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One Of Those Days...
Drink til she looks good.. Make sure you post comments Have you ever had one of those days where you just wanna " LAYETH THE SMACKETH DOWN ON PEOPLES CANDY ASSES" I had to talk to so many stupid people today just wanted to knock them out.. I think that they should have to wear a shirt that says how dumb they really are... Just wanted to vent a little.. lol If you feel the same way give me a hell yeah!!!!!!
Without Me !
If tomorrow starts without me, And I'm not there to see, If the sun should rise and find your eyes all filled with tears for me; I wish so much you wouldn't cry the way you did today, While thinking of the many things, We didn't get to say. I know how much you love me, As much as I love you, And each time that you think of me, I know you'll miss me too; But when tomorrow starts without me, Please try to understand, that an angel came and called my name, And took me by the hand, And said my place was ready, In heaven far above, And that I'd have to leave behind all those I dearly love. But as I turned to walk away, A tear fell from my eye, For all my life, I'd always thought, I didn't want to die. I had so much to live for, So much left yet to do, it seemed almost impossible, that I was leaving you. I thought of all the yesterdays, The good ones and the bad, I thought of all that we shared, And all the fun we had. If I could relive yesterd
What Has Become Of Common Courtesy?
When I was younger I remember going to the gas station with my parents. We pulled up to the pump and the first employee to spot us would rush over to greet them(pften by name) and ask how much gas they wanted.(gas was much cheaper then so it was mostly a "fill up") The guy would start the pump and then wash the windows while we waited on the gas. When he finished the windows he would ask if we needed our fluids checked on the car and if there was a problem he would let us know what would need to be fixed. When the car was full the attendant would look my father or mother in the eye(if only briefly) and tell them their total. He would take the payment graciously and thank them for their business and wish them a good day or week or whatnot. Why is that now...when gas is nearly $3 a gallon and there are a million options for you to choose from about where you would like to buy your gas....there is no decency or respect shown to the customer who works hard to earn their money just to fork
Sunshyne68 Is A Irritant To Me
Thinkin Abt Meetin True Luv
What can I do when lonliness stikes deep in my heart 'cause we're always apart?How can I cope when I lose all hope, 'cause life is not fair when I can't be there in your arms? This affair is so wrong,I feel so torn to do the right thing but I'm frightened of a life without you.The love you inspire has taken me higher than I've ever been.Do you feel the same,or am I insane? It's worth all the pain when you hold me so close and love me so well.Am I going to hell for love?In a world fill of wars and hate,can love be a sin 'cause I wear someone else's ring?I have to believe your path crossed mine for a reason,a love to last all seasons.You've given me love without sorrow,you've brightened all my tomorrow's and how can that be wrong? I walk around the streets so blue Just to see the sight of you A breath of you Keeps my moments very true I wish I could keep you here But my emotion with you is only Fear If the girl that stole your heart would just disappear I would show
The formating is not great, but here it goes: How glorious it was to watch the sun Descend from the sky, while sailing upon The ocean. Light reflected on water, Blinding all who were in its glistening Path. Though, at first bedazzled by the light, We soon became accustomed to its warmth. The Sun’s heat felt like faint glowing embers. Yet, we all knew the campfire had long died. Today was a time of remembering; A moment to reflect upon our past. Some among us were glad the day had come, While I fantasized of boyhood pleasures. As our tiny boat sliced the bounding waves, I imagined huge Spanish galleons Sailed slowly and silently past us Like huge behemoths hunting for their prey. For hours upon hours I thought of the games My companions played. We had some much fun. I longed for naiveté of childhood, When life was ice cream, Santa, Tooth Fairy dreams. Now, sailing with friends on the Jade Lady, We talk long together of future plans, Of wives, of children, an
What Is My Life Rated?
My life is rated NC-17!Your life is rated NC-17!What is your life rated? (MPAA Scale)Take Other Caffeine Nebula Quizzes
Bad Week
My Day Today
So it was just another day at work, I work at Walmart stocking. It was kind of boring, the truck came in really late so didnt have much to do til end of the day. Brought my mom the last of the boxes she would need for moving her stuff. She said she might not use them all but oh well, At least she will have plenty. Went and bought a movie and a cd after that. Just to have something new to watch. Had a falling out with the friend I live with who is moving away, dont think we will end up talking anymore, but oh well. Life goes on and there are better people out there that care. Got to get some more stuff moved to my grandpas. Think I will do that this weekend, well MY weekend anyways. Ok, well I need sleep, work early tomorrow morning so good night!
Ole Kim Cole...was A Merry Ole Wait...i'm Something Else...sorry
You Are a Newborn Soul You are tolerant, accepting, and willing to give anyone a chance. On the flip side, you're easy to read and easily influenced by others. You have a fresh perspective on life, and you can be very creative. Noconformist and nontraditional, you've never met anyone who's like you. Inventive and artistic, you like to be a trendsetter. You have an upbeat spirit and you like almost everything. You make friends easily and often have long standing friendships. Implusive and trusting, you fall in love a little too easily. Souls you are most compatible with: Bright Star Soul and Dreaming Soul What Kind of Soul Are You?
Grandma Times 3
Check out my new Granddaughter! Peyton Ryleigh was born 4/27/07 6lbs 14oz 18 1/2 inches I have another Granddaughter due at the end of May! I'll keep you posted! Laura Hey Everyone! I just found out that both of my daughters are going to have babies! Within weeks apart! That will make 3 grandchildren for me! I can't believe it! I just feel very old! Laura
God broke the mold, When he made this one I know She's breathtaking but so much more She walks in the room, your loves closed Making you never want to breathe again Her boyfriend has got so much dough So much ice his neck and wrist froze Is he faithful to her? Hell no But she chose to be with him, shorty Tell me is the money worth your soul Tell me what's the reason that you hold on When you know that dude has a whole wall of 'em just like you And girl you're just way too fine Gotta be treated as one of a kind Girl use your mind Don't be just another dime Because I can't take Seeing you with him 'Cuz I know exactly what you'll be, In his gallery It's just not fair And it's tearing me apart You're just another priceless work of art In his gallery She's so confused She knows she deserves more Someone who will love and adore But his money's hard to ignore She really doesn't know what to do Girl it's just a matter of time Before he finds another m

Bath Tub Test
Your gifts are simple, tracing curves of skin, relaxing muscle;I follow you to a place I have never been,cherished, centered,balanced between your fingertips and my heart. I listen to your music and cling, fearing loss of these moments where life is simple. Our exs and children are hiding along with our checkbooks, while we rest in each other's arms and press into each others bodies as if our very bones could hear. How we belong together is as mysterious as the persecution of belief our respective grandparents survived. We are both fruits of their survival. What beliefs do we bear in our own dark times? Your gifts are simple,and all I need . By Erin M. W The Bathtub Test It doesn't hurt to take a hard look at yourself from time to time, and this should help get you started. During a visit to the mental asylum, a visitor asked the Director what the criterion was which defined whether or not a patient should be institutionalized. "Well," said the Director, "we fill up
Online Vs Reality
i was reading a blog by someone who described his excursion with online into reality,and while i posted a lengthy reply to it,i felt the need to go one step further.. while he learned it the hard way,as long as he learned from it it wasnt a total loss,and from reading it it seems he has come to realize that while online is good it is totally different than reality.. i personally dont believe in online Collaring.where neither have met or only hav met real time a few times...usually when people meet for the first time or 2 they are always putting their good foot out front(means putting on their best show to impress the other.).while we meet plenty of slaves/sub online when we meet them and get to know them only a 1/3 of them are who they say. while online will get you their names,and their supposed likes n dislikes and what not,you always have to take that with a grain of salt. online players as i call them find this lifestyle as fun and exciteing yet they hav no clue to what it
Congratulations your ALMOST a Slut! Just a wild night away! Go out and rack up some points! Your Motto: "I'll Try Anything Once!" Your Sign: "Rest Area Ahead" Let's Park! * Don't forget to pratice SAFE SEX! Take The Slut Quiz Now!"Slut Quiz - Men" is available here***starXtest v2.0***
peaches@ LostCherry
Frustrated As Hell
so, im pissed. so many things are going to shit in this country. for one, it is america, land of the free. so, one thing that is really terrific about this country, is the fact that anyone at anytime has the right to LEAVE. too many people bitch and complain about things like the national language, the right to work even though they are not citizens, etc. if you do not like america, you can and should leave. and in my opinion, if you do not want to learn english (which is the national language) you can get the hell out as well. dont bitch and complain when you go to a store and no one there speaks your language. you should not be allowed to get citizenship if you do not know how to communicate with the people that live here. i would not go to another country and just expect them to speak english. that is not how it works. furthermore, anyone who supports illegal immigration should be shot. seriously. another thing would be the fact that we, as americans, are fucking stu
Thing You Can Learn About Me
Four things you might not know about me - then it's your turn. A. Four jobs I have had in my life: 1. being a mother 2. worked at Goody's 3. sewing machine operator 4. taxi driver B. Four movies I would watch over and over: 1. Mary Poppins 2. White Christmas 3. all my pld Jimmy Stewart movies 4. The Robe C. Four places I have lived: 1.Georgia Born there 2. Glakes, Ill then Annapolis, Maryland 3. Rhode Island 4. Texas D. Four TV shows I love to watch: 1.CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2.Bones 3.don't really watch much Tv 4 E. Four places I have been on vacation: 1.Neveda 2.Stone Mountain, Ga 3.New York 4.Mexico F. Four Web sites I visit daily: 1. mail box 2. mail box 3. Lost Cherry 4. United Kingdom web pages G. Four of my favorite foods 1. coffee black and lots of it 2. pizza 3. vegetables 4. sweets H. Four places I'd rather be right now: 1. On vacation 2. In Engl
My Ex-girlfriend Broke Up With My Phone 2 Days Ago
Girls in the Baton Rouge/Denham Springs area or some where near! If you want a guy who has a big heart and wouldn't in a million years dream of hurting you, my broken heart needs you and you will get much love.
6 Weird Things
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 1. I hate school, but I started back anyway. 2. I am very anal about my hair. 3. I think life sucks! 4. I am a nympho, lol. 5. I dont like kissing 6. I have a weird obsession, for more details, ask . Thats all i am saying for now. People I tagged 1.Deaths only love 2.teddybear 3 ronnie 4.cowboy
I Am New!!!!!!!!!!
