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omfg i am so high lol my mind is rambling but my mouth cant keep with it so im typing hahaha.. i just had some blueberry cronic and it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good .. so any way i am in maine haha that should exsplaine for the above statements lol , any way in maine they are having their elctoralical voteing hahah this in its self is a joke, they are like having this old schooly chick running and get this there is a good time for a laugh, theres a guy running for govaner or was it senit oh fuck i dont remebr any way he is running ok rember the word "running" ok his name is woodcock lol hahah poor guy growing up fucking had to off gotten shot down or awesomely popular to that of a woodcock... out quater back of high school mr. woodcock hahahahahaha omg im gonna piss my self .. did i say that out load no waite im not realy talkinging my mind is ahhh any way lol so rember that speaical name i had... lets put it alllll together now.... running - woodcock-- a running wood cock.. hee heeeee ( doesentone of the muppets laugh like that or was it an evil kitty from a chartoon? the hole heeeee heeeee like a weezing hee heeeee hahah i wish you could hear it in my head its fucking funny heeee heee oh yeah my friend bought a half pd. of blue blue ahh i forgot the name of the cronic lol hahah any way he called me up and told me, he got me happy he know i wont actullie buy it, due to criminal circumstances.. hahah so i keep to going over and taking a smoke off some ones hitter, i wear gloves so my prints arent on the hitter too, then ill sing like shaggy hey it wasent me lol.. no im kidding i wouldent do all that i just own nothing and buy, i apply my self to life most of the time because of all the stree in my life, i broke and said yes to drugs hahahahah i need a valume and this is all i could get so i took it, this is rather interesting i feel like a polatition lol look at me, im on tv, i smoke pot but i dont inhale my names bill clitin and you can see im a top leader of my country you cant catch mee.. oh shit i was starting to emeinem my self lol... any way i love to sing id wonder what singing would sound like with cock in my mouth hahahah oh dudes i got like this shirt that says love sucks true love swollows i think thats sorta true, so this is my first time being on happy trees hahaha like my terms lol any way this is really weird, but hey i am 29 every buddy tries it at least once right hahaha any way whheeeee hem i wonder what is gonna pop up in my mind, i am eatting peanutt butter cups from hershey park thats in pa, and omg its fresh not like that shit we get all the wayyyy upppp here.. maine is fucking borring, haha i never said that out load haha oh well it is borring till the summer then the beaches are open men are half dressed .. i love to watch men run on the beach hahah omg another ucked thought.. you watch a man on the beach run you can see his pecker bouncen in his pants lolol ... omg just not one of those overly hairy men fat about 400 pds with a spedo dude no way man i dont want to see that ahh im chunckie and shit but shit haha actullie can 400 pounds run hahah i dont think so..any way i gotta go talk soon
she was up late at night with memorys of him eyes closed, her hand swept her parshalie nude bodyturning her self on, him in her mind, her body was blazzed with passionet fire, she felt her self all over as he would she touched the out lines of her breast the curve or her him, biting her lip as if she was teasing him, seeing his eyes in front of her, grasping the pillow in front of her, she longed for him, slidding her fingers to the very opening of where he had been, her fire could not be put out, she slipps to fingers ever so slightly into her pussy feeling the damp contour of her clit, grasping her breath as she found the spot that he had once touched, breathing is now heavey and she is moving her legs together with her hand stuck inbetween she beckens him calling his name he does not hear her, as he os gone and far away but ther lust for him is stronger then ever as she feels him in her vains her heart is on a rampage she becanes his name more more deeper and harder her hand thrusts in word and out word her finger wet and prunish as she has stired with in a while trying to climax she dreams further in her mind rembering his touches his careses his yes where like jade green his lips where perfectly kissable and his body was bult from gods asif he was carved every inch of him as if he was built just for her her toes curl and she is now curving backword cumming very hard and steadly mmmm mmmmmmmm yes ahhh god how i long for thee ohhh her body shakes and shivers and she lays ever so still for any movement will make her clit pulse harder and make her body tremble finally when all is still and rested she lays there hair flowing over pillow eyes painted shut and she dreams of her absent lover she dreams for his return
