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52 Year Old · Male · From Newport News, VA · Joined on January 8, 2012 · Relationship status: Single · Born on November 1st · 1 referrals joined! · 4 different people have a crush on me!

I really hope they fix the lifetime rates counters on everyone's pages.FIXED
It looks like there are some profiles that won't accept profile comments. It looks like a script was ran to fix that, because there are fewer of those now, but that caused me to lose about 50 pending comments, and everyone's status.FIXED
Lounges are offline.FIXED
Fu Marriages are offline.FIXED
Drink rounds are offline, but that should be a quick fix since that's happened before.
One (or more) of the virtual servers that handles some of the photos, might still be offline too.
These fixes aren't common so it will take a while to figure out, so be patient. This site is a lot more complex that the average person might be aware of.
It also looks like the morning scripts were not run before the "maintenance" was started, so that probably contributes to what's going on.
Don't flood support with messages about all of this, they are aware of all of them, and don't beat up the bouncers in the support lounge.

My interests tab will have stories about my life, and I started with a "most interesting" cooking challenge I faced. Go read it if you please.

I am 52, happily divorced. I served 24 years in the US Navy as a Computer Maintenance Technician, Electronics Technician, Career Counselor, and Field Service Subject Matter Expert.
Since retiring in 2009, I have worked at Walmart as a Photo Center tech (20 minutes as the actual "Greeter"), the Navy and Marine Corps Intranet, and Army IT technician in a small capacity. It has been two and a half years since I had full employment. I have been job searching the whole time, but I am physically unable to do most of what I am good at.
As far as how I feel about "Thank you for your service". I didn't serve so I would be able to hear that all the time for the rest of my life. I did put my life on hold that time, and in civilian employment, I am amazed how many times the things we're told employers like about Veterans, I never saw. I may be experienced in technical things, leadership, training, counseling, management, collaboration and more, but in each case, I was the "new guy" and treated as if I were just out of high school by many. I had been put under a supervisor half my age, who would talk to me like I'm half their age.
I know it's natural for people to want to be able to say, "Thank you for your service" so I have to roll with it each time.

One of the other names I have used on here is, and I still consider it true most of the time is:

The Most Interesting Man on Fubar

Part of what makes me consider myself this way is things that make me unique.
I am 2nd born identical twin
We are mirror image, meaning almost everything about us is opposite. It's easier for me to explain the three things about us that are the same.
1. We have the same progressive genetic neurological condition that makes walking very difficult, and there are less than ten sets of identical twins with this condition.
2. With this condition we both wear out left shoes fast because we drag our toes on the ground.
3. We are both politically conservative.

Significant things where we are opposite. Mine is first in each case
Left/Right handed
Left/Right eye/ear dominant
When we had hair, we had opposite cowlicks
Spanish/French learned
Brass instruments/Woodwind Instruments
Married five times/Never married
Navy Active Duty/Army National Guard
Cooks at home/Eats in Diners

I am introverted, but I make friends fast all the time. I don't feel I have any true close real life friends.
I tell interesting stories, about interesting experiences.

In lieu of being left handed, I am right footed, and I throw, bat, golf and bowl right.
I use a right handed can opener, but I turn the handle backwards.
I marched in the St. Patrick's Day parade in New York City in high school.
I have sailed through the Suez Canal both ways, twice.
I played the trombone mostly, but did tuba for one symphony orchestra, and baritone bugle for the Drum and Bugle Corps in Navy boot camp.
I played taps on a trumpet for at least twenty military burials
I have sailed across the Arctic Circle, twice (it's called Blue Nose)
I am on the pre-commissioning crew of one ship (it's called Plank Owner)
I have sailed to Mardi Gras in both Mobile Alabama (where it originated) and on a Carrier up the Missippi to New Orleans
I sailed three ships to Fleet Week in New York City, once appearing briefly on the stage behind David Letterman, but none of the hundreds of us got to actually meet him.
I have flown in every military transport airplane and helicopter except one. I was never shot off the deck of a carrier on a C-2.
I boarded a US Navy Warship almost every other way possible including driving my truck on board.
I hosted my parents and all of my brothers for a family day cruise.
I have spent at least one night in the following countries: Canada, Great Britain, Spain, France, Italy, Sicily, Greece, Bahrain.
I have done an inter-continental day trip between Europe and Africa, spending a day in Morocco.
I have driven cross country several times, and document each of counties I have visited, instead of the states.
I consider myself to have fifteen step children, ages 15 to 41, and 12 step grandchildren that I know of.
I introduced my oldest step daughter to a good Sailor in my division, and their son is going to turn five years old soon.
I have a step son from one ex wife, and a step daughter from another, who are 5 days difference in age.
I cook like I have a family, and freeze three to six meals.

On Fubar
I started out with the original Lost Cherry, invited by a friend I had from the now defunct site bangme.net.
My original user number was six digits and began with the number "1". I completely deleted that account in 2009. I do not have my original salute.
I remember the photos at the top of the page would move across the top to the left as "scrolling"
I remember when there was no such thing as an "11".
I remember when sounds would play when you got fanned (applause) leveled up, and other events.
I remember the change to cherrytap.com
I remember you could rate someone only once, ever, and I remember when the change was made allowing the ability to rate again the next day.
I remember the highest user level was in the 20's, and after a few years, I still had not reached level 20.
I remember the original points for every action being small.
I remember each level had it's own name. When I came back, my early screen shots, I was level 8 "Barfly".
I remember when the bonus first started, and they were not every day, and never on Sunday.
I remember having to complete 225 achievements, and there were only 400 or so in existence

How I play
I try to be as nice as I can to as many as I can, and to help people figure out things with the games. When some of the helping became repetative, I wrote blogs to describe some of the levels explaining each of the requirements with some helpful tips. Many of those became obsolete with changes, but I kept them in case anyone wants to see how it used to be. I tell people when they look at those, that at one point, each level starting at 31, was considered "Top Level", so the requirements at the time they were created, reflected on how things were at that time. Some levels were tweaked a little as newer top levels were created.