I'm horny...maybe not so much horny as I am bored...ladies if you are bored and/or horny hit me up on my Myspace: or on my Email maybe we can work out something like a 3 way or something on the side. sorry to be so blunt but this is how I am when I get like this.
The Eighties..
You remember Don Johnson when he was "cool" You know who shot J.R You remember when Michael Jackson was actually considered something of a sex symbol You practice getting in and out of your car through the windows You owned at least one skinny leather tie. Your first Walkman weighed 10 pounds and was the size of a brick. You wore L.A. Gear tennis shoes. You know the meaning of Wax on/Wax Off You're always "in the mood for dancing" If you can "See Better" with sunglasses that have paint splattered all over the lenses. You wore lace gloves with the fingers cut off, bangle bracelets up to your elbows, bright red Reebok high tops and parachute pants to a school dance You need a shopping cart to carry your personal stereo with you. You remember what Michael Jackson looked like before the surgery. You go rollerskating every Friday night (not to skate, but to 'hang out') You still want to take Karate...(after you move to California) You wa
"don't Worry It's Only Kinky The First Time"
hey everyone....the title was just to get your attention. Hopefully you're not too disappointed at the lack of sex in this blog. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm pretty new to this site, so check out my page, rate it, leave comments, all that stuff....maybe I can get some more friends and no longer be fresh meat....anyway, check me out and leave some love...looking forward to hearing from ya.
There are 7 things you can say: 1) not attractive 2) decent 3) Cute 4) Handsome 5) Hot 6) Pretty Hot and Tempting (phat) *******7) I'd fuck you in a second!******** PLS PLS PLS REPLY !!!!!!!!!!!! Please post an introduction of yourself and the twins and size u r!!! No one has passed their phone number or anything to me for my last post and no-one ever replies to my posts I might just go and eat worms (sniff)
The Turkey Must Have Really Done It
A young man named John received a parrot as a gift. The parrot had a bad attitude and an even worse vocabulary. Every word out of the bird's mouth was rude, obnoxious and laced with profanity. John tried and tried to change the bird's attitude by consistently saying only polite words, playing soft music and anything else he could think of to "clean up" the bird's vocabulary. Finally, John was fed up and he yelled at the parrot. The parrot yelled back. John shook the parrot and the parrot got angrier and even ruder. In desperation, John threw up his hands, grabbed the bird and put him in the freezer. For a few minutes the parrot squawked and kicked and screamed. Then suddenly there was total quiet. Not a peep was heard for over a minute. Fearing that he'd hurt the parrot, John quickly opened the door to the freezer. The parrot calmly stepped out onto John's outstretched arms and said, "I believe I may have offended you with my rude language and actions. I'm sincerely rem
Strange Pennsylvania Laws
It is illegal to have over 16 women live in a house together because that constitutes a brothel. It it illegal to sleep on top of a refrigerator outdoors. Any motorist driving along a country road at night must stop every mile and send up a rocket signal, wait 10 minutes for the road to be cleared of livestock, and continue. A special cleaning ordinance bans housewives from hiding dirt and dust under a rug in a dwelling. You may not sing in the bathtub. Fireworks stores may not sell fireworks to Pennsylvania residents. A person is not eligible to become Governor if he/she has participated in a duel. Any motorist who sights a team of horses coming toward him must pull well off the road, cover his car with a blanket or canvas that blends with the countryside, and let the horses pass. Ministers are forbidden from performing marriages when either the bride or groom is drunk. No more than two packages of beer at a time may be purchased, unless you are buy
Just started tonight, so just getting the feeling of this
Twitch's Story Tell'en Corner
Happy Holidays Well, it's that time of year soooo, Happy Hoildays to ya all. Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, a cherry yule and all thoe other holidays! (See, I can be PC friendly...Now, where did I put that slave? Get out here hick!) So yeah, good fortune and good time to you and yours. Ta, "It was a dark and stormy day, the wind blew like the bellows of hell, the rain came down as if the heavens had been torn apart. The people hid in fear, with in their homes, while I smiled and enjoyed the lovely weather." Don't you hate it when you can't seem to go anywhere without forgetting something? I swear, someone up there hates me.
Sexxy Bitch
Hey Well i juss did this shit today and i kinda like it.. But i really can't stand this shit.. But don't u wish ur gurl waz hot liek me.. LOLOLOLOL
Tattoo Time Bitches
so if you check out my profile you will see that I am in fact a tattoo artist...and I am extending the offer of some sick-ass discounts to those of you within my area or even to those who want to travel to me....if you come in and get some work done (tattoo or piercing). the discount only applies obviously if I do the work. and if you bring in a group of people your discount may be even greater. but for those of you who are not familiar with were I am at or what the shop is called it is as follows: Fat Scott @ N2SKIN Tattoos 30709 W. 12 Mile rd. Farmington Hills, MI 48334 (248)478-3404 so again...if anyone of you out there in cherryland would like a PROFESSIONAL tattoo or piercing, I am at the adress/number above and I am available 12n-9pm tues-thurs, 12n-11pm fri-sat, and 12n-7pm sun. so come one come all....AND GET A FUCKING TATTOO OR PIERCING. be safe, live life fAT sCOTT
Are You A Freak Or A Geek
Tell me what you are and how you do what do lol are you a freak or a Geek do you like it hard and ruff or do you like it slow and soft
My Wretched Little Thoughts
Alrighty, today i am getting off of my fat ass and doing something. It is nice out and junk. I need a new job, some place better where I am at now. Hmmmm, today would be a good day to get out and start checking out places. Argh... but all i wanna do is play on the computer. I need to get laid too. :) one day, he took me to the beach, the sun was setting and it was beautiful... i looked at the guys working on the trees, and then they fell silent... i turned around........ **** he was on one knee, on the sand... the sun was behind him... **** he asked me if i would spend forever with him, and he gave me this ring... i was speechless... **** i said yes....... and yes i cried.... he held me until the sun when down... **** the guys behind us honked and cheered, then resumed working... how nice of them to turn off their engines, and machines, to make that day absolutely perfect... **** he didn't know at the time, but 1 year
Bank Scams Need To Stop!!!
SCAM ALERT!!!! there is a current scam claiming to need us representatives to manage accounts for an international company. if you or someone you know have been scamed please contact me A.S.A.P. with enough people being scammed the U.S. Secret Service WILL ACT I have already been in cantact with them and now i just need your help gathering up as many people as possible that have been scammed.
Sweety :d
Mspoeticness Cherry
MySpace Tweaks, MySpace Layouts, MySpace Images and more! Thanks to everyone who left a comment on my page... I haven checked my Cherry account in a while since activating it...but promise i will take some time out and spice things up a lil'. snoogans
Plasma Tv
"Hey every body" Do any of you know anything about Plasma tv's? My 42" just died!! ); Made a loud crack sound like an electrical pop and then went black still have sound!! any ideas?
A Pussy After My Own Heart!
MySpace Comments Graphics
Happy Holidays
Quiz ♥♥
'What will your obituary say?' at You scored as Diamond Eyes. You are full of confidence, just don't let it go to your head. Its great to know your worth it! Isn't it:D Just remember those of us down here. You are probably quite popular.Diamond Eyes67%Eyes full of Pain33%Mysterious17%Passion17%What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)created with Sarah -- [adjective]:Fuzzy to the touch 'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at
General Stuff
hey i just got a crush and somebody has one on me and i dont know who it coudl be damn it would be nice 2 know so if its u then leave me a comment and say so please lol well see here is the deal i got 5 girls that like me and want 2 seee me eaither as friends or more and i dont know what 2 do one likes me and i like her but i aint heard from her in a week one wants 2 see me but i havent seen her or tlked 2 her all i know bout here is she is 22 and pretty and fuckable lol and one like me and i like her but she lives in a diff stae so the long distance thing dont work so and one is where i live but i dont know her that well but i'm friends with her brother so i was wondering what yall think cause i dont know what 2 do i'm not trying 2 play anybody i'm not like that but jw if yall have some advice or comments or any insight on this thanks yall damn somebody tlk 2 me i'm bored and all alone sittin here with nobody 2 tlk 2 come on now something this sexy shouldnt be alone or not tlkin 2 so
New Years
Just wanna tell everyone on cherry.... Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from and also be safe but have fun...
Happy New Year!!!
Well, New Years eve started off pretty bad when the Bengals screwed up their last chance of getting into the playoffs this year. It was such a close game and it came down to a fg attempt. This field goal with like 12 seconds left on the clock was all we needed to win the game. So Shayne Graham prepares himself for the field goal attempt...he kicks and he...shanks it. That's right, twice in a row, but this time in the most important game for us. We hadn't been doing to good the last couple of weeks, but we still had a chance to get in the playoffs. We needed Kansas City to win (and they did), we needed Denver to lose (and they did), and we needed the Bengals to defeat their biggest rival (and we DIDN'T). It was a sad day for the town of Cincinnati and most of northern Kentucky! So as we all left Willie's, heads hung in shame and disappointment I decided to just shake it off. It's New Years Eve!!! Wow! It is 2007 and man did I break the New Year in right! I go TRASHED last
The Pain Of Love
Happy Weekend
Well this weekend was a special one for me. On Saturday my daughters and I headed to Vegas so my oldest could get her first tattoo. You may wounder why Vegas, because California doesn't allow anyone under 18 to get a tattoo. My daught is 16 and in Vegas she could get one with my conscent, which I was very happy to do. You can see pictures of her tat in my photos. Would like to thank John again from Absolute Ink for doing a great job. Then on Sunday my younger daughter decided that she wanted to get her tounge pierced. So I called around to try and find a good place to have it done. It wasn't until today that she was able to get it done. You can see pictures of it in my photos. I hope all of you have a great week and I would like to also thank all of you for you support to our troops.
The First Time
A Girl's First Time (Assume you are a girl if you are a guy) It's your first time. As you lie back your muscles tighten. You put him off for a while searching for an excuse, but he refuses to be swayed as he approaches you. He asks if you're afraid and you shake your head bravely. He has had more experience, but it's the first time his finger has found the right place. He probes deeply and you shiver; your body tenses; but he's gentle like he promised he'd be. He looks deeply within your eyes and tells you to trust him - he's done this many times before. His cool smile relaxes you and you open wider to give him; more room for an easy entrance.You begin to plead and beg him to hurry, but he slowly takes his time, wanting to cause you as little pain as possible. As he presses closer, going deeper, you feel the tissue give way pain surges throughout your body and you feel the slight trickle of blood as he continues. He looks at you concerned and asks you if it's too painful.Your eye
Trucker Love
New Pics
Dark And Lonely
Voye For Me As The Most Ghetto Male Please All My Friends..
