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Memory Lane

Memory Lane I remember learning….. How to kiss you in ways that make you heart flip? How Touching your warm flesh underneath my trembling fingers felt for the first time. How you made me soar just with the words that soothe my fear away? I remember biting….. How you tease my with those sweet bites upon my flesh that stir the fire? How you always knew you were going to be the only one to make feel this way? Your lips of sin that taste better than any wine I could drink. About a body that made me dare such wicked things that I lost all needs to deny you what you wanted from me. I remember the balloons….. You sent me balloons when I sick. You sent me balloons to tell me how much you love me. You even sent them on my birthday. Damn baby…..how can I ever not remember you delivered yourself with balloons flowing around your naked baby as my valentine gift? I remember falling…. Into your arms of strength each time I was weak. Into your words and eyes that seem to make me putty that only you can handle. Into your bed, where I let go of all my fear. Crazy in love with you. ©2007 Firestar
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