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Johnnydevil's blog: "Real Fu-Kin Life."

created on 02/18/2007  |  http://fubar.com/real-fu-kin-life/b56627  |  354 followers
Here's today's Fake of the Day: http://fubar.com/sweetamorosa

Bad Salutes:

And the real girl's pics she is claiming to be:


Any questions? lol peace.

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xX Superhero Girl Xx SickTY Friends for the shitfacing while I'm away!
xKunTry SuGaKaKeZ Tu... Evil☆~★InViSibLe★~☆
5th Wheel NinjaA lot of people get so hung up on what they can't have t...
Wickie OnlineSad news to wake up too :( Wes Craven passed away...
Pain Owned By Smoke Grrr!Bling Me ? Needing lots of points and achievements . LEs...
HarleyChickCali In loveA lot of people r crazy, cruel n negative. They got a li...
ProfilePicRatesPlz Hyp Stepped awayMajor pain today, please leave some lovins for me. RATE ...
Sheri fm2 kuntmuffin NinjaIts too "am" for me
Jen Fan Me Please BummedPlease FAN me! xoxo!
SKY FM2 RIPPER EvilYup,,,,,,,,
pandora Mrs XxThe OneXx Heartbrokentrying to hold on but feel like i'm drowning. sometimes ...
B k B EvilIts all messy. The hair. The bed. The words. The heart. ...♥
Candi FM2 Outlaw DSC Stepped awayHave a great day. Rate.Fan.Add please. Hugs and thank ...
Gamer Princess XxCMR... In loveHey VIP members I need fukegs please and thank you!
Ninja NinjaGulfport bound Sunday to start training! YAY!
Jewels RLGF 2 Hollyw... In love♥♥Hollywoodrifter♥♥
iC51NerdyBitchxOGAHO... Trying to workPerma Crush Please! I ♥ Bling! Making Gif Defaults/Skins...
Mz Iowa Amaze Ball t... In loveI would choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred...♥♥♥♥♥♥
Kat NinjaPeek a boo!
Kiwi NinjaThat moment when you realise there are heaps of people t...
Batgirl NaughtyLove on my #1 pretty please! While you're there, tell ...
Mz Brown Suga in lov... SickTy all for the love♥♥
BitchaliciouSass NinjaWork...Then gone for the next few days...leave love, see...
KaoTiC KiTTy FoB danny Stepped awayCleaning phone out this morning..so uploads to come. The...
Blue Eyes FE2ThePhenom ShyGood morning Friends ♥ Please love on my buttons today ♥...♥♥♥
Slingerland ShyJohn Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt was shot dead by police ...
P Passed outThe proper way to use a stress ball is to throw it at th...
Forgotten Presumptio... NinjaLife is full of surprises, and each day brings a new off...
Jenalicious In loveC♥ffee
rAYndom acts of kiNd... Passed outcoulda been the perfect storm
Carpe Diem FoxyOnly here for a moment
JXC Trying to workOff to work. See you guys later on this evening. Don't l...
FANChanceIsFuLoveTha... OnlineSunday Morning Spankings Welcome :D
LotusFlower TMans Mo... NinjaThe Warrior Woman Who is Armed With Wit & Courage Will B...
Blonde Ambition MB In loveLet's all bow our head for a moment of silence ...for th...
Coin Operated Boy Stepped awayIs it the weekend yet?

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