Da Bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Read the title! Any fellow fans stop by and show some love and support for our BEARS!
A Perfect World
My Sick Sad Life
Prayers Needed
I want to thank all of you have prayed for Brian. He should be home on Sunday. Yeah and Praise God thank you all very much and God bless. Hey for those of you who know me, you know I am a pretty quiet person. I have found the love of my life,my soulmate, something we all look for in our life time and I am so lucky to have that. Unfortunatly right now he is over seas. He is a Marine. But last night I found out that his team came underfirem, and he has been hurt severly. We are not sure how bad and what. So I am asking for prayers for Brian. I don't as for much. just for him to be able to come home safe and sound. I just got word today that Brian is in ciro in the hospital there. He's had a heart attack and he also has internal injuries. They are gonna try and send him home but not sure when and to where. Please I ask for you to still keep him in your prayers. Thank you and God bless you all. briana
i just wanted to tell everyone that i do appriciate all the rates and comments i have gotten on my page im pretty new here so its nice to meet new people i just wanted to thank everyone again and i hope i will meet new people as the days go by i hope everyone has a good night!! thanks for everything jennifer Many people will walk in and out of your life, But only true friends will leave footprints in your heart To handle yourself, use your head; To handle others, use your heart. Anger is only one letter short of danger. If someone betrays you twice, it is your fault Great minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people. He who loses money, loses much; He who loses a friend, loses much more; He who loses faith, loses all. Beautiful old people are works of art. Learn from the mistakes of others You can't live long enough to make them all yourself. Friends, you and me ... You brought another friend ... and we started our group ... our circle of friends ... and like a c
She Passes
Funny Videos
I Think I'm Falling.... 8th World Wonder
"8th World Wonder" by Kimberly Locke Woke up early this morning, made my coffee like I always do. Then it hit me from nowhere, everything I feel about me and you. The way you kiss me crazy, baby you're so amazing. Seven days and seven nights of thunder, The waters rising and I'm slipping under. I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder. I guess that I'm just falling deeper into something I've never known. But the way that I'm feeling, makes me realize that it can't be wrong. You're love's like a summer rain, washing my doubts away. Seven days and seven nights of thunder, The waters rising and I'm slipping under. I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder. It's only been a week, but it's coming over me. It's making me believe that you're the one for me. Seven days and seven nights of thunder, The waters rising and I'm slipping under. I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder.
i'm a native american.....33years old female. i have 3 beautiful kids that i cherish very much.i come on the net to meet new friends...i'm not into that cybering thingy which i know theres alot of ppl do whatever floats your boat but i dont do it i just chill with my friends.....i have 7 tatts.i'm into harleys choppers native american history wolves white tigers.
Horror Movies
After years of waiting, a new Halloween movie is coming out. Not everyone cares about it but some people like the movie series. Anyways, for the people interested, this movie is scheduled for release August 31, 2007. It is a re-imaging not a remake (there is a difference) of John Carpenter's Halloween, my favorite horror movie. You can read a quick plot summary for the movie on my page as well as see a partial cast list as well as see the first two images of the man himself Michael Myers in costume. Comment your thoughts here about what you think about this new move for the Halloween franchise.
I Didn't Get To Say Goodbye....
I cried a lot tonight. Im not sure if it has really hit me yet though. My mother is gone. The one person who was always there for me even when i didnt want her to be. She was my life for the past two years, and now what? How am i supposed to pick my life back up without her there to make me laugh when the shit hits the fan. Its my first night back at the house. I keep going into her bedroom to see if she will be laying there with macbeth watching tv like usual...but no, its just an empty bed. Even though shes not in pain anymore my selfish side has just kicked in. I was driving to whitney and crystals apartment today and i noticed myself driving the wrong way on 45...i was going back to the hospice. i dont know how im still breathing. it hurts like hell...and i havent even seen the worst of it yet. im pretty lost right now. i have to go back to work sometime soon, i dont know when. but soon. im trying to be as happy as i can be but how is that possible? How can i get over
In Memory Of The Ones Who Lost Thier Lives.....
Way Beyond Empty
If I could only be with you, I would give you everything, all your heart is longing for, I would spend my time, trying to find a way, to make you happy, just to see you smile, but if I never find away, to take the hurt away, from all the broken promises, all the shattered dreams, all the times that you been let down, by all the cold lies, would you remember, I was not to blame, done my best to show you, just how life can change, or would you just turn and walk away. would I be left standing here, Way Beyond Empty? Music Video Codes By Music
So I just became single and I really don't get it, but my ex and I are still friends and we talk everyday like we never broke up which I think is totally throwing me dear friend Kristy believes I should find a hottie and make myself just totally forget him...then again he is still taking me to prom come April cause he said he would and wants to because when we broke up and I said well I guess this means I gotta find a new person to take me to prom he went NO NO I never said I wouldn't take you to prom I wanna experience that with you haha..I think he just wants to get laid again...*shrug* ehh it was fun why not I guess...I graduate May 26th...I start EKU in the Fall...I am in training for my purple belt...gosh like I'm doin good..
Ruminations Of A Rowdy Reptile
My girlfriend and I opened another fubar page for the two of us. In it, we HAD an album marked for ONLY OURSELVES to be able to view. I went by to check on things in there the other day, and a pic in that album had been "reported as NSFW". Now, either something is wrong, and when we fubar users mark an album "private", there's a way for others to bypass that setting, or the person who reported that pic as NSFW was a bouncer who took it upon themselves to check and make sure that we weren't offending each other. Either way, some nosy asshole was poking around in an area that was supposed to be PRIVATE!! BabyJesus needs to reign in these people! There was NO EXCUSE for ANYONE to view anything in that folder since only two people (the "owners" of that fubar page) were allowed to see them, and no reason that SNYTHING in that folder should have been reported by a third party as NSFW since the general public was not allowed to view that folder at all! My advice to anyone who has pi
Other Things
hey all i have 5 new bulletins posted check em out and dont be afraid to answer. also it will help my time go by when i reply. because if you didnt know i got laid off yesterday and it sucked big time. not only did i get laid off but so did my mother :( so please make a girl happy and reply back thanks hello to all my friends out there i dont know when my internet is going to stop acting gay. seriously i hate it right now its going so slow and i think its because of my brothers fucking tivo. ugh well since i cant really do the things i usually am able to do on here if you want to talk to me im me on either yahoo or aim if you dont have my names here they are yahoo= chezzygoober and for aim= c2a1s7s8y3. hope to hear from all of you soon since i cant on here :( but still leave me love if you want and when i can i will return the favor HEY ALL I AM IN A CONTEST SO PLEASE SHOW ME THE SAME LOVE YOU SHOW ME HERE AND COMMENT BOMB ME HERE IS THE LINK
Support Your Troops
first off i dont know who this guy thinks he is but ill be damned if im gonna let some idiot try to degrade soldiers. does he not realize that its because of soldiers that he has the freedom of speech and all the freedoms he has everyday and takes it for granted? oh and by the way US soldiers are the ones that found saddam and brought him to justice. we havent been allies with iraq and we did not sell saddam WMDs. 9/11 is not a fraud. they did not attack us because we are over there they attacked us because they hate us because we are free and because of their religion. they are raised to hate americans. over half of them do not know why they are to hate us they were brought up that way (brainwashed). and he thinks im not patriotic and im the one ruining this country all because i post pictures of support our troops on here. can you say retard. i fly a flag and pray everyday for our troops. also he thinks soldiers are pussies. but i think hes just jealous because he doesnt have half th
Im So Sick And Tired
I NORMALY DONT VENT ABOUT SHIT BUT I CAN'T HOLD IT BACK NO MORE ....Im tired of the damm drama that people want to cause and tired of the damm bullshit...Play the games and do as u want because ur just mad becuase u dont have what everyone else has......Fuck the haters and fuck the wanna bee people get a damm life if u know something then see and it and walk away from it all before shit gets start that shouldnt of started in the beging...NO MORE PLAYING NICE leave me alone and everyone else alone and get a freakin life ......IM tired of people thinking they can win over something when they know good and damm well they need to rethink of whom they are and were they stand because im here to say that losers are loser and winners are winners and i have one once before and i will always be a winner....Just becase one has money or one has a thinks they are better dont mean nothing because no one is better then anyone else we are all thesame weather we are purple, black. green, red, orange wh
Cherry Qustions 2.... People's Ids.......
I'm crusing around Cherry, as much as it will let me, and I come across the most bizzare things!!! ok why have an ID like.... "SPANK ME PLEASE" when you have a picture of you and your child up. Kinda TACKY don't you think?? What about the IDs just as "SWEET AS SUGAR" with a picture revealing a bit too much cleavage and your page saying "don't come at me talkin sex..." How about the guys with the ID "I'm her man only" and he has pics of his private body parts with captions like "whatcha wanna do with all this"............
Jenns Days
well today was a great day the weather was nice went out to eat. got some bills paid ugh i hate bills played on winmx for a bit now im here with you all i just want to say have a great weekend all and many more to come Hugs Jennifer
Sex Quiz
St Andrews Cross
Upside down on the st. andrews cross with legs wide and my skirt dangling in front of my face. I could see only their feet as each one in turn came over to lick my exposed pussy. This was a bizarre ritual they were playing out. Each man nibbling through my panties and when all had finished a knife was used to remove the wet cotton garment. Now each again in turn approached to taste me with nothing between me and tongue. Some sucked my clit others flicked it furiously while still others found delight in pushing their tongues deep into my cunt. With the last man having tasted me it was time to finger my throbbing pussy. With bondage tight my only choice was to allow the men their pleasure's. All of them stood close this time and one after another place a finger or two inside me. As I hung upside down there, I could only imagine their view straight inside me. They argue over who's turn it is and who was getting cheated and then decide all of them to place a finger in me at once. I was fil
The Good Girl why is it that the good girls usually finish last??? The good girl is the one that will listen to you complain about your ex and the guy that she is with and she will not say a word...just listen...She is also the one that will listen to you when you are drunk and don't even know what you are talking about but will never complain.....She will run up her phone bill just to talk to her guy, but will never complain when he puts her on hold to talk to others...But as soon as she makes a mistake or says the wrong thing she becomes a bitch...and that is it, he wants nothing else to do with her...Why does it work that way..Should we the good girls just be bitches to start out with, or should we always coward down and never say how we feel....Well I can tell you now that I will always speak my mind.... This goes for the Good Guys too...I know that the ones that still open doors, send flowers for no reason and do all the little things that really matter get shafted too.... I just
Hanging Out
I just wanted to see where the cool people hang out...I gues I am still looking. ;)
My Pics
are cureently in process........ bye........