well wendsday i was invited to a drinking party with an orgey tagged along with it... lol i dont know if i realy want to join that part.. i could get drunk and pass out befor...oh waite my friends well these sertin friends are freaks they may try to malest me lol any way i havent been on lc for a few days because im trying to take care of my family and some things that came up and well thats just a bit more important then the internett but i miss all m lc friends! dont for get me
Tara was packing her suit case for her big trip, she was going to the cabin for a get away with her boyfriend. she had finished her packing and was on her way. she was meeting him at the old dinner off old route 60 , not used any more that the mill is clossed and the tree cutters are no longer there, she drives and turns on her fav. radio station. finialy arriving at the dinner. she smiles as she sees his jeep parked , and of course crooked, the man never could park completely even. thats what she loved about him, he was such a male, he greated her at the door and sat her down at teh old table. after all the dinner had been their since 1942 and nothing in there but the cooking ranges have been changed. tara and her tall dark handsome male rushed off to the great journey into the woods on the mouhnton, the cabin was private, never the less so cozey. they unpack and get wod and kindling . he makes the fire. how handsome he looks , turtle kneck witch is erfect you can see his build threw it, his cargo pants grasp his ass as if they where ment to hold it. tara could not bare it lol she had to let her eyes find osomething else. at night fall the sipped on wine and ate steak and sweet potatoes, tara began to clean she washed he driend once in a while flicking him with water, flirting ever so slightly. he warmed near the fire with her and poured her some wine a dark red wine aged just right, she desided to take a shower, stood up parshly kissed the bridge of his nose, and went to change out of her cloths and into the shower. she washed her hair humming the sillest of songs he sat near the fire with a smerk on his face. tara was all lathered up with soap and now rinceing.. she stopped the water and stepped onto the towel on the floor, and wrapped a towel on her head she dried off her very naked wet body and as she got to her feet the towel on her head fell off, fuck it she thought , itll dry near the fire, just then he shouted, tara you want more wine she dident make out what he asked so with out thinking rushed to the door of the bath room and his eyes stared, he never saw her nude, the relationship was still fresh , new and well taras body cascaded with droplets of water that melted along her body slidding down her chest stoumack and leggs he stared intently , what did you say she mermmered.. um do you want wine more wine... giggled a bit tara answered ohh are we to drink and be merry to night?... and he smerked with dimples and sweet green eyes.. well we could sip wine and read poetry.. oh tempting .. not realizing her nudeness, she still leaned near the door of the bath room he gazed at her.. stood up and said are you finished and she said yup im done he walks over to her wet warm showered body.. huver over her in hieght touched the side of her face moviving back a peice of wet driping body and kissed her... slow passionet, long thrusts of toungue danced in her mouth he grabed her closser, lifting her up and carying over to the floor in front of the fire place he kisses her kneck, lipps, cheak, he looks up ar her intently, the kisses her ear lobe, kneck and chest plate, bareing over to her nipple and clutches her breast to his hand and mouth and kisses nibble and licks, his other hand is in her hair, flowwing over his fingers like a water fall, then dragging his free hand over the side of her kneck shoulder arm her side then to hip, still sucking on her perfectly inched nipple, still clutching on to her breast, he drags his hand down her hip and outer leg, puts his hand under her knee and moves her legg slite ly to make him self fit between her, he then drags his hand to her inner thiegh and to the side of her pussy lipps, feeling how bare and soft she is, how moiste just from his touching she is, he moves to her other breast and her other nipple, her head cocked back as he has now slide his hand over her pussy cuffing it, feeling the whole thing in his and warm, clit peeks from pussy as if it was begging to be touched, he takes a finger and slowly putts inside her, the walls of her pussy are warm, like a summers day, her pussy is throbbing, hot with lust, wet, like a puddle her precum radges to leek out, he puts a second finger in, she utters her first moan followed with a bite of her lip, he drags his mouth downher body, spreads her leggs, his ass in firmly in the air as he is hutched over her pink wet glistioning pussy he drags his toungue to her, sliding it in and out of her pussy, twirling his toungue rappid like a tornado, he grabes her holds her as she arches her