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I'm not wearing socks today. Cuz that leads to shoes shoes lead to grocery stores military service, and any myriad of bullshit tasks and cornucopias of busy work. No socks, no watches, In one fell swoop I have eliminated both time and task. All for a dream a burning sensation in the mind. There's no cream for that y'know... Just a righteous wrist and mind's eye set to fingertips. Still sends shivers up my back. Butterflies down my pants. Red phantom lips across my body. Ah what it is to be infatuated with college educated women of independent means with sophistication class, and tenacity dedication, and soft, silent completely missable sensuality that is unless your eros-fevered brain wraps silk and frills around her hips places your favorite perfume on her thighs and just for the fun of it, we garment her in an apron featherduster and demicup corset her alabastor chest heaving with each round on the brass pole Her knees flicked effortlessly to her cheek a jaunty corsair smirk each time our eyes meet. ah what it is to be infatuated and asleep. wait wait wait... lose the stripper pole lose the corset and apron now this fantasy is going somewhere...
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