In Love?
You can tell when you are in love by many ways. When she walks into a room full of people she is the only one you see. The noise of the conversations drops and she unknowingly commands the attention of the room. You feel your heartbeat grow faster as she walks through the room. She teases your longing for her touch by stopping and engages a select few in light, upper level conversation. It is as though it has taken hours for her to work the room and her way to you. When she softly touches you and runs her finger down you tie, you simply melt. Her eyes are vexing and beautiful as her brief encounter was to advise you that you are on her mind as well. She turns and walks away to enjoy the party knowing you cannot stop admiring her. You become mystified as to how you have attracted such a lovely piece of God's handy work. Paying attention to the crowd of men around her you can relax and allow her to enjoy the attention, as you know she will be coming home with you.
Daily Life Via Me
The date is set. The church is reserved. The dress is bought. The groom is ready. But the bride is a nervous wreck. I'm in full on panic mode here people, and I don't know why. I'm sure this is what I want to do but I'm just nervous about the whole frills of the matter. What if something goes wrong? What if I trip and fall flat on my face? Gasp, what if i step on my dress walking down the isle and it rips? I don't think I should be thinking about this. Another thing is that I have no one to give me away or walk me down the isle. I went by my mom's place to invite her as a show of good faith and she called me a souless slut whore. Whatever, she hasn't changed a bit and now I know why my father left when he did. Everything my mother told me about him was a lie, including who he was. She told me he was a dead beat dad who was hooked on drugs and porn. I recently found out that the man my mother claimed was my father was just her long time live in boyfriend. my real father was in the Ar
No Matching Beauty
The Rose It awakes with drops of tears covering a timeless frame of beauty on a summer morning. It rises up with a glimmering sun shining on its luscious face of magnificence. Through the sight of a man’s eye of this pure loveliness has shown blindness to the heart. From: Someone who knows who you are and the beauty you possess that has weaken the heart
Cowboy Wisdom
Don't squat with your spurs on, Good judgment comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. Aways drink upstream from the herd.
Stab And Twist
at least the blade of that dagger was cool against my backside..... not sure why it had to be a two person job... I myself thought the whole plan lacked style and originality.... oh well, another opening of my eyes and another step further away... i will now bring you a war you have already lost ...
Time passes Life happens. Distance separates. Children grow up. Jobs come and go. Love waxes and wanes. Men don't do what they're supposed to do Hearts break. Parents die. Colleagues forget favors. Careers end. BUT......... Sisters are there, no matter how much time and how many miles are between you. A girl friend is never farther away than needing her can reach. When you have to walk that lonesome valley and you have to walk it by yourself, the women in your life will be on the valley's rim, cheering you on, praying for you, pulling for you, intervening on your behalf, and waiting with open arms at the valley's end. Sometimes, they will even break the rules and walk beside you...Or come in and carry you out. Girlfriends, daughters, granddaughters, daughters-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law, Mothers, Grandmothers, aunties, nieces, cousins, neighbors, and extended family, all bless our life! Th
An Enticing Thought....
sitting here letting the mind wonder... wanting you to come to me. as i sit in this chair. with that longing sparkle in your eyes. wanting to know eachother. a slow walk as if to hunt your prey. needing to take what you hunger for. I sit here. not knowing the sharpness of your bite. not realising the pain that you will so willingly give. that delicious taste that touches your lips as your mouth connects with my flesh. the wetness dripping from your tounge as you take whats yours. delving deeper as you pounce. as you ravish this flesh that is mine. pinned to this chair. your body crushes my form. a sweet smell lingers in the air. a growl creeping withing you. i quiver as i am torn. a whisper of a scream escapes from within me. with eyes watching you. i see the pleasure as you consume without a pause. taking all that is yours. knowing i belong to you now. How can we tell when forever is written in the stars? Promises can be made, set to every twinkle. What h
Us Oil Crisis Explained
A lot of folks can't understand how we came to have an oil shortage here in our country. ~~~ Well, there's a very simple answer. ~~~ Nobody bothered to check the oil. ~~~ We just didn't know we were getting low. ~~~ The reason for that is purely geographical. ~~~ Our OIL is located in ~~~ ALASKA ~~~ California ~~~ Coastal Florida ~~~ Coastal Louisiana ~~~ Kansas ~?~ Oklahoma ~~~ Pennsylvania and Texas ~~~ Our DIPSTICKS are located in Washington, DC !!! ? Any Questions ???
Sleep Study
well the doctor called today to say i can have my sleep study tonight instead of my schedule time at the end of the month so they will moitor me tonight to try and figure out why i havent slept well and what might be the cause why i havent really slept or rested in years
If You Start Out Depressed, Everything Good That Happens To You Is A Pleasant Surprise.
Well, here's another blog for me to start and then ignore, lol. I have done it on Livejournal, I've done it on MySpace, and now here. When I have something to say, I'll come in and say it, but until then, don't hold your breath. Love and kisses to you all, stay out of trouble, and to all my 'Los and 'Lettes, MMFCL!!!
Always The Same Feeling
My Personal Blogs
Signs showing you might be from Canada... You're not offended by the term "HOMO MILK". You understand the phrase "Could you pass me a serviette, I just dropped my poutine, on the chesterfield." You eat chocolate bars, not candy bars. You drink Pop, not Soda. You know that a Mickey and 2-4's mean, "party at the camp, eh!!!" You don't care about the fuss with Cuba. It's a cheap place to go for your holidays, with good cigars and no Americans. You know that a pike is a type of fish, not part of a highway. You drive on a highway, not a freeway. You have Canadian Tire money in your kitchen drawers. You know that Casey and Finnegan were not part of a Celtic musical group. You get excited whenever an American television show mentions Canada. You brag to Americans that: Shania Twain, Jim Carrey, Celine Dion, Michael J. Fox, John Candy, William Shatner, Tom Green, Matthew Perry, Mike Myers, Neve Campbell, Pamela Anderson Lee & many more, are Canadians. You
The Butcher, St. John (poem)
The Butcher, St. John Speak not the name of the butcher St. John, You'll wake in the morning and your limbs will be gone. Ground into hamburger, made into meat, Pressed into sausages, spicy and sweet. Many people still come to buy of his wares, He's allmost allways sold out, but nobody cares. Though expensive, for the taste, the price can't be beat. Too bad nobody knows what he puts in his meat. He's carefull and picky, worse than misers with gold, He knows just by looking, which ones to serve cold. The plump ones are juicy, the skinny ones firm, The young ones are allways served ground up with worm. Bloody and cold are the ways of his mind, And he smiles as he cuts his next meal, you will find. So please lock your doors, and leave the lights on, And don't even speak of the butcher St. John.
Spring Cleaning
Spring CleaningWhat Things would you like to sweep away? As you might have guessed based on what happened to my sister-in-law I'd like to sweep away RACISM, Bigotry, and cowardice! Other things on my list would include: "Son" being used every 3 words by so many people. Any day I expect to see 2 87 year woman calling each other "Son." "Too many reality TV shows" "Artists" too lazy to use "original" samples, but recycling samples from songs that were hits just a few years ago. Pants worn around the knees, nothing is cute about that! The current administration!!!!!! People being traeted as less that human because of who they love. Women being treated like they are "dirty" or "slutty" because they are in command of their sexuality!!!! What do you want to see swept away? What would you like to Sweep Away? G.W Bush? Racism? Sexism? Bigotry based on gender/sexuality roles? Simon Cowell?
Pissed Off!
Ok so I'm currently going through a divorce, which is fine and dandy I couldn't be happier, except for the fact that he is being a total ass. We've been seperated for almost a year now and he has not once seen his kids, didn't send them a christmas card, no birthday cards, and doesn't call to even ask how they are doing I mean that's alright with me if he doesn't want to be apart of their life's it's his loss not their's. The part that pisses me off is he claimed all three of them on his taxes and didn't send me a dime of the money.. He is such a selfish ass and I don't know what to do anymore. I'm trying to get ahold of IRS and fill out this form but it'll take too long and he's going to end up getting the extra rebate thing in May and still I won't see a dime of it. His kids are needing clothes and my middle child has special needs and I'm running out of resources(I have to find different ways to entertain him all the time). And then the other day his dad calls me and tells me that m
Horoscope June 18, 2007
A hidden need for something different and exciting might make you crabbier than you actually are. You need glamour, romance, excitement. The stars say all of that is within your grasp -- you just have to reach for it. Can this only be in your dreams?
Something Before I Fall Into Sleep
You'll laugh if only you knew The number of times today I've wanted to kiss you I've wanted to hold you Closer to my heart Closer than you can imagine I felt this from the start But what can I do What can I say At the end of the day It's all up to you At the end of the day It's all up to you The first time I saw you In the corner of my eyes Waiting for something to happen You looked so alive that night Oh, it must be a hundred stares... fading Today, when I think of you Today, when I think of you What can I do What can I say At the end of the day To prove my love for you My love for you My love for you My love for you My love for you
Desiree Addams
You have a sexual IQ of 144 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at You scored as Bondage, Your turn on is bondage... all out. You don't have a specific part of kinky sex that turns you on more than any other... everything working together turns you on. And why shouldn't it? Sex isn't sex without all the trimmings.Bondage100% Chains/Handcuffs100% Biting83% Whips67% Blind Folds58% Blood33% What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with
I Refuse To Believe It!!!!!!!!!!
I refuse to believe Chris Benoit killed his family then himself. He was and still is my favorite wrestler. I met him and he was a kind and funny person. There is no way in hell he did what they said he did ,but if he did then i guess that we would all want to know the answer to the question is ..WHY?????
