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36 Year Old · Female · From Lexington, SC · Invited by: Jaded Jenni · Joined on July 21, 2009 · Born on September 28th · 4 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 4 different people have a crush on me!

I am a mother of 3 wonderful boys. My kids are my world. I do enjoy having fun when the time is available to me (when I am able to find a sitter and all). But the time spent with my boys are priceless and I would not give them up. Movies, music, shopping, cruising, beach, theme parks, or just chilin at home watching countless movies with pals. Or even a girls sleepover like in the old days. There are ways to party and have fun without going out (but getting out and recharging is always fun)!

Relationship status: Complicated. I am married but heading to a divorce. We have been separated since late 2014. He lives who knows where with some good for noting people and my boys and I were left, one might say abandoned, all alone with an expired lease and nowhere to go which left me having to crawl back to my parents place, that is already full to begin with. I cannot deny, it feels as if I am back in high school: no phone calls after a certain time, visitors make their dogs bark (damn weiner dogs) so do not have many visitors come by.
Some might ask, "Why not go and be with him when he left?"
-I was not about to take my son out of school, not knowing where he would be since we did not have a place to live.
-I was not about to leave my job to be jobless, living in a tent on a campsite with 3 kids until he found a job.
-Plus, one can only take so much verbal and emotional abuse for so long.

I'm a flirt. Always have been since I began to start liking myself, which I am still learning to do - yeah us girls with our body image and self-confidence problems. But just because I flirt with you does not mean it's an invitation to the party that awaits in my pants. Talking about hobbies and getting to know a person is more attractive and more of a turn on than anything else.

I have always dreamed of traveling. But dreams like to die or take to the back burner. Mine, I believe, flew the coop never to return again, laughing at me as they enjoy their journeys. I have only been to a few places: SC (born and raised), FL (my second home), TN (for family funeral), GA (my sons bff bday celebration at six flags), NC (wknd getaway with the bestie) and Puerto Rico where I lived for a few years so I could learn my fathers culture. My father is 100% Boriqua. And yes, I do speak, read, and write Spanish...and the attitude to go with it! BORIQUA!

Yes, I am a carnivore. Steak and potato kind of girl. But do not let that stop me from trying out something new. Like they say, "Don't knock it til you try it." I would love to travel and try out all the different places shown on diners, drive-ins and dives (lol) and any of the other places I have seen on the television I love me some steamed broccoli and carrots and some oven roasted zucchini and squash (not sure how my in-laws made it but it was damn good lol).

36 Year Old · Female · From Lexington, SC · Invited by: Jaded Jenni · Joined on July 21, 2009 · Born on September 28th · 4 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 4 different people have a crush on me!
80's, 90's, Boy Bands (I'm a girl, we like that kind of thing lol), Top 40, Pop, Rock (all types). I like R-n-B and Hip-Hop (the 90's and early 00's had some good stuff) Rap is cool but don't give me none of that hardcore gansta shit - ewww just no. Not big on the Country but hey, if ya likes it, I will listen. Jazz is good for easing the mind and so is Classical. Oldies are goodies (I have been told I have an old soul).

Disney (hey now, you gotta be a kid at times), Horror (as long as I can hid and hold him tight when I jump), Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Documentary. I like romantic movies but that shit ain't real and does not always happen like that in real life.

Cartoons (hey now don't judge lol), Pretty Little Liars, Chasing Life, The Fosters, Switched At Birth, Melissa and Joey, Baby Daddy, Criminal Minds, CSI (the first one), CSI: Miami, Boy Meets World (haha 90's TGIF), The Walking Dead, Salem (on WGN)...wow major brain fart as I cannot remember. Just too many to mention I guess

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