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omfg i am so high lol my mind is rambling but my mouth cant keep with it so im typing hahaha.. i just had some blueberry cronic and it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good .. so any way i am in maine haha that should exsplaine for the above statements lol , any way in maine they are having their elctoralical voteing hahah this in its self is a joke, they are like having this old schooly chick running and get this there is a good time for a laugh, theres a guy running for govaner or was it senit oh fuck i dont remebr any way he is running ok rember the word "running" ok his name is woodcock lol hahah poor guy growing up fucking had to off gotten shot down or awesomely popular to that of a woodcock... out quater back of high school mr. woodcock hahahahahaha omg im gonna piss my self .. did i say that out load no waite im not realy talkinging my mind is ahhh any way lol so rember that speaical name i had... lets put it alllll together now.... running - woodcock-- a running wood cock.. hee heeeee ( doesentone of the muppets laugh like that or was it an evil kitty from a chartoon? the hole heeeee heeeee like a weezing hee heeeee hahah i wish you could hear it in my head its fucking funny heeee heee oh yeah my friend bought a half pd. of blue blue ahh i forgot the name of the cronic lol hahah any way he called me up and told me, he got me happy he know i wont actullie buy it, due to criminal circumstances.. hahah so i keep to going over and taking a smoke off some ones hitter, i wear gloves so my prints arent on the hitter too, then ill sing like shaggy hey it wasent me lol.. no im kidding i wouldent do all that i just own nothing and buy, i apply my self to life most of the time because of all the stree in my life, i broke and said yes to drugs hahahahah i need a valume and this is all i could get so i took it, this is rather interesting i feel like a polatition lol look at me, im on tv, i smoke pot but i dont inhale my names bill clitin and you can see im a top leader of my country you cant catch mee.. oh shit i was starting to emeinem my self lol... any way i love to sing id wonder what singing would sound like with cock in my mouth hahahah oh dudes i got like this shirt that says love sucks true love swollows i think thats sorta true, so this is my first time being on happy trees hahaha like my terms lol any way this is really weird, but hey i am 29 every buddy tries it at least once right hahaha any way whheeeee hem i wonder what is gonna pop up in my mind, i am eatting peanutt butter cups from hershey park thats in pa, and omg its fresh not like that shit we get all the wayyyy upppp here.. maine is fucking borring, haha i never said that out load haha oh well it is borring till the summer then the beaches are open men are half dressed .. i love to watch men run on the beach hahah omg another ucked thought.. you watch a man on the beach run you can see his pecker bouncen in his pants lolol ... omg just not one of those overly hairy men fat about 400 pds with a spedo dude no way man i dont want to see that ahh im chunckie and shit but shit haha actullie can 400 pounds run hahah i dont think so..any way i gotta go talk soon
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