Untitled & Unfinnished
Hiding in my corner, hider in darkness the taste of blood fills my mouth. I must drink this liquid before it goes cold. It's warmth soothers my forgotten soul. It gives me life that no mortal can equal. Now as this corpse lies still in my lap my soul is content, for the time being. Running a couple fingers around my mouth to catch the last few drops of blood that dribbled down from the corners, I suddenly feel the aura of another that was born into the same world as I. After licking my fingers, careful not to miss any of the delicious liquid, I turn around to see who had come up behind me, disturbing my solitude. Before even seeing who it was I knew it was you because of the deep growl warning me not to turn to fast. Even though you knew you knew it was me you still gave me the warning. As I took the advise and turned slowly I wandered why you had seeked me out. As I faced you, the cold stare sent a shiver down my spine. As if reading my mind you said, "I have come to take you." "T
Family pimp out time. One of the fastest growing families on tap. H.T.A Owner Pr03ffect C.T HUBBY TO KILLER BLUE EYES H.T.A OWNER@ CherryTAP §@u§ie-H.T.A. CREW LEADER@ CherryTAP Midnytize ~ H.T.A. Grenade~@ CherryTAP Cain H.T.A. Grenades Launcher - CT hubby to CrazyBytch H.T.A Bombshells@ CherryTAP ?iller?lueeyes ?CT wifey to Pr03ffect? *HTA Bombshell* Plus Size Pinup@ CherryTAP ~*BJ*~ H.T.A.'s Sweetest Bombshell & Recruiter@ CherryTAP Fallen Angel - H.T.A. Bombshell@ CherryTAP ~MEMBER OF THE SYNDICATE~(CLUB F.A.R)
Loss Of A Child
A new friend asked how my Daughter passed and was understandably wondering if it's OK to ask: Yes, it's OK. Our little Lyndsay was diagnosed with a brain tumor prior to her 3rd birthday. It was a Primitive neurological endocrine tumor, sub-class modulo blastoma. We had emergency brain surgery 2 days following diagnosis and then radiation for 5 days, then 3 types of chemo run simultaneously for 8 months. She was doing really well for a few month and relapsed on Christmas day, '05. We found that she has 'multi chemo resistant tumor cells that had grown tumors in the original spot (brain stem) and many more tumors. She passed on Mother's day '06, shortly before her 5th birthday. I don't know how the fuck it is that a child gets cancer. Our surviving daughter, Susan, is in her second year of university and is the light of our lives. Each time we lose a loved one, it's different. There are good days and bad. I'm just thankful that we were able to have her in our lives a
Angelo's Corner
This is what happened: A few weeks ago i met a girl. Very nice, blonde with green eyes. She is 22. We met in a paradoxical way, at the gay parade. I was there with some of my cousin's friends whose are gay. We had fun, a lot of fun, more than i expected. In the meanwhile we were drinking beer, of course. We kept drinking for about 3 hours. Honestly i was a little tipsy. Then i met this girl, she was the nephew of one of the friends. Being tipsy is not so bad as it may seems, because it wipe away all your shyness. We started talking, (i was talking an unexpected fluent english!!! lol) then at the end of the parade we went into a bar. There, a Margarita gave us the coup de grace. We walked into a club (a gay club!!but that day there were people of any orientation). Everybody was dancing. The place was very dark, enlightened by flash lights and the music was very loud. Premise: i hadnt been dancing by years. But we were there, so i started dancing in a goofy way. It took me only fe
Life Sux
if life gets you down dont get discuraged just keep on going if it takes all you have some day it will get better
My Twisted Brain???
You know there are some days that I just don't even know what to do with the shit that runs through my twisted little brain. Seems like everytime I think things are going smoothly on the inside, something happens outside that disrupts my "even flow". Today I have been dealing with a lot of people who are taking for granted what they have been given in their lives and looking over the fence trying to see if the grass might be greener. You know what, Ya, sometimes it is greener, but all that means is that whoever is taking care of it is doing a damn good job and not taking it for granted!! So if your own grass isn't green, maybe you need to pay a little closer attention to it! "Water it, mow it, don't let the damn weeds takeover". Just make sure that you show that you give a shit! Sometimes it is hard for us as humans to not doubt things, or wonder, or take things for granted, but if we all become aware that we do it, maybe we will do it just a little bit less. I am as
My Sentiments
Who Will Catch Me When I Fall???
Is anybody out there Does anybody see That when the lights are off something's killing me I know it seems like people care Cause they're always around me But when the day is done and everybody runs Who will be the one to save me from myself Who will be the one who's there And not ashamed to see me crawl Who's gonna catch me when I fall When the show is over And it's empty everywhere It's hard to face going back alone So I walk around the city Anything, anything to clear my head I've got nowhere to go nowhere but home Who will be the one to save me from myself Who will be the one who's there And not ashamed to see me crawl Who's gonna catch me when I fall It may seem I have everything But everything means nothing When the ride that you've been on That you're coming off Leaves you feeling lost Is anybody out there Does anyobdy see That sometimes loneliness is just a part of me Who will be the one to save me from myself? Who will be the one who's
How Bad Can Parents Be?
hey everyone i am in a contest that ends at 7 pm tonight, i cannot be there to watch the end so i am asking that everyone help me keep the lead that so many have given me,, so help me to the end everyone Well it seems that my drama filled ex wife will never end. If you read my latest mumms you know that she has allowed someone off of FUBAR here to come and stay with her and my kids for 10 days. Last night when I returned the children, I went to the side of the car and extended my hand to introduce myself. The man honestly turned his back to me and refused to even look at me. She posts a mumm on here that I was banging on her car(which I tapped on the door to get his attention) that i was demanding when I simply asked him if he was even going to look at me. how would all of you act if a percect stranger is around your kids for a full week and hearing stories that he is doing nothing but barking orders and sitting on his fat ass. I
A Real Friend...
Marmalade And A Smile
i want to be completely covered in marmalade. what are some other things i can cover my body with? star
Me, Myself And I
Tomorrow I have to take my moms dog to be put to sleep :(. I wish I could change things so that they were not like this right now. I am so sad about it and can't even imagine how my mom is feeling. What a horrible day ahead. I was asked by a wesbsite called to write about my experience living with it is My Problem I am a 23 year old female. In May of 2002, just weeks before I graduated from high school, I was in my 6th car accident. I was 18 at the time, and none of the car accidents had ever been my fault. In fact, this was the first one I was in where I was the driver. A woman rear-ended me while I was stopped at a red light, and slammed my car into the back of the car infront of me. This car accident was the one that changed, and for a while, destroyed my life. I was put on vicodin for the pain after the accident. However, that pain never went away....and neither did the vicodin. I was on it for about a year, over which time it just
Quote Of The Day
"The key to immortality is first liveing a Life worth Remembering"
Long Distance Love #2
Doubts and worry did I have When I was unsure how to love There were times when I couldn't believe That this someone special has finally arrived Time seemed to pass very fast Yet I still can't wait For that special moment When Fate allows us to meet Some things still strike me as not right Even after I've known you so much better This distance parting us should not exist Cause we are obviously destined to be together The oceans between the two of us Doesn't really amount to anything though Compared to the joy you have brought to my life And the future we hold together No matter what the future brings us Please just remember those moments we had Sharing moments of joy, peace and laughs Even when things hit us bad Sure I wish we were physically closer but in my heart, this relationship is the best I can have Being around you is all I long for but I will settle for our long distance love

Support The Troops!
I give a shout out to everyone that supports our Troops every where, and to hit me up if your a supporter or you are in the Military!
I Need Some Bombmers
My Published Poetry
The moment I saw you I knew there was no one else meant for me. Your eyes, your hands, your touch, The fact that even the simplest of gestures could bring a smile to my face. Your one of a kind, a special someone that many people journey to find. Many would say that love is unconditional between a man and a woman. But I have found that it doesn't hold a flame to the love of a child. You've renewed my faith about love, renewed me as a woman, as a Mom. You're the Apple of my Eye, the reason for my smile to the rising sun. There isn't a moment in a day that I don't Thank God for you. I've seen you grow over the past few years and all the memories fill my heart. As we celebrate Mothers, lets celebrate who made me one, you. Dedication to my Daughter Today is the day I put my father to rest, No more pain, no more fears, this can't be for the best. My father lived a great life with love, Now he's my Guardian Angel from up above. He looks down from h
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a big Rosy Hug for you Courtesy of call 911 your so hot Courtesy of roses for a lady vase of 12 Courtesy of you make me Purr Courtesy of roses for lovely lady Courtesy of cherrylicious day Courtesy of Dreaming of you Courtesy of a friend Courtesy of paws on you Courtesy of make me purr Courtesy of dreaming of you Courtesy of
Dreamer's Fantasy
Dreamers Fantasy So many times I'll hear a song, Playing on the radio. The melody familiar, Reminds me of you so. Bringing warmth into my heart, And lighting up my day. Your memory dances 'cross my mind, As the music starts to play. Sometimes I close my eyes and dream, As I hear the music flow; That I'm held close in your strong arms, Dancing soft and slow. It's just a little thought of mine, A dreamer's fantasy. Of dancing with you by candlelight, To a soft, slow melody. Sometimes I let the music play, Over in my mind. In a never ending slow dance, We're suspended there in time. Even though it's just a dream, Of dancing quietly with you. If I close my eyes and I hear the song, A dream, almost come true. So, let me have this little thought, Of a soft sweet melody; And dancing with you by candlelight, In this dreamer's fantasy.
i wished i could help him he is my best friend i listened to his words of wisdom till the end now we are both in a dark hole bottomless pit without nothing to hold u saved my life when i needed u most u helped me when i couldnt help myself u picked me up when i feel now i dont no what i can do for u i listen when u talk i try to be here 4 you when u need me i want to tell u everything is alright every night all i can say is ill always be here 4 u when u need to vent coz she hurt u ill always be here to vent to just coz u are in a bad mood ill always welcome u with loveing arms and no matter what nowon could ever take your place in my heart i miss u
Original Song Lyrics
I'm So glad its Raining V1. I'm So glad its Raining So noone else around Can see the Tears fall From my face And slowly fall to the ground I'm So glad its Raining So noone else can see That I started to fall for something Something that will never be Ch1. I know, Yes I know That you're his queen and hes your king I know yes I know Thats why I'm Glad its Raining V2. I'm So glad its Raining So noone else I know Can not tell how Much How Much I still love you so I'm So glad its Raining Because it Helps Me hide That i want you Forever Forever By my side Ch2. I know yes I know Your love is ever lasting I know yes I know Thats why I'm glad its Raining Repeat Ch1 Found Love V1. It happened So fast Smooth with lightning speed In a heavenly instant Yeah, I let my heart lead I just closed my eyes I just closed my eyes Then to my surprise Ch1.I Found Love I found you Oh, Oh, a miracle long overdue You opened the door You Found the Key I Fo
Mimidwhiner For A Reson
I had a dream about you last night. I was dreaming like normal, and for once it wasn't a bad dream. I dreamed that I was sitting on the couch in an apartment that I've never seen before. Probably my apartment since I was by myself. Then out of nowhere theres a knock at the door. I open it, and you're standing there with a huge grin on your face (this baffled me a little because I'm not used to you with a huge grin on your face). once the shock of seeing you was gone, I wrapped you up in the tightest hug I think I've ever given. As I did this, you kissed my neck, and then my cheek, and then my lips. Your lips tasted soo sweet. We were so into our kissing that we just continued on with the front door wide open. I ran my tongue along your bottom lip, and as I went to pull away, you sucked on it a little. The whole time running our hands all over each other. Finally you nudge me back into the apartment, and kick the door shut behind you. While you backed me into the apartment, y
I'm Back Up!
