoined Paltalk Gor and Have joined the Home of Master Thorgards Palace (MTP) I am Under the name LadyWolf_FW_MTP I am hoping to get the rest of the home on here so far got two to join ;) ya know who you are. about 2 years ago I had a large Gorean Community I was a part of online and off and after being offline and moving to Florida I lost contact with allmost all of them and now that i am bnack online I been looking and as of yet have been unable to find any of my old friends let alone the current online chat forums of the lifestyle. What happened where they all go? Names I have been known as : Ubara Wolf shadow Lady Wolf Shadow tirsa{WM} jemina{SIF} athena{COS} ferral tuchuk girl gentlelarlcub gentlewolfcub Ravena chianaligrr{TC} ANY Goreans out there rember ME??? looking for old friends and new ones and Homes to visit.
Not A Day Goes By
All I have are pictures, just visions on a screen, I have no way to hold you, no way to show you, just how much you mean, but in my heart and soul, you are forever apart of me, you ask me if I think of you, if my love is real, you have only to open your heart, and inside you will feel, with my every heartbeat, every breath and every thought, I think of you always, love you more then words can say, when don't you cross my mind, a million times a day? Not A day Goes By... Music Video Codes By Music
Free Gift Opportunity
Personal Stuff
Kind of lost here right now. The woman I love just told me that she hasn't thought of us as together for a while now. Came as a bit of a shock to me. I knew she had been keeping me at arms length for a while but she would never say what was wrong until tonight. I guess I am back to being single again, still a bit of a shock to me as she was the reason I moved up here. Not sure why I posted this, no one bothers to read my blogs anyway. Sorry to bore anyone that does bother to read this one.
Insane Ramblings(try Not To Pay Them Any Mind. Xd)
So, here I am, just sitting here. Yep. I hate just about everything right now. I havent woken up in three days cause I've yet to acctually sleep. I think I broke something important last night, but I dont remember how, or what I broke. I have consumed entierly too many energy drinks this week for any sane, healthy individual. I might have died a few days ago, but if I did, no one's acctually let me in on it, its just a feeling I have right now. I hate feeling. Because feeling hurts, and I hate that shit. If I could, I would destroy your world, because all its ever brought me is pain. Your world sucks, and I would love to burn it down. Maybe someday I will. If I can somehow figure out how to get this damn ghost to leave me alone long enough to compleate my death beam. Oop's. Forget I mentioned said beam of death, its not copyrighted yet. I really have to get on that. Anyway, I hope something good happens in like the next 24 hours, or I'm going to either stab someone, or myself. For real
My Live Cam
Express Yourself LIVE Come & say hi sometime;-) Express Yourself LIVE Express Yourself LIVE
Read This Please
to all my friends and fans just saying ty for the rates and love droping some dragon love on ya allCourtesy of MsTags.comCourtesy of just wanted to show some love to all my friends and fans TOP COMMENT Graphics Love Comments Graphics Images
Are U A Nascar Fan
IM SURE WE ALL HAVE CRUSHES OR ARE THEY FANTISY, WHAT DO ABOUT THEM DO WE ACT UPON OUR IMPLUSE, DO WE SECERTLY FANITSIZE ABOUT WHAT WE'D LIKE TO DO WITH THE OTHER PERSON, DO WE FIND THE NEAREST PERSON TO FULLFIL THEIR SHOSES.. WE WONDER WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE TO TAKE THE OTHER PERSON TIGHT INTO OUR ARMS AND CURESSES THEIR BODY UPON OURS, TO FILL THEIR LIPS UPON OURS.. THEIR ARM RAPPED AROUND US BUT DO WE ACT OR DO WE FANTISIZ THAT IS THE QUESTION. GIVEN THE CHANCE FOR ME I THINK I WOULD ACT WHAT WOULD YOU DO ? This could be used as rules for men eliminate lots of prblems lol just jokin Edit Jun 8, 2007, 1:24 pm 9 WORDS WOMEN USE 1. FINE: This is the word to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up . 2.FIVE MINTUES: if she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. five mintues is only if you have just been given five minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.. 3.NOTHING: This is the calm before the storm. this means something, and y
Partner Families...
Drunk tagger gets a beat down. - Click Here for more great videos and pictures! Tough Talker Gets His Ass Whipped - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!
I Need You
My First Blog
Soo, I named this blog my first blog because it is my first and didn't feel much like coming up with some kind of extraordinary name as this is not about anything extraordinary. Maybe I should have called it long sentence blog that might have been fitting. But anyways, last night I changed my default. It's a very nice pic in my opinion. But I guess no-one else finds it interesting. I usually have many people visit my page. But during this happy hour, I have had not one hit. No one even visited. Not 1 person. That makes ZERO. So, now I wonder if I should change it back or laugh at them for not knowing what they missed. I guess that depends on if I plan on leveling up or not. .......not kidding NOT ONE PERSON.... Guess no-one appreciates art these days....... Annoyed
A Story About A Raven
Well I just wanted to tell some people that I just wanted to know why so many people have a fear of people that are Wiccan cause people see us as bad people all because we are a different religion we are still humans but because we are different and we are Wiccan people see us as the black sheep in a community we ya know what we are not freaks or anything like that we dont pray to trees we have different ways of doing things just like i have two tattoos one on my left wrist of a pentacle one on my right wrist of a trinity knot i have hear about my tattoos from people that see them cause they are different i always get called a devil worshiper ok whatever but we are always getting our ass chewed by somebody but you know what we are what we are we are Wiccan and that is what we do so if you dont like it well sorry for ya GET OVER IT WE ARE WITCHES AND WE DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT US
I'm Just A Girl..and These Are My Thoughts
Update for my lovely supporters! I found out that thay are making Jenna Jameson's auot-biogrophy into a movie! I told my mom that we are getting that on DVD when it comes out! I can't wait!!! Yay! Here are two links that you need to watch!! They are of my idol, Jenna.
What Does Your Birth Date Mean
Your Birthdate: June 20 You are a virtual roller coaster of emotions, and most people enjoy the ride. Your mood tends to set the tone of the room, and when you're happy, this is a good thing. When you get in a dark mood, watch out - it's very hard to get you out of it. It's sometimes hard for you to cheer up, and your gloom can be contagious. Your strength: Your warm heart Your weakness: Trouble controlling your emotions Your power color: Black Your power symbol: Musical note Your power month: February What Does Your Birth Date Mean?
Fooling Me
Life has a funny and ironic way of really messing with you. And people you thought you knew, people that you thought were honest and true and that really love you - you were wrong about. If someone really loves you do they meet and get involved with someone else within a week of breaking up? Is this thier way of moving on? Or is it their way because it was all Bullshit? Everything they said and did becomes nothing. They have no respect for you if they are already jumping into the arms of someone else without anytime for both parties to have some grieving and healing from the breaking up of the relationship. I have not gone out on a date with anyone. I have not let anyone else touch me. I have not done any of these things because of respect for what we shared and respect for my ex. Even though I am not sure he deserves it but that is the way I am. I have not invited anyone new into my family but maybe I should start? Who wants to be added?
Whats Poppin!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ COPY AND PASTE IT IT HAS MORE INFO AND PICS ABOUT ME THEN FUBAR DOES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AND IT HAS MY NEW PHOTOSHOOT PICS RATE THEM PLEASE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
Top 10 Reasons To Date A Paintballer!!
1. We aren't afraid to get down and dirty. 2. We know how to listen to directions. 3. We have at least a 10 inch barrel. 4. We can fire off 100's of rounds without gettin tired. 5. We always wear protection. 6. We love to be aggressive. 7. We never forget to lube. 8. Money is no limit. 9. We have quick finger action. 10. We play in many different positions.
6 Inches
Attn!! Do Not Add This Person!!
DO NOT ADD, FAN OR RATE THIS PERSON, SHE IS NOT ALLOWED ON THE TRAIN southernnymphgirl THAT IS ALL THANKS, HollieHottie™{President of I.A.R. Bombsquad & Founder of I.A.R Fan Train}
Please help me comment bomb Ms. Ladee just click the picture below and post as many comments as you can thank you Your help is appreciated Especially those of you she has helped, and there are quite a few of you. SHe has sat onhere and post 100's of comments for
Fourth Of July
WwW.SparkleTags.Com To all my Cherry Tap friends who are either in the service or have been, who have family their or friends , THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO SO I CAN BE FREE.
How Stupid People Can Be!
Hungman101: i love the perfect quality in ur pics wow lol ->Hungman101: thanks! Hungman101: u have to be a model wow... Hungman101: oh gah ur soo hot obviously none of the pictures ive posted have been me. dee dee dee!
There's a well known fact in the spirit world that's never been proven to be true, that when you're thinking of a lost loved one it's because they are thinking about you. A spirit is without body, form, or face but they truly exist in a very special space. They spend their days in freedom, merriment and glee, hoping that every now and then someone somewhere will be thinking of me. You see that is how they subsist in their spectral place, gaining strength and sustenance when you remember their face. So keep a poor ghost's hope alive and feed them to, Because when you're thinking about a lost loved one, they are thinking about you. One of my interests is in the origin of words and it just occured to me that P.I.M.P could stand for Prostitution Industry Management Professional and that that actually makes sense. Ha!
Banned From Posting Mumms
ok... so I was bored and just goofing around, and thought I would try to block my self, and I got this message... I thought the message was pretty crude, coming from the top, so I posted a mumm and didn't mark it NSFW... thinking if baby jesus can say it, so could I..... wrong.... I got banned from posting any more mumms. I asked about it in the support lounge and was told that baby j is a lunatic, and can say what ever he likes, because it's his site. I was posting this comment, today on all the mumms...
ok to start this out..... i really enjoy ct well fubar now.. but not sure wat to do so i think im going to lay dorment for some time i maybe on and may not im sure alot of u have noticed i dont comment like i used to or even the morphs...i have this problem... and its called i need a real life..i need to clear head...i dont wanna go but if i do it wil prolly be for about 6 not going to prison...i hope not anyhow...but i do this alot find new friends then i abanden them for 6 months and if they r there when i get back they r..and most how i tell who my friends really r... sorry if i have been different to some of u and im sure alot of u camn tell...... but anyhow long story short.......... i will be on but if i just up and vanished u know y...i think i owe to my friends this much atleast.... love ya all.......... oops and some more then thanks......
How can you ask Only one group of people To embark upon a task In changing the world? Times are changing And the hate is still here There are no more hangings But now it is a different group of people How can you say That you are a better race When statistics show That that is nay You say you hate racism But you mean directed at yourself You could care less About any white person. I am the minority where I live And the majority are so ignorant They ask and ask and take and take But never give. If I called you that hated word I know I would probably be dead Yet you call you \"friends\" that You let the ignorance get to your head Why do you hate me? I am Irish. I bet you didn\'t know We had it worse even than you. How is it possible That you say you hate All the racism but But the names you call me are hateful? Society has it wrong You say that the minority Must be respected Rather you must say the minority must be respectful! You sa
Beautiful Liar!!!!!!!!!
He said, I'm worth it, his one desire I know things about him that you wouldn't want to read about He kissed me, his one and only (Yes) Beautiful Liar Tell me how you tolerate the things you Just found out about You never know Why are we the ones who suffer I Have to let go He won't be the one to cry (Ay) Lets not kill the Karma (Ay) Lets not start a fight (Ay) It's not worth the drama For a Beautiful Liar (Oh) Can't we laugh about it (ha ha) (Oh) It's not worth our time (Oh) we can live without him Just a Beautiful Liar I trusted him but when i followed you I saw you together I didn't know about you then till I saw you with him when, yea I walked in on your love scene slow dancing You stole everything How can you say I did you wrong We'll never know When the pain and heartbreaks over I have to let go The innocence is gone (Ay) Let's not kill the Karma (Ay) Let's not start a fight (Ay) It's not worth the drama For a Beaut
Only Me
warm weather fan,collector,boat owner,ocean fisherman,tattooed and still receiving ink,love of many art forms,female form,gentle kind in mannor,outer shell not what expected,most surprized,very kind,animal lover,nature, photography,black/white darkroom in home,enjoy feeling, warm active hands,closeness a must,or not at all,no matter,your decision,movie fan,sometimes couch potatoe,not a bar person,homebody,small gatherings preferred,background of mind altering trips,not any more but retained a different view of seeing,weed smoker no cigrettes,well liked and easy to talk to if you take the time,enjoy eating so cook at home,not overweight,large body frame from years of labor,love all lady shapes,soulmate,playmate,best friend wanted,but would settle with relaxful cumpatable companions,please help me love you
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Zodiac Sign's
i'm a virgo and libra split between the 2 Virgo Your element: Earth Your ruling planets: Mercury Symbol: The Virgin Your stone: Sapphire Life Pursuit: To do the right thing Vibration: Compassionate and caring Virgo's Secret Desire: To love and be loved in return Description: Virgos are often put down badly by many astrologers and written up as being fussy and narrow-minded. But when a Virgo shines, there is practically no sign to match their inner light. An in-tune Virgo is a treat to meet. When a Virgo is confident within themselves they are the most successful, structured and creative of all the signs. Many Virgos can be found working in the "service to others" industries, ranging from welfare work, doctors, school-teachers through to practicing natural forms of healing like massage, herbal remedies etc. One of the most magical characteristics of the Virgo is no matter how many times life or romance turns sour on them, they still manage to maintain faith in others,
last week i decided i would live like i did when i was in college and go out every night and have fun. well i had fun, but what the hell i spent over $900 in alcohol and food in seven nights. no wonder i was in debt to my eye balls all the time back then. that means i was spending $128.57 a night in booze and food. and it wasn't like i was ordering drinks and eating steaks i was having beer, pizza and burgers and maybe a salad. jeez i'm glad i'm not addicted to anything. except maybe warcraft, but that's only costing me 15 bucks a month. damn 900 bucks pissed makes you wonder.
What I Have Learned
Things I have learned as simply learned, difficult to swallow. As long as I learn by the things I have learned, I am wiser than the average bear. What I have learned follows.... ~ When you think you know someone, look deeper. You will one day realize you did know them at all. ~ You are going to get your heart ripped out of your chest with no reason. Learn how to pick yourself up as quick as you can and go get help to sort it all out so you can move on in life as you piece your life back together. ~ Just because you are with the same person for 18 years does not mean you know them. I woke up one morning and realized I was sleeping with a stranger. ~ When you feel you can trust someone, know you are not alone when you are told by people that your man/husband was trying to lip-lock with them and your closest friends. ~ I learned that all that really matter to me was providing for my 2 perfect children and teaching all about life and all the values I could. I learned t
Marlboro Ranch!!!!!!
We had a blast at the Ranch. I post some of the pic from the ranch all I can tell you is if you want a 5 star treatment this this is the place the food,people,and places were great.
Jblue's Room
To all my friends and family out there in Fubar land I wish that you and yours have a very merry christmas I would give each and every one of my friends and family a comment but I have over 60 friends and only an hour in which to get it all done so every one have a great one. To my military friends here and over seas please be safe and thank you so very much for all that you have done so that my family and i can be free. So please be safe so you can soon be home to your family and loved ones so with this i will close for now and just let you all know that I love each and every one and with that I leave you with the Santa Dance love ya all Get More at
Be Honest!
Post this and see how many messages u get....don't be scared!! [ ] i like you [ ] i used to like you [ ] just friends [ ] gorgeous [ ] cute as heck [ ] hot [ ] fine [ ] sexy [ ] amazingly sexy [ ] i want to fuck your brains out [ ] i want 2 make u my gf/bf [ ] i love u baby [ ] call me.....( )___-____
Im A Genius
You have a sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Well I have not been feeling all that great lately. I think that I ran myself down with the stress and working...My son is sick too with the runny nose and he is constantly rubbing his nasty ass nose on his hands then trying to touch me with them...Yuck.......... I finally got sick myself but with a nasty sore throat. I went to see a doctor hoping it was not strep and she confirmed it not to be. I have been working long hours at night with the soreness and it is not fun. I have to do it though...I am only one working right now. I have been trying to sleep more lately now that the older kids have started school... Well hope to hear comments soon.
