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58 Year Old · Female · From 624 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA · fuMarried to: WC Favs ... · Owned by ForeverURFriend and is worth 4 coins. · Joined on May 18, 2007 · Relationship status: In a relationship · Born on October 13th · 61 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 1945 different people have a crush on me!

WELCOME to my page! Enjoy some pix, read a few things, FUCRUSH ME :D, chat me up, and stay for awhile...


*Im here to joke around and laugh.
*Fubar is NOT Ashley Madison, it's not a DATING WEBSITE It's a social page, like facebook, and a leveling GAME.
*Don't be a perv please.

*I collect sand from all over the world. If you live near the beach or are going to visit a beach soon, please grab about 5 ounces and I’ll PAY you to ship it to me. Xx

*If I'm on, I enjoy chatting. Hit me up in my shoutbox as I don't read my PMs often... but keep in mind I'm taken. I upload new pictures almost daily - so stop by often. No rules for my page - SF me any time you like.
**Girl with a Seahorse Tattoo**

I've asked for crushes since Fubar was Cherrytap when I joined in 2007. I use to be the #1 crush here. Would you place your fubar crush on me, or switch it to me? It's easy to do, free, and JUST for fun. THANK you. If you don’t know how to do it, just yell. THANK YOU TO ALL THAT KEEP YOUR FU-CRUSHES ON ME. It is SO appreciated xx

Yell if you'd like to join Rate Club. We help each other. Pray for one another. All are welcome. Click the picture to take you to the blog and see what we're all about...

NOT GETTING ENOUGH RATES A DAY? Ck out Islandgirl's latest BLOG, THE RATE CLUB, going since 2015. We all rate/like everyone in the club daily, and everyone rates/likes us back! If you're short on time, join the 3 day a week group! SPREAD THE WORD.


*I work full time, have 2 kids in college, a home to keep up, 2 side jobs, a frail mom with dementia 3 hrs away (I travel back and forth a lot), and time to actually sleep.

*I don’t LIVE on fu. Those who do, don’t work, are retired, rich, or seriously in debt.

*I enjoy the game and a few RL friends I have here. Beware of many here — they aren’t your friends.

*Remember it’s a G A M E. Find the GOOD, kind-hearted folks here, and STICK with them.

*If you want to know a lot about me, look at my photos (rate em!). I share entirely too much of my life there.
*Remember - life is tough, and many are going through hell - SO... SPREAD some kindness to everyone you meet. Give an honest compliment. Smile at them. Be real and be nice - you can make someone's day.
*I'm happy I woke up today: I’m not IN a NOLA mausoleum... yet.
*Hope you enjoy my page.

I miss her so much:



GRENADA's singing frogs (Can't find a Grenada one so this is from Barbados where my great grandparents are from). These are the noises I heard as a child in Grenada - they are like a lullaby to me. I've lived all over the US and the world. I'm a child of an immmigrant - judge me if you want but the US is my home, and I'm proud of it!


58 Year Old · Female · From 624 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA · fuMarried to: WC Favs ... · Owned by ForeverURFriend and is worth 4 coins. · Joined on May 18, 2007 · Relationship status: In a relationship · Born on October 13th · 61 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 1945 different people have a crush on me!



CHRISTINA - I miss you!

692328344.jpg >

Dixie brought SO much sunshine to our life:



BELOW is old -- I need to update it. I may say too much so you don't have to read unless you want to know me.

I love my life,
my children, my family,
my friends. I'm 50 something and retired,
but now back to work as a contractor.
Love my FOOTBALL Team--geaux SAINTs
Happiness to me is sitting
on my boogie board,
with my toes in the sand,
sipping on a Cube Libre,
watching my kids play
in the surf. They are now
21 and 22 - so I now look
forward to being a grandma with my
grandchillins at the beach too.

I love pirates, mermaids,
the ocean, the beach, shells,
spontaneous road trips, TRAVELING everywhere,
rum, boats (and boat drinks),
getting away alone, funny series and
movies till I cry and pee,
letting my kids
beat me at gin rummy (well, sometimes...),
the dice game Roll For It, missing my amazing dad
who adopted me, missing my mom who has
dementia now and is a child,
tikis, sitting by the lake @ my parents house
(which will one day be mine, then I can
sit by the lake every day),
Disney - the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and
the Haunted House ride @ Disneyland,
everything Halloween, trick or
treating with my kiddos (when they were
young), decorating outside my house
with tons of halloween stuff. Bday is
Oct 13 so as a little one I associated
my bday with Halloween. Love skulls -
and wish Halloween was year round. I have
adult sized skeleton in my back seat -
dressed in a Saints jersey and wearing
my dads old Navy PUEBLO hat with his old
pins, quirky British comedies
like Absolutely Fabulous, clay animation,
animated movies, arts and crafts,
MUSIC (All kinds but especially old school
Calypso), etc etc etc

I've traveled and lived
all over the world - I lived in Grenada as a child,
I liecd in Turkey as a child, Australia for a month
(twice) - and all over the US. Trying to
hit every state in the US - may need to fly
to the ones I dont have. And eventually hit
every county is a lot of states. Dad did 98%
of all counties in the US. Bro & I want to
take his ashes to the counties in MA, Tx and IA
he missed. We told dad as he was dying
of CA and he LOVED the idea.
When I look back at my life,
it's been pretty damn good.
Been through some shit as a child
(not my folks) so I'm extremely open with
my folks and protective of them,
but there comes a time when you
just have to LET the past GO
and move on with your life.
When your abuser dies it's a relief.
And you can finally heal. You may never
get an apology. And maybe you can forgive
them. But you have to try and lose the hate.
Hard for me to do - and you too. Of course
you'll never forget....




I'm a daughter of a POW (Dad was on The Pueblo which was captured by the N Koreans in 1968), AND VERY proud of my Dad and his attitude/outook on life. HE focused on SURVIVING - and the fact that he survived, he doesn't focus on the BAD things that happened. Google THE PUEBLO and you'll see more about it. I was fortunate that he adopted me. I had a MUCH better life than if I'd still been with my sperm donor.


ISLANDGIRL is going for day 3 of the Triple Threat Today 2nd January!. Be an awesome Fu and support her in achieving this.





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