It didn't dump everything this time, whoo hoo! Just had some start up errors.
The Loss Of A Wonderful Vocalist
Today, or should i say Wednesday, the world lost one of its best Tenors ever - Luciano Pavarotti has passed away after a long struggle with pancreatic cancer. Many people today have no appreciation for opera, they dont understand the complexity of it, the years of training it takes to be able to sing with such power and strength, the beauty of something so pure. This is just one more thing that is going to cause yet another wonderful for of music and entertainment to be pushed further into the background. If you have never heard Pavarotti sing then dont be close minded - take 2 minutes out of your day and take a listen to this truly magickal voice.
Nsfw Writings And Other
How to Eat Pussy*or Everything You Need to Know About Cunnilingus But You Were Too Busy Picking the Hairs Out of Your Teeth to Ask Eating pussy can be one of the most wonderful things you can do for a woman (or so I read on the cover of Cosmo). It makes her feel appreciated, respected, desirable, and has the potential to give her an orgasm that will shatter glass, raise the dead, even wake you in the next room. Besides, lots of women expect it these days, and men who perform great oral sex are always in demand. If you gain a reputation as an expert, many classy, attractive women, way out of your league, may overlook your other shortcomings. Just kidding, but it gives us an excuse to talk more about vaginas. The vagina is a mystery to most men. It's hidden away. Taken out only for special occasions and then quickly put back into hiding. Like an english muffin, its full of nooks and crannies and tastes best slathered in melted butter. For something so complex you'd think there wou
My Bulletin
Remebering 9-11-2001
A Mother's Worst Nightmare This is a real life story, actually it is mine. This one has a somewhat happy ending, but alot of stories similar to it do not. My son joined the Army right out of high school in 2000, he was 17 at the time. I did not want him to join, but he told me "at least I will be able to go to college,mom." SO how do you argue at that point. So he joined and went to boot camp in Sept of that year. He did really great in boot camp as well as all of the other training that he had to go through. He was stationed at Ft Campbell,Ky with the 101st Airborne Division. I was really very proud of him and he looked so handsome in his uniform. What mother wouldn't be proud of her son? But then in 2001 life would change for everyone. That day as I watched those towers fall I cried, not only for the people that perished that day but for what I knew was surely going to come because of this event. I knew that my son would be going to war. As with any war I knew t
Learning Tools To Be A Great Bomber/recruiter
What's up everyone!! I'm new to Fubar!! Come check out my page!!
Ty So Much
i just want to say ty to everyone that has givin me support threw this rough time i'm having... seeing my lil brother go to war is definitely the hardest thing i've ever had to deal with... not just cause i'm worried for him, but because i can't stand seeing my mother cry... ty for everybody that is keeping my brother Nathan in their prayers... i haven't prayed since i was 11 and i'm catching myself constantly asking god for his safe return... once again THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that's here for me... u have no idea how much it really means.
Pictureses Blahhh
ok so i did another small album tonight and i realized i need more ideas for lazy nights like tonight... i know you all want ass pics and spankings and all sorts of fun stuff, but some nights i wanna just chill and do some fun light playing, nothing too involved, just me a single accessory or two, and the camera... so tonight i had a little lingerie and a gag... anyone got any other random ideas for light play pictures? come on, it can be like foreplay for your masturbation, lol ;) love you all sin
Random Thaughts
do you feel like shit does not go your way and shit takes forever to get done to be away from the one you love to feel like you are sick without being with your loved one to think all the time about her going crazy just to see her smile to hear her laugh to hold her in your arms to say to her i love you everytime you see her to hear her voice in your head all day long as if she was right there talking to you to look at another woman and only see your loved one to feel the sickness in your heart as time goes by when you are not with her to realise when the time comes that you are finally together that the time spent away would be time worth spent to realise howmuch you do love her and cant ever see yourself without her in your life love is really a mystery of the heart and a joyfull journey in life comment on this if you can understand what love is and what iam trying to say thank you for reading my thaughts Miller Light / CatfightSee more like this on Morphing B
If You Can't Bother
guys... especially those NOT in my friends list yet... please remember, i put these things up for you guys but that doesn't mean you get to just walk in, jerk off and leave. if you have not been added.... if i don't see a rate, a picture rate, a fan, something that shows that you're interested, your request will be denied. if you have been added already and have not done these things, get the hell to it, i'm going to start making lists, and blocking people... locking the albums creates a hassle, but I will do it if that's what it takes. seriously, remember i am a real fuckin person here... i don't go play with myself lookin at your nsfw's and walk away (although some of you might want me to)... don't do it to mine. Say hello (read: HELLO, not NICE PUSSY)... rate something that gives points... leave comments that say more than i wanna do you in both holes baby... seriously... i do what i can to keep you happy, and i ask very little in return... please guys, gimme some love and
In Between Worlds
The is a place that is called The Between Where you are neither in Pain or in Love But rather In Between the two. Within this place Neither Pain or Love exist All that is there is numbness bliss Not all know of this place Or can find it on their own Some need the help from others To be here is not painful or lovable but is simply numbness to all feelings Thus is why called the Between Here no one can hurt you Nor can they love you But here is where they accept you To be accepted for all and everything you are You need to find your place of Between Worlds. wrote 9/28/07
Check Out My Friend!!!
check out my friend. she's not on here all the time but, she's getting her webcam up!! hit her out she needs to raise her level, & is looking for a few people to join her site once her webcam is running, she has a great sence of humor, once she can cam. LOL please check her out. Thank you, Racin_randy savorysamantha@ fubar my first blog, please let me know if things work.
Other Lounges
Sexy Angel Babe 19
hi there guys, well what can i say? Iv'e been told that im very attactive and have a really nice figure, Im a very social and outgoing girl that loves to party and meet new people and make new friends, im here on this site hoping to maybe hook up with someone for a cool time and maybe a lot more if you know what i mean?....... I would love to meet a guy that's easy going and laid back, i love a guy with a cool attitude and a talkative personality and im not really fussy about looks but i want someone that can really get a party started......LETS PARTY BABY!
Maria's Blog
Most people either love this guy or hate his guts. He's a pretty good satirical writer though...and he knows it. I almost fell out of my chair reading some of his articles. :P Website: You Know You're From New York When... * You think Central Park is "nature." * You're paying $1,200 for a studio the size of a walk-in closet and you think it's a "steal." * You've been to New Jersey twice and got hopelessly lost both times. * You pay more each month to park your car than most people in the U.S. pay in rent. * You go to dinner at 9 and head out to the clubs when most Americans are heading to bed. * You have 27 different menus next to your telephone. * Going to Brooklyn is considered a "road trip." * America west of the Hudson is still theoretical to you. * You're suspicious of strangers who are actually nice to you. * You take a taxi to get to your health club to exercise. * Your idea of personal space is no one actually s
My Best Friend
The Second Time Around And I'm Whole Again
So...The story of John and I. I got married in 1999 to an addict, alcoholic, womanizing, cheating, lying, woman beating bastard. And I use them words loosely. The marriage shouldve ended on our 1 year wedding anniversary when he collapsed my lung and sent me straight to the ICU for 3 days, and hospital for the other 7 of my 10 day stay. Instead, I wanted to make it work. Well it didnt. So as of April 2006 I left him and have been going through alot of emotions. I missed the whole idea of a husband but not him. On May 28th 2007 I seen a picture on FUbar of a cute guy wearing a construction belt and posing for a halloween picture and left a comment for the picture holder to "hook me up" By June 10th I found him myself on MySpace. We agreed to meet a few days later and we have been together ever since. On July 13th (a Friday) he proposed to me, after giving me a beautiful ring :) I plan on marrying him and this time I know it will work, because no matter HOW MUCH I PRY..
Hi there friends it has been a good long while sence my last blog soo here goes 1 that I have had to deal with and of course alot of you also . I made a friend 1 day on yahoo name with with held of course and yes shes female her and I use to hang out alot when I had my cam on my old home comp before I got my laptop we use to do voice chats at times she even had my cell she was a cool friend nothin ever came serious between us just friends soo she finnaly met a guy who took her to the prom that was all ok the real problem is that afterwards they got together. Now the hard stuff soo they hung out some and all at times she sent me pix via cell or sent me messages via yahoo let me know that she had a man and all and they was tryin to make things happen and all ok thats fine and dandy no probs about 2 weeks ago I sent her a message via cell sayin. I hope you 2 are doin ok and all is well about 10 mins later not sure if it was her or him most likely it was him pretending to be her s
Phuk Her Gently
Declaration Of Independance
IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776 The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Gov
Random Thoughts
The things I see in my world. The dreams that float in the air like smoke. The tears that streak my face. The ache that tears my heart. The drip of water, ticking like a clock. The silence, as loud as thunder. Why must this things haunt my thoughts. Why do I let them torture my soul. I am just a rat in a cage. Running on the wheel given me. Life should be more then this. Life is to be lived, or not at all. The night is silent. Only my thoughts to keep me company. The dreams of my youth. Only dust in a forgotten time. The future, unending darkness. Only tears streaming down my face. This night speaks of no dawn. Only darkness unending. The Darkness hides the things I can see It keeps my secrets safe It protects me from being seen The Darkness destroys the fragile veil of daylight It makes my fears come alive It opens old wounds The Darkness lures me into dreams It shows me a happy life It reveals my insanity The Darkness is my lover
Why Ask Why
when loves goes wrong there is only one sure way out and thats to run if u dont u will end up broke alone and pissed as HELL
Well I just got my nursing license and I was offered a really cool job with a travel nursing agency... First they got me going to Morgantown, WV for thirteen weeks then FL. So wish me luck I really hope I like this new gig...
