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name:Haven's Dejavu
created at:2009-12-22 21:43:33
created by:Haven Owner of Havens Dejavu
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Haven Owner of ...: plan on having alot of turkey sandwiches?
*****  Haven Owner of ... has entered the lounge! *****
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*****  Tony Enforcer A... has entered the lounge! *****
Gods Disciple C...: for just 5 lol
Gods Disciple C...: i am cooking a 50Lb Turkey
Gods Disciple C...: cool
Haven Owner of ...: i've been doing well i can officially retire next yr ... thought it was this yr
Gods Disciple C...: how are you been doing ?
Haven Owner of ...: good to hear smiles
Gods Disciple C...: I have been doing good i think lol
Haven Owner of ...: how have you been?
Gods Disciple C...: hi
Haven Owner of ...: hi
Gods Disciple C...: good to hear
Tony Enforcer A...: i am doing good also
Gods Disciple C...: good u
Tony Enforcer A...: how you doing
Gods Disciple C...: hi
Tony Enforcer A...: hi disciple
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*****  PinkyBaby has left the lounge! *****
Tony Enforcer A...: kk
Haven Owner of ...: if there's any left ... i have people waiting lol
Tony Enforcer A...: wb you going to share?
Haven Owner of ...: just finished peeling the potatoes
Haven Owner of ...: i'm making a potato salad
Haven Owner of ...: back
Tony Enforcer A...: kk hb
PinkyBaby: brb quick
PinkyBaby: lol makes sense
Tony Enforcer A...: for me its usauly my wife that is asking me somthing when i do it
PinkyBaby: lol sorry mis understood ya there
PinkyBaby: which I do . i step away and review every thing
Tony Enforcer A...: sorry i step a way from time to time
Tony Enforcer A...: thats cool your able to keep in touch with them
PinkyBaby: i'm dealing with my oldest atm.. he's got some legal troubles
PinkyBaby: i have 7 kids. they dont live with me but i do keep in contact
Tony Enforcer A...: you have kids of your own already?
PinkyBaby: true even tho if it does become a real life thing then idk.. it may not work
Tony Enforcer A...: but that doesn't have much to do with the distance that would be something to think about regardless of distance
PinkyBaby: i been doing a lot of thinking the last few days
Tony Enforcer A...: i can see why you might want to think twice with that one
PinkyBaby: both girls
PinkyBaby: no my mistake.. they are 5 and 13
PinkyBaby: 9 and 13
Tony Enforcer A...: how old?
PinkyBaby: only thing that bothers me is he has kids.. idk if i can handle that
PinkyBaby: true
Tony Enforcer A...: known people that works for and others that it didn't work for
PinkyBaby: it works to a degree..
PinkyBaby: just feeels weird tho
Tony Enforcer A...: thats cool if it works for you two
PinkyBaby: as it is .. i'm having a long distance relationship but the dude is about 8 months older than myself
*****  Bob the Mech has left the lounge! *****
PinkyBaby: yw
PinkyBaby: hb haven
Tony Enforcer A...: ty
PinkyBaby: wb tony
Haven Owner of ...: now i'll brb smiles
Haven Owner of ...: welcome back tony
Haven Owner of ...: ya
Tony Enforcer A...: +- 10 years is good once your over 30 if your younger then that then need to narrow the range
PinkyBaby: lol ok
Haven Owner of ...: i'll have to change my number soon ... up to 45
PinkyBaby: any thing under? no thanks
PinkyBaby: i draw the line at 30
PinkyBaby: your right it does
Haven Owner of ...: li will date someone younger but i do draw athe line
Haven Owner of ...: see? age does make a difference smiles
PinkyBaby: oh i won't either.. too young for me
Haven Owner of ...: i don't feel my age either but i will not date a 25 yr old
PinkyBaby: lol wow
Haven Owner of ...: i'm n ot like some dirty old men and date a 25 yr old ... i'm going to be 59 this yr
PinkyBaby: how so? i'm 40 but feel 25 some days
Haven Owner of ...: depending on the age difference
Haven Owner of ...: but it does
Bob the Mech: awwwwwwwwww! you are two, lovely ladies
PinkyBaby: age shouldn't make a difference. its who you are that does
===   Haven Owner of ... kisses Bob the Mech on the cheek
===   PinkyBaby kisses Bob the Mech on the cheek
===   Bob the Mech kisses Haven Owner of ... on the cheek
Haven Owner of ...: and from the babies i get ... age is just a number
===   Bob the Mech kisses PinkyBaby on the cheek
PinkyBaby: arighty . see yo then
Haven Owner of ...: kk
Bob the Mech: will be back oni about 2 hrs
PinkyBaby: hagd bob
Haven Owner of ...: have fun
PinkyBaby: Canada is not on the moon. it's just further north is all
Bob the Mech: later, my dear ladies!
Bob the Mech: i love canada
Haven Owner of ...: men think its on the friggen moon *rolls eyes*
PinkyBaby: I'm in Minnesota
Haven Owner of ...: i'm in canada
PinkyBaby: lol i agree.. why drive to them if they really want to meet you
Haven Owner of ...: i was just asked today how far would i travel to meet someone ... its their turn to do the dam driving
PinkyBaby: yes there is bob
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