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58 Year Old · Male · Owned by BabyJo71 FM2 Wu... and is worth 1 coin. · Joined on August 18, 2014 · Born on November 1st

I'll start with this. If I friend request you, I already fanned. That is, unless your profile is set to friends only, in which case I will when you let me know you accepted.

I'm a disabled Veteran who used to collect ex wives. Looking back, I am the poster child for the "catch and release" program.
I have a lot of physical challenges and I have made a lot of workarounds in my life. In August 2022 I started using a wheelchair and have gotten back into bowling especially with the American Wheelchair Bowling Association and the Paralyzed Veterans of America who host tournaments for wheelchair bowlers in several locations around the US.


I have a rather healthy diet which makes it possible to keep my weight in control while I'm home but I find great restaurants whenever I'm traveling.

I road trip a lot. Since the shutdowns started in 2020, I have driven more than 90,000 miles in 48 states. My goal is not to visit all 50, but to visit every single county. I am now about 86% complete with 30 states where I have visited every single county. I recently updated several of my state maps. I have met people in every state and have become permanent friends with many of them, and send postcards when I visit some interesting places, and in one particular case, I sent a birthday gift because the location's name fit and I was there by coincidence right before her birthday.

This first map shows how I recorded my completion of the state of West Virginia in December 2020. I had completed North Carolina in July.

3732509927.jpgThis is my recent update, after the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic April 2024.

For the rest of 2024, my road trips include:
May to Chicago and I will visit Milwaukee to Sheyboygan and Fon du Lac Wisconin. A wheelchair bowling tournament in Romeoville and my twin brother will also be there, he's covering the hotel there.
June to Omaha and I'll drive through parts of northern Iowa and Nebraska on the way out, and possibly complete Iowa on the way home. Another wheelchair bowling tournament that's named National by the Paralyzed Veterans of America.
July to New Orleans for my first Veterans Wheelchair Games. I have friends to meet along the way there and back.
September will be Richmond, VA which will include a full week visit from my twin brother from New York.
October will be wherever the AWBA Nationals tournament is. Last year it was Fort Worth, 2022 it was Denver.
Late November will be Henderson Nevada at a Hotel that has a casino and bowling alley in one building.
January or February will be Tampa, FL and March I will head out to my second Winter Sport Clinic

As a Veteran, I am fortunate that I don't have PTSD or TBI. Some of the things I have seen on here I believe could trigger someone suffering with those so I am very conscience of the Veteran suicide problem and Veteran homelessness.
I did not serve just to hear people say, Thank you for your service. Sometimes it makes me uncomfortable. It was a privilege to serve, I have been able to visit some very interesting places around the world, and have made thousands of friends in every place I served. Going along with my traveling, I have had a few dinners paid for me by someone I just met, or the business itself. I go out of my way to find small ma and pa restaurants when possible.

Two hobbies I have are gardening, both flowers and vegetables, and birdwatching. I don't take either to extreme, and I have only medium success in them. I'll share some photos of the birds who came to my window for seeds. I use a garden stool that I can sit on and move myself around my yard.

Below are the fubar friends I have met in person. Many will recognize the first one we lost just a few months after we met. No links to pages.


58 Year Old · Male · Owned by BabyJo71 FM2 Wu... and is worth 1 coin. · Joined on August 18, 2014 · Born on November 1st

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