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PS: Polishing academy delete it. You should not profit from a bling you did not pay for. The end.

Version 2.0

So I've been around a bit..so here mostly old news, but with a new spin.
First off, stay out of my SB with lounge links. Second, if we've never spoken before, and you want me to do something for you, think twice..starting a conversation with "XXX's leveling mumm go vote on it and tell them I sent you" is not going to work with me. I may respond, I may not..Sometimes I'll do it, sometimes I wont. Chances are, that person told you if you could get so many people to vote they'll give you something..I can't get help 9 time out of 10 when I need something, so I'm not usually one for helping. Third, I've ran into user's on this site.. I'm a man of my word, but for some reason the screen people stare at gives them brass balls and if they don't like the reaction, they use the ban button...thats fine..if you think it's going to come to that..don't start it..plain and simple..Now onto the fun stuff...
This is for those who care to read on and get to know me. My name is Gary if you didn't know and couldnt figure it out. I'm greedy. For those of you who dont get it, I'm bisexual. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOU ON YAHOO! I DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOUR NSFW! I DO NOT WANT TO PHONE BONE WITH YOU! I'm sarcastic, fueled by starbucks and energy drinks. I have ADD and am easily distracted. I'm very random. Chances are if I rated your page, or you saw that I viewed it one of two things happened. I was either really freaking bored, or I thought you were shiny. Me thinking you're shiny doesn't mean that I want to fondle you, because to be quite frank, that's not really possible via the web...yet. So don't get butt hurt because some "gay guy" just clicked through all your pictures to get points. No need for getting butt hurt..and no need to be insecure with your own sexuality because I left some glitter on your page..mmk? So man up, be who you are.I will probably never see you. If I give you a compliment take it as such, don't let your ego get the best of you and think that I'm trying to get in your pants. If that was my intention I'd flat out say it. I'm good like that. I'll tell you how I feel. Be more secure with who you are and what you like..and don't assume anything..I'm sure your ma and pa taught you better than that..or at least I could hope. In short...don't be an ASSHAT and things will be just dandy!! Anything ya wanna know, ask. I don't bite usually..unless you're into that sorta thing.

Gonna take a second to highlight a few people on this place that have had me coming back...even when I didnt want to. Click their pictures and show them love because I said so!

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Male · From Pittsburgh, PA · Joined on February 16, 2010 · 4 referrals joined! · 4 different people have a crush on me!
I listen to anything and everything. I look for something I can connect with lyrically so I don't limit myself to one set style or genre. My itunes at times can be a very scary place.

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