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54 Year Old · Male · From Dayton, OH · Owned by Darlynnone DNO and is worth 1 coin. · Joined on October 31, 2012 · Relationship status: Single · Born on October 28th · 1 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!

If you want to know anything about me you can either ask or visit my FB.
What I will mention is that I am single and looking for friends and hopefully someone special.

About time I got around to adding a little more here. I'll start with this I guess. This website is a game that you play. Everything you do is done to earn points to level up through. Always remember that. I don't always pay attention to my SB so if you holler at me and I don't reply, it's because I haven't seen it. Sometimes I don't see a shout until the next day. So don't get bent out of shape if I don't answer right away. This site is hard enough sometimes without the assholes that want you to see them immediately and then get pissed when you don't.

Alright, here's my shot at letting ya'll know who I am. First and foremost I am quiet. I rarely speak unless spoken to. And even then there's no quarantee I'll say a whole lot. I'm not anti-social, I just enjoy my solitude. But if you show and interest in a subject that interests me, I'll probably talk your ear off. I love the outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing, etc. or tending a garden. But I laso enjoy my time online or sitting in front of the TV watching movies. I am also an animal lover. Dogs and horses being my preference. Among my closest family members I am known as the dog whisperer. I've never met a dog I can't make like me. I also love the sciences. All branches. But astronomy and physics are favs.

My primary reason for being on Fubar is to play the game. If I make friends along the way, great. If not, oh well. However, If you want to get pissed because I play different than you, tough shit. Don't come bitching in my SB. I won't reply. I'll just block you once I see it. As I'm sure you'll do to me anyway. Be kind and show me respect and I'll pay you back in kind. YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE.

But to forewarn you all. As soon as I can afford to re-up my WoW account, you won't see me much on here.

I'll add more as I'm inspired to do so.

WARNING Any institution or person using this site or any of its associated, affiliated or non-affiliated sites: You do not have my permission to use any of my pictures, any information personal or otherwise, from my profile, or anything posted in any of the forums or groups on this website in any form; or forum both current or future without prior written consent. You do not have my permission to copy, save, print, or re-post my pictures or information, either in part or in whole, without prior written consent. If you have done so at any time in the past or do any of the above in the future, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and personal property and will be subject to all legal remedies IN WHATEVER country you are in. This is covered under both Domestic and International laws on privacy.

54 Year Old · Male · From Dayton, OH · Owned by Darlynnone DNO and is worth 1 coin. · Joined on October 31, 2012 · Relationship status: Single · Born on October 28th · 1 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!
I love the outdoors. Camping, fishing, hiking. Love to ride horses (don't do it often enough).
I listen to a little bit of everything. Rock, pop, metal, jazz, classical. About the only thing I won't listen to is opera lol. Currently I'm on an industrial kick. Listen to alot of Rammstein, Eisbrecher and the like.
Sci-Fi, fantasy and action. Though my all time fav movie is Dancer in the Dark. If it has zombies, werewolves and/or vampires in it, I'll watch it.
Video Games
I play World of Warcraft and Shaiya

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