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Once Upon A time……. I had a tear bear to hold at nights within my arms. I had a dream world where everything was perfect. I had clothing and make up to dress up like a grown up. I had never dream of there being you and I. You are holding me close to your body. I thought you loved me. Tears from a broken heart were nothing I knew about. I would never wish for death like I do now. I never dream that I would hear you telling someone else you loved her. I never would I dare to hate you. I would never walk into your den and get the gun from the gun case. I would not even be here standing in a pool of blood. I was innocent to life wickedness, until you. I knew nothing about the horror of men could do upon a child. I dare to trust and love you. But today…. I shot you. I stand here lost to what you did to me. I wander what will become of the child you wanted nothing to do with that grows in my body. I am just a mere child, who is no more child by the sin you place upon well before my time. ©2007 Firestar
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