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NOT GETTING ENOUGH RATES A DAY? Ck out Islandgirl's latest BLOG, THE RATE CLUB, going since 2015. We all rate/like everyone in the club daily.  COME join us. If you're short on time, join the 3 day a week group.  SPREAD THE WORD.


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Welcome to Rate Club! Are you rating like crazy and not getting many in return? Behold Rate Club--where we all rate you daily! Join, rate everyone daily and you're done.  If you cant - please don't join.  I created this club back in July 2015 and we're still going strong. Thank you for all for making this Club such an awesome one!

TO JOIN YOU MUST HAVE A SALUTE. If you don't, make one and come ask again.

1. TO BEGIN - first rate this blog, then ADD/FAN everyone in the group, including the three-day-a-week group, and put "Rate Club" in the message so they know you are joining the group. IF YOU have little time for fubar, join the three-day-a-week section! You only do the club Tues, Wed and Thurs.

2. Next - if you can, please add me to your FAMILY. If you charge for monthly famps--don't worry, I understand.

3. THEN read the rules of the club BELOW. These are for everyone to follow.

Make sure to follow all these steps listed below (1-5)

1. Come by this blog EACH DAY and rate members page an 11, and like them. Then leave one comment on the BLOG that you're done, please THIS IS A REQUIREMENT. You are NOT required to leave a comment on each member's page. The reason for the daily BLOG comment is so everyone can see if you got them or NOT. Otherwise, for example, we see on your page that you rated 100 people, but don't know if you got the GROUP that day or not.THIS IS WHAT THE CLUB IS ABOUT---doing these three things daily. Make sure you rate with 11s - if you only have 10s left, just ask a member to reset your 11s.

2. If you would, please add TRC in your username.It's not mandatory, but it sure helps get our club out there for new members to become interested in, and join! xx

4.If you decide to quit, or will be gone awhile- PLEASE let me know. It takes 10 seconds to shoot me a message. There are NO HARD FEELINGS if you quit, take a break.

5.You must be able to get to the blog daily. If you don't have a computer, you need to use your internet on your phone to get to the blog. If you can't get to the blog, you can't be in the club.


Click each photo below to rate/like everyone in the group daily! I'm so happy abouteveryone who has JOINED and loves the Club as much as I do! Now let's have fun.









Special k

Magic Princess Leia(Lauren)





Nanny to an Angel



One of a Kind


Double Diva


smiling sweetly



Skull Collector(JJ)










TRC Belladonna


Blessed Momma (Sarah)


Sexy Prietagela






..This section below is for those who only rate 3 days a week.YOU ONLY RATE/LIKETHEM on Tuesday, Wednesday, andThursday, and THEY ONLY rate you on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,THIS is the BEST choice if you are busywithkids, family, school, etc.












In Memorium - this section is for our sweet members who have passed away.We miss all of them and carry them in our hearts.


RIP Jocelyn

2019: Christina's

always.RIP sweetie

2019: Will Uguess



2022: Steeliride -

Frank.We will

miss you!


2022:Nightowl - Goodbye Jack - we will miss you here!






Just one more thing I want to say to everyone - especially to those who are thinking of joining - I'll add anyone to this group.It doesnt matter what country you hail from, it doesn't matter what color your skin is, it doesn't matter if you're gay or straight or nonsexual, it doesn't matter WHO you pray to, ALL are welcome in my Rate Club. If you have a problem interacting with people from all walks of life, then maybe this club isn't for you...



September 2023 - we have a few folks who are out with ill family members or having health problems themselves.  Mayhem, New York, and Bev80.


October 2022 - I just found out that Jack (Nightowl) passed away.Please say a prayer for his family and him -- such a sad day.He was a great guy.

August 2022 -- I found out tonight Steeliride (Frank) passed away.His sister reached out to a friend of mine.He was disabled - that I know - but I don't know what happened.So sad.I hadn't seen him in so long on here -- and now I understand he must have gotten sick.So sad.

April 3, 2022 -- Dad passed away today.It's still so surreal - but now I have to focus on Mom and keeping her as healthy and strong as I can.It's just horrible to lose a parent.You cant imagine the pain.

March 2022 - I just heard from Tazzy (now Scoobyguy) and he's having a rough time - his Mom died and he and his GF broke up.I'm reaching out to him trying to cheer him up. I hope others might as well.My dad is 60 days now into hospitalization - Oncology said no more chemo but we said the big F you and he is working on PT and reganiing his strength and we are hoping for a new oncology group to give him more RCHOP - chemo - for his lymphoma.Never give up (unless your loved one wants to).LOVE yall!

January 2022-I haven't heard much news from the group to report.My Dad most likely has cancer - but his oncologist is moving at a snails pace and dad is declining, losing weight, cant walk far.Scaring me to death.So we are looking for a new oncologist in new orleans who will take him off and hopefully start treatment ASAP.I'm hoping for a PET scan next so we knew if/where the cancer is.Thank you for your prayers.I'm down taking care of him and Mom (she has dementia) as often as I can - and I do everything.So I dont have a ton of time for Fu.Love yall.

May 2021 -- Please pray for Happy Butt -- she has been in the hopsital.I hope she's coming home soon - I'll update you all when I hear more.xx

February 2021 -Yall - PLEASE pray for Rhonda.Her brother died unexpectedly a few nights ago -- so she won't be on for awhile.I'm not moving her to inactive - I just cant do that to her.My heart goes out to her and her family and her brother.SO sad!

January 2021 - Please keep Niteowl (Jack) in your prayers - -he is having a lot of health problems.Also please keep Double Diva in your prayers as they lay her son to rest today.

December 2020 -- such sad news around the world with so many dying from Covid.I found out recently Jamie's son died in a car accident this summer.My heart goes out to her.And the horrible news again today from Double Diva - her son passed away as well.Girls I wish I could help - I wish I could do something to help take away your pain.Please everyone, pray for these two sweethearts.We should never have to bury our children.

September 2020 - Please pray for Happy Butt's nephew, as he has been dignosed with cancer.Also keep Nanny to an Angel in your prayers - it's the Anniversary of her granddaughter's death and she is sad, which we can all understand. xx

August 2020 - sorry I haven't been keeping up with news.With the pandemic, and losing my job of 30 years, now hubby hasCovid - it's just a little too much for me.Praying we all stay safe!xx

March 2020 -- well Yall -- the world has changed SO much in such a short period of time.3/4 of us are home bound -- many in quarantine -- praying for all of you.I read today that 1000 folks had died from Thurs - Sat (March 28 - today) that it just made me cry.PLEASE stay indoors and only go out if needed.My family is finding out quickly what has been in the freezer for awhile!lol.

Our lives have changed SO MUCH during this month.Covid-19 is killing thousands and its so heartbreaking.I hope Fubar helps you all - helps you to forget for a little while, and to have members who care for each other.HUGS all.

February 2020 - 19th - 7Footer said he had a death in the family and will be out of town until Sunday.Please say a prayer for him and his family xx.

January 2020-20th - Prietagela's sister passed away from heart failure.Please say a prayer for her and her family xx


Courtesan Mayhem







Special K


DJ Frank 




7 Footer(David)


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