Cuckin Cleveland Clubs
so i decided to go to the club for the first time since rehab. was there 5 min someone got into a fight and pulled a knife on security who knows how they got past with it bc they friscked EVERYBODY. clevelands to bad not to. so the pigs started trying to taze ev in da club. kicked us out then chased us down da street. had to get a ride cus they were tazing the peeps from da club at da bus stop. it was fucked up
Pimp Out Time:)
Today is Angie's birthday. Show her some birthday lovin's? She's an awesome friend to have and she's a nut. :P Love ya girl!!! bellrang@ fubar My awesome friend Fuchead is ready to level. He only needs less than 1500. I've already rated all his pix, so I am no help to him today. :( Will you show him some love please? It is greatly appreciated.:) Ladies, he's hot too! Here's a link. Check him out... fuchead the second@ fubar My contest has been going for almost 24 hours. I've grown lonely in there and reached my daily limit on photo comments. My clicky, scrolly finger is getting sore. :( Feel free to drop off some luck to me? I could definitely use some. Fairy dust would work too. lol Anyway, here's a link to my picture. The first to 30K... etc. (You know how it goes!):P Thanx to those who have and will stop by to leave some luck! It's much appreciated. And, as always... lovers you all and have a great one filled with :D and love!!! ~Tharna~
How do you fall in love with some one that you never seen face to face? I mean It amazes me on how much I care about someone but never seen him. I do love him & I do care about him. I plan on going to visit him,but how does it happen? I am very happy it did. BUT HOW????
Anal Sex
Ok.. Warning.. I Am Pissed.
I have had enough, I am done keeping this inside. I need to let this out, and I don't give a good G.Damn if anyone doesnt like it!! Ok... Let me ask a question... Why is it that single mothers always end up having to clean up the bullshit messes that their ex's create??? ( And generally get ZERO CREDIT for doing so?? ) I recieved an email last week from my first husbands new wife saying that we may have to "reevaluate" his support payments because he has been cut down on hours at work. WELL EXCUSE ME.. BUT IT WAS * HIS * CHOICE TO QUIT HIS LAST JOB THAT PAID GOOD MONEY IN FAVOUR OF A JOB IN THE TOURIST INDUSTRY THAT EVERYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN STEM KNOWS ENDS UP CUTTING HOURS AFTER PEAK TOURIST SEASON ENDS. Maybe if the two of them grew a damn brain, stopped taking so many damn vacations, and saved that money instead of spending it all... and dipping into MY DAUGHTERS bank account to buy groceries for the two of them and THEIR KID... they would not be in this situ
Hey One And All
hey i made it i left at 9am and made it here in 5 and a half hours and loving it so far. tomarrow i hav a trip to omaha to see family there and go to something called a hay toss i think is what it is call so im a little confused as to what will happen there and i hope my laptop is delivered tomarrow to the house. but yall have a good night if u know how to reach me try i might respond to u if im not tied up hint hint omg its way good lol take care and have a good time yall ill heek u up to date on whats going on here so if u dont see me around much this weekend leave me a message and ill get back to u this ok so im heading out at like ten am on friday on my way to nebraska for a few days so i will not be around much or in on the phone alot hint hint so leave me a message and i hope i have alot of fun and i know not to name it after any one hahahaha
Bum Week
Well I had a pretty bum week. SIGH! BUT it is FRIDAY and I have a fully planned weekend ahead of me and I plan to have a good time. No one and I mean no one is gonna piss me off or I just may have to punch them in the nose. I know I am way to nice to do that but hey it sounded good. lol Anwyas thought I would blog because well I am at work and bored outta my mind. I am gonna start lookin for another job because this one is starting to blow! Well bye for now Xenia
I've been here on fubar for awhile now, and I am totally lost. It seems like a great way to meet people, but I haven't actually done that. I have people on my friends list, but I dont talk to them, there are some who dont respond even if I try. So I guess my question is, what is the use of befriending someone, if you dont actually want to talk to them. There is the obvious "fan,friend,and rate to see my NSFW pics" I've taken the bait, i'll admit that, and those type of profiles I never expect a response if I were to give one, they seem to be out there to get their points. That is fine with me, is their choice to do whatever they want to, and for the most part they are all very clear about their intentions. But what I dont understand is ratings, fanning, and friending. How do you know if someone actually wants to know more about you and thats why they've friended unless they say so. When I have nothing noted it leads me to believe its just about the points game. And the question at the
Violet Dreams
It was my first time to one of these play-parties. My Owner had brought lots of equipment, and it was all locked into a rolling case. At first W/we made the social rounds...Master D. and his subs were there, and so was Mr. R., and a few others W/we knew. My Owner took me off in private, and with that evil grin of His, told me to get ready for some fun! When He gets a twinkle in His eye, and a certain really wicked grin, I know I've got some challenges ahead, and apparently, this was to be one of those occasions. He gave me a safe-word to use if I needed it, and I vowed to myself that I would NOT use it! It is a special challenge to myself that I not give in and use my safe-word. After all, I know my Owner will stretch my limits, but will always keep my safety in mind. Stripped naked and feeling quite vulnerable, but still in a semi private area, Mr. R. happened by. As He and my Owner chatted about me like I was not even present, I must admit that my confidence levels dropped a notc
Contest Among Friends
CONGRADULATIONS FYREDRAGN!!! FyreDragn Leveled up to 24. It's official... he is Fu-King!!!! He won the contest amongst Youngsoldier917 in the race to level 24. Go show him some FU-LUV!!!! FyreDragn**-=*Member of L.O.L levelers*=- & ~~CLUB F.A.R MEMBER~~**@ fubar And remember, Youngsoldier917... he is still one awesome guy!!!! So swing by and show him some Fu-Luv too... youngsoldier917*****CLUB F.A.R*****.@ fubar You guys both did AWESOME!!! You guys are both AWESOME!!!! Take care and Be Safe!!!! FyreDragn is holding his FIRST CONTEST for a FREE HAPPY HOUR to the winner... FyreDragn@ fubar Here is his post for the contest~!! Get on down to his page and sign up... Awesome prizes! CONTEST = WINNER GETS HAPPY HOUR!! HELLO EVERYONE!! THIS IS MY FIRST CONTEST AND I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE THIS ONE OF THE HOTTEST CONTESTS CURRENTLY ACTIVE!! I AM A DEPLOYED SOLDIER IN IRAQ AND HALLOWEEN IS COMING UP, I'M FEELING A LITTLE GENEROUS AND WOULD LIKE TO GIVE
Deleting My Cherrytap
hey everyone whoa ctually cares enough to read my shit i think i might delte my fubar account because i dont want fake friends its pointless and people just use it to look at ur photos which is kool and all love the comments but i dont know i dont beleive half the stuff people tell me on ti and i know its funny i just think i will let me knkow
Tell Me About Your Self
" Keeping Prayers Going For Mom Helen "
Floating On Air
In life there are very few satisfying things but one of them has got to be the love of a good man. To have him wrap his arms around you and keep you safe from the world is a blessing. I am lucky to have this in my life.
Dominance And Control
Every relationship, whether straight, gay or bi, has to have a dominant and submissive role. This is a natural law even in social animal behavior and has developed for thousands of years. Two or more of the same role causes power conflicts. You can not have 2 or more people being dominant, without at least one being submissive and vice versa. This is even true in social circles. There is alway a leader. Women are not used to being dominated to the point I am suggesting, but most often it is necessary to push her through her fears and social conditioning so she can learn. It is also my way of reminding her who is the submissive one when she tries to be bossy. I don't boss my girls around and I don't allow them to boss me around either. This isn't about owning women or treating them as property, but teaching them to come from love, to realize her own power and to know what it is like to ha
420 24-7 In The 02 (702)
FRESH OUT OF VEGAS look on myspace for more about me add me as a friend
Suck It Up
A friend had put a post up asking what was wrong with her because she felt she picked the wrong guys and had suffered some unfair rejections etc... I sent the following message back to her and then decided to send it to everyone as I think it is a truth that most of us can use. The following is the reply I sent to the post... some of it is my own and some of it based on the wisdom that was once passed on to me- At the risk of making you angry I'll tell you the truth. It appears from what I've read that you share too much/ give to much of yourself to men (or maybe just give too much too fast). There is something to that thing the old ladies used to say about keeping a bit of you a mystery and that this act would help keep men interested. I think all people feel very much the same as you after a break up. I mean the very action of being rejected as someones mate causes everyone (even if only for a moment) to question their value as a person/mate. Just know that you are not the first o
A Poet And Didnt Know It!
I ask if I may kiss you. You just smile; no answer is necessary. My initial kiss is just a flirting of our lips. My tongue lightly flicking - Like I am asking, "Do you want me?" The tip of my tongue runs all around your lips. Touching every part, Inside and out - Over and over again. Tickling you, tickle, tickle, goes my tongue. Now I press my lips gently to yours. Rubbing your lips back and forth against mine. My kisses are hot and fast. I cannot rest long in any one place. I have such a need to go on. I trail kisses of passion all over your face. Then back to your mouth. Our tongues dance together. We are exploring. I circle your tongue with the tip of mine. You echo the pattern back to me. I lick the sides, underside and the top. You echo back. I suck your lower lip. You echo back. We repeat, repeat, repeat. The sensations are driving our emotions. We are wild for each other. You thrust your tongue in and out. The movements are rhythmic and stabbing. S
I'm a single mother in the mist of raising a preteen daughter whos age is 12. Life can be demanding at times especially when you also have a 2yr old son right on your heels. I embrace every day as a journey through the unknown. As I navigate through I remind myself time is unique, precious and very significant not only for me but my daughter as well. She is sorting out who she is and who she wants to become. She is taking shape in every imaginable way-body, mind, and soul. I'm worring about the role I will play in her life as all these changes take place during a few short years as she becomes a woman. When she was younger, she spent her time playing with dolls-but now, I find her and her girlfriends trying on makeup and picking out bras in magazines. One minute she is on edge with excitement, the next, stopped dead in her tracks by fear-only to bust out in hysterical laughter, and then betrayed by her tears. Hormones, well, that is something we as woman all deal with. Like crying for
it was a good one too! it would have made it into the top mumms list...**cries** lol...its just ridiculous because it WASNT nsfw. here are the pictures that i posted on it : then the question was i look better in white or red fishnet. ugh...freakin gay anyways thanks to all of you who supported me by re-posting, and to alice for making my bulletin look fresh :) **muahs** oh yeah...11s to comments during happy hour :)
Pc Problems
Need Kisses
Please see the following link
Ripping Me Apart
So I blogged in Feb about my company dissolving it's Arizona branch. I freaked out at first, then calmed a little and now I just feel so blessed. I have worked for the company for 5 years in September. I am a hell of a good worker, but sometimes slack off, take too many sick days and get bad reviews on calls. Even with my many faults, my boss and her boss have chosen to keep me. I am the only person who was working for the Arizona branch, in Arizona to still have a job. The other reps that worked for the Arizona branch are in Oregon and Washington and not really affected. Being a telecommuter I am supposed to be w/in 100 miles of an office. In case something happens with my systems, I can go into work rather than be offline. Anyway, my point. Today my boss called me to inform me that they have moved me from being an Arizona employee to being a Washington employee and this move is going to affect my accrued PTO. Fine, not a problem. As she is telling me all the things
Christmas Blessings
"TO ALL MY IRISH BROTHER AND SISTERS" "NOLLAIG SHONA DUIT" "ERIN GO BRAUGH" (AN IRISH BLESSING FOR MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS) The light of the Christmas star to you The warmth of home and hearth to you The cheer and good will of friends to you The hope of a childlike heart to you The joy of a thousand angels to you The love of the Son and God's peace to you. "NOLLAIG SHONA DUIT" 'Nollaig shona duit!' Happy Christmas! 'Nollaig faoi shéan is faoi shonas duit.' A prosperous and happy Christmas to you. May peace and plenty be the first to lift the latch on your door, and happiness be guided to your home by the candle of Christmas. May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and a smooth road all the way to your door. There are good ships, and there are wood ships, The ships that sail the sea. But the best ships, are friendships, And may they always be. May the hinges of our friendship never grow rusty. Here’s to you and yours,
Happy Holidays
Random Stuff
My sister sent me an invite to this site, and I joined just to keep her happy, little did I know that I would actually like it. Its been a while since I met new people online, and im really looking forward to getting back on the saddle and meeting new people. Well this is my first blog entry, I'm sure I'll write more at some point. :)
Ring Around Lil' Rosie
Horror Pictures at "A Poem About Twist'a" Jet black hair, Pale white face, totes her soul around in a black suitcase Thick black leather, No use for lace, She's an angel which has fallen to her darkened grace. Within her eye's, they're cold and broken. Her life is dark, her beast awoken. Hot breath spilling from her tongue. She speaks of no religion, for she has none. Gaze in her eyes they're cold and gray. It's the look of a soul thats been led astray. She's tired of all that missunderstands know one will ever understand, a cigarette she flicks.... never mind all the b/s, cause im fed up, im fuckin' sick! ~*Twist'a*~
Go Giants!!!!!!!
Don't let the Pariots male record history!!!!!! You know, it's been rough watching these guys through the years...but...I think they are gonna kick butt this year!!!...I really hope so...They deserve it........
Take a man and put him alone, Put him twelve thousand miles from home. Empty his heart of all but blood, Make him live in sand, in mud. This is the life I have to live, This the soul to God I give. You have your parties and drink your beer, While young men are dying over here. Plant your signs on the White House lawn; "Lets get out of Iraq". Use your signs and have your fun, Then refuse to use a gun. There's nothing else for you to do, Then I'm supposed to die for you? There is one thing that you should know; And that's where I think you should go! I'm already here and it's too late. I've traded all my love for all this hate. I'll hate you till the day I die. You made me hear my buddy cry. I saw his leg and his blood shed, Then I heard them say, "This one's dead". It was a large price for him to pay, To let you live another day. He had the guts to fight and die, To keep the freedom you live by. By his dying, your life he buys, But who gives a fuck if a Marine
Don Crowther
Don Crowther Is Don Crowther and SMARTS worth the money? Maybe you don't know Don Crowther... but he's one of my top StomperNet professors, and he's been fighting it out in the Internet Marketing trenches since 1996. He wrote one of the first Pay-Per-Click guidebooks, and he's been at the frontlines of the search engine wars since the 90's. But the REAL reason I wanted to have him leading our Social Media research was because he REALLY is a mad-scientist. It's built into his core DNA. Don can't help it. But there's one more reason that Don was perfect for the job. He's a natural born teacher. He's great at making complex stuff super-brain-dead simple to understand. SMARTS Stompernet, stompernet, smarts, stompernet smarts, smarts review, don crowther, How does SMARTS stack up, Is Don Crowther and SMARTS worth the money
In The Beginning
Its a new year and I have emerged into this fray with little clue as to how its going to turn out but that doesn't mean I as 'fresh' as this place labels me... of the same in many different facades and as one who not necessarily created the internet but was very much responsible for making the original world wide web as expansive as it has become I revisit the same party in new digs... (Fade in from black to not so typical modern day bachelor pad) Hark! What light through yonder window breaks (sound of glass shattering!) it is a brick, with a note..... from Juliet (that wench!) 'Romeo.... oh Romeo....... WHERE THE HELL ARE YA! I'VE BEEN WAITING ON THE CORNER BY THE BUS STOP FOR OVER AND HOUR YOU DEADBEAT!.....' (sound of crumpling paper and an over the shoulder toss to the trash that is nothin' but ash can..... (he shouts through the broken glass) 'Keep yer panties on you tutonic titwillow! ...and scene..... ...and so it begins folk
What Dont You Get?
WHAT IS IT THAT PEOPLE DONT FUCKING GET ABOUT THE WORD NO? I don't know how to make this any plainer. I am not on here looking to fuck. I don't need more dick or pussy for that matter, I have more than I need now. If I say NO that is just what it means, so stop trying to reword the same old question. I'm 28 and Bisexual, there isnt a pickup line I haven't heard before. And for people who seem to be confuse bi dose not mean 3some waiting to happend or done does the fact that a BBW mean easy sex...So if you want to get to know me all cool...want rate me to rate you for the points once again all cool, if you are looking for one nighters or shit like that then keep stepping. Kream PS...BEFORE YOU ASK RULES TO SEEING MY NSFW PHOTOS I KNOW YOU REAL LIFE, U HAVE PROVEN TO BE A GOOD FREIND ON HERE, BUY BLAST OR VIP FOR ME..not whoreing just the way it photos are hot and demand to be looked at by those that show how much they want to see them WHAT THE FUCK...OK EVERYDAY I SEE A
Announcement 2!
As of today, I am now selling my all photos that are posted on my FUBAR site to anyone who wishes to have a copy. I will be selling various print sizes as well as digital print sizes. Please let me know if anyone is interested! Contact Info: Phone Number: Currently broken, but will get a new one and will post number when available. Be sure to check back on my blog for it! HELP ME GET THE WORD OUT! Thank you for your support! Sincerely, J. Costa AP
I'm It, Dammit!!
