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Can You believe IT? I canít believe I was afraid ofÖ. The night howling winds until you touch me. The haunting echoes of the whispering wind in my calling my name stir the fear within me, than I saw you look into my eyes that show me no fear was ever need, as long as you where next to me. I canít believe I was intimidated byÖ.. Gangs and gun shoot in the night air. But, You showed me as long as your arms wrapped around me, I was always safe from all the horror upon life. As the looming sounds of siren rolling upon the air like a dreadful warning of one day you would be far from my reach, I turn to see you laying upon our bed. I canít believe you never told meÖÖ As each day pass, I linger here waiting for the three little words to make you know, I am everything you will ever need. As I watch you sleeping, I canít believe, I refuse to say to them first. I canít believe how many years itís been sinceÖ.. I stand here today, you standing there. How I wish I could just touch again? How did time fly by us? Now with all my heart and soul, I wonder if you ever knew I loved you more than life, even the day that man shot me instead of you. Did you know, I was proud to be one that took the bullet instead of you? I walk away into the sparkling glow of home; I pray you knewÖ.. I love you always, even to the very end of my time with you. ©2007 Firestar
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