Only In America____
1. Only in America..... .can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance. 2. Only in America..... .are there handicap parking places in front of a skating rink. 3. Only in America..... .do drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front. 4. Only in America..... .do people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a diet coke. 5. Only in America..... .do banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters. 6. Only in America..... .do we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage. 7. Only in America..... .do we use answering machines to screen calls and then have call waiting so we won't miss a call from someone we didn't want to talk to in the first place. 8. Only in America..... .do we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eigh
Dont Know
This Is What Boredom Does To Me....
New Here....
Just sayin' hey! Just got on here today thanks to Perforated Princess. Hopin' to meet alot of cool people. Laterz!
Last Call For Denise.
Make one sexy Princess, Fubar's next Godmother. Just 4,000 to go. Git 'er dun! cAUSE iM tHE fCKiNG pRiNCESS..dUHH =] ♥@ fubar
Merry Christmas
My Ramblings Today
So i got a DUI a little over a month ago. Not my proudest moment in my life but shit happends. This tuesday my suspension begins and i have no idea on how i am going to get to and from work or who i can rely on for a ride. I was the person in my group of friends who always drove i guess it's pay back time now
Give The Gift!
Been A Long Time Since I Rock And Rolled…
Been a long time since I Rock and Rolled… I caught a story on BBC News this morning about Led Zeppelin doing their first and only reunion concert after 20 years. Ah memories… I better write this while I'm still half asleep and before I forget about it (the memory goes first?). I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life as most people have. I decided I could get away with going to a 2 year “tech school” rather than getting a Bachelors degree from a 4 year college. I found that my Associates Degree meant a lot more to me than anyone else. But I got some breaks, worked hard at times, and have made a decent living over the span of my career. Our class started with about 45 students but after a year it was down to 7 that would graduate on schedule. We were stuck into another class and took our quarters out of order. As in all schools there is always a class clown and ours was Crazy Bob. One Monday morning he came in and gathered our group together with one of the most serious tones I had
I hope all had a wonderful holiday! Thanks for the incredible comments about my pics! All of you are too kind! xoxoxo Rhia I am a writer and poet...I play the drums, write music and lyrics, and also play the keyboard and guitar. I was TX born and raised, but have lived in Seattle WA, San Pedro CA, and Lancaster CA, before returning back to TX to help my Mom out. Thanks all for the wonderful comments! More to come, Rhia
Just The Beginning!
I am just trying to see how many things you can do on this site. I am enjoying myself today, meeting new people and making this gray yucky day a little more brighter!
Little On The Dark And Naughty Side
There are moments in time when I feel I need something more to this living than just the common physical of it. I have in the past visited places known as meat rooms in which one can be suspended for a duration of time without the fear of bleeding out. I can only describe the feeling as freeing. I ache for that now, the release of the pent up emotions I now harbour within myself. I gave up that vice and many others when I married and became a father of seven boys. I can't imagine life without them but I still remember the freedom I had before. I miss it.
Silent Tears
Silent Tears A thunderous silence breaks through my thoughts. What was once many great ideas is now a triumph, lost. Baffling words tumble through my mind. Reflections of darkness hover. A disturbing peacefulness beckons to me, and inside myself, I take cover. What would it be like to stay there forever? To be lost in all my cares? From the inside, looking out - I cry silent tears.
Good Guys
Ok this topic I see more and more. So here is my theory and experience as to why good girls find bad boys. I am not saying I am a goody goody, but I am a good girl. Why do I always draw myself to the tough guy image. Well it's simple. I can be prim and proper the majority of the time. But when in a relationship with the tough bad boy it allows me to experience other things I never would have with a nice guy. Now when nice guys always say we finish last. That isn't true. It's the nice guys that allows woman to walk all over them are the ones that finish last. You can be a nice guy withought being a wussy. A woman likes a man that can stand up for themselfs, be passionate, daring. No one is saying change who you are, just if you want aa good girl, I am telling you what we attract towards. Now, when yall say a woman passes a good guy for a bad boy in the class of a asshole, that isn't true. We don't look for someone to beat us, but look for someone that will take us out of the good girl
Why Do People Use Me
I hate how people use me to no end. I give and give so much to them I have never treated any of them bad ever. I get used alot. I sucks and hurts. Its like they ignore you to no end. they delete you off of everything with out even talking to you. And it makes you feel like shit. Even wheny ou invested so much time with people. you feel like what the fuck did I do. When you know you didn't do anything wrong at all. I hate it. Its like the saying Nice Guys finish last. I'm not sure what to do anymore. so her friend writes me and tells me she moved on then the next I get deleted off her friend list WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS. I;M NOT A BAD GUY AT ALL JUST GETS THE SHIT IN THE END I HATE IT SO MUCH FEEL FREE TO WRITE BACK ON IT ANYONE. NEEDS ANSWERS WHY WHY WHY DOES THAT HAPPEN TO ME
Crazy Holding On
Crazy Holding On Once there was a man who had an orange shirt. Once there was a girl who went out dancing in a skirt. Once there was a park they found they fed the frantic ducks. Once there was a couple, happy, who couldn't believe their luck. Once they went out dancing, and a candled dinner date. Once early in the morning she surrendered to her fate. Once he said "I love you" and she had to love him too. Once they had a future, happy when one and one made two. Now they are both lonely, now they live alone. Now he has a cold and empty (tidy) hollow home. Now she has a fountain, tears where once there was a heart. Now he has decided that they really have to part. Now that he has nothing, he feels he is complete. Now that she can't dance again, her heart weighs down her feet. Now he thinks about her, all the memories locked away. Now he tries so hard to forget the happy laughing days. Is she thinking of him still? Does she cry still, now and then? Is she ever
Turn Back Time
i wish i can turn back time where everything was good in life! and not so fucked up:( my family fighting and shit and being hurt in the pass!i wish it would all go away!
The Insanity
First of all just so everyone knows ahead of time and dont need to ask I am not okay. I dont know how to explain it but all i know is it is happening again my mind is racing a million miles a second and i cant stop it long enough to form a thought of my own the only things i seem to capable of doing at the moment is write my story I wonder how i stopped my mind from racing last time I cant seem to remember I guess I just have too much running through my mind again and without sleep please expect me to be very grumpy and not very talkative for awhile i apologize in advance for the things i say and do in the future i just have way to much happening upstairs again and it is giving me a headache from hell. but for now im getting off here and am going to make another attempt to get some sleep g'nite all. I call this insanity. am i wrong?
What I Want...
To have a man see me for who i am know there is no other like me, and try as hard as they may THEY SHALL NEVER BE ME!!!!! The man for me will see thru the lies and cloudy deciet...when others try to act like me... He shall be the epitomy of strength and elagance and not afraid to show it!!! To walk with class and head held high!!! strutting shall we say??? to walk with me on his arm clearing the path of commoners and posers with the mear force of our presence!!! To walk the night as it was ment to be, and our children be drawn to his dark beacon. He shall live life to the fullest with me, in all aspests of our personalities!!!! from walking the darkness, accepting our need to feed... to being my dominant master, or even be my slave to find the thrills of the adrenaline rush to walking the night in all its quiet slendor and glory to being tender and warm and careing of each other to wanting to feel the wind in our face and thr
Inspirational Funny Quotes
Nothing interferes with my concentration. You could put an orgy in my office and I wouldn't look up. Well, maybe once. The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one often comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won't. Marriage is a book of which the first chapter is written in poetry and the remaining chapters in prose. Most people would rather die than think; in fact, they do so. Most writers regard truth as their most valuable possession, and therefore are most economical in its use. My life has been filled with terrible misfortune; most of which never happened. My success has allowed me to strike out with a higher class of women. Necessity may be the mother of invention, but play is certainly the father. Never exaggerate your faults.
needs only 29,164 more comments 4 our prize needs 24k to get her prize only needs 40,260 more comments 4 his prize
Everyone On My Friends List
Ill be going through my friends list.. and if your on it.. ill be rating you.. im going through one friend at a time... and rating everything.. pics, stash, blogs all of it... then ill be lookin and see if we talk or not...if we dont talk at all ill be removing you from my list. I hope not to cause anyone hard feelings.. but all these ppl and noone talks to me I know its bad to ask this.. since it should be your choice.... But i guess id like to get my stuff rated... Sounds kinda like im beggin and shit but thats not it... ive rated my ass off for a ton of ppl.. and i doubt many on my list have rated even half of my stuff.... I guess this is more of a rant then anything else... This is the complete and utter truth of the past 2 years and all the screw ups that i've done and can remember.The recent break up between me and Denise is in no way her fault. I am the one who screwed up over the past two years.I have on many occations left comments of a wrong or perverted n
Visit to make your own.
Fury Of The Storm
I have the lights turned out. The only light coming from pc screen. Rain is falling in torrents. The sound soothing to my ears. A CRASH! A flash of light, crackling of the lightening as it must have hit a transformer. I am now closing my eyes... Come with me love, Take my hand, Lets run through the rain Skipping, laughing like children A circlet of flowers On the crown of my head Your billowing white shirt untied Slowly molding to your form We stop. Standing under the boughs I stare watching your muscles play With your seductive movements The flash of light The ominus boom Taking shelter within your arms The heat of your touch igniting the fury of passion within Blending, meshing, letting the force of it in Becoming one with the fury of the storm
Thoughts, Rants, And Events
This is in response to two things: -the blog post "Frank" under my Novels -AngelLady's 9/11 Distress video in her stash Clip from the comment I left AngelLady: Whether or not 9/11 was planned by the government or the outside, I don't know. What I do believe is that the United States is very two-faced right now. Those that are unaffected or very indirectly influenced by the government are thriving. I believe that is in the nature of the people. Those involved in or influenced by the government are in a very bad situation. Our politicians are corrupt. The value of human life is less than the dollar. The natural traits of humans - being inconsiderate and selfish - are highly evident in these people. The United States needs to change. Should the 9/11 attacks be the work of outside "terrorists," they were successful in showing the country's weakness and showed that the government structure and people in government need to change, though the methods they used were horrible and did
Death And Destruction
DEATH and DESTRUCTION With everyone around Death and Destruction can be found When someone thinks "Where did we go wrong." Another takes a hit from that deadly bong Everytime you turn around you hear a gun shot And u think "I hope that wasnt someone I know" is ur thought Why would we choose a life of destruction Instead of choosing a new one of construction Why does it have to seem That no one wnat to make good on that dream It seems impossible with guns, murder, and illegal possessions Why do we have these obsessions In the '60 there was peace, love, and unity And now there is misery, hatred, and blood from our community America is supposed to be the land of the free Instead we are afraid of the bloody spree
Whats What
Def Leppard - Photograph ! Marty Kays On His Ultimate Upgraded New Drum Set! Spin My Chair Around & Right In Front Of Me Is My Electronic Roland Drum
My name is jo im 40. Lived in lots of places wyoming colorado louisiana, but i love texas. Met amd married hubby jokid here and have 3 boys. But i aint dead yet yall come say Howdy
Just tired of all the lies..players..etc lately. Sorry if I seem in a pissy mood tonight. Just way I feel. Had a friend who's been avoiding me for couple weeks now. He said hes been busy working. I see his name lit up..but hes not on.. hmmm. I could almost believe that somewhat. The fact of he is here..and not speaking to me though..tells me the truth though. I realized tonight hes found someone else hes interested in. I am cool with that. Fact hes lied to me.. and avoiding me.. not cool with. So,I am down a friend tonight. Hurts when you become good friends with someone..just to loose them. Also lost a female friend on April fools joke..due to a joke me and my friend did. She thought I hurt my friend..and ripped right into me. She even came to my page talking about how I am a married woman..and getting fumarried on here..and how I am a loser. That was part of the joke.. I got fumarried to someone..and hurt my friend. Anyways.. just alot on here has been pissin me off. I ge
I Love You .