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I am a published poet 2. I am an events planner 3. I am aHUGE NASCAR fan (proud part of the Jr. Nation) 4. I used to model as a teenager 5. I'm a dancer took classes in Jazz, Ballet, and Toe ballet for many years 6. I have a weakness for countryboys and Wrangler butts! lol 7. I'm an incurable romantic 8. I am the oldest of 7 children 9. I collect cows...especially Mary moo-moos 10. I am an AWESOME cook There I did and now it's your turn... who knew it would be so hard for me to list 10 things about myself... The five people I am tagging are...1)Bill 2)Paul 3)Tharsherd... 4)Boss Hog... 5)DFresh
Funny Sex Quotes
Carry on Laughing: Funny Sex Quotes Sex can be passionate and sex can be tender. But can sex be funny? The answer is "Yes." Funny anecdotes about sex, especially involving others can cause a laugh riot. Here are a few funny sex quotes that will tickle your rib. Blaise Pascal Thus so wretched is man that he would weary even without any cause for weariness... and so frivolous is he that, though full of a thousand reasons for weariness, the least thing, such as playing billiards or hitting a ball, is sufficient enough to amuse him. Joss Whedon 'Hey you wanna have sex and get married? Ok then...' that works every time! Bill Maher Kids. They're not easy. But there has to be some penalty for sex. Milton Berle Your marriage is in trouble if your wife says, 'You're only interested in one thing,' and you can't remember what it is. Woody Allen I don't know the question, but sex is definitely the answer. Drew Carey You know that look women get when they want sex? Me nei
Hey everyone this guy is a really sweet person. I love him to death and he is a wonderful friend. I don't know what I would do without having him to talk to most of the time. Click on his pic and rate/fan/add him. Maybe leave some comments for him too, as sweet as he is he deserves all the love he can get. ~*~*dragonclaw24~*~*@ fubar
When passion's lost and all the trust is gone, Way too far, for way too long Children crying, cast out and neglected, Only in a world so cold, only in a world This cold Hold the hand of your best friend, look into their eyes Then watch them drift away Some might say, we've done the wrong things, For way too long, for way too long Fever inside the storm, So I'm turning away. Away from the name (Calling your names) Away from the stones (Throw sticks and stones) 'Cause I'm through mending the wounds of us Keep your thorns 'Cause I'm running away, Away from the games (Fucking head games) Away from the space (Hate this head space) The circumstances of a world so cold burning whispers, Remind me of the days, I was left alone, in a world this cold Guilty of the same things, provoked by The cause, I've left alone, in a world so cold Fever inside the storm, So I'm turning away. Away from the name (Calling your names) Away from the stones (Throw sticks
Life's Lessons
Tonight I was playing video games in the truck stop and I kept hearing someone making noises that sounded like they were having their own one person party. I turned to look and saw a little chubby Mexican guy playing the free machine. He was hooping it up every time that his little game character did anything, including dieing. I kind of shook my head and chuckled. That's when he noticed me laughing and decided to talk to me. Long story short, in his broken English, he gave his life story to me over dinner. He had only recently became a citizen in the US. He worked 41 years of his adult life to be here legally. He told me of his struggles in Mexico, and the things he and his family had gone through to do things the right way. Some of the stories he told brought tears to my eyes. To sum it all up, and not bore you to tears, the man made me take a minute to be thankful for the life I have. I think we should all meet someone like Alejandro at least once in our life just to remind us
Want to own me? Just click on the pic to bid. Thanks. Please repost. tattooed marine@ fubar
Own Ur Own Trinket
Want To Own Me For A Month? Come Bid On Me! Click The Link Below To Go To The Auction. And Please No Blasts And Tickers! As Random As I Am So Are My PimpOuts! Go Show Theses Great People Love! I Am So Happy That I Meet Each And Everyone Of Them! So Will You!
When a dream come's true When I look in you I see a love that can't hind The hope of love For dreams to come true Is what I see inside of you The world stops when I talk to you All my dreams come true Just to talk to you The hope of love is inside you Just open your heart And all will come true When a dream come's true When I look in you I see a love that can't hind The hope of love For dreams to come true Is what I see inside of you The world stops when I talk to you All my dreams come true Just to talk to you The hope of love is inside you Just open your heart And all will come true Open eye's for the world to see your see For thats inside of me all the love you will need Thank the lord up above for all your love If you can see what life can be All that inside of me is all for him to see But life is what you can see I hope its me If your just for me open your heart for all to see Hold me cl
~~ Broken Hearts Beyond Repair ~~
~~ Broken Hearts Beyond Repair ~~ A broken heart beyond repair. ~~~~~ Living a life in total despair. ~~~~~ Taking each day one step at a time. ~~~~~ Wishing for some kind of a sign. ~~~~~ Praying for an angel to help with the grief. ~~~~~ Looking for the comfort she desperately seeks. ~~~~~ Grasping the guidance as it comes her way. ~~~~~ Knowing things will get better soon. ~~~~~ Slowly getting out of her gloom. ~~~~~ As her tomorrow's get brighter, with the promise of a better life on it's way!!! ~~~~~ ~~ Copywrited by Carolina Breeze ~~ 3/3/2008 ~~
do you love life or do you hate it?
Cold World
its so close now time is floatin bye and im never going to forget not even one lil second how hard it realy is to over come something that almost left me as a memorie they say god test you and sooner or later he will break you and they are 100% right life is flimsy grab hold of it and never take it for grantit cause its mind twistin how fast it can change or be taken from you i know i can fix my past but what i can do is use it to my advantage and look for forgiveness so to everyone that i have caused pain anger guilt sadness suffering with all my herat i applogize and thats real my eyes and ears are open cause ive spent to much time sealed closed "i can do anything through him that gives me streagth"phli.4:16 i turn to the heavens above and to those who love me with one question only "will you pray for me while im in the streets could you pray for me befor you go to sleep pray for me im in the game to deep"teflon don THE WORLD IS A COLD PLACE TO BE THESE DAYS SO GRAB A HOLD OF
What's In The Water
Is there something in the water? I work in a cut-throat business, but damn, lately people have gone insane in my business and in the business world in general. I just got off the phone with a friend from college that lost $150,000 in a business scheme created by a mutual friend. Without showing my age, I’ll just say that we have known each other for a few years. Drank together, both of them were there for my marriage, and my divorce. We’ve loaned each other money back and forth. And now from nowhere, nameless friend #1 outright steals $150,000 from nameless friend #2. And then, they both call me to complain about the other one. And oh yeah, he had tried to get me into the same business scheme, so I would have been out the same amount. The whole thing smelled fishy to me, so I stayed out. Glad I did. And this is happening all over the place. The world is getting worse every day. Makes you wonder what they’re putting in the water these days.
Poetry Club In Dc
Hey Everyone!!! IF any of you are interested in Poetry at all, there is a performance tonight starting at 8pm on U Street in DC. The performers are from HBO's Def Poets and some others. The doors open at 8pm and there are drink specials between 8 and 9 and then the show itself is from 9 to 11. There is a 15 minute intermission in between. It is located at The Attic Lounge on U Street. Hope to see any/everyone that is interested there!!!
Go To Bed And Sleep Or Get Some ???
here is a link that was shared with me to help with profile layout...good luck "How To" blog on ripping/creating skins: Im a little tired so should I go to bed and get so me sleep or have some wild sex ?? a) get some b) go to sleep
A Dark Night
Here are a few words from ol' Hank that have been bouncing around in my brain. So many things have happened in my life recently that it is not always easy to keep things clear. Trying to focus on the things that are important and filter out the crap that is not. There are so many choices in our lives that we make, even when we know the consequences are painful. Sometimes the lines get blurred between right and wrong. Not all of us have the same values or understanding. Things can spiral out of control. You try and hold .. the spin, but thats all part of the ride. We must accept the consequences of our actions and move on. We must find that inner strength, that courage to stand up and face whatever lies ahead. There are so many futures what is the correct path to choose? I think that these futures change with our understanding of ourselves and who we are and who we become. All of this is inexorably tied to our actions. to the choices we make. How do you know you've made the right choice
About Me...
I love little fuzzy puppies and kittens, but I'm allergic to fur. I love sunsets, but I don't like the darkness when the last strands of color drift into blackness. I love sunshine, but I enjoy thunderstorms when the fiery lightning streaks across the sky like white flames. Chocolate and cheesecake are my favorite food groups (lol). I have doubts about the existence of true love, but I want to believe, and I would love to meet someone who can show me what it means to love forever. I would love to meet someone to whom "promise" is more than a word. I dream of a man who doesn't say all the right words and then just disappear when I begin to believe them.
I Can’t Live Without Your Smile
Smile at me for good morning - I can’t live without your smile. Give me the morning blessing, Please, give me the little while. And smile at me for good night To make my night dreams come true, And smile at me by moonlight - Your smile is of great value… Smile at me for all my life, Don’t stint on your smile at me, And each day be nearby To make my days and nights sweet.
Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled, and ground into the dirt by the decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way. We feel as though we are worthless. But no matter what has happened or what will happen, you will never lose your value. Dirty or clean, crumpled or finely creased, you are still priceless to those who DO LOVE you. The worth of our lives comes not in what we do or who we know, but by WHO WE ARE. You are special SINCE THERE ARE NO SHADOW LEVELER BULLETINS UP RIGHT NOW I WAS CHECKING THERE HOME PAGE FOR REQUESTS FOR LEVELING HELP. THERE WERE TWO THAT I HELPED, BUT TWO THAT I DID NOT! WHY? BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOT TRIED TO HELP THEMSELVES. YOU MIGHT ASK WHY I CAME TO THIS CONCLUSION, AND I WOULD ANSWER THAT THEY HAD MINIMAL STASH TO RATE AND NOWHERE NEAR THEIR MAXIMUM OF ALLOWED PHOTOS. ONE GIRL HAD ONE BLOG, 94 STASH ITEMS, AND ONLY 64 PHOTOS OUT OF AN ALLOWED 250. ACCORDING TO THE REQUEST SHE HAS "TRIED SO HARD TO LEVEL"! (?) I FEEL THAT IF YOU CAN'
Well, I figured a few other people I know use this site so why not check it out? I primarily blog on my myspace or LJ but something might end up here, at some point.
My 1st Hh
Hey everyone, please show me mad love during my 1st HH!!!! It will be Thursday 5/29/08 at 6pm futime! TY all, I will return all love!!
Cpt. Stiffy And The Butt Pirates
Breakfast for Beer It Keeps Me On My Feet Another Shot of Ginger and This Rhythms Hard to Keep Breakfast for Beer It's Always on My Mind Breakfast for Beer and It's Breakfast All The Time
Alright If This Ain't Some Crazy...
Alright...I've been on here for like 2 hrs now and I have decide that this is some crazy shit now! I have decided that this online bar is really bass ackwards. Unlike a real bar where you go in sober and clear headed then as the night progress and your there longer things start becoming fuzzy around the edges you know. Well in this place you go into it all fuzz around the edges and the longer your on the more "sober" you get as you are finally able to find your way around and know just what the hell your doing! But I guess that's why we're find a way out of the foggy haze into he morning light...just like a good night of drinking...only without the hangover...what's not to like...right?
Witty Questions
1. If practice makes perfect & nobody's perfect, why practice? 2. Why does Sea World have a seafood restaurant?? I'm halfway through my fish burger and I realize, Oh my God....I could be eating a slow learner. 3. What would a chair look like, if your knees bent the other way? 4. Why do our noses run and our feet smell? 5. What does "it" mean in the sentence "What time is it?"? 6. If 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, why are there locks on the doors? 7. Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections? 8. When someone with multiple personalities threathens suicide, can that be considered a hostige situation? 9. What Happens If You Get Scared Half To Death Twice? 10. If the #2 pencil is the most popular, why is it still #2? 11. Why do they call it "common sense" when it's so rare? 12. Why do they put Braille dots on the keypad of the drive-up ATM? 13. If you get corn oil by squeezing corn, how do you get baby oil? 14. Why is it th
Will Things Get Better
Everyone keeps saying things will get better. I just dont how how they can. With no answers, no reasons, no explanations. I dont think they can really understand. Without any of those, how can I even begin to heal. How can they begin to get better. I so want to believe, but right now, I just dont see or feel that I can. Then I hear some say, just forget about it, and go on. But they really don't understand, I how really feel. They dont understand how you changed my life. How you gave me true happiness and made me feel so so alive and truly believe in myself. You truly made me feel so special, wanted and cared for. How can I just forget that? I just don't think this is any way.. Nor do I really think at this time I want to, because to me to do that would mean, I would have to believe that it was all a lie. I just cant accept that, I really can't. They feelings I felt and still have are to much, to believe they were never real.
Today In History
July 7 Events: 1976 First Female Cadets Now at West Point 1981 Sandra O'Connor Nominated to High Court Birthdays: 1860 Gustav Mahler - musician 1887 Marc Chagall - artist 1899 George Cukor - director 1906 Satchel Paige - baseball pitcher 1940 Ringo Starr- Beatles singer July 4 Events: 1826 Death of Ex-presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson 1883 Buffalo Bill Stages First Wild West Show 1997 Pathfinder Finds Mars & Lands Birthdays: 1826 Stephen Foster - song writer 1883 Rube Goldberg - inventor 1918 Ann Landers & Abby Van Buren - twin sisters and advice columnists 1924 Eva Marie Saint - actress 1927 Neil Simon - playwright
Somebody hates me and is trying to get others to hate me, too. How quickly bad news travels. Okay, Lord, I'll just hate back. I don't want to pray for this hateful person, even as I admit life must be rough to make them so mean-spirited. But does that make hating okay? Help me balance compassion for haters with accountability. This prayer has no end, for i need to work through this. Help me and soon, for there are real wounds in your world to heal, not just my hurt feelings.
Is This It?
Master Is Training Her..........
Gwen lay face down on the bed her arms were pinned tightly behind her back. She struggled but the weight on her back held her to the bed. Her breathing came in ragged gasps. Her hair was stuck to her forehead and strands of hair worked their way into her mouth as she struggled to free herself. She screamed as she felt His knees urging her legs apart spreading them wide open. She writhed on the bed, helpless. She felt the cold clink of metal around her wrists as the handcuffs clamped down holding her arms tightly behind her back. The pressure on her back eased slightly as she felt Him move down her body. His fingers stroking the delicate curve of her ass through her nightdress. He took one ankle in his hand and opened her legs wider. Gwen gasped and struggled to lift her head, her arms burning. Her neck ached and her mouth was bone dry. She started to sob feeling exposed and vulnerable. He smiled broadly. She looked so beautiful, struggling, gasping, open to Him and his will. He
Sam's Shit
This is approximately how I feel right now.
Fu County Auction
Gypsy Woman - Hilary Duff Come Bid on me.... I am in the Fu County Auction !!!! ~GyPsY~ ~click here and come show me some love ~ SO spread the word .... tell all your fu-friends all your fu family ... and have them come and BID on me too ..
Life Sucks Right Now
Hello to all my friends on here. Have reached a point in my life where I have no pride left and am having to ask for help. As some of you know either thru my blog or from having talked to me life has really sucked lately. Anyway recently found myself to be homeless with 2 teenagers in tow. We had ended up in the emergency shelter but I was given a random drug test, I was told that I tested positive for meth, anyone that knowa me, knows this too be not true. We were licked out of the shelter that day and ended up staying in a motel with my kids, not fun. Well my Aunt and a family friend came up with the deposit and the rent for til the end of the month. I have to come up $460 for next months rent and utilities. As I am between jobs and my health is not that great, find myself coming to you for help. If anyone can assist in anyway, even if just a couple of dollars would be very much appreciated. If you are able and willing to help, please contact me. This was the very last thin
I Hate You
I hate the way you make me laugh I hate the way with one word you can make me cry I hate you make me feel like my world is broking I hate that you break my heart over and over You should have never said forever when you knew you couldn't be true forever I hope one day when you are old and setting remember the old times that when you think of me you cry I hope you miss me forever Like I miss you
Someone Wants You Would you like to meet some awesome people? Well here they are So what are you waiting for? Rate/fan/add/bling them! easye02476 fu bf to^sin^@ fubar starchaser **The New Breed**@ fubar Tulsa's Angel~ Sarge's Bad Girl ~ Club FAR Team LOVE Captain ~ Fu Owned by Steve!@ fubar THE hubby™ of Ashlea THE Pimp™ of Pu$$ycat Playmates &Pimps FOREVER owned by Memoire&Sweets@ fubar BlondePrincess~*Mark's Wife♥~*Pu$$ycat Playmate*~@ fubar ♥§û£†ř¥™♥Fu Wifey 2 ^Sin^♥Support Our Troops♥@ fubar STIXX@ fubar Phillbilly@ fubar
This site has ruined my relationship with the one person I truly loved. I met this woman through a friend, and it was love at first site, at least for me. Now, all through the relationship she told me that she loved me deeply, BUT, there was something not right. She befriended somebody on here, and one night I caught her getting in his car at a bar. hat the Fuck? So, I confront her with it, and of course she lies! "That wasn't me" she said. Gee, her son even said it was her. Now I find out that in the time we were together, she has been playing me and a few other guys. I lost my heart to this woman. I guess the point I'm trying to make is, why can't people just be honest? I thought men were supposed to be the "pigs". Are there ANY Honest people left in this world? Am I the ONLY one? Cause if I am the ONLY honest person left, I am lonely!
