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ChaCha's blog: "SMACK!"

created on 12/25/2009  |  http://fubar.com/smack/b327326

 stunning mobile phone conversation overheard on sky train , so feisty!

Morning, on board sky train Siam Center station, quite crowded, rush hour, but not unbearably jammed. A girl with long straight hair stood next to me. [She had] a bob with bangs that were slightly slanted. [She was] dressed stylishly, a bit sexy but also a bit cute. How do I put it? Black, ordinary black t-shirt, but with a large collar, inconspicuous in the front but a large portion of her back was exposed. Tan, smooth skin, jean shorts, tan legs, a pair of white sneakers, long black socks that comes up to the knees like a school girl. She didn’t have a bag, just one hand hooked onto her belt, the other holding onto a pole.

Yes, yes, you all want to ask me why I observed her so closely. Her phone conversation later made me feel that she is just too interesting. Extremely interesting. I’m a girl and I feel that she has personality, what she said was extremely feisty

At first, I didn’t notice her even though she was right beside me. Then her phone rang and I began to take note because she had the same ring tone as me, ‘I Believe’ by Tata Young [a Thai singer]. The first time it rang, she took it out of her pocket, checked the number, and didn’t pick up…It rang for almost a minute.

Second time it rang, she still didn’t pick up.

Third time, she answered. I don’t know what the person on the other end said, but this girl’s language is unique and…remarkable.

The following is her phone conversation, I tried my best to write down everything from memory….let’s call her O.

Third ring, she picks up.

O: What? Talk!

O: Forgive? Forgive what? Are you f*cking finished? I ignore your cell, you use your home phone, I ignore that and you use your friend’s phone. Are you a crook?

Ohh: Explain? Explain what? I only saw the truth. When you dared to find  ‘Sud ti rak‘ [nickname for wife/girlfriend] on the internet and give her your number, you should’ve foreseen today’s consequences/result. What is there to explain?

O: Funny, that’s because I found out early. I found out about you and that woman just when you’re about to hook up, if I hadn’t, who knows how far you would’ve gone.

O: Things on the internet aren’t serious? She calls you ‘Ti Rak‘ [nickname for husband/boyfriend], it’s on your cell phone, and you still call it playing around? You sure know how to play!

O: Then what is being unfaithful? You and another woman chat on the internet, pine for each other, called each other Ti Rak and Sud ti rak exchange phone numbers, then talk everyday on the internet. After that you meet, make out, go to a hotel, get naked, have sex—when you’re about done you shoot it outside, that’s all called not betraying me, right? (This was too pissed for me.)


O: Don’t f*cking talk so much, I’m not listening.

O: Give you another chance? That’s funny, give you another chance to cheat on me? Who do you think I am?

O: F*ck I can’t hear, get your f*cking tongue straightened before you talk to me.

O: Don’t talk to me about chances, understand? I won’t give you another chance, if there’s a first time there’ll be a second time. If I make the same mistake once, I’m ignorant, twice, I’m an idiot, third time, then I’m a retard! I don’t even want to be an idiot, OK?

O: Are you f*cking finished, because I don’t have the time to play online games with you, you find women on the internet. Does that mean I can go out with other men when you go to work at night?

O: Enough enough, stop calling alright? You’re f*cking disgusting, I don’t want to turn off my phone, I have work and I have clients, I don’t have time for this hassle.

O: No forgiveness! How many times do you want me to say it?

O: That’s fine, you think I care?

O: If you didn’t care, why are you talking so much?


O: Listen up, there are only two words I want to say to you: go die!!!

O: Go f*cking die as far away from me as f*cking possible, understand?

O: Don’t f*ck with me. Put my key on the table. Starting today we’re not associated in any way. Take all your stuff, if you don’t I’ll throw them away.

O: I’m overreacting? That’s f*cking hilarious, I’m not 70 going on 80, or what, did I not treat you well? Did you need to find emotional shelter on the internet? Did you need to give her your phone number? Did you need to call her Sud ti rak? Did you need to text her and let me find out?

O: Get out! Can’t you understand English?

O: That’s right. We’re over, over, over, find a mirror and look at yourself! A dog with two legs is rare, men with two legs are all over the street!

O: Whao, thank you brother, it’s been ages and you finally agreed to break up, thank you very very much. Watch your step when you go, I won’t be there to see you off. Also, listen up and remember. From today on, don’t tell anybody that I’m your ex. Having dated you, I’m ashamed. Don’t talk to me when you see me on the street alright? Of course don’t worry I won’t greet you either, I’ll treat you like empty space. Don’t tell people that you know me. Alright? That’s it? From now on we don’t know each other. Alright!

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