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Rant Hillbilly Style Gun loaded. My Bitch screaming for mercy. Kids hiding in the wood shed from me. Dogs are barking. Damn! Is that the fucking Cops. Oh well, Damn it all. Time for open season today. Picks up the old faithful Shout gun, Which is better for me Too Fuck up the old Bitch of hag I live with That Is laying on the dirty floor crying and all battered up? Dam her, Sorry ass for cheating on me With The neighbor damn young stud son, Who Came calling late last night Where He pisses me the fuck off, So Damn, I had to fuck his ass with the faithful ax in the backyard. Fuck This life. Ain't got to fucking time to myself no more. Kids always running around naked and hungry Like Pack of wolves, Oh hell, Wait minute. Damn… that is right. Bitch of Hag is damn wolf. Shit… Should had not kinky in the woods all those with that Wild bitch. Point my shotgun out the broken window. Damn is that old fellow, I use to hang out with, Until The day he caught me fucking his wife and two daughters In His barn behind his house. Shit… Damn my ass is now dead for sure. Fire a few shots off. Hell. Never see a fat man dance Like That before, until today. Hell no wonders my bitch was chasing his son down, Oh… Holy fuck…. Dam, Why couldn’t I see? Shit axes my own son up last night. Shit… No wonder that fucker look so much like me. Dag, it all. Picks up the shell and shots again. Hell darling, I am going to hell with you. I shoot my bitch of hag. Than Turn my damn gun upon me. Oh, Shit yeah, If you wander down my way. Be careful of my children. Those damn heathens Are Ferrous come the full moon nights. ©2007 Firestar
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