Welcome Our Friends Just a note to all our friends to ask they drop in on our friends page that just joined and say hello. Its David & Pam (Pam's Paul's cousin ) and they are really nice folks and just started on the site so give em a hardy FUBAR welcome if ya have a few moments... and above all... Have Fun S&P Hi all heres a few of our friends from the area we have invited to Fu and are very new and have no idea what this site is like.. so drop by their pages and say hello, fan em, rate em and help get them over the Fresh Meat part of FuLife.. Pam Paul's Cousin Denine Paul's Cousin Tonia a good friend from Tennessee Jim and Judy.. Great folks from Corbin Area Go to there pages and give em a comment and let them know they are welcome.. they are all new to puters an
Traveling Fortune India
The growing IT sector of Bangalore is no longer news. So much so that the number of business hotels in Bangalore have tremendously increased after the entry and subsequent flourish of the IT sector. The rising number corporate visits from all over the globe have instigated the hotel owners to open such hotels in Bangalore that are facilitated with all the top-notch business amenities apart from catering to the luxury aspect of course. Till a few years back, Hyderabad was mostly considered to be a tourist attraction. However, today the hotels in Hyderabad are not only flocked by the tourists from all over the world due to its rich cultural and architectural heritage, but also by the business travelers. With the rise of industries and the It sector in the city the corporate travelers also frequent the city. Therefore, it is only natural that the number of business hotels in Hyderabad is also increasing by the day. Chennai apart from being one of the metros of India and hence a very impor
JUST A LITTLE SOMETHING I WROTE A WHILE AGO COMFORT It may seem that on lifes seas we sometimes can get lost and we feel so very helpless as into the storms we are tossed Yet please remember that such times are never here to stay and that around the corner lies a brand new day A day you will look forward to fulfilling all your plans a time when you will feel you hold the world within your hands So even though right now your heart is filled with care, please remember that happiness is waiting for you here XX
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Mmmm How I Really Feel
Little Johnny A teacher in Elmira, New York asked her 6th grade class how many of them were Obama fans. Not really knowing what an Obama fan is, but wanting to be liked by the teacher, all the kids raised their hands except for Little Johnny. The teacher asked Little Johnny why he had decided to be different...again. Little Johnny said, 'Because I'm not an Obama fan.' The teacher asked, 'Why aren't you an Obama fan?' Johnny said, 'Because I'm a Republican.' The teacher asked him why he's a Republican. Little Johnny answered, 'Well, my Mom's a Republican and my Dad's a Republican, so I'm a Republican.' Annoyed by this answer, the teacher asked, 'If your mom was a moron and your dad was an idiot, what would that make you?' With a big smile, Little Johnny replied, 'That would make me an Obama fan.' More politics > > Whether Democrat or Republican, I think you'll get a > kick out of this! > > > > A little bo
For A Ghost You Bleed Just Fine
my heart is innocent, but i hold it responsible for every mistake. i have two sets of eyes - those with which i see, and those that i wear when reality is drifting right through me. and i am not asking for anybody to learn the difference. we're silence and sushi eaten with fingers bruised and bored with nothing left to do but eachother no more smoke rings or kissing 151 proof and this is not fitting together, but eventually wearing down like sandpaper i appreciate your concern, but in actuality how dare you say he better be a "good guy", when you were the one who defined for me what good is not.
First Cut Is The Deepest
My Life is a good one I guess I have a son who calls me his mom. I am But I want something more in my life I want a REAL MAN to love me for me and not for what I can offer. If you read this message me. Love, Angel!
Check Us Out
A new bar come check us out just opened today,streaming BWoR (brats world of rock)24/7,we have yahoo buttons so you can send a request if DJ'S not in the bar,also all new members will get $2500 for joining.SO make sure you stop by and tell your friends
Sorry, You're Rating Too Fast -- Ignored!
I am sick and tired of getting the damn message! I can't help that the rate bar thing loads before the picture does! I just want points for rating the picture like everyone else does and I really don't give two shits what the picture is really. 90% of pictures on here are just for rating purposes anyhow, so there is no use in changing the way people rate pictures. If its not fixed I will just not rate any because it's a waste of time otherwise.
Valentines Auction
Is Love Real
is love real or just a cover word for bullshit I've had too loves in my life the first one left cause and i qoute (i love u but I'm not in love with you ) and the other cheated and said he realized he loved the other girl more so is love real or do we just think we love someone cause we dont want to be alone or do we want to control them so we wont be alone like my last boy friend i realized i did'nt love him but yet i was furious at the thought of someone else being intrested in him i wanted him to be with me and serve me but i know thats selfish so is love real or is it just an illusion like a nicer word for i want u to serve and worship me and no other or has it become just a saying to get the oppisite sex in bed i personally hope it is'nt but i still sometimes wounder.
My World Famous Work In My Portfolio.
Create Your Glitter Text SOME OF MY BEST ARTWORK FROM MY 909 PIECE PORTFOLIO THAT CAN BE SEEN IN IT'S ENTIRETY IN MY "PICS" LINK ON MySpac PAGE IN THE PORTFOLIO PHOTO ALBUM. Create Your Glitter Text Create Your Glitter Text This is called a NAME PLATE. All Portfolio displays are required to have one. I did this freehand of my favorite font, Old English. Then I digitally enhanced it to give it a marble look. BLACKLIGHT GRAFFITI NAME PLATE
Point Hos
Okay, as I sit here on Fubar it never amazes me how many women are willing to show private, or personal NSFW pics for bling, points,or bling packs. what really amazes me are the completely unattractive women that do it, whats worse are the men that will actually pay to see em..lmao.. now dont get me wrong, personal NSFW pics are fine in my book, in fact there are quite a few women I really enjoy looking at (admitted perve here) I think we all enjoy the compliments we get on our pics (who doesnt enjoy an ego boost) I just dont agree with prostituting for points....just my two cents....
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Dating Online
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Up For Auction Do You Want Me???
Click her to TO GET CLOSER TO ME :-) "> LINK Click her to TO GET CLOSER TO ME :-)
Autos On
I don't know who Daniel is...but I stole that is that ----------------------------------------- following daniel's rules created @ 2009-03-25 18:09:56 RULE 1: You opened this; you GOTTA take it RULE 2: You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks! LAST PERSON YOU.... [1] Who was the last person you texted? steve, right now as a matter of fact [2] You were in the car with? Jen [3] Went to the mall with? outlet malls [4] Person you talked on the phone with? my sister [5] You messaged/​commented on Fubar? Perfectly Inked T/F Only answer with True or False Q:Kissed some one on your top friends? only in my dreams Q: Been searched By Cops? True Q: Been suspended from school? true Q: Sat on a roof top? true Q: Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? true Q: Broken a bone? false Q: Have shaved your head? omg, false Q: Played a prank on
My Music
I am a lead guitar player from the bay area.  I would like to share my music with you and hear your opinions.  Go to and also check out my bands page at Thanks
Spotlight Contest
Walk With Me
    Walk with meShhhh…If you listen you might hearThe sweet sound of loveBeing whispered in your earThe warm soft kissesLaid gently upon your skinOpen your heartAnd let love come inHold it tightWithin your embraceA new day is comingFor you to faceSo take my handAnd walk with meFrom dawn to duskTo our destinyTogether we will make itAnd others will seeI was meant for youAnd you were meant for me.I love you Andy!Straight from my heart to you!!
Overprotective Mother
Was at my youngest boys game today.  During almost the end of it..went over to see what my oldest was doing.  He was playing with 3 older girls..and 2 boys his age.  He was on 3rd base..gonna steal home.. anyways..he got almost home..this boy stands right on the run line..and blocked he ran out and around him.  As he got near homeplate..someone threw the soft ball in.. it fell..and bounced up and hit him in the arm.  Few asked him if he was ok..while this kid who was blocking him was saying he was out..etc.  Luke..the one boy said.. u dont get out unless you are holding the ball and get him out. I told the kid.. that you cant stand in someones path and block them either.  The boy got mad i could tell..and took off.  Anyways.. I went back to watch my youngest.  within 10minutes.. I hear this kid..being a dick. I didn't know it was him til later.  All I heard was.. "I dont want him on my team.. he cant play worth a crap..etc.  Couple people told him to be nice.  He said.. well I
Submission..........part V
The heat, the throb deepens along her softly burning buttocks as she stands staring at the statue of the man. Her breath softly inhales as her Masters words caress her neck in warmth. "Just think of it my slave, look at how thick his cock is. Now, tell me, you want that in your sweet ass." he whispers into her ear. With his closeness, his words, his breath so hot against her flesh, she shivers, captured, entranced at the thoughts he places within her mind. So slowly, does she shake her head. Then fear grips her at the knowledge that she could never possibly take such a size. "No.." she whispers. His hand slides further into the soft folds of her pussy, feeling the soft tremble of it, the wetness as his fingers glance against her clit, feeling how rigid it is, how her body shivers as she watches the statue. "Slow, painful penetration.." he whispers into her ear. "You know you want that pain, want to serve your Master in whatever way pleases him." Again, the slow shake of her head at th
I Got Boxer Puppies For Sale
Let's Get The Party Started!
Here are some of my websites to learn more about me! Outdoor Rugs EDI Outsourcing San Diego Health Insurance   I look forward to meeting you.   Chuck  
I have recently come up a blog that talks about free one way backlinks. Looks promising. Will check it out.
Advice To Everybody
One thing I have noticed in life is that almost nobody in life is happy.  98% of the people I have met have been ok at best and I have a firm belief as to why this is.  People are not willing to fight for what they believe in.  Everybody wants their life handed to them so that they don't have to worry about failing.  The truth is people that nothing worth having is easy to keep.  So here is my advice for the day.  If you see an opportunity for something that might bring you happiness then go for it.  Don't worry about the outcome, or consequences, just worry aout the attempt.  Yes, most often you will fail, but it's not about that, it's about that one time you succeed.  True happiness is so rare in our lives that if you see something that can bring it to you even for a moment then you should leap at it and hold onto it for as long as you can, fighting for every moment of happiness you can have because it is worth it.  It could be 5 minutes, or the rest of your life, but never let an op
Fantasys For All
    This is one of my favorit places to shop! I wanted to share it with everyone one here. There is something for everyone on here. Check it out. If you like it sign up and become a loyal customer as I have become!
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Family Rocks
Well, thought I would try this out even though my typing sucks!! Ha ha as if you can see me typing! Family is what keeps life interesting the one you are born to and the one you make. Friends who are more than just friends and family who are friends too. Cherish them, they are treasures which me often neglect to show our appreciation and love to. I lost my best friend, my Mom last year. She was an inspiration. Now my husband and our kids are in Alberta so I miss my nephews, brother's and Dad. Talk to Dad often. My new job has turned out to be like a big family. It's great. So maybe this move will work out.
My Angel
Giving Back
Well, a couple weeks ago my wife and I got some sad news, our good friend, (of many years) Kat, was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia.  She is currently undergoing chemo therapy and has a really great attitude about it.  Immediately after receiving this news my wife and I decided to see how we could help.  We found that we could help by fundraising with Team in Training.  They even set us up with our very own website (mainly my wife as she signed up since I will be going on deployment soon) so we can see who has donated and how much.  Anyway,I thought writing a blog and having a link herre might help in our efforts to raise money for research and to find a cure for Leukemia and Lymphoma.  Here's the link   Thanks! 
Some say they don't like my attitude! Well my response to them is to quit pissing me off!! If only common sense were contagious instead of stupidity. No dude, i will not get naked for you......I dont want to see your penis......If i was gonan strip i would be on a pole,  I am after all a single mom. I do not work for free....damn. So i tried to quit smoking, but i gained like 5 pounds! I would so much rather fuck up my lungs than get fat. Nicorette gum you say? I would rather chew on a cigarette thank you.....and no thank you. Why is it little things make me want to take myself out? For example....if i killed myself, i wouldnt have to write this paper that is due in 4 hours..... Irritating stuff.... Women who assume that simply because another woman poses nude, is a stripper, or works in the sex industry, that she is somehow automatically unintelligent or less deserving of respect than others. IF you got it flaunt it.... :) That guy that thinks I'll fuck him because I'm a "Frea
To: Jeff SkollFounder and Chairman - Participant Productions ( Mr. Skoll My name is John Hansen; I am a new member of "fubar" 5906766. I am both upset and angry for the actions of a "board" member and the abuse of what I perceive as his ability to rate members of the site, via the use of "fluffy." I am not the only one this has happened too, but I took the time after the first action to "ban" this person from posting to my site.  I worked within the system; I advised the parties responsible for this action and received no replies or actions, as requested. Now, it has happened again and to be honest, I am even angrier. I wrote another note (see 23.03.2011) expecting again to solicit a response. No response has been forthcoming.  If the purpose of having a rating system is intended to provide information to other members the elucidation of what members think of the person being rated then it should not be skewed by a non-humorous miss-guided actions
"is It Worth It"
Holy Prostitutes
Fwd: HOLY PROSTITUTES...... HOLY PROSTITUTES A man is driving down a deserted stretch of highway when he notices a sign out of the corner of his eye... It reads:SISTERS OF ST. FRANCISHOUSE OF PROSTITUTION10 MILESHe thinks this is a figment of his imagination and drives on without second thought.Soon he sees another sign which reads:SISTERS OF ST. FRANCISHOUSE OF PROSTITUTION5 MILESSuddenly he begins to realize that these signs are for real and drives past a third sign saying:SISTERS OF ST. FRANCISHOUSE OF PROSTITUTIONNEXT RIGHTHis curiosity gets the best of him and he pulls into the drive. On the far side of the parking lot is a stone building with a small sign next to the door reading:SISTERS OF ST. FRANCISHe climbs the steps and rings the bell. The door is answered by a nun in a long black habit who asks,'What may we do for you! my son?'He answers, 'I saw your signs along the high
Pain Is The Most Common Symptom Of A Stomach Ulcer
Digestive ulcer will likely be on the list of most typical issues that most of us undergo right now. Ulcers are generally seen as slight illnesses and, consequently, not even presented the seriousness they have to have. People today often feel of ulcer as an element of everyday living. Exactly what many people don't know would be the fact abdominal ulcers could lead to abdominal blood loss as well as, generally, can cause dying.Stomach ulcers may be because of a range of components. In our culture, anxiety, cigarettes, caffeinated beverages, plus an bad diet regime will be the major reasons of ulcers. However, if supplied fast care and attention, ulcers may be placed in control. Aside from sticking with healthcare provider's instructions, there's also the small things you can do to reduce that exacerbation of ones own ulcer. Follow this advice concerning how to deal with digestive ulcers signs:Grab your own medication. Should you skip a dosage, you can anticipate abdominal ulcer signs
What Is The Treatment For Low Potassium?
Potassium is certainly a natural and organic mineral which helps all of us truly feel and also be healthy each day. Though virtually all of the potassium in the body is inside the cells, smaller amount, around 2 - 3 % of the entire potassium material inside the human body, of this mineral is located outside of the cells. Potassium is needed by our own body to get smooth muscle as well as cell running, heart operation, muscles contraction, nervous transmission, for the purpose of the conversion process of glucose right into glycogen and even muscle mass building, and many more.It is recognized as 'natural diuretic' because it is quickly assimilated by our system and practically more than 85 % of it is passed from the bowels as well as filtering system. Merely because of the alkaline properties, it can be a really important mineral which will help our own bodies system retain ph levels as well as to sustain adequate amount of water in the body system. The most essential characteristics o
Naughty Last Night
Makes Sence
A psychologist walked around a room while teaching stress management to an audience. As she raised a glass of water, everyone expected they'd be asked the "half empty or half full" question. Instead, with a smile on her face, she inquired: "How heavy is this glass of water?" Answers called out ranged from 8 oz. to 20 oz. She replied, "The absolute weight doesn't matter. It depends on how long I hold it. If I hold it for a minute, it's not a problem. If I hold it for an hour, I'll have an ache in my arm. If I hold it for a day, my arm will feel numb and paralyzed. In each case, the weight of the glass doesn't change, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes." She continued, "The stresses and worries in life are like that glass of water. Think about them for a while and nothing happens. Think about them a bit longer and they begin to hurt. And if you think about them all day long, you will feel paralyzed – incapable of doing anything." It’s important to r
Join Imvu
Hey there is this site IMVU. It lets you create a 3D version of yourself, so much fun :). Just click the picture okey dokey!
hello to all the lostcherry family and friends im new to this blog stuff so if anyone wants to tell me what i done wrong on my first blog dont be shy im open for suggestions i owe i owe its off to work i go see all you lovely people later never know i might owe you later peeps
Can You Help Me. . .?
