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sh*t faced!
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57 Year Old · Female · From Hot Springs Village, AR · Joined on January 31, 2007 · Relationship status: In a relationship · Born on October 20th · 26 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 9 different people have a crush on me!

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If you see that I am already sh*tfaced, don't spend your points on me, use them on other friends that need them. Just because I give you one, doesn't mean I want one in return...
OK, now if you're still with me...Thanks for coming to my page, don't forget to rate and like me at least. Just take those few seconds to push the cherries!

Love on my Fu-Owner, he's the best!


@ fubar

DJBrat is going for the TRIPLE THREAT achievement over this week, 1st - 7th December!. Be an awesome Fu and support her in achieving this.

SPORTSMOM is going for 2,500 LIKES all day Wednesday! Please stop by and LIKE her and help her get these likes! Please post this banner for her also, if you will!

WIMP is going for 1000 Profile Rates today for his Level Requirement. We all know how hard it is to get this many Rates in 24 hours. Lets make this happen for him. Thank you. Bunny hug to all.

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I am an outgoing female, that's just here to make some new friends...Was born in Washington DC, lived in Maryland, New York, Michigan, then Virginia all by the time I was 4 yrs old. Then grew up in Virginia, moved to Denver, Colorado in 1979 stayed there for 26yrs, and finally in 1/2006 came here to Arkansas...I have a sense of humor, a little warped at times...lol Been told that sometimes I'm too smart for my own good, is that a bad thing?...and yes I can be a real smart ass too!......

...I have many interests and to know more about me all you have to do is ask...A big favorite is music...I enjoy all kinds from big band, swing all the way to some of the hip hop and rap stuff...I am most into alternative, punk, metal...

For the husband who told his wife I love you one last time before his plane went down in a field, for the wife who stopped in the stairs to call her husband to say I will love you forever, for the mothers and fathers who kissed their kids goodbye the morning they died,for the policemen who rushed in with the firemen to help get others out only to die themselves, for the soldiers who fought back and lost their lives. today, tomorrow, ten years from now, we will remember.

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Born on the 20th

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57 Year Old · Female · From Hot Springs Village, AR · Joined on January 31, 2007 · Relationship status: In a relationship · Born on October 20th · 26 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 9 different people have a crush on me!
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