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I went on this magical trip..
Out of reality, in a fantasy world,
Everything seemed to be so peaceful and perfect!
All harmony.. no hate..

Laughing and laughing, like a kid being tickled..
no matter what happened, no matter what I did,
it seemed like it was never gonna to stop..

Things gained true life, Bright colours..
People walked differently, like robots..
and then smoothly like clouds where beneath them..
Trees and clouds gained funny shapes and movements,
like dancing smoothly with the wind..
Everything was amazing and beautiful,
even small details we never notice in real life..
I felt like Alice in Wonderland! (as Dan said)

could hear every single sound around me!
Every conversation, every whisper,
comments about my astonished expressions admiring everything around me as if I'd never seen it before..
people laughing, people simply breathing,
shoes touching the ground,
birds singing, birds' wings flapping,
planes flying but still far far away..
sounds I had never heard before..
and it was all right there, so close, behind my ear..

It was amazing, although scary at first...
Fantasy or reality!??
My mind was confused....
It was like a dream!

I was sliding across the city,
Nothing could worry me.
But realized I always had to be aware of everything around me,
Cause it could all be so suspicious..

People would stare at me,
They couldn’t understand..
They looked kind of weird,
And so cold, sad and angry....
Their faces would constantly be changing,
gaining different shapes and forms and expressions and sizes..

It went on and on..
5hours had passed and I didn't even realize it..

Suddenly I snapped out of it,
just like there was a silent click,
When I was least expecting it..
I realized I was back to reality,
A different world,
Everything had disappeared..
What a disappointment.....

I soon realized I got to see the raw truth of reality,
but from a different point of view,
of contrasts and with no metaphors nor euphemisms..

What a Magical Mushies Trip!!!

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