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I didn't get laid today, or start a new relationship I didn't pay my bills, or buy a new game I did however start today with a new project from a dream. I liked it, I'll write more about it when my computer is back up. It was one of the few projects I've started where I said "hey, I'd actually read this". That's always a good place to start from. I even outlined the whole book which is unprecedented for me. My clothes are tumbling in the dryer, my heart's in my throat after once again nudging one of my favorite people and asking her why we're not going out, they're inducing labor for my god daughter in about 3 hours, and I've finally decided what to do with my damn PC. Could it be better? Immensely. I could be making love to my favorite goddess while being hand fed olives and drinking ambrosia from a gold chalice, its still a damn sight better than yesterday's shenanigans. Tomorrow's busy, hideously busy, and I'm quite infatuated in a quite impossible situation. Nothing to do but to carry on bravely.
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