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so manny creatures stir the night some will give you such a fright gouls and goblins evil things, will drive you wild will drive you mad dead that walk but do not talk come to haunt you this very night evil that will twist your soul the devil will come out tonight he will get you one bye one trick or treat you but he will get you if your good and if your sweet youll be the devils treat, he will send all his dwellers of hell apon you on all hollows eve music like a lallaby will capture your delight your follow far youll be intrance maybe you will even dance but you wont slow youll hurry fast to a place in the deep old woods witches goblins and eveil things will get you one bye one and those who did not follow and those who stayed asleep will awake with wonder and stay awake with frieght as they will wonder what had happen to manny of you that night so lock your shutters and close your blinds and lock your door that night dont lite a candle dont let a flame burn on that evil night and death may pass you it may leave and not come for you that night all hollows eve a scary spooky night
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