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Lost of a Love One I should be shame of myself to think or worst, even write such words, But Reality is... For my own personal reason Losing a love one that may be in near future is an only blessing in disguised. I linger not with tears or emotion as my father lays in a hospital bed. I ponder will God take his miserable life away finally. For year this man has never done anything good for me. He walked out of life when I was just baby. Yet I am told I should feel or care about him. Too all those around me here, I just sit to wonder, will my damn prayer finally be answered. Will my father died today? Since Monday, he has been in the hospital, never once did he calls me or sends word to me, until today. When he is barely alive? Damn my hatred deep within my heart and soul for him, But The crime he did to me long ago is burning like yesterday news upon my mind, heart and soul still. What he did, I will not speak of. All I can say…. His sorry no good ass deserves too die and rot in hell. No tears will be shed for him, if he should die. If he should live….. God, I hope he suffer so. Because I am hoping he will would die and leave this world, so there is no more reason to be reminded of what he did to me. So for all those have lost loves one, I mean no harm in my words, But For me the lost of this love one would surely be a blessing sent from God. So tonight I am wishing, hoping and praying that Herbert Gene dies tonight. ©2007 Firestar
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