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54 Year Old · Male · Owned by 1 CBS NEEDED Sh... and is worth 1 coin. · Joined on August 18, 2014 · Born on December 30th · I have a crush on someone!

I am looking for a owner with coins but only somebody who will let me own them as well. This will be an exclusive relationship. Until I find one, I will block ownership. I will place this owner as my Number 2 Family spot.
I am also looking for family trades as I have several who aren't on the site anymore.

I'll start with this. If I friend request you, I already fanned. That is, unless your profile is set to friends only, in which case I will when you let me know you accepted.

I'm a disabled Veteran who used to collect ex wives. Looking back, I am the poster child for the "catch and release" program.
I have a lot of physical challenges and I have made a lot of workarounds in my life.
I eat very healthy and can share my diet which helped me lose 60+ pound in 18 months which is remarkable because I cannot become active, refer to my physical challenges. I am very close to my ultimate goal but these last 5 pounds won't hurt at all.
I road trip a lot. Since the shutdowns started in 2020, I have driven more than 40,000 miles in 46 states. My goal is not to visit all 50, but to visit every single county. I am just short of 75% complete with 28 states where I have visited every single county. I have met people in every state and have become permanent friends with many of them, and send postcards when I visit some interesting places, and in one particular case, I sent a birthday gift because the location's name fit and I was there by coincidence right before her birthday.

This map shows everywhere I visited, with purple for places I spent the night, and green for new counties I added in 2022.

I have right now, just a few places I want to visit, or experiences I want to have. Specifically:
See a show at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville
See the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in person.
Attend the Kentucky Derby in a rented tux and tophat escorted by a redhead wearing a green dress and homemade bonnet.
As a Veteran, I am fortunate that I don't have PTSD or TBI. Some of the things I have seen on here I believe could trigger someone suffering with those so I am very conscience of the Veteran suicide problem and Veteran homelessness in many places.
I did not serve just to hear people say, Thank you for your service. Sometimes it makes me uncomfortable. It was a privilege to serve, I have been able to visit some very interesting places around the world, and have made thousands of friends in every place I served. Going along with my traveling, I have had a few dinners paid for me by someone I just met, or the business itself. I go out of my way to find maw and paw restaurants when possible.
Two hobbies I have are gardening, both flowers and vegetables, and birdwatching. I don't take either to extreme, and I have only medium success in them. I'll share some photos of the birds who came to my window for seeds. I use a garden stool that I can sit on and move myself around my yard.
Below are the fubar friends I have met in person. Many will recognize the first one we lost just a few months after we met. No links to pages.

54 Year Old · Male · Owned by 1 CBS NEEDED Sh... and is worth 1 coin. · Joined on August 18, 2014 · Born on December 30th · I have a crush on someone!

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