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ChaCha's blog: "Online Lovestory"

created on 08/25/2009  |  http://fubar.com/online-lovestory/b307350

We first knew in a simple chat
A simple conversation
I never thought
It was a good start.

You were so far away
And we were separated by miles
And I just ignored everything
Because I know its just a lie

Then suddenly,
After a few times of talking
I began to miss you
And think of you almost of the time?

It was a strange feeling for me
And was totally different
And I began to hide my feelings
Because I know it wasn’t right

Day after day, time after time
Feelings started to grow
I think it was love
But never really sure that time

Until one day, I convinced myself
That’s it is really love I feel for you
I am inlove so inlove
With a guy no one but you

Ohh such a sweet thing
You always makes me happy
Everytime I talk to you and see you
And I know this is LOVE so true.

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11 years ago
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