I have finally done it! I have finally put my thoughts done on paper, again! It has been a painstaking couple of years, to put it mildly. I was begining to wonder if maybe I had lost the ability all together until recently a friend fueled the underlying embers of my heart's true passion. . .writing! Now I need some more help. I need some ideas about what my latest piece should be titled. Can you help me? Here is my latest work. . .fresh from me to you. . .=) If you like this and would like to read more please feel free to read some additional pieces found in my profile under general interests. Thanks for you time! And please let me know what you think! Lost in the desolate fields of life I yearn for my soul’s dedicated companion. My heart’s tears echo through the vast chambers of heaven. Alone in my own inconsolable agony Waiting. . . Lingering. . . Hoping. . . Craving, passion’s caressing embrace Waiting. . . Lingering. . . Hoping. . . Craving, the echoes o
Being faithful is the most important quality anyone can possess. This is my biggest issue I have with women. I hate people who cheat, lie, steal, or hit their significant others. Being faithful is simple. If you love someone, you should be their for them no matter what the problem is. I know there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, but it can be a good one. The way I see it, if your not faithful to someone, then you don't love them. this is what I believe to be true. I am single and looking for someone, but I cant seem to find anyone where I'm at right now. So, ladies, here is a list of things I look for in a woman. In order of importance of course: 1. Faithfulness 2. Funny 3. Unique 4. Kind 5. Smart 6. Clean 7. Willingness to do things I ask 8. Shares interests that I have 9. beauty 10. Fasion With that being said, it is based on a ten point scale the number beside it is how I feel on that subject. 10 being faithful and a 1 being Fasion. Those are the
Laughter Of A Child
Laughter arose from a garden in witch no one was in. A breeze blew from the fields and laughter came with in it. I looked from my window for miles in the direction from which the sound came from, but not one child or being was there. It was the laughter of children playing, which reminded me of the days I played as a child. But now, I was stuck in this house, cooped up with no where to go. Days went by and and days seemed to be the same. My house was full of people that didn't seem to care if I was there or not. But I still felt empty inside this house. People cared for me, but it was not the love and laughter I wanted out of life like when I was a child. I was just happy to have a friend who played with me. I cared to go back to those days, but we cant go back. I just hope and pray I one day find what I was looking for. The laughter of the child inside me again.
Indie Flick
The Movie Of Your Life Is An Indie Flick You do things your own way - and it's made for colorful times. Your life hasn't turned out how anyone expected, thank goodness! Your best movie matches: Clerks, Garden State, Napoleon Dynamite If Your Life Was a Movie, What Genre Would It Be?
Born Into Sin
Afterwards we didn't see much of my mother and my father refusing to let her around us didn't help much neither. I wasn't sure why he was being so mean to her but as I now know it was because he didn't want us to see her in her strung out state. We didn't live in that big three story house anymore because we had lost it to a spontaneous fire. We were in the house when the fire had started and I had called out the window to my father who was sitting outside on the steps with some of his friends. He actually came in and got us himself he grabbed my little brother and sister told me to climb on his back and he got us out of their running through and jumping over fire. After all that happened we moved with an uncle who we lived with for about 6 months. Almost 2 years had gone by since my mother made the choice of drugs over her kids and she finally was back in the picture. She some how got herself together and was coming to our uncles house to visit us. It was perfect timing to cau
Please Rate She Is A Friend Of Mine
Michael's Bad Ass Rude Blog.
'(¯`·._)£að¥ J(¯`·._)!' Accused me of spreading spam.I wander what she just an ordenary man checking this site out.Not here to cause problems but if i was id let others know right up front. Just Signed up here.Dont know if ill be around much or even stay for that matter.But Just telling yall hi. I Do Not! Like Meeting Friends On A Slow Basis.Lifes To Short To Go Slow.So Speed The Freindships Up Please.I Wish That The Women That Viewed My Profile Would Stop & Take The Time To Comment Me.But Thats Not About To Happen.They Got There Head Shuved So Far Up There Ass That They Can't See Anything Else But Themselfs.I Realise Men Hit On You Daily Women But Thats Not My Fault That Im A Good Man & I Suffer For The Other Men's Bullshit Sexual Statments.If You Pass Up My Profile Here & Not Ask About Me Then Thats A Major Flaw On Your Part.For Im A Great Man & Im Far & Way!!! Above Average.
A Polar Bear Walks Into A Bar...
A polar bear walks into a bar and says, "Hey bartender, gimme a ... ... ... beer." The bartender goes, "What's with the big pause?" The polar bear says, "Always had 'em."
My New Pup
Hey Lc
check out my slide show!!!
Poems Of A Darker Nature
The air is thick with lies, I can't breathe Can you hear my cries, can you see What you've done to me, how I crawl My emotions are scrambled and sprawled I see you smile as I continue to squirm Your twisted pleasure as my soul burns The passion was hotter than any fire It was all a game and you still conspire Burn my skin with wax from your candle Place my exausted heart on your mantle I jump through your hoops at command Broken to pieces I have no strength to stand I find myself chained to the pillars of your bed I can feel your words crawl through my head A puppet on your strings, stringing me along Tap dancing to your sick and cruel love song Your body and mind has made me your slave The temptation of your skin hits me like a wave If I could just reach out and have a taste Every moment precious, not one to waste When it's over I feel half of what I was I can feel your finger corse through my blood The whips, the chai
Info/updates/general Stuff
posted some really great photos of the town in Alaska that I'm from. They are really awesome....and I only say that because I was NOT the photographer for any of them. lol!! Have a look if you'd like.
The Anniversary... Gone Wrong.. Way Wrong..
A Husband was in big trouble when he forgot his wedding anniversary. His wife told him "Tomorrow there better be something in the driveway for me that goes zero to 200 in 2 seconds flat". The next morning the wife found a small package in the driveway. She opened it and found a brand new bathroom scale. Funeral arrangements for the husband have been set for Saturday.
Welcome To My Life...
Ok well the last few weekends we have been hanging out with friends quite a bit, as our time here in Florida is running short. This last weekend we spent two nights in a row partying with friends, mostly from poptart's old job... and I must say... they are a very good group of people. I enjoy hanging out with them greatly... and even being a bit of an outsider to start out with... I have been kinda pulled into the group... and have been treated with nothing but acceptance, and the love they show their own. Much appreciated folks... I love that group of peeps =]. Can't wait for us all to hang out again. The nights were just full of funny moments... and anyone that happened to catch about 5 minutes worth of conversation between any of us, was probably in for a real treat. I think the best convo we had was at IHOP though... we touched on everything from panty-cakes... to vibrating beavers... and just about everything in between. Most of it you probably had to be there for... but
Quiz !!!!
The porno of carrie's life will be called ... "Life of a sex addict" 'What will the porno of your life be called?' at THIS IS SOOO TRUE !! Scorpio You are very dominant in bed, and you like to control your relationship in general. You are so intense in the sack that none of your partners will ever forget you. You are an amazing lover, because you like to have an equal amount of give and take. Sex matches: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces Take this quiz at THIS IS ME ALL THE WAY!! Using your body Your sexual hidden talent is using your body's natural charm and beauty to seduce your partner. You are all about having the perfect body/looking good for your partner - and it does the trick every time. Take this quiz at
Tuesday, June 13, 2006 My personality disorders Disorder Rating Paranoid: Moderate Schizoid: Low Schizotypal: Low Antisocial: Moderate Borderline: Low Histrionic: High Narcissistic: High Avoidant: Low Dependent: Low Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate -- Personality Disorder Test -- -- Personality Disorder Information -- 7:35 PM - 4 Comments - 0 Kudos - Add Comment - Edit - Remove Sunday, May 07, 2006 People that piss me off too Current mood: Pissed Off Category: Pissed Off Romance and Relationships Something that really gets me is that I will always listen to a "friend" that is having a problem with something or is troubled even taking their calls at times when I have alot going on in my life. But when I am feeling down and bothered by things then it seems like these same people desert me and that their problems are way too important that they can't give me a minute of their time. Something else that gets me is people here on myspace that think th
Baby Rappers
your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze and sleep for another 10 minutes. He stays up for days on end. __________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. __________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at, as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. __________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. __________________________ You talk trash on your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. __________________________ You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls. He walks the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists. ___
Thoughts And Other Things I Want To Pass Along
Awesome letter...especially the last line. > >> > >> > >> > >> This was written by my husband, Aaron, who is > >> currently deployed to Iraq, in defense of a recent > comment made by Senator John Kerry. Pass it > >> along, it might inspire someone else to speak up! > >> > >> Yesterday John Kerry said, "You know education, if > >> you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your > homework, and you make an effort to be > >> smart, you can do well, and if you don't, you get > >> stuck in Iraq" > >> > >> So I wrote him a letter: > >> > >> I am a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. I > >> am currently on my second tour in Iraq, a tour in > which I volunteered for. I speak Arabic > >> and Spanish and I plan to tackle Persian Farsi soon. > >> I have a Bachelors and an Associates Degree and > between deployments I am pursuing an M.B.A. > >> In college I was a member of several academic honor > >> societies, including the Golden Key Honor
Fuck Tha Drama Lounges
ok i have never nor will I go into another lounge and steal peeps out for my lounge...fuckin grow up read ya tos...fuck off...phreakdaddy
so.i just read my boy dericks blog on myspace and I'm really sad about it.. like on halloween.. him and a friend vandalized the town they live in which is 30 mins from where i live.. and he got ratted out so he is looking forward to 3 months to 2 years.. but in his blog he said that he wished he never left texas to come here.. and that got me upset and crying because he didn't take into consideration that if he didn't leave texas to come here then he would of never met me and we wouldn't be together.. i know i'm a fucking cry baby as so my brother says.. but it just got me really upset and my mood went from REALLY fucking happy to REALLY fucking depressed.. gosh.... peace people much love! Alex Carter~ okay so my best friend and sister desi started dating my ex brandon 6 weeks ago.. brandon (the guy) broke up wit her and we found out that he was cheating on her.. and i went off on him saying that he was fucking her over tha same way he fucked me over.. (over the summer when we wer
well i am new to this... but it seems pretty cool. i might need sum help doing this thing. anyways... l8rs.. Crystal
Mrs. Hardwolfs Blogs
quiet her thoughts and give her rest silence her heart that is in her chest grant her peace so she may sleep surrender a Love, that she may keep stop her tears that streak from her eyes repair her wings so she can fly Give her strength and let her soar heal her wounds that have been torn mend whats broke that is in her soul take away the hurt, that takes it's toll hold her up when she starts to fall listen to her words when you hear her call caress her gently when she is sad tell her you love her when her day is bad walk with her when she walks away keep her on a path so she don't stray help her fight off all that is wrong raise her spirit so she may stay strong keep her courageous with all that she does for she is a woman, a woman in love ...... Note: My Hair is just like hers...hummm....Length, color, style for the most part...scary... Did I disappoint you or let you down? Should I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown? 'Cause I
JON LORD, PETE TOWNSHEND, JOE WALSH Part Of Tribute Show For TRAFFIC Legend Former DEEP PURPLE keyboardist Jon Lord will take part in an all-star celebration of the late Jim Capaldi, solo musician and member of TRAFFIC. The show will take place January 21st, close to the second anniversary of his death, at London's Roundhouse. Tickets go on sale December 18. The Dear Mr. Fantasy concert, named for one of Traffic's best-known albums, will celebrate the life and work of Capaldi, who died of cancer January 28, 2005, at the age of 60. The event will raise funds for the Jubilee Action Street Children Appeal, a charity in which Capaldi and his wife Anina were active. The show will be presented by BBC Radio 2's Bob Harris. Already confirmed to appear are Steve Winwood, Capaldi`'s longtime collaborator both in and out of Traffic; Pete Townshend, Paul Weller, Bill Wyman and other such performers as Joe Walsh, Gary Moore, Simon Kirke, Dennis Locorriere, the Storys, Andy Newmark, Ray
Just My Opiinion, I Might Be Wrong
What Am I Doing Here?
As I am new to this site,I am going to let everyone know up front that I am not looking for anything,but fun.I have an outrageous sense of humor,can laugh at most anythig and will.I mean no offense to anyone,I am a very easy going person.I like most people on the spot,some it may take a second look, lol.I wasnt sure if I'd find any laughter here but I have and for the ones that gave me that I truly thank you.Laughter is one of the great free things in life,and god help you if you don't take advantage of it.So for everyone that have shown me a warm welcome my wish for you is a lifetime of laughter.
Only A Man Would Do This!
Pocket Taser Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife. A guy who purchased his lovely wife a "Pocket Taser" for their anniversary submitted this story. Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest. The occasion was our 22nd anniversary and I was looking for a little something extra for my wife Toni. What I came across was a 100,000-volt, pocket/purse-sized taser. The effects of the taser were supposed to be short lived, with no long-term adverse affect on your assailant, allowing her adequate time to retreat to safety ... WAY TOO COOL! Long story short, I bought the device and brought it home. I loaded two Triple-A batteries in the darn thing and pushed the button. Nothing! I was disappointed. I learned, however, that if I pushed the button AND pressed it against a metal surface at the same time; I'd get the blue arch of electricity darting back and forth between the prongs. Awesome!!! Unfortunately, I have yet to explain to Toni wh
Taryn Thomas Ascends On Genesis 'hot' List & Achieves F.a.m.e. Nominations
TARYN THOMAS Ascends on Genesis 'Hot' List, Achieves F.A.M.E! TARYN THOMAS Ascends on Genesis 'Hot' List, Achieves F.A.M.E! (Hollywood, Ca) Porn super starlet, Taryn Thomas, is recognized for bringing her 'A' game to Adult Entertainment! The Italian beauty started the week by making a stunning debut on Genesis Magazine's Hot 100 Pornstars list, appearing in the number 19 spot, the highest ranking for a girl in her first year of porn! "Wow! That is so cool! My Idol, Belladonna, is number 17. For anyone to even consider me to being close to her level, like that, is very over whelming." Thomas said when noted of her stellar placement. Following the Genesis announcement, the F.A.M.E Awards finalist were made known. Taryn not only secured the two categories she was initially nominated in, Rookie Starlet of the Year & Favorite Anal Starlet, but astonishingly acquired a third as well, for the " The Perfect Slutâ�The Dirtiest Girl in Porn" category! The nom
Arent These Guys The Greatest Band Ever!!
Music Video:SUICIDE NOTE (PART 1) (by Pantera)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Re: To Cat
RE: TO CATS BLOG; READ AND REPOST. Cat you are stupid; you are a bad business woman who needs to grow the fuck up; anyone reading this that's offended I don't really care and I don't care if u never talk to me again over this. One thing about me is this: if you fuck with my family ill fuck you back and I am very protective of those that I love and care about; so in short do not trash talk my family and if your going to do it could you at least get your facts right? So I'm setting the record straight for anyone who read the garbage that Cat wrote 1. Bob has done nothing wrong; he is not "scum" and he treats his customers like his own family making everyone feel welcome; when you walk into the junction you feel like you're at home and you can just be yourself. 2. Cat you're the one that brings underage people wherever you go; and their the ones that cause the problems. Your so called "people" are the ones that are the underage drinkers. 3. Cat reality sucks
ABOUT YOU Your full name:: Laura Height:: 5'6" Natural hair color:: Deep, radiant red Eye color:: Green Number of siblings:: 2 sisters, 1 brother, all younger Glasses/contacts?:: rose colored glasses Piercings:: 2 ears Tattoos:: Naw, couldn't ever get up the courage Braces?:: Should have had them, now just need teeth fixed FAVORITE Color:: PURPLE Band:: Journey Song:: Too many to count Stuffed animal:: My singing light up Christmoose Video game:: Doom II TV show:: House Movie:: None in particular Book:: Left Behind Food:: Chocolate Game on a cell phone:: don't have ne Flower:: Black roses Scent:: Musk Animal:: horses Cereal:: Super Sugar Crisp Website:: CherryTap DO YOU Play an instrument?:: Does my voice count? Watch TV more than 60 hours a week?:: like i count Like to sing?:: Most certainly Have a job?:: For the moment Have a cell phone?:: My lifeline Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?:: Shhh... don't tell my husband...JK Have a crush on someone?:: I
My Writtings And Such!
