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ChaCha's blog: "A friend"

created on 03/26/2008  |  http://fubar.com/a-friend/b201679

When a friend drinks When a friend bleeds, Do not freak out. When a friend takes a puff Or says sex just wasn't enough, Do not sit there and pout. When a friend gets really high When a friend is about to die, Do not leave their frikken side. When a friend is drunk When a friend gets fucked, Don't leave them, be there. When a friend starves When a friend barfs, Let them know you care. When a friend needs you there When a friend says their scared, Go see them, and just be with them. When a friend gets abused When a friend has just been used, Hug them and say it'll okay, offer help. When you're getting torn down But a friend has a very long frown, Be happy so that you can cheer them up. Don't over stress Don't become a mess, You're life will only get worse. If you need more advice I shall suffice, Just talk to me, or call Ohh la la friendship

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13 years ago
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