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If in dreams I could still have you,
if in dreams you'd still love me too,
if in dreams there could still be me and you,
then I won't wish for reality if it only means losing you.

If in dreams I could still hold you,
if in dreams your promises would be true,
if in dreams you wouln't find someone new,
then I won't live in reality if it means living without you...

f in dreams you would always stay,
if in dreams, beside you I still could lay,
if in dreams nothing could come our way,
then I won't ask for reality if reality means pain...

f in dreams I could still feel your kiss,
if in dreams you'd treasure our mem'ries,
if in dreams it would still be me that you need,
then let me keep on dreaming if reality means tears...

If in dreams I would still feel your body next to mine,
if in dreams we could last a lifetime,
if in dreams I could turn back the hands of time,
then I won't ask for reality if it means you'll be leaving me behind...

If in dreams you would come back,
if in dreams we could have what we had,
if in dreams we would never be apart,
then in dreams I will live because reality hurts so bad...

but then again dreams are just dreams,
I'll wake up again after a long sleep,
the pain goes on as the new day begins,
for the dreams I held in my heart got away with just a blink...
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11 years ago
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