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she was up late at night with memorys of him eyes closed, her hand swept her parshalie nude bodyturning her self on, him in her mind, her body was blazzed with passionet fire, she felt her self all over as he would she touched the out lines of her breast the curve or her him, biting her lip as if she was teasing him, seeing his eyes in front of her, grasping the pillow in front of her, she longed for him, slidding her fingers to the very opening of where he had been, her fire could not be put out, she slipps to fingers ever so slightly into her pussy feeling the damp contour of her clit, grasping her breath as she found the spot that he had once touched, breathing is now heavey and she is moving her legs together with her hand stuck inbetween she beckens him calling his name he does not hear her, as he os gone and far away but ther lust for him is stronger then ever as she feels him in her vains her heart is on a rampage she becanes his name more more deeper and harder her hand thrusts in word and out word her finger wet and prunish as she has stired with in a while trying to climax she dreams further in her mind rembering his touches his careses his yes where like jade green his lips where perfectly kissable and his body was bult from gods asif he was carved every inch of him as if he was built just for her her toes curl and she is now curving backword cumming very hard and steadly mmmm mmmmmmmm yes ahhh god how i long for thee ohhh her body shakes and shivers and she lays ever so still for any movement will make her clit pulse harder and make her body tremble finally when all is still and rested she lays there hair flowing over pillow eyes painted shut and she dreams of her absent lover she dreams for his return
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