Game Time
Each night I feel the distance that has grown between us Open up as lonely as the space between the stars I wish that I could find a way To smash my fist right through these walls Of ugliness and emptiness And gently touch your face But every time that I touch you You feel so far away And every time that you need me I feel so far away As you lie silently beside me choking back your tears I wonder if you recognize That silence now defines us Desperately I try to fight this overwhelming sense That I may never find The strength to change How hopeless we've become We need to find a way to break this silence We need to find a way to break this silence that's between us So I scream your name But every time that I touch you You feel so far away And every time that you need me I feel so far away And every time that you reach out You feel me pull away And every time that I touch you, I touch you, I touch you You feel so far away Some nights I feel like I have died Or
You Wanna Know What Grinds My Gears...?
let me preface this by saying...i like a woman with a lil meat on her bones...more cushion for the pushing i say...and if you got a gut theres a great possibility theres some great pussy under im not shitting on the chunky chicks... but what the hell do you need a title to make yaself feel better about yaself...if you honestly and truely are proud to be ya size then be that... im proud to be dont see me calling myself SBM...cuz though i do feel like ima sexy ass black man...with a wonderful penis, bulging biceps and a personality that would rival some tv stars...i see no need to bring that to the light like i NEED you to acknowldege that...;-) i digress i think bringing attention to you're "faults" and using it as some form of false bravdo and a sense of confidence is retarded... either you like yaself or you dont... and yes i equate short with fat...cuz damnit you wouldnt believe how many times ive been dissed cuz of my height...sue me look
Most Unique Salute Contest
MOST PROVOCATIVE PIC CONTEST Picture entered must be provocative but also Safe For Work. Contest will be based on comments and comment bombing is allowed. Contest will run for 7 days and starts on March 22nd Midnight Eastern and ends on March 29th Midnight Eastern. PRIZES 1st- 1 Week Blast 2nd- Corvette from the CT Gift Shop 3rd- Choice of Rings from the CT Gift Shop Please send me link to the picture you want to use or private message me and let me know what pic you want me to rip. Hope to have many entries so please help spread the word and repost bulletin. Thanks you very much and good luck to all! most unique cherry salute contest 1 place wins a 3 day blast second place wins a 1 day blast and 3 rd place win gifts up to 1500 cherry bucks salutes doesnt halft to be verified just unique rules are as follows NO bombing to make it fare each contestant can only have 5 comments from any one person. contest will last for one week contest will start saturday
To All Tracys
hello im just looking to just see how many tracys are on here so i am adding every single tracy who will accept.guy or girl it doesnt matter i just want tracys so if your a tracy please add me thanks that is if you put me as a fan ill do that same
Strange Things About H.i.m.whore
Yes it is true. I still think that there are monsters under my bed that are going to get me. I'm also deathly afraid of the dark. If I go outside at night I start freaking out and shaking and can't breathe right. Even if i'm in my house in the dark. I have to have nightlights everywhere in my house. Ghosts scare the shit out of me. If I watch something about REAL ghosts I have violent nightmares. Now horror movies I love because they are fake. I can't go up into the attic of my new house without crying. I can't go into the basement of my house without having an anxiety attack. There you go. When i think of more i'll be sure to post it for yas! ROCK ON BITCHES!!! JAX
Read It
hey peeps just lettin erry1 know it was my bday sat. ya'll betta hit me up wit sum luv CHAPTER- SOMEWHERE AROUND 27 OF 30 i think i forgot to write about when i went visited this guy i met online in Rotterdam n my bio so im going to add about it here about 2 years ago i went to see this 28 year old guy i met onlline in rotterdam.we seemed to hit off we talked for a good few months before i flew and it was my first time ever to actually go meet someone from online, but as soon as i saw him at the airport i hid...i mean it was obvious this guy had some physical and mental problems.he told me he had but i never assumed this bad...but hey it was for 2 weeks and i knew noone there so i walked up and said hi. naturally it turned out to be a nightmare----it turns out he had been battling with cancer for years with it just recently came back,and all spread all over,he was ever so desperate to love someone and he grew up in broken family he basically had noone. h
Learning About Life
I Need Your Help
hey check my vavaction pics You've Got Guys Lined Up Around the Block While your little black book isn't as thick as Paris Hilton's... You get the most dates of any girl you know It's your whole five star package that attracts men - Your looks, your charm, and your ability tie a cherry with your tongue. Are You Attractive? angelic -- [adjective]:Insatiable to the point of crazy 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
Thank You All
Take A Look At Her
if she wanted she could kiss you, or kill you, both right through your screen.
My Words
The truth Truth be told I want you to hold, To shower you with kisses, that reaches to your soul. If my lips could taste you no flavor will ever compare. For you my darling is sweeter than a thick chocolate coated Sundae. If you were near me with each breath that I take I would inhale you. I would drink you into me. And steal away your essence. For you are my forbidden love. In The Everlasting Night I lay in bed at night, wishing you were here with me, but you are not I long for the touch of your arms around me and your lips against mine but I know that I shall have to wait I think of you and our love with every second that goes by and tell myself that you are always there with me, yet I still miss u I don't know how I lived my life without you in it and I don't know how I would if you ever left but I know one thing for sure That thing, the one thing that keeps me going is that I love you and that will never change I will cross the ocean for you
Meine Angst Fängt Mich Ein, der darauf Wartet. ..... Ich habe eine Prüfung, größtenteils jeder hat versagt gemacht am besten auszuschließen. Eine Angst damit offensichtlich noch unbewusst. Um ihn noch einmal, Gesicht zu sehen, um gegenüberzustehen, wäre ein Ende. Meine Vergangenheit Glüht Rot Und Gelb Wieder. ..... Ein Ende zu einem Albtraum, ein Ungeheuer innerhalb dass ich couldn`t Bär. Ich bin in meinem Gemüt wandernd verlassen, sich wundernd, wo die nächste Drehung mich nehmen wird. Erschrocken von was kommen dürfte, besorgt, zu wissen, was es ist. -------------------------------------------------Translation ------------------------------------------------- My Fear Traps Me Waiting For It...... I made a test, mostly everyone failed except the best. A fear so obvious yet oblivious. To see him once again, face to face, would be an end. My Past Is Glowing Red And Yellow Again...... An end to a nightmare, a monster inside that I couldn`t bear. I am left i
Miss Cherry Licker For March go there and vote for me please vote as many as you like thank you all ahead of time
You scored as A Slave To BDSM. Admit it, you like being tied up and being told you've been very naughty. You like teasing your partner and making them squirm, and not letting them be able to do anything about it. Some people think what you do is sick and disgusting, but you know it's all in good fun.A Slave To BDSM90%Sex God78%Virgin38%A Romantic35%How are you in bedcreated with []My house []Ur House []Pool []Shower []parents room LOL OTHER....please explain in () 2.What position? []Doggy Style []Missionary []69 []OTHER...() 3.What would you use?? []chains and whips []choc. syrup and whip cream []strawberries and whip cream []cherries and chocolate []ropes and hand cuffs OTHER...() 4.Lights? []ON []OFF 5.Where would you take me 4 a date before all of this? ()PLEASE EXPLAIN 6.Givin Head? []Yes []No 7.Gettin some head []Yes []No 8.Protection? []Yes []No 9.Day or Night? []DAY []NIGHT 10.What song would we fuck to? ()PLEASE
I keep thinking bout someone but dont really know what to do.. she plans on going to the army and doesnt do LD relationships and neither do i... i think i may have found someone.. but i just cant quite somehow put it shes really cool... but idk how she feels bout me...
Sex Iq
You have a sexual IQ of 144 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
You Should Know..... News Stuff
This is the short version: cocoa mulch contains a substance that is dangerous, even lethal, to dogs when ingested. It smells good, so attracts dogs, who will eat anything, including this mulch. Don't use it! If you want a sweet smelling mulch, use cedar. Even if you don't have pets, someone else's pets could possibly eat it it. ************************************************** Read below for more info and sources. I sent this as an e-mail last year. I sent this out last year after someone in my rescue group passed it along. It's spring and people are probably starting to think about working on gardens, so it's worth sending again. :) If you want to know more about it or what to do if your pet ingests it, the first link is the Snopes link, but the others are Hershey, ASPCA, and another dog site. http:
More Cherry Questions...
well here's my cherrytap question section going again..... Why is it that baby jesus stops your cherry cruising to ask you to invite new people because "we need more people".... but yet when you do invite people you don't get the POINTS for them?? OK today in the 2pm happy hour I invited TWO new people and BOTH joined. Yet I got points for ONE and the invite for that same ONE. The other joined and they are on the site yet I didn't get the points or the notice they joined. This isn't the 1st time this has happened either. I invited TWO new people a couple weeks back and got credit for just ONE of them. Again it was happy hour and I was trying to get that 1000 points per new member........ and I didn't get credit for TWO in the last few months. I emailed cherrytap about it and asked what the deal was and this is what I was told..... === 'CherryTAP Support' spewed forth the following at '2007-03-07 04:50:59'.. > > it is probably she didnt accept the friend request ye
You Better Win
All About The Sexxyness!
i am gettin gtired of men not really reading a ladies profile, and if they didm they should have respect if the lady has a man by not trying to get them to meet with them..don't noone have respect anymore? sheesh To Be Beautiful is to be yourself Show your true colors Shine like the sun Glowing from the rays Knowing you are like no other Not Better than anybody but better than hoping to be To be beautiful is to be bold Inside and Out!
The True Meaning Of Frieneship.......
ok, i don't get it what is the true meaning of friendship ? this will evoke different emotions and answers amongst many of you and to be honest, i dont really want or expect any answers from any of you this is just somethng that i need to vent... to me, friendship has always been quite black and white there were people that you got along with, shared a mutual respect with, had a shared or common interest in something together etc, etc, etc then there were those special few (or more than a few if you are lucky) these are the friends who know you inside out, upside down and can tell you too your face you're being a fucking idiot ! these are the friends that you share your innermost thoughts and life experiences with these are the people that you will do anything for and they will do anything for you they don't judge you they simply accept you for all that you are as you do them....... whatever sort of friends you have, i'm sure you will interpret their f
Nhl Playoffs Are Here
Scoring Summary 1st Period Vancouver 7:07, Jeff Cowan 1 (unassisted) Anaheim 9:24, Andy McDonald 2 (power play) (Chris Kunitz, Chris Pronger) Anaheim 14:56, Teemu Selanne 2 (Andy McDonald, Chris Kunitz) Anaheim 19:11, Andy McDonald 3 (Teemu Selanne, Chris Kunitz) 2nd Period None 3rd Period Anaheim 9:05, Ryan Getzlaf 3 (Dustin Penner, Corey Perry) Anaheim 19:08, Andy McDonald 4 (power play) (Kent Huskins, Ryan Getzlaf) Anaheim Leads 1-0 Scoring Summary 1st Period None 2nd Period Dallas 13:09, Stu Barnes 1 (power play) (Stephane Robidas, Philippe Boucher) 3rd Period Vancouver 5:18, Jan Bulis 1 (Jannik Hansen, Brendan Morrison) OT Period Vancouver 7:47, Taylor Pyatt 1 (Bryan Smolinski, Trevor Linden) Vanouver Leads the Series 2-1 SCORING SUMMARY 1st Period 16:32 JOEL LUNDQVIST, Wrist Shot - Assists: JEFF HALPERN and STU BARNES 2nd Period 15:12 PPG - HENRIK SEDIN, Wrist Shot - Assists: DANIEL SEDIN
Thoughts And Dreams
Maturity is the ability to control anger and settle differences without violence or destruction. Maturity is patience. It is the willingness to pass up immediate pleasure in favor of the long-term gain. Maturity is perseverance, the ability to sweat out a project or a situation in spite of heavy opposition and discouraging set-backs. Maturity is the capacity to face unpleasantness and frustration, discomfort and defeat, without complaint or collapse. Maturity is humility. It is being big enough to say, "I was wrong." And, when right, the mature person need not experience the satisfaction of saying, "I told you so." Maturity is the ability to make a decision and stand by it. The immature spend their lives exploring endless possibilities; then they do nothing. Maturity means dependability, keeping one's word, coming through in a crisis. The immature are masters of the alibi. They are the confused and the disorganized. Their lives are a maze of broken promises, former friends, unfin
Would You Tell Your Roomate??
ok this sucks. as much as i want to talk to all of my friends i have to study. i will be so happy when finals are over! so wish me luck so i can have some free time!
My Soul
More! I see myself holding you close to me, Squeezing your body tight. But for all I see as I daydream- I know I'll get tenfold tonight. Running my palms across your breast, As you tremble and bite your lip. Feeling your hands upon my chest, The softness of each fingertip. Tasting your neck so sweet, so soft, And slowly lowering my kiss. Over pert nipples, across your navel, And finally into pure bliss. Looking upon your face from below- As you tilt back your head. Feeling your fountains begin to flow- As you ease back on the bed. Your 'innocent little devil' look- Crying insatiably with the sensation. Lip to lip lapping up every drip- From the well of your creation. The way you pull me up by the hair- To the heat of your mouth, on fire. No other thoughts, no other cares, Just the quenching of mad desire. Riding the tide of passion, Pushing my love into you. On the waves of your emotion- In slow motion, so sweet and true. P
Spiderman 3
I took my boys to see Spiderman 3 tonight. I hope they don't make anymore Spiderman movies as this one was not the greatest. One of my kids even fell asleep. There was a lot of wonderful critiscism over this show, but honestly, I didn't enjoy it at all. There weren't a lot of action scenes and when there was, it was too dark to really appreciate it. The dramatic scenes were overdramatic, predictable, and frankly - boring. The actors did a fantastic job of what they had to work with. Poor Kirsten Dunst seems to have lost a huge amount of weight. She did not look happy. But - these are my opinions and I hope other people could enjoy the movie more than I.
Just A Little Insight To My Life
I wish you could know what it is like to search a burning bedroom for trapped children at 3 AM, flames rolling above your head, your palms and knees burning as you crawl, the floor sagging under your weight as the kitchen below you burns. I wish you could comprehend a husband's horror at 6 in the morning as I check his wife of 40 years for a pulse and find none. I start CPR anyway, hoping to bring her back, knowing intuitively it is too late. But wanting her husband and family to know everything possible was done to try to save her life. I wish you knew the unique smell of burning insulation, the taste of soot-filled mucus, the feeling of intense heat through your turnout gear, the sound of flames crackling, the eeriness of being able to see absolutely nothing in dense smoke-sensations that I've become too familiar with. I wish you could read my mind as I respond to a building fire "Is this a false alarm or a working fire? How is the building constructed? What hazards await me
Unresolved Myzery
Welp. After I get off work, i'm gone for a lil over a week. So... peace. How does one deliberate with another, if both beings belonging to the same idea or conversation is no where near the mental capacity as the other? Does the tyranical way of life offer more than the nice guys finish last routine? How often shall I imagine cutting myself, to hide the fact that I once used to cut myself? Will people ever take the time and just listen to another persons problems without trying to figure out a way to personally gain some form of redemption over the trouble mind? I've often thought about random questions, and tried asking them in a more professional / Complex manner. Even the dumbest of questions could be met with an equally brilliant conversation if asked right. Think about this process, and go up to a loved one or a friend. Hell, even a stranger. Ask them the most outrageous question, but put some umph into it and choose your words wisely. Use both form
Friday Night
Here I sit on a Friday night when I was supposed to be partying. It is such a depressing thought knowing that we only have so many Fridays in our life, and to think I missed the boat on this one. Oh well, there is always Saturday night.