ack , to the beat of his toungue she is moaning "oh fuck" " oh god" yess" oh fuck me" he takes off his shirt and as he does she whips off his belt firey lust in her eyes looks up at him biting her lip she pulls his thick large cock out... and begins to suck on it, welcomeing every inch of it, she teases it, teases the precum from his cock licks the strande of his precum from her lipps and then takes the head into her mouth twirling her tounge to his shrume and feeling his cock wraping her toungue all the way down his shaft, fondleing his balls in hand she takes her tounge and licks then sucks them, strokeing his cock, he cant with hold self any longer he whips him self in between her leggs and inserts his throbing cock into her.. pounding away , ohh yeah mmm your pussy is so tight baby, mmmmm, you like that cock in your pussy baby, mmm do you tellme what you want, tell me baby mmmm fucking her harder with every thrust, every moan she makes oh i want you to fuck me harder he grabes her deviantly by her hair turns her around, now in full doggie mode, he feels her pussy with his two fingers for another moment then sticks his very hard cock into her, and all you hear is the slapping of his cock against her pussy, and his hand slapping her ass, tell me what you want, ill give you anything you want "fuck my ass and cum in my mouth" he pulled out lubed her ass hole with her own wetness from her pussy and stuck the head in real slow into her ass, as she loosened up and no longer tence her fucked her ass hard and fast , at the same time her fingered her pusssy, ahh yeah FUCK me ahh yeah ..mmmmm almost to a growel she was thrashing right back at him bouncing her body off him. AHAHHHH IM GUNNA cumm mmmmmmmmm ahhhh yeah she squirted all over him , his fingers still pounding her cunt, his cock still shuvving in her ass, ahh yeah baby come here im gonna cum he is on his knees grabs her by the hair she opens her mouth and she stare at hem AHHH YEAH AHHHH FUCK YEAH BABY MMM FUCK , YEAHH AHHH AHHH ERRRR HE GROWLS ... he cums and she drinks every ounce of his sweet cum.. mmm baby your soo good mmm, he lays down next to her, kissing her, they cuddle near the fire and fall alseep in each others arms.
she stands motionless creamy skin soft with a candle lite glow hair like corn silk her nude body stands so very still her nipples erected from the cold her stoumack flat with a lil button that looks drawn on so perfect she looks you take your pencil begin to draw your out line of her is soft her angel like features lips soft plush pink like that of a new blossemed pink rose eyes wide brown and still sorrow filled eyes so young barely an aged line on her face her contours of her hips arms, shoulders you study her she is still not of marble standing so still barely a deep breath i clutch my pencil, drawing her in lust she is perfection her breast are simple not of grand size sleek and small her goddess like features im intrance, in envey i try to find a flaw of her i cant no words pare from her mouth shes as of stone, but life of breath she doth have she with beauty does she have a mind would i find her flaw in there i draw this beauty steady my pencil sketches my ego is turned on yet of anger i feel as this perfect creature stands so still wanting to be her knowing i am not knowing my hands show age, i to not of old yet the life i have led would sugest other wise i crumble of shame of old i have done my eyes fill with water salt falls to my lipps i draw on, shadeing her in like a black and white photoagraph when finished i put the pencil down, i look at her nod my head and close the door i never look behind me i do not see her as any thing just a muse i captured her timeless beauty forever haunting forever young my drawing on a peice of paper
so manny creatures stir the night some will give you such a fright gouls and goblins evil things, will drive you wild will drive you mad dead that walk but do not talk come to haunt you this very night evil that will twist your soul the devil will come out tonight he will get you one bye one trick or treat you but he will get you if your good and if your sweet youll be the devils treat, he will send all his dwellers of hell apon you on all hollows eve music like a lallaby will capture your delight your follow far youll be intrance maybe you will even dance but you wont slow youll hurry fast to a place in the deep old woods witches goblins and eveil things will get you one bye one and those who did not follow and those who stayed asleep will awake with wonder and stay awake with frieght as they will wonder what had happen to manny of you that night so lock your shutters and close your blinds and lock your door that night dont lite a candle dont let a flame burn on that evil night and death may pass you it may leave and not come for you that night all hollows eve a scary spooky night
