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she stands motionless creamy skin soft with a candle lite glow hair like corn silk her nude body stands so very still her nipples erected from the cold her stoumack flat with a lil button that looks drawn on so perfect she looks you take your pencil begin to draw your out line of her is soft her angel like features lips soft plush pink like that of a new blossemed pink rose eyes wide brown and still sorrow filled eyes so young barely an aged line on her face her contours of her hips arms, shoulders you study her she is still not of marble standing so still barely a deep breath i clutch my pencil, drawing her in lust she is perfection her breast are simple not of grand size sleek and small her goddess like features im intrance, in envey i try to find a flaw of her i cant no words pare from her mouth shes as of stone, but life of breath she doth have she with beauty does she have a mind would i find her flaw in there i draw this beauty steady my pencil sketches my ego is turned on yet of anger i feel as this perfect creature stands so still wanting to be her knowing i am not knowing my hands show age, i to not of old yet the life i have led would sugest other wise i crumble of shame of old i have done my eyes fill with water salt falls to my lipps i draw on, shadeing her in like a black and white photoagraph when finished i put the pencil down, i look at her nod my head and close the door i never look behind me i do not see her as any thing just a muse i captured her timeless beauty forever haunting forever young my drawing on a peice of paper
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