Ruffff Sex
rough sex Body: Giving .........head....... massages the jaw....while burning 32 calories. Swallowing foreign body juices is actually like taking vitamins and it whitens your teeth The American Dental Association says that semen cuts plaque better than mouth wash, so suck a dick and save a smile. Having nice sex burns 358 calories. Having rough sex [make it hurt] burns 543 calories. Take off her clothes with her consent.........................12 cal without......................187 cal Take off her Bra With two hands..........................8 cal With one hand.........................12 cal With mouth.............................85 cal Put on Protection hard ........................... 6 cal soft..........................315 cal Foreplay Looking for target...................8 cal Finding G spot ......................92 cal I don't F***ing care.....................0 cal Entry Holding her..................12 cal On the floor.................8 cal
New Pics Up
I have new Pictures up stop by and some me some love comment as much as you want would like to know what you think, thanks and have a good day Stop by and say hi sometime and show some love so i dont feel lonely and want to leave ct cause i do like it here and i hav made some friends since ive been here but only a few ppl spend any time talkin to me tryin to get to know me and im single so i can make all the friends i want without havin to worry about some body gettin mad lol so stop by and show me some crazy love, loves you all peace
So Sexy
Im looking 4 a online pimp 4 me people!!! u charge,u keep da money, just sell me to the guys and some ladys, Just comment if u wanna be my pimp boys
Greatest Danger
The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is to high and we miss it, but that it is to low and we reach it. MICHELANGELO (1475-1564)
Well to all you soliders you are my weakness. I know that you are severing your country. But I have to say I because of that i love and thank you all of the jobs that you have chosen protect me and my family everyday. And for that i Must THANK YOU. And for all the soliders that have died for my beloved country I thank you and your families i know the grief that you must face everday is hard but remember that your son/daughter, husband or wife put their life on the line to protect all of us here.
About Me
It's sad to say that I'm only 31 and my brain actually does function in such a random way, but this is the best thing I have ever read that describes how my mind works. I believe it's a combination of OCD and Fibromyalgia that makes my brain go nuts. A.A.A.. D.D. (Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder). This is how it manifests: I decide to water my lawn. As I turn on the hose in the driveway, I look over at my car and decide my car needs washing. As I start toward the garage, I notice that there is mail on the porch table that I brought up from the mail box earlier. I decide to go through the mail before I wash the car. I lay my car keys down on the table, put the junk mail in the garbage can under the table, and notice that the can is full. So, I decide to put the bills back on the table and take out the garbage first. But then I think, since I'm going to be near the mailbox when I take out the garbage anyway, I may as well pay the bills
Forever Love~
hmm...nothing important. just trying to shout out to tell the whole world how fortunately i am now. gotta relaxing soon after the 2 more days examination. no more studies n no more homeworks to be done. haha...!!!
A Little Story
I walk up to you and grab a fist full of your hair. I lean in and whisper to you “you are going to do everything I say. Now take your clothes off” I release your hair and watch as you slowly remove all you clothing. I pause to take in the full beauty of your form before I retake your hair into my hand and lead you to the bed tossing you upon it. I take your hands and feet and strap them to the corners of the bed then I place a strap across your forehead making you unable to lift your head. You feel my breath on your thigh as I lean down between your legs and start running my tongue over your thighs. Licking up and down moving from your left one to your right moving ever so close to your pussy but never touching it. I watch as the juice starts to slowly run out of your pussy moving down over your ass hole, down your cheek and onto the bed. I keep licking until you are at the point of orgasm then I stop. I stand over your face my dick right there but the strap on your head makes you unab
Hey Hey
for those who dont know... im in columbus now for 3 weeks trucking school wish me luck yes i have my comp..of course...
True Love
Hey friends/Fans, I want to share with you all on how I met Gary. I met Gary through my line of work as a client. We met back in March and when we both layed our eyes on each other it was love at first sight. I knew it was for me when I first met him but didn't know it was for him until recently as we talk about it now. Gary was supposed to have me out again to entertain him the next night but his company sent him out of the area. I figured it was another man saying he would see me again and not do it. Well I was wrong when I received a call from my agency to go back to this particular hotel ( that Gary and I first met at) that Gary wanted to see me. I wasn't sure if it was him but I was hoping. When I arrived I found it was him. I was so excited to see him that I greeted him with a long french kiss. He explained to me what happen. The hour went by quickly and he walked me to my car. It was raining and I told him to get in. We sat and talked for 3 hours while I was waiting on another
A Treasure Chest
I have a wooden cedar box Filled with precious things Most of no value to you But joy to me it brings A copper penny, 1961 The year I was given life A withered old white rose From the day I became a wife Two certified legal documents That tell me that I am free A US birth certificate And a final divorce decree Golden locks, adorned with ribbon Clipped from the head of my son A bag filled with tiny teeth Exchanged for a dollar one by one A report card, five A’s and one B My sons first year at school A tattered silken blanket Still covered with infant drool A book of poems that I had written While in my rebellious teens Fifty plus love letters From then, now and in-between Old yellowed photographs Of family long since gone A dozen crayon pictures That both my kids have drawn Hospital anklets, pink and blue That Danny and Sara wore A stupid keep out sign That I used to hang on my door Each item within this box Is a memory that I hold dear
Updates And Whatnot
Good Morning! UK time that is. I'm noticing alot of you are from the US. So, think of this one...from THE FUTURE! ahhh. 5 hours in the future that is. I have a conundrum. Apparently I have uploaded too many pictures. I've maxed it out, and can't upload anymore until I reach level 11? This is a a problem, as I took these really sexy pictures the other day, and I'm dying to post them. My question to you, my friends, and fans, on fubar...which set should I take down? The bathtub? Risque? or...white robe? Or should I keep them up, be patient, and wait to level up? Input is helpful! Have a good day! So...last night I got bored. And...and...and: took pictures of me taking a bubble bath / shower!! So...go check them out. I had one of the longest days of work ever and just needed to relax. Thought documenting it might be to your likings. There are 14 new pictures in an album called 'bubble bath' :D xo
Being Rude To People
You know, I'm REALLY getting tired of individuals, namely the haters, hating on me and being rude like one person did in a MUMM telling me to go kill myself, it is uncalled for and it has no place anywhere on the internet for all, just like the ladies that get the rude disgusting comments like for example,"I want to do this on body part or what not", that is bull and if some of the haters don't knock off the non-sense, whatever the rude comments are and they ruin it for the nicer and more respectable guys on here that can't look at their pics because the ladies decide to make it private and I'll be blunt here, that'll piss me off to no end and I will not like it at all but I have to understand it and get used to it, if it happens because I've seen this crap go on in a chat room on Yahoo or have read people doing this crap in a IM on Yahoo and I definitely don't think it should be tolerated by anyone, anywhere at any time so if by chance the haters start it with me again whether it be i
For Calissta
For Are Troops
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: DB MIKE Date: Aug 1, 2007 5:04 PM -----------------From: MISSING YOUDate: 31 Jul 2007, 08:29 PM*Turn up your volume*You stay up for 16 hours.He stays up for days on end.You take a warm shower to help you wake up.He goes days or weeks without running water.You complain of a "headache", and call in sick.He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward.You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends.He still fights for your right to wear that shirt.You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket.He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags.******************************You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you.He knows he may not see some of his buddies again.You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls.He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists.You complain about how hot it is.He wears his heavy gear,
Lotta Funnys ;)
One of our friends and family has just buried her newborn girl today and i am too far away to help her and him . and i wouls like to saay to them keep your head up GOD  does not give us more than we can handle.  CRYING MAY LAST THROUGH THE NIGHT AND THE PAIN  MAY BR THERE TONITE, BUT TOMMOROW JOY WILL COME JUST KEEP THE FAITH AND I LOVE BOTH OF YOU. i am new at this can someone help me better my page?
Back From Racing In Europe!
Monday and Tuesday was testing in a Callaway Camaro at Monza, Italy. This was special event for me......I got seat time at the track before I return for a racing event in a few months. More importantly, I was racing at one of the most historic tracks of all time! I have laps video taped that I will post on my website asap.

A Sexy Ass Lady
If any body can find out more about this chick let me know here is her name Angela Devi, Big Thanks to who ever fins out more information!
Happy Birthday Dime Ull Br Missed
R.I.P Dimebag Darrell Be*
Being A Emt
Lights Are Flashing, Sirens Are Wailing My Adrenaline Starts Pumping, My Heart Starts Thumping I Can Only Pray God Will Give Me The Strength To Go To Such Great Length I Hope I Am Trained For What This Call Could Be, After All I'm Just An EMT And Just When I Think I've Saw It All, I Have Some Of My Biggest Falls Like The Baby That Was Born Only To Die Moments Later. I Witnessed The 14 Year Old Mother Mourn Like The 102 Year Old Man In Cardiac Arrest, Did CPR Like Practicing For A Test He Was Down Too Long, Did It For His Wife Who Thought It Wasn't His Time To Go Why Am I Doing This? Surely Not Because Of The Bad I Witness I Can Make A Difference, A Change In Someone's Life, But Their Has To Be An Exchange You Can't Save Them All When God's Angels Get A Call They Have To Go, Everyone Has A Time You Know As Long As You Do All You Can And Realize Your Not A Miracle Man
Open-ended Philosophical Question
Does the end justify the means? i.e. – lying to someone to avoid hurting their feelings or - torturing a baby to bring peace to humanity I think... “Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity.”
Divorce Barbie
One day a father gets out of work and on his way home he suddenly remembers that it's his daughter's birthday. He pulls over to a toy shop and asks the salesperson, "How much for one of those Barbie's in the display window?" The salesperson answers, "Which one do you mean, sir? We have: Work Out Barbie for $19.95, Shopping Barbie for $19.95, Beach Barbie for $19.95, Disco Barbie for $19.95, Ballerina Barbie for $19.95, Astronaut Barbie for $19.95, Skater Barbie for $19.95, and Divorced Barbie for $265.95" The amazed father asks: "You what?! Why is the Divorced Barbie $265.95 and the others only $19.95? The annoyed salesperson rolls her eyes, sighs, and answers: "Sir..., Divorced Barbie comes with: Ken's Car, Ken's House, Ken's Boat, Ken's Furniture, Ken's Computer and..... one of Ken's Friends.
Contest Cheats
.we lost 1000 comments the person in lead gain'd 1057 votes in 20 minutes with no bombers an we lost 1,000 comments same it is the leader of this contest already had 400 comments before the rest of us could comment bomb. More info will follow Girl with 400 comments before the rest of us could bomb oOV1RUSOo [Kelevra]@ fubar Promoter of Contest. Punky@ fubar You do the Math is this Contest Rigged
Atleast Someone Thought Abt The Men!
Thought 1 When we are born, our mothers get the compliments and the flowers. When we are married, our brides get the presents and the publicity. When we die, our widows get the life insurance. What do women want to be liberated from? ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ----- Thought 2 The average man's life consists of : Twenty years of having his mother ask him where he is going, Forty years of having his wife ask the same question; and at the end, the mourners wondering too. ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ----- Thought 3 A Man was walking down a street when he heard a voice from behind, "If you take one more step, a brick will fall down on your head and kill you." The man stopped and a big brick fell right in front of him. The man was astonished. He went on, and after a while he was going t
Done With Useless Liars
You want to say I was crying like you did when you whind and hid under a new name nope I dont do that I have brains if I aint gonna finish this I wont start a new account like you had to do because everyone on here hated a lying back stabbing bastard liek you and would never level your lame ass. You whine and cry you gonna leave yet you never did you whined they were mean cause yah downrate downraters then say yah gonna be a bad ass on here yet yah never were not even close.. You hit and run you go comment badly and downrate and block yet cry I just blocked another useless person on this program oh well get over it I woulda if there was something to get over but sorry ALEX yah aint even shit on my shoes as far as I'm concerned. You admit you are useless you admit that nobody likes you and you know you live a small sad life and will eventually die alone because like you even said your wife dont like you. Cant say I blame her there but if she willing to deal with it so be it. Like I
From No Where !!!!
from in my shadow i can see the world and in my shadow i am alone but then i feel it the slow caress of a hand upon my face the gentle clawing of my soul the darkness closes in around us and at the moment of heaven she is gone!!!! all that is left is the smell of her upon me and the flashing moments in my head haunting me like the voice in my head we are all one winged angel alone we fall together we fly !!! zombi
Frightening Experience
Occasionally the most tragic of events can hit the headlines. When it happens, we all wonder why. But all too often a cult can explode into violence upon itself, the result being mass suicide. Why does it happen? What social forces are involved in this will towards self-destruction? This essay is an attempt to understand. And we need to begin with a few examples. Order of the solar temple: For instance, on 22 December 1995, sixteen corpses were discovered on a plateau in the French Alps in the shape of a star. This was the second mass suicide of the Order of the Solar Temple, a cult formed by fraudster Joseph di Mambro and homeopath Luc Jouret. The first had been fourteen months earlier, involving infernos in two Swiss chalet complexes, proceeded by the suspicious deaths, by fire, of five members including a young mother and child in Canada. The Solar Temple was based on a mix of Knights Templar mythology and new age mysticism, with a distinct apocalyptic nature that would lead to a ne
My sister is trying to find me a man.. I don't want her to find me a man.. I am quite content meeting people for myself and making my own opinions of them. She is one of those women who have been scorned so she is trying to get me to date the kinda guys she wish she dated? (ie with money)..but that's just not how I am.. I date people based on attraction and chemistry. I want someone I feel comfortable with, someone who makes me smile even just thinking about them.. not someone just because they have a decent bank statement.. that just doesn't do it for me.. ugh.. I just wish sometimes she would back off and stop trying to pressure me. Could be why she is 34 and never been
Help Me Get Out Boohoo
Well everyone i was living in Va . I was dating a navy guy he deployed and when he returned he was not the same person . It was just more than i wanted to handle i did not need another child to raise so i ended it and and i moved in with friend well that was nice but some strong feeling started coming out and i ended moving to ga and he moved to md we still talk and sucj but it is not same you get so use to be with someone for like 7 months and now were so far apart . im tryin to get back in school and become to become a RN and then maybe do some more school after that . im livin with my parents greta people there are but it is small town and i choose not to hang out with people i use to when i lived here before i made some bad choices when i was here last some im not proud of but all i can do now is move forward and im tryin but i so wnat to move back to va all my friends are there or in general area so we will see what happens i will try to get it updated . wow woohoo my first blog
Ask not of me, love, what is love? Ask what is good of God above- Ask of the great sun what is light- Ask what is darkness of the night- * * * * * * Ask what is sweetness of thy kiss- Ask of thyself what beaty is. He who for the first time loves, Even vainly, is a God But the man who loves again, And still vainly, is a fool. If love were what the rose is, And I were the leaf, Our lives would grow together In sad or singing weather.
First Try, Be Gentle.
WOW, about time I wrote something. I have been on this site for awhile now and I just have something to say. At one time I was not as confident as I am now (still not overly so). I was more of a follower verses the leader. Then I had the opportunity to join a reading club. The following are 3 of my favorite quotes from 2 incredible individuals, John Maxwell and Helen Keller. I think on these things daily. Once our minds are 'tattooed' with negative thinking, our chances for long-term success diminish” John Maxwell A good leader is a person who takes a little more than his share of the blame and a little less than his share of the credit. John Maxwell Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. Helen Keller (1880-1968) I think we all want to become more than what we currently are, and to achieve success in all areas of our life. (Be it at work or
Crash Your Car? Blame The Stars....
Looks like I'm in the clear... A recent study suggests that you think twice before getting into a vehicle driven by an Aries. By Reuters Never mind how careful you are behind the wheel or how long you've been driving, the signs of the zodiac may be bigger factors behind your ability to avoid car crashes -- or why you have too many. According to a study by, a Web site that quotes drivers on insurance rates, astrological signs are a significant factor in predicting car accidents. The study, which looked at 100,000 North American drivers' records from the past six years, puts Libras (born between Sept. 23 and Oct. 22) followed by Aquarians (born between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18) as the worst offenders for tickets and accidents. Leos (July 23-Aug. 22) and then Geminis (May 21-June 20) were found to be the best overall. "I was absolutely shocked by the results," said Lee Romanov, president of Toronto-based Romanov also wrote the book
Men's Rules
MAN LAW ­­­­­­ Finally , the guys' side of the story. (I must admit, it's pretty good.) We always hear " the rules " From the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note.. these are all numbered "1 " ON PURPOSE! 1. Men are NOT mind readers. 1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down. 1. Sunday sports It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be. 1. Crying is blackmail. 1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it! 1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question. 1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for. 1. Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissi
I have been having this dream of a dear friend. Mostly the dream is telling me that he wants me, he is marriade and so am i. I am confused about this dream because i normally don't dream in this fashion. Lately the dream is getting stronger.I haven't seen my friend in a while and i am wondering if this dream just symbolizing me just missing him or is it that i really want him.any ideas....thanks kitty
War Against Meth
There is a show on tonight at 7:30pm on almost every channel in 4/5 different countries! It is a documentary called CRYSTAL DARKNESS a campaign against crystal meth Click picture below for more information Meths has not only affected individuals and their families but our community as a whole. IT IS TIME TO TAKE A STAND AGAINST THIS MONSTROSITY AND FREE US FROM ITS GRIP! Please take the time to watch this video (it is part 1 to the documentary). REPOST THE HELL OUT OF THIS! Here are the links to the other parts of this doco: Crystal Darkness Part 2 Crystal Darkness Part 3 Crystal Darkness Part 4 Crystal Darkness Part 5 TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE
Where Is The Love
I have only 9 more hours to try and catch up in this contest pleaseeee click on this link rate the pic and leave me some comments it wont take you long just a few minutes...