she sits alone in her puddle of tears, realizing her worst fears, that you are no longer there, that she will never see your eyes intrance you with her theighs never kiss those lipps again, never tell her love for you, will never walk the beach bare foot with you, never get a hug or two, she realised how much you ment to her, told you, you walked away, now she glances at the days marked with numbers, now she stares at the time, and watches minits dear go by, all she has left are memories, things of you , a trinket or two, all she has left is her broken heart, while you live a happy life, so why not move up and on, if he did so can you so manny say to her, get up and move on, yet she knows what no one does is he took her spirit, he took her soul she speaks nothing, there are no words since her lover walked away she sits in her tears alone, hopeing he'll come home


i want you to be a solid indevidual like me, no drama, no bullshit, nothing that can brake me, ---------------------------- i think im gonna use this next for my next song i dident want to forget
you leave me/no questions/you leave me here with out answers/ your afraide of/what your feeling/so you take out your frastration on me/ chorus not your punching bag, not something that you can just have/ i believe in fate and maturity, dont think fast . cuzz its already over.. i saw you/you lied to me/you cried with me/you said you loved me/i noticed /you dident/that i saw the lust in your eyes/ try to hypnotize/the things that i saw/in you/for me/ gotta let it go /gotta let it be/ chorus not your punching bag, not something that you can just have/ i believe in fate and maturity, dont think fast . cuzz its already over.. i am free/ you arent/ you will where your chains alot/ you hurt me/ i flipped you off/now im running fast away/ your girl friend is not me/i gave up on the 13th/i know that you pittyy you/no room here left for me/ extended chorus.. i took off left you be, now you sit in your misserey i m not your punching bag, not something that you just can have, rember me, when your all alone, unless you went and bought a hoe, shell never be me i set you free from life that was with me, you can yell and scream now, sinceim not around, you are so unhappy, you make me sick, lets rock outta here you abused/you used/you forgot what brakeing up would mean/i told you /dont lie to me/dont use me when fears all you see/ ohhh ohhhh ohhhhhhhh ohhh ohhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah (screams) chorus not your punching bag, not something that you can just have/ i believe in fate and maturity, dont think fast . cuzz its already over.. where over were threw, not gonna be any more you see im something your not., so good ridence thanks alot time you go and get shot, your not worthy of me,
nsync :gone not a big fan of them but i really like this song GONE By: *NSync Submitted By: ImJoezzloislane@aol.com, Gapstreetgirl123@aol.com, bettyboopx0x0@aol.com, MeL8575@hotmail.com From: http://www.nsyncstudio.com Last Corrected by: mixiemix@hotmail.com There's a thousand words that I could say To make you come home Oh, seems so long ago you walked away Left me alone I remember what you said to me You were acting so strange and maybe I was too blind to see That you needed a change Was it something I said To make you turn away? To make you walk out and leave me cold If I could just find a way To make it so that you were right here But right now.. I've been sitting here Can't get you off my mind I've tried my best to be a man and be strong I've drove myself insane Wishing I could touch your face But the truth remains.. You're gone.. You're gone.. Baby you're gone Girl you're gone, baby girl, you're gone.. You're gone.. You're... I don't wanna make excuses, baby Won't change the fact that you're gone But if there's something that I could do Won't you please let me know? Time is passing so slowly now Guess that's my life without you and maybe I could change my every day But baby I don't want to So I'll just hang around and find some things to do To take my mind off missing you and I know in my heart You can't say that you don't love me too Please say you do Yeeaah.... I've been sitting here Can't get you off my mind I've tried my best to be a man and be strong I Drove myself insane Wishing I could touch your face But the truth remains You're gone.. You're gone.. You're gone You're gone...you're gone.. you're.... Gone Ohhh... Oh what'll I do If I can't be with you Tell me where will I turn to Baby where will I be Now that we are apart Am I still in your heart? Baby why don't you see? That I need you here with me Oohhh... I've been sitting here Can't get you off my mind I've tried my best to be a man and be strong I've drove myself insane Wishing I could touch your face But the truth remains Been sitting here Can't get you off my mind I've tried my best to be a man and be strong I drove myself insane Wishing I could touch your face But the truth remains You're gone.. You're gone.. You're gone You're gone Gone You're gone.. But the truth remains You're....
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