I start each day with my "Morning Rounds". I hit every page from my Shout Box first every time. I then go through all the notifications, gifts, blings (if any), then profile comments left on my page. Everyone gets a rate/like/comment from me.
I then hit my family if I had not already gotten them. I have the hardest time with who is in my family and who gets to be in my top six. I don't add people just because they can help me, or I can help them, they all are great friends I have had long time friendly interaction with.
After my family, I am part of Island Girl's Rate Club. I helped her create it with the coding in the blog, teaching her how to use the buttons on the blog editor to make it do what she wants.
I used to record the daily bonus every day, with the number of points the #10 got the next day, but I cannot do that any more. That used to include a guide on how to make the most out of each bonus there ever is.
I also do "Evening Rounds", where I go through all my profile comments I didn't get earlier in the day.

I help a lot of people by answering a lot of questions. Some might be explaining something new, that I have to figure out myself. Some might be how some of the powerups work, how to complete some of the harder achievements that require a lot of work. Some come to me because they tell me they're afraid to ask in the support lounge. I have worked in a call center, and it had it's own IRC Chat where agents could ask questions if they didn't know how to fix the problem on the call they were taking. I understand what it's like to be on the receiving end in both phone and chat (very similar to lounge), translating the questions to what the real problem is, formulating a solution, and working with whomever it is, at whatever level of understanding they have, to fix their problem, explain how it was fixed, how it could have been caused, how it could have been avoided, and how to treat the problem in the future to avoid having to call again. I also always check for full understanding, sometimes having to work with language barriers with Spanish, Hawaiian and Japanese callers. I take that same approach when helping anyone here. I would only go into the lounge if I were to see something that I think might be a whole site situation to see if they know about it, or to ask a very specific question. Two times, now former bouncers, had commented to me on the side that I would make a good bouncer, and I might, but I want to be able to help in my own way, and I don't want to be given special privileges because I am very aware that when they are given, they must be used very wisely.
I offer my assistance with no motive. I have been thanked in many ways, and all I ever wanted was to just be like I said at the top, to be as nice to as many as I can.
Once in a while, I will post a banner for someone going for a tough achievement, or I will make my status asking for help for someone.
I have had opinions both good and not so good, about some of the changes. Some of the better ones are when top level 67, 68 and 69 came out. I have offered many suggestions for new achievements that could be created. I have "invented" three powerups and submitted them. I have also created the concept of how new level requirements must be completed in order. Completing one, unlocks the start of another, which then unlocks the next, until they are all complete.

When it comes to the top "Hottest" anything on here, it's nice for me to be among the top players. I have been number one on each of the daily lists a handful of times, and the one weekly list once, and that's enough. Green and purple names often let me show off a little and the few times my name was red.

Dealing with problems:
When it comes to people being disrespectful to me, I'm not going block somebody just because they said or did something I didn't like. I will however be quick to block back anyone who blocks me, but that's just to keep things even. Personally, I think that when you block somebody, you should have to choose from a set of ten of the most common reasons users get blocked, and for those who have already blocked you, you should be able to one time, do an inquiry to a person who blocked you in the past, and they must answer it before they can continue on the site. Sure, it's just daydreaming and would be next to impossible to implement.

I have TEN life mottoes:
Be Nice
All you have in life, are the experiences
Maybe it's Both
Even Though
A Good Woman is Like a Good Cup of Coffee
Does it Matter?
Don't Keep Score
It's Not the End of the World

I would be happy to explain any or all of them.

I'm thinking of an 11th one. Let me know what you think.
I would rather be well liked, than have my buttons clicked the most times.

52 Year Old · Male · From Newport News, VA · Joined on January 8, 2012 · Relationship status: Single · Born on November 1st · 1 referrals joined! · 4 different people have a crush on me!
I am going to use this to blog from now on. Most of the time it will deal with my day to day life, how I have interesting challenges.

I made my status Friday November 10: When life hands you Chicken Noodle Soup........

I have to cook for one every time. I'm the opposite of my twin. He can cook but he chooses to eat in diners all the time. I do only when I'm on a road trip. I was running low on frozen meals and I had all the ingredients to make my "Chicken Noodle Stew", which includes mostly 4 pounds cut up chicken, 2 large cans "cream of" soup, and about 2 pounds of frozen vegetables. Instead of using one two pound frozen bag, I got 4 one pound bags of string beans, peas, broccoli, and carrot chips. The plan was to use half from each bag, and put the rest in a single zip lock freezer bag for the next time. I add chopped garlic, and herbs, and put it in the crock pot and into the fridge to start all day cooking the next morning.

After I had cut up about half of the chicken, I opened the first can of soup. When I lifted the lid, I thought, that color looks odd, I might have a really bad problem with a food issue, but when I looked at the side of the can, I realized I had bought one can of Chicken Noodle Soup. The can was already open, I decided to just go for it, and make the rest as usual. The other can was "normal" cream of mushroom, and this is quite a creamy concoction.

I'll get up early tomorrow for a community service project I'm doing on Veterans Day. Refurbishing a Veteran Emergency Shelter House not far from where I live. The group I serve with is called "The Mission Continues". I will make both rice and noodles and have a handful of frozen meals after I have dinner tomorrow evening. I'll let you know how it comes out.

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