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ChaCha's blog: "Craziness"

created on 11/17/2009  |  http://fubar.com/craziness/b320134

Why did you came into my life when you could never be mine…..

I know everything is wrong from the very start yet I still continue falling for you….

"Crazy" I call myself…
falling for you when both of us have someone we call our own…

Crazy because I keep on wanting you when you do not feel the same….

Wanting to call you, to hear your voice, to talk to you…
even satisfied with your text message

Doing all crazy things for you to feel my existence…
but all are wasted…you still did not notice….

Why do I want something that is wrong to be right…
Why time was wrong when this love came along….

Now everything is too late…
pain is already felt…
and yet I could do nothing…

But to remain as a friend….. forever…..

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11 years ago
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