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69 Year Old · Male · From Zapata, TX · fuMarried to: ShyBaby · Owned by ShyBaby and is worth 10 coins. · Joined on May 14, 2011 · Born on January 27th · 1 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 33 different people have a crush on me!


69 Year Old · Male · From Zapata, TX · fuMarried to: ShyBaby · Owned by ShyBaby and is worth 10 coins. · Joined on May 14, 2011 · Born on January 27th · 1 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 33 different people have a crush on me!
Hello, before you ask. my name is Paul, but i go by PJ. I don't like game playing. I live near Kansas City and before you get interested in me. Realize I raised my youngest daughter here and my business which I am working on selling off. I may wish i could move. but not tell she is out of school or gone. She is off to collage for a couple years now.. so its my time..
I have been a responsible and conservative dad. To know me is to know one of the most romantic men you will ever meet. That goes for long term friends as well. My friends love me for being uniquely passionate, adventuresome, independent, affectionate, accepting, sensitive, loyal, appreciative, honest, compassionate and supportive. There are some who say I am too truthful about being imperfect. I have a wonderful home, family and friends. I believe in living life out in this beautiful world. Love to dance and I dance good. but, I could never be into the bar scene. The things I usually do on weekends are work on my home and yard. Go to the lake, Sea Doo, ski, camp, bike, and roller blade. Live an active full life. As a single dad my 19 year old daughter has always lived with me 60% of the time. So even though I invest my time doing things with her, I want a partner who would love to come along. My best friend and partner. We believe the more the merrier. One thing is certain. I can guarantee you will have a blast getting to know me. The thing that I appreciate most in a partner is most of all talking, actually doing things together and truly being there for each other. She needs to be someone who wants and knows how important it is take the time to play hard and develop a life together. As you can read my life style keeps me healthy and in shape. However we would never judge any one. Because we do recognize the lord gave us all different body's to take care of. I feel sad when I meet beautiful people who have let life or have been given health issues that they haven't and now dictate they can't or wont live a full active life.
Are you healthy enough to play? Partner who can and will continue to live an extremely active life. My greatest guilty pleasure is going to the lake and Jet skiing early Friday eve or any time I can get away to just cruse the lake. I do love to share the sunset on my jet ski over the lake. Or just sit cuddling by the fire place with a glass of wine. Nothing is warmer in the winter than sitting next to my fire an watching mother nature threw my great-room windows as a real snow storm comes down out side. To me, the most important things in life is raising my teenage daughter and finding a loving life partner. No matter how busy I am there will always time for my partner. I work to live and live to play hard. I love to watch my daughter in her school and sports activities. But, the best times in life are those we all share together. Now that she is gone to college. I looked and hoped all my life to find a partner who was just as active and has their own activities to share and complement ours. It would be special to find a life partner who knows the importance of taking time for each other not just to develop relationships but continue to maintain them. The side lines are full of people who wont ask you to dance or have simply chosen not too. I would love someone who wants to be held and actually dance through life with me.

I love to cook Sunday dinners for my neighbors, friends and family. They never say no. The only thing you should ever expect from relationships is what you put into them. To me, romance means being there for each other. Taking the time for friendship, understanding complete honesty and trust first. Being healthy and fit so we can be active together. Then I like to cuddle maybe with wine by the fire place. Especially on a stormy or cold snow covered night. Candle light dinners, getting up each day and sharing my smile. Because we can! I love to make my partner smile and laugh. You will never know what to expect next, a romantic touch, maybe that look, a note or a funny gift of laughter between us. We should bring each other smiles every day in the most unexpected ways. REMEMBER!! Our true journey begins here. Life has many secrets and allows for many compromises. However, current pics and honesty in every thing is very important for a first impression! If there not then be open in the beginning and let me know. One should not expect for a relationship to start on any level of dishonesty! Ok is it all too lofty? I hope not. Just remember relationships have there own lives and they are born to every meeting. Throw away all else and anything said before it. Because at the moment we meet the true history of our relationship will begin. So does our journey together.

May the wonder of the night bring you a dawn so Beautiful it fills your soul..
by pj

Like a falling star you have finally found your place next to another in a beautiful galaxy, where you will sparkle in the heavens for eternity.
By pj

Life is too short to pretend you can be some thing your not. When they see you as you are and let you go. its only you alone again. When loyalty and honor matter it will bring you to know the true you.. by pj

Every day I wait for your smile and The world shines so bright.. by pj

Knowing my feelings are true for you. My prayers are that they give the happiness they receave in return. And that happiness is all about my feeling being true for you. The reward is in the giving of those feelings being so true. The wonder of how well they make you feel. That happiness for me comes from what "I" have given and do for you. Then if true? I must be simply praying for me to be honest and true just for the happiness they bring me. Thank you!
by pj

Life is a bowl of Cherries. theres just some sweet ones and sour ones. by pj

Dedicated to an amazing friend..(Sherab The Original Bad Girl of the North)
this man thinks you are one of the most beautiful women in the world but even your beauty can not surpass the meaning and beauty of your friendship with him brings. love pj

everything in this profile is copy write published 2005 ref The Hopeless Romantic

Denver Broncos // born and raised.. its in my blood
writing poetry
all movies
all music except rap
water. all water sports.
I am not a political person. I served at a time when big business kept a war alive.
To all my fellow vets and active duty. I salute you, The world is not ours to police. Freedom and human rights are. Its no time to change the guard. Fighting the wrong things got us here lets keep moving forward.
Haters.. dont worry they all pass. one really tried to hurt me lately.. this is what it brought
ppl see the truth
Taking you in my arms and cuddling you close....I am have only love and compassion in my heart. It is a very sad day to hear how mean and vindictive some women and men can be. I pray for their souls. Men and women like that give us all bad names, so wrong. They are just jealous, and primarily unhappy with themselves and their shortcomings. Cheer up, You are all right! I feel for you! You are very special person indeed. We all are.. go give yourself a hug.. love you all
thanks to seeing things for what they are.. love and respect all

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