22 Ways To Make A Woman Smile!!!
1. Tell her she is beautiful or gorgeous(not fine, or sexy or CUTE) 2 . Hold her hand at any moment . . . even if its just for a second. 3 . Kiss her on the forehead/ neck. 4 . Leave her voice messages to wake up to. 5 . When she is upset, hold her tight and tell her how much she means to you. 6 . Recognize the small things . . . they usually mean the most. 7 . Pick her over all the other girls you hang out with. 8 . Write her notes. (she loves them) 9 . Introduce her to family and friends . . . as your girlfriend. 10 . Play with her hair. 11 . Pick her up, tickle her, and play-wrestle with her. 12 . Sit in the park and just talk to her. 13 . Tell her funny jokes, tell her stupid jokes, or just tell her jokes. 14 . Let her fall asleep in your arms. 15 . If she's mad at you, kiss her. 16 . Give her piggyback rides. 17 . Bring her flowers 18 . Treat her the same around your friends as you do when your alone. 19 . Look her in the eyes
Daily Life With My Teenagers
Well time is getting closer to the bg day of moving back to Houston...I'm packing and getting everything boxed up....The boys are busy running around being teenagers.........They're off to the mall today to hang out and have some fun.... It's funy having an 18 and 14 year old,watching them go trough the changes of being little boys to being young men..They aren't sure of how to act and what to do sometimes...Oh well,it is a learning experience in itself.....Have a wonderful day everyone.............. Well tonight was interesting to say theleast..My teens stayed home and pestered me all night....They didn't get to go out due to the crazy people in this town...I worry about their safety and the things that have happened here in the past...... i hope everyone had a wonderful halloween and a safe one........... I'm busy with packing and getting everything ready to move back to my place in South Texas...The Houston metro area...My job starts back up in a couple weeks and I am so stoked!!!
Sad Story
there was a bad guy who fel inlove with a good girl...the guy really love the girl so much that he will do anything jut 2 make d' girl hapi...d' girl told the guy 2 stop all his rumbles an dd' guy agreed...1 day d' girl heard a news about a rumble...she ran 2 d' place and saw the guy bloody and dying...d' girl cried but the guy smyld and sed.."i did not fight back bcoz u might get angry"..:(
Told I Was Insane
I was told I was Insane Cuz I could hear and see the unexplained So they threw me into a room by my lonesome And threw way the only Key to the door All cuz I hear the voices That resided in my Head And those of all around And saw what they could not see So in this single room I go With its padded walls of white Because they thought I was Insane And would try to hurt, or kill, you When all I've every wanted Is to help you and myself Tell you what I see and Hear That you fail to know of But no you dont believe me When I'm constantly shifting my stance and gaze Cuz I can see them and hear their plans Of coming out to hurt, or kill you Dont think no one can help you When you needed it the most And no ones there to know whats happening For theres only one that could know But you locked me into a padded room And threw away the only key to the door Because you were to afraid to ask and ponder If maybe what I hear and see is going to be So here I sit
A Friend....
Every single time I think of you my teardrops fall like rain...... Every time I close my eyes I see your face in pain then i think "Am I the one to blame?". I know its hard on you to see me go but I love and miss more than you would ever know. Although I did not go to far I sometimes wish I was still there where you are. 300 miles is a long long way but mom I will be visiting on Thanksgiving Day. You are my life, my friend, my MOTHER and to replace you there could be NO other. Although I know we are miles apart, I still carry you with me deep in my heart. Please dont forget that you are the best each night you lay your head down to rest! Mom I Love You & Miss You Love Your Daughter, Leslie A friend is someone you should never let go, carry them with you through rain, sleet and snow. Hold tightly to that feeling of knowing someone cares and keep in your heart that they'll always be there! Dedicated to Michelle aka: shatteredtiger friend of 11 yrs
Thyroid Tests
Follow up to my other blog..had my iodine test for my thyroid everything came back great,I still have my nodules in my thyroid but none look cancerous...yeah...Anyway everyone on here has been so great just wanted to let everyone know that was interested that I am alright:)
The Battle Has Begun & I Need Your Help
Please vote for KATHI
Latest On Nyeve
Very kewl news! Hooters has come on board the New Years Eve party and will be supplying food and beverages to our partygoers. Welcome to this awesome sponsor!
Funny Stuff
MUSCULAR CONTRACTIONS > > A Professor was giving a lecture on "Involuntary Muscular > Contractions" to his first year medical students. > > Realizing that this was not the most riveting subject, the Professor > decided to lighten the mood slightly. He pointed to a young woman in > the front row and said, > > "Do you know what your asshole is doing while you're having an orgasm?" > > She replied, "Probably deer hunting with his buddies." > > The professor laughed so hard he could not continue with the class. RED-NECK PICKUP LINES 1) Did you fart, cause you blew me away! 2) Are your parents retarded, 'cause you sure are special. 3) My Love for you is like diarrhea .. I can't hold it in. 4) Do you have a library card, 'cause I'd like to sign you out. 5) Is there a mirror in your pants, because I can see myself in them. 6) If you and I were Squirrels, I'd store my nuts in your hole. 7) You might not be the best looking girl here, but beauty is only
To My Friends Here On Fubar!
I just wanted to say to all my friends on here (especially Huntress), Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend. for those of you shopping the day after turkey, good luck on those red hot deals. Be safe, Your bud, Marc Have a Merry Christmas!! Be safe and have fun!!
The Parrot
Watch Out A burglar broke into a home and was looking around. He heard a soft voice say, "Jesus is watching you". Thinking it was just his imagination, he continued his search. Again the voice said "Jesus is watching you, Jesus is watching you ". He turned his flashlight around and saw a parrot in a cage. He asked the parrot if he was the one talking and the parrot said, "yes." He asked the parrot what its name was and the parrot said, "Moses." The burglar asked, "what kind of people would name a parrot Moses?" The parrot said, "the same kind of people who would name their pit bull Jesus".
And You Think English Is Easy !!!!!
01 The bandage was wound around the wound. 02 We produce produce on out farm. 03 The dump was so full they had to refuse more refuse. 04 We must polish the Polish furniture. 05 He could lead if he could get the lead out. 06 The soldier decided to desert he dessert in the desert. 07 Since there is no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present. 08 A bass was painted on the bass drum. 09 When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes. 10 How can you object to the object. 11 The insurance was invalid to the invalid. 12 The oarsmen had a row about how to row. 13 They were to close to the door to close it. 14 The buck does funny things to attract does. 15 Upon seeing a tear in the picture I shed a tear.
Nsfw Pics
ok I'm really sick of guys telling me to go check out their NSFW pics. When I say no its no. quit fucking asking me the same damn question over and over. Pisses me off. I will not rate or comment your naked pics, not gonna sit there and look at some guys pics claiming how big his dick is when its so fricken tiny you cant even see it. So quit being losers and whoring yourself out to people. If people wanted to rate your lame ass pictures then they will... Ugh ok... I'm done now. :-D have a great day!
Simplicity In Thought
The earth owns my body...God owns my soul ... My heart is all I have left to offer . Have any glue? Normal what exactly is normal. Normal - Conforming to the standard or the common type. Is it not the "ideal" that my character stand out from the "norm" masses. What box does anyone fit in. Who was the bases of this "common type". Conforming to "what everyone else is doing". Isn't that what we teach our children Not to do. If he jumped off the cliff..Would you? Another meaning.. normal - approximately average in any psychological trait , as intelligence , personality , or emotional adjustment. ....To be free from any mental disorder , SANE Well there you go Doc. I'm not normal unless you compare me to , 5.7% of the 100 people. In and outta of your office a day. You have managed to place me in a box of "normality" where society has failed. Congrats! I hate you! but once again I'm back in the "norm" b/c feelings of anger animosity or..HATE. Are text book classifications
Blonde Joke Of Day
BLONDE JOKE OF THE DAY!!!! Blonde enters a store that sell curtains. She tells the salesman, 'I would like to buy a pair of pink curtains. The salesman assured her that they had a large selection of pink curtains. He showed her several patterns, but the blond seemed to be having a hard time choosing. Finally she selects a lovely pink floral print. The salesman asked what size curtains she needed. The blonde replies 'fifteen inches.' 'Fifteen inches???' asked the salesman. 'That sounds very small, what room are they for?' The blonde tells him that they aren't for a room, they are for her computer monitor. The surprised salesman replies, 'but, Miss, computers do not have curtains!' The blonde says, 'Hellllooooooooo........I've got Windows!'
Night Out
Why females should avoid a girls night out after they are married: The other night I was invited out for a night with "the girls." I told my husband that I would be home by midnight, "I promise!" Well, the hours passed and the margaritas went down way too easy. Around 3 a.m., a bit loaded, I headed for home. Just as I got in the door, the cuckoo clock in the hall started up and cuckooed 3 times. Quickly, realizing my husband would probably wake up, I cuckooed another 9 times. I was really proud of myself for coming up with such a quick-witted solution (even when totally smashed), in order to escape a possible conflict with him. The next morning my husband asked me what time I got in, and I told him "Midnight". He didn't seem pissed off at all. Whew! Got away with that one! Then he said, "We need a new cuckoo clock." When I asked him why, he said, "Well, last night our clock cuckooed three times, then said, "Oh. shit.", cuckooed 4 more times, cleared it's throat, cuckooed anothe
My 1st Blog And Warning!!
Well this is my first blog on Fubar and I just wanted to put out a warning that almost anything I write in one of these is nothing but a twist of my sense of Humor, if you cant take it then feel free not to read my Blogs, otherwise I dont want to hear any Crying about what I blog, Thank you and Please Come again.......
When Girls Don't Put Out !!
Girls -- Please have a sense of humor! I never quite figured out why the sexual urge of men and women differ so much. And I never have figured out the whole Venus and Mars thing. I have never figured out why men think with their head and women with their heart. FOR EXAMPLE: One evening last week, my girlfriend and I were getting into bed. Well, the passion starts to heat up, and she eventually says, 'I don't feel like it, I just want you to hold me.' I said, 'WHAT??!! What was that?!' So she says the words that every boyfriend on the planet dreads to hear... 'You're just not in touch with my emotional needs as a woman enough for me to satisfy your physical needs as a man.' She responded to my puzzled look by saying, 'Can't you just love me for who I am and not what I do for you in the bedroom?' Realizing that nothing was going to happen that night, I went to sleep. The very next day I opted to take the day off of work to spend time with her. We went out to a
Resurrection Of The Black Winged Angel
When an angel is sent into the world, he is sent to spread light into a world of darkness. One such angel was discovered and befriended by many, yet the evil that lies within the hearts of those same men and women allowed them to betray him. They cast the spirit of that angel into the fire, thinking they had succeeded in destroying the soul that could help end the darkness - a darkness they are afraid to come out from. Months had passed when, from that same fire, came a light brighter than the flame itself, and a figure emerged from it, one with eyes brighter than the sun and wings as black as night - The Black Winged Angel, the angel they thought they destroyed, had emerged from the flames! The spirit of an angel will never die! He has returned to finish his mission - a mission that was written in stone from the beginning of time - the one he accepted and started long ago! When a man's heart is full of defeat, it burns up, dies, and a dark shadow falls over his soul. Fro
Shout Box Idiots I Mess With
Online Players
What makes a guy go online and try to hussle as many women as he can? I don't understand what someone would get out of it. Its not like they're getting laid or anything LOL. Tell me what you think guys!
The Contest Starts Tomorrow Jan3rd Evening
The contest starts on saturday January 5th at 6 PM , central time , and ends on January 15th at 6 PM . Below is a list of all the contestants . When the contest opens just click on their picture to get to their contest page . Good luck to all and have fun . TY LOVE CHERIE
Allana Kay-lynn Norton
Rest in Peace Allana Kay - Lynn Norton 11 * 5 * 04 - 08 * 25 * 07 God called one of his little Angels home to Heaven. Lil Miss Lala always lived her life to the fulliest. She will be deeply missed, but never forgotten. Her memory in everyone's heart. A little piece of everyone who knew her died today, She captured the love of everyone who came in her path. She will always be loved an remembered, as a sweet little Angel with The Golden Threads. Please pray for the family, and everyone greeving for the loss of little Lala Bean.
This Time In My Life
This time in my life Starting over again at this time in my life was not someting I ever thought I would have to do I thought i had found love that would last to the end of time but here I am looking at the faces of strangers hoping to find in their eyes the light that would tell me that we are meant to be together A kind loving face with a smile that would erase the troubles of the day soft warm arms in which to lose all track of time as the world passes by We each have our pasts things we have done the lives we have lived and lessons learned but the past is gone and cannot be changed This time in my life is a time for a fresh start new beginings to a new life new love and a new forever
So How Am I Doing???
i have to go to court wedneday cause my x who had a kid with some other dude is tring to pin it on me im guessing but i got the divorce papers last week in the mail and it states that we had no kids and that there is no custody battle or need for support what should i do well i have to go to court damn it i need money and shes fucking that up rahhhhhhhhh im soo pissed i need some critisim
I've Been Tagged.
I got tagged by my lovely friend Moon Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1) I have lived in Colorado all of my life except for one year in Las Vegas when I was 21 2) I love to dance even tho I really suck at it. 3) I knit and sew to realx... ya dont repeat that!!!! 4) I love to go out with the guys to a country bar and play pool! 5) I drink way to much coffee and soda. 6) I dont eat regularly. 7) I am going to be a grandma yet again and still a very young age. 8) I am going to have a 67 or 70 Mustange before I die. 9) I will do most anything for my friends. 10) Tho I try to have this bad ass attitude and rep... I am really a nice pe
My Friend
slinkyslapper- FU BOMBER BEST FAMILY EVER@ fubar thats the profile link
New Site Location
HI all. I'm trying out this new social site. Come find me there if you like.
February 21 2008
Good morning, All! It's 4am, ugh, and I woke up about 45 minutes ago aching all over. My Advil was calling in a loud voice. LOL Joey and I walked around Super K last night for about an hour. I'm learning that's a bad thing to do. But what's a girl to do when she can't shop? Geez! :-P Seriously I try to do a little more each day, I'm finding that it's the little things like making my bed or emptying a waste basket that add up to more pain. It's extremely frustrating and not a little scary. I'm a Virgo, which means I'm a neat freak at heart. And just being in my bedroom/living area makes my skin crawl. It's not dirty, just extremely cluttered, and I can't keep up with it. This really hit home the other night when I was making dinner. Something simple like that should not cause pain, but I had to lay down curled up in a ball for an hour afterwords. I'm still going to the Chiro three times a week, and when I walk out of his office, I feel like I can take o
The Hunger
The hunger Silence echos like a snare drum in his head... The hunger sets in, this pain has to be fed... As his shaky hands cover his weary face he tries to gain control... He feels worthless, questioning his reasons to stop the hunger has consumed him whole... He hugs his pillow as clips of exaggerated memories run thru his mind... He needs to feed this hunger, needs to leave all of them behind... He cant break away reality hits him like a frigid breeze... Breathless, he is stunned, he drops to his knees... He is on the edge, swaying either way.. Who knows what direction he will be taking today.. The silence breaks, all that once shined in him has now surely shone.. With closed eyes he breathes deep takes in the feeling of guilt and regret feelings he can on longer postpone.. I can no longer help you little brother, to you i no longer have a voice... you have to break this cycle soon jake, but for today you have made your cho
Microwaved Baby
WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN GALVESTON? IS THIS THE NATIONS CAPITAL FOR KILLING BABIES? GALVESTON — Joshua Mauldin stared into thin air as his taped confession was played to the jury. “I put her head in first,” Mauldin said as he confessed to putting his two-month-old daughter in a hotel microwave. “She was wearing a onesie.” He went on to say that before putting the child into the microwave he put her on the bed and hit her. “I put her in the safe for five seconds,” Mauldin said. Then, he said he put her in the refrigerator. “I shut the door for 10 seconds,” Mauldin said. After taking her out of the refrigerator, Mauldin said he went on to stuff her into the microwave. Mauldin said that after allegedly leaving 2-month-old Ana in the microwave for 10 seconds, he took her out and put her on the bed. “I felt she was warm. I was freaked out I didn’t notice she was burned,” he said. “Her face looked like porcelain, really shiny, jelly-looking,” Mauldin s
no help on my level up thas ok and when some one needs my help.....sorry iam just have a bad morning someone help me plz
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