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52 Year Old · Female · From New Orleans, LA · fuMarried to: 92CXYD FCTH · Joined on May 18, 2007 · Relationship status: In a relationship · Born on October 13th · 60 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 1766 different people have a crush on me!

WELCOME to my page! Would you PLEASE FAN then ADD me when you visit? I love new friends.

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PLEASE SWITCH your CRUSH to ME! IF YOU DO, SEND ME A MESSAGE so I can keep track of you! xx Help me stay at the #3 TOP CRUSH SPOT.

On my page on the computer (not mobile): ***CRUSH*** is the second choice below the section "FLIRT OPTIONS" on the LEFT side of my page. On the mobile fu app, crush is at the bottom in the "flirt" section. Thank you (h)!

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NOT GETTING ENOUGH RATES/LIKES A DAY? Ck out my latest BLOG. Come join RATE CLUB - going on 3 years & going strong! SPREAD THE WORD! Join my Club and I will RATE AND LIKE you every single day! The rest of the Club will too.
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GUYS...don't go by a PROFILE photo... LOOK at her SALUTE to see who she really is. AND MAKE SURE she has a salute before you send her BLING. Don't spend your hard-earned money and credits on a FAKE profile. CATFISH abound on fubar... so many that we could open a FISH MARKET

I'm trying to catch up to my dad who has visited 85% of ALL counties in the US. Here is my counties map. The purple counties are ones I've lived in. The rest I've either driven through or spent the night in.
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*I'm here for FRIENDS, good conversation, laughing my ass off and playing the fubar leveling GAME. If you have a good sense of humour, we'll be fast friends. If you're a disgusting pervert - you'll be blocked. I've been here 11 years & LOVE IT. I RETURN ALL LOVE----rates, FANS, likes...

For those of you new to the site... FUBAR IS NOT A PORN SITE nor a DATING site. It's a site for FRIENDS and to play a LEVELING game. LEARN this & your experience here will be MUCH better. I don't CAM NOR talk dirty--try it and I'll BLOCK ya (and I'll do it quickly too). I don't want to rate your dick pix either-gross-have some class and decency. YOUR MAMA raised you better than that.

SORRY, but I rarely leave profile comments. I'm usually mobile and leaving comments on everyone's pages is a bitch. My time is limited here & I'd rather rate & like a ton of people, especially my RATE CLUB family.

I erased this, but I'm adding it back. I had some FOOL yesterday arguing with me about why I keep my bling closed (so my family can polish what they need). This fool told me that I hadn't paid for any of my bling - esp the big ones. I explained to him that I TRADED most of what I have, thus...I paid for my own shit. So don't come at me about this when you want to polish my bling and tell me I didn't pay for what I have. Ok - tirade over. Back to being nice.

BE A PINEAPPLE - stand tall, wear a crown, and be SWEET

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I love my life,
my children, my family,
my friends. I'm 52 and work FT at a
University as an Admin Asst
& Teaching Asst...then am a
full-time mom/tutor/maid/kid taxi
service/drivers ed teacher in the evenings *wink*
(I suck at the maid part).
I love to laugh -
you can see it in my face
(and my wrinkles).
Love my FOOTBALL Team--geaux SAINTs
Happiness to me is sitting
on my boogie board,
with my toes in the sand,
sipping on a Cube Libre,
watching my kids play
in the surf.

I'm a football mom,baseball mom,
colourguard mom, former baseball, soccer,
and gymnastics mom. SO proud of my
teens. They sure keep me BUSY!
Yes I'm a nerd: I love
pirates, mermaids,
the ocean, the beach, shells,
road trips, TRAVELING everywhere,
rum, boats (and boat drinks lol),
funny movies where I laugh till I cry,
reading, letting my kids
beat me at gin rummy (well, sometimes...),
the dice game roll for it,
tikis, sitting by the lake @ my parents house
(which will one day be mine, then I can
sit by the lake every day),
the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and
the Haunted House ride @ Disneyland,
everything Halloween, trick or
treating with my kiddos,
lampwork glass beads, quirky British comedies
like Absolutely Fabulous, clay animation,
animated movies, arts and crafts,
MUSIC (All kinds but especially old school
orange sherbert with
vanilla ice cream, mexican
and chinese food, well..you get
the gist of what makes me me.

I've traveled and lived
all over the world.
When I look back at my life,
it's been pretty damn good.
Been through some shit,
but there comes a time when you
just have to LET IT GO
and move on with your life.

My music list is under the tab "interest" if you're "interested" lol

YES - I really AM an islandgirl. I lived for years in Kailua, HI. My maternal family is from GRENADA in the British West Indies of the Caribbean. My grandmother and grandfather were both born there, as were my mother and her siblings. It was under British rule until they gained their independence in 1976. Grenadians LOVE Reagan and the US for "invading" and running out some communist Cubans who were terrorizing the island. I was lucky enough to be born in the US, proud to be an American AND proud of my heritage.

I'm a daughter of a POW (Dad was on The Pueblo which was captured by the N Koreans in 1968), AND VERY proud of my Dad and his attitude/outook on life. HE focused on SURVIVING - and the fact that he survived, he doesn't focus on the BAD things that happened. He is such a roll model. He adopted me after my folks married, and I'm SO glad he did. I had a MUCH better life than if I'd still been with my sperm donor.

52 Year Old · Female · From New Orleans, LA · fuMarried to: 92CXYD FCTH · Joined on May 18, 2007 · Relationship status: In a relationship · Born on October 13th · 60 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 1766 different people have a crush on me!

Thank you HULK for my banner!

ISLANDGIRL is going for day 3 of the Triple Threat Today 2nd January!. Be an awesome Fu and support her in achieving this.


CLICK BELOW to visit my LEVELING BLOG. Need help leveling? Post what you need in the comment section. Stop by often and see what others need - help them level and they can help YOU level!

I have been with Swarm (formerly foursquare) for 6 years as of 8/26/16. I have 154 mayorships currently in 5 states and 2 countries.

Lets see - as I said in the previous section, I've lived all over the world. My favorite places were:

Ankara, Turkey
Mt. Moritz, Grenada (West Indies)
San Diego, California
and Kailua, Hawaii (Oahu)

I have traveled all over the world. I have family (from Grenada) who live in Australia - in Brisbane, and all over Syndey. That was by far my favorite trips -- to visit them twice. If I had a spare $1000 I'd fly back tomorrow. But I get to see my cousins grow up and watch their children grow up online thank goodness.

I'd say my second favorite trips were all our trips down to Grenada. Praying to go again next summer - and maybe take my children for the first time. I haven't been to see my aunt, uncle and grandma's graves yet, and want to do that. Also, to show my children where their roots are.

Want to know more about me? Just ask...

IF you like what you see - PLEASE CRUSH ME. It's on the side of my page, under "Flirt Options". Click my "crush" button...and when you need help leveling, hit me up!

The GOAL of the game here?

CRAB ME: Crush/Rate/Add/Bling... he he

My family is from Grenada in the West Indies (Caribbean).
I lived there when I was little, but was born in the US

I love the Salt Life

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"MTCowboy" has 2 Happy Hours scheduled for Wednesday, Nov 11th at 3 & 4 PM! He will be going for several achievements and needs your help. Please stop by and RATE,LIKE, FAMP, BLING, FAN, ADD, COMMENT, POLISH HIS BLING, RATE PICS and help him get these HH achievements!! Please post this banner for him, if you will!!

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