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Happy Birthday Theo,


This is late,


Better than never sending it to you.

How my trembling lips wish to be upon yours?

The world is lost without you in it, so are my arms and bed.

I weep the tears of lostness upon my pillows because I am so far away from you.

I pray with all my heart and soul, you know I will never forget you or turn my back on you.

Hey its your birthday, so put your lips together and wait….

My kiss is upon the wind.

Muahhhhhhhhhh Theo.

Opps so sorry for a little bit of tongue.


You are the guiding star within the darken horizon that guides me home safely.

Upon this day and everyone that will come, you are always dancing naked in my wicked dreams.

Okay…I know the birthday man should get all the spanking, but I am being bad, so I bend over your lap, so you can spank me, opps, don’t peek up my skirt please, I seem to lost my panties.

Are was you naughty and took them off to keep them?

How many wish I wish I could make come true for you?

How my hands wishes to touch your flesh?
Should I ever face you, I would be lost for words, but not lost from my desire for you.

The world is waiting for your return,

I know my deepest wish to be there with you.

Would it be wrong to steal a few moments alone with you?

How does words speak what is hidden away from me, yet I know one day, I will find the will to speak them out loud to you?

One single look would make me melt into your arms.

One word..

One plead from you would make me turn this world upside down.

When god decide to send you down into life, he truly blessed the world with such a divine angel of endless passion.

I sit down to write this,


Yet I hope these words tell you…

Happy Birthday, Theo, yet thank you for being someone worth knowing as a friend.

When its time to close your haunting eyes, if you should feel something up and down your leg….

Its just me being bad and watching over you.

Many all your dreams and wishes come true,

If not…

Let me know, I will shake the world, till they do.

You are the best.

Always know….

I always want the best for you.

Once again, my sweet Theo, I sending this to you wishing you a very very Happy Birthday.


©2009 Firestar

August 28th is Theodoros Theodoridis birthday.

Theo’s Sinful Drinks His looks upon you are like Liquid Marijuana that will consume you like wild fire. His smile and haunting green eyes are like Liquid Cocaine flashing wicked desire at you. His kisses are like Patron wooing you into submission. Kiss in the Dark room is like shock therapy on a sex ward where he is the playing your personal and private doctor. His touches and words of sinful desire leave you breathless like a After 8 Shooter that you drank too much of. Flaming Lemon Drop are your kisses trembling down his body of endless sin. Slow Comfortable Screw is what he is about to share with you. He will always give you plenty Screaming Orgasm for all to hear like a haunting wind echoing a wicked sinful porn movie being played too loud. Your soul is Tickled Pink finally he is making love to you. Your soul is Red Hot for his wicked acts that have yet been place upon your heavenly body. Theo’s sinful drinks are always sweet as a Orange Blossom just being freshly made to savor all its wicked flavors. 69 Special is always what he looking for. Slow Comfort Screw Against the Wall is the best when you catch him coming into his place or yours. Blue Haze is the endless flow of his intense passion that will leave you hunger for more. He will Caress you like a fragile masterpiece he has required as his. Theo’s sinful drinks never leaves doubt that you will always belong to Blue Passion. Touch of Summer is stirring about your body. Your Deep Blue Eyes got him hook like god sent him a angel to mold into sultry harlot forever lost to his sinful drinks of endless delight. Butterflies will always be within your stomach each time he claims you as his. The Afterburner of his wicked and sultry love making ways, you will be forever Hypnotize by him. His wicked tongue will give you a Slippery Nipple, but you know deep down you are going to give him a long and endless Blow Job that will leave him moaning and lost to how you want to make him soar. Ignorance is Bliss is when you just follow your heart and soul, never allow your mind to let in reality, until Theo’s sinful drinks have completed you. He is a Angels Delight, hell yeah, Theo’s sinful drinks always keep you coming back for more. ©2009 Firestar… For my Darling, Theodoros Theodoridis, who is missing from my loving arms at this time…..loves you, Theo.
Firestar has written a poetry book to some of Theo Theodoridis pictures.... The book is heading off to publish on Monday. Will keep you all update when the books comes out. Theo and Firestar will be meeting face to face in NYC. There will be pictures of them together later on fubar and Myspace. ©May2008
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