imikimi - Customize Your World Marques Houston Videos | Video Codes
I Am Unbreakable
Where are the people that accused me? The ones who beat me down and bruised me They hide just out of sight Can't face me in the light They'll return but I'll be stronger God, I want to dream again Take me where I've never been I want to go there This time I'm not scared Now I am unbreakable It's unmistakable No one can touch me Nothing can stop me Sometimes it's hard to just keep going But faith is moving without knowing Can I trust what I can't see To reach my destiny I want to take control But I know better God, I want to dream again Take me where I've never been I want to go there This time I'm not scared Now I am unbreakable It's unmistakable No one can touch me Nothing can stop me Forget the fear it's just a crutch That tries to hold you back And turn your dreams to dust All you need to do is just... TRUST!!! God, I want to dream again Take me where I've never been I want to go there This time I'm not scared Now I
center> want to hang out with good people make new friends, why at the same time help other people if so contact one of us........ !!!_-AUSSIE-_!!!@ fubar Woodza.Help! Bail Me Out Of Jail Or Own Me Plz.Either One@ fubar ♥~§ÁRÁ~ ♥ *Áµ$$îè'$ Wîƒè*~♥@ fubar H ¤ l t . L ³ ƒ † ¥ - fu-owned by Lucie in the Sky@ fubar Dj JOEDOG Owner Of TDP RL/BF FUHUBBY To BlueDaisy69 ~Crew Member of THE ~SILENT~BOMBERS@ fubar ~Cherokee~~THE ~SILENT~BOMBERS~~**@ fubar ◊ DJ TIFFI~THE~SILENT~BOMBERS~ ◊@ fubar Luna@ fubar Beach_Baby69~Crew Member of THE SILENT BOMBERS~@ fubar poz@ fubar
~ See You In A Million Dreams~
~ See You In a Million Dreams ~ Baby when I look at you You know it breaks my heart in two How beautiful you are I've seen you in a million dreams Now you're finally here with me We will never be apart I wanna hold you forever That's all I'll ever need You are my love You are my life My heart and soul The truest friend I've ever known You are my world All of my dreams My fantasy, my reality I love everything you are Every time I close my eyes It hits me so deep inside How real this feeling is I'm intoxicated by your touch It's a sweet, sweet rush I'm in love with your kiss You're the one I trust the most You changed me..... Peace
My Stuff ~ Please Read !!!
I miss you I miss being overwhelmed by you And I need rescue I think I'm fading away But I keep thinking that you'll wake me up with a whisper in my ear I keep hoping that you'll sneak in my room So I wait and I wait And I run old scenes through my tired head Of the days we laid by the school and said forever Was that the best I'll ever be I miss you I miss talking all night long with you And I need this to find a way to your home My love can you hear me Have I been hoping loud enough, wishing hard enough Can you see me when I'm asleep all alone - alone So I wait and I wait And I run myself in the same old circles I sit and I stare And I run old scenes through my tired head Of the days that we laid by the school and said forever Was that the best I'll ever be Can't keep my hands from shaking Stumbling through the wreckage again But you're gone So I wait and I wait And I run myself in the same old circles And I sit and I stare And I run old scenes t
Morose Mind
Year You Were Born
Heroes & Villains
Ok so I put a shit load of heroes and villains into a album stop by rate em rip em comment tell me what you think HOOK ME UP PLEASE rate rip and comment my photos PPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEE Hey all I posted a buncha Heroes & Villains so rate em rip em comment also if you know any bad ass ones I missed let me know would you thanx
Hey there, cheers to those of you who have rated my illustrations that are on here so far, sorry if most of the ones that are on here (are hopefully will be soon) are of women, i'm no way a perv but my speciality at University was the female form and i've continued to do what I'm good at. Im always looking for new inspiration, so if any1 does have any suggests, plz dont hesistate in letting me know. Cheers Scottie 2 Hottie.
A person who I have the absolute honor and pleasure of calling a friend....Christpher aka Tappinit! Christopher is kind, caring, loving, and sincere. He has an awesome sense of humor, he is good looking, and well a Magic Man!!
Tag Your It!
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? computer 2. Your significant other? yes 3. Your hair? Brownish 4. Your mother? alive 5. Your father? alive 6. Your favorite thing? kids 7. Your dream last night? work 8. Your favorite drink? grape 9. Your dream/goal? retirement 10. The room you're in? living 11. Music? Rock 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Married 14. Where were you last night? Bed 15. What you're not? crazy 16. Muffins? blueberry 17. One of your wish list items? 84 18. Where you grew up? miami 19. The last thing you did? tv 20. What are you wearing? boxers 21. TV? yes 22. Your pets? no 23. Your computer? working 24. Your life? Boring 25. Your mood? ok 26. Missing someon
How Does This Work?!
Hello out there, I'm Jack and don't know a lot about all this stuff. I’m still a newbie with all this blogging, not sure how it all works. I’m here looking for a few friends to have a some fun with. Any one out there wants to give me some advice or some pointers, it will be welcomed. Thanx for all the help. I have a few more pix on, here is a couple of links to my page. Thanx again and let’s have fun. Jack
Help A Friend? Please!
In A Life Time
My grandma once told me that all people only experience one or maybe two true friendships throughout their entire life. The More I thought about this theory, the more I began to realize that what he had said was absolutely true. I, myself, had been surrounded by many so called friends, but never did I question the strength of our friendships. In reality they were not true friends at all. Who I had always considered to be my friends were really just hanging buddies or school cronies. I realized, that when it came down to true friendship, I could only account for one true friend; everyone else was merely an associate or just good company. I began to wonder why that was. Was I too superficial in the way that I approached life? Should I have attempted to build more meaningful relationships? No, it was not any fault of mine, it was just a fact of life. The truth is, I am a very unique individual, just as al
I Iz Confuzed
ahem .. fubarians,, can sumone plz tell me why some ppl have grey bubble status like stepped away n some have white .. see i keep ma self to ma self n i got no idea who to ask ....... remember gurls make sure ya skirt aint tucked in ya knickers, when ya leave the bathroom. n yes fellas .. uh huh look down , yup, wet spot .. 3 shakes ok not 2 :P
Music And Songwritting
I love playing and writting music and singing my own stuff. Recently I satrted writting a new song called " The Outcast" I hadn't written anything to speak of in a few months and this song is a direction away from the sort that I had been writting (which was more indie-alternative) this new song has a bit more lyrics and shows a little of my Bob Dylan influences still it all comes around. I'll be putting the new song up as soon as I record it. Other songs are posted at:
i am looking for new members to join my paranormal group here in lawrenceburg or if you think you might be haunted and need help just leave a message with your name and number and i will get in touch with you
Christian The Lion
Lyf In 2008
Hey im laiken for those of u who dont know..... im a 22 yr old mother to a lil boy who juss turned 1 in august and i am expectin a lil girl in Nov..what can i say im doin it all on my own cause no man can tame this else email me
Get Over Yourself
Ok, I guess I feel the need to preach some more or maybe just vent. I just feel the need to say this, and if it pisses you off, then it is most likely aimed at you. Some of the people on here need to GET OVER YOURSELF!!! You are not THAT good looking, your boobs are not that great, your pussy is not that tight, and no matter how much you think it does, fireworks don't shoot out yer ass while its playing God Bless America!!! You are no better (or no worse) than anyone else on here or anywhere else for that matter. Now, I am cognizant of the fact that some guys are just dumb asses. But think about it for a second, most dumb ass guys are not going to read your 18 page dissertation on who the fuck can send you an add request and who can't. They are dumb asses, get it, they probably can't read. So all you end up doing is pissing off those of us who can and do read and we are most likely gonna say "FUCK YOU BITCH". Sorry, but its true, and you know it. I am not gonna bling you,
Perverse, By Nalo
Dancing towards your fire the energy engulfs me Begin to intrigue me Know me, for no one knows me Beg me for I beg you Possess me let me I beg to possess you Power let it over take me Let it swallow me Let it hurt me for the moans that I gasp are for your eyes only My soul screams your name as exctasy controls it. Perverse Controlled Obsession of me below me above me for me within me.
Jamie-lynn's Spotlite Fund
JAMIE-LYNN IS GONNA BE 30!!!! Hey everyone, Jamie-Lynn's Birthday is Monday September 22nd!! I would love to get her in the Spotlight for her Birthday!! She has done so much to help me Godfather! She also helped alot with my spotlight! Along with many others. She went outta her way for so many on here! So if u could Please donate any fubucks to help it would be really appreciated!!! Also....If you donate 200k or more we will make you a personal salute together!! (Or just one of us if you want) So Please help put her in the Spotlite for her 30th Birthday!!!! Jamie Lynn Real Life G/F of Jake The Snake {Yeahmons Angels}~{Shadowlevelers}~{Fu Bad Girl}@ fubar Thanks in
i think its bullshit that married woman come on this site then bitch if someone likes sex and shows it sould'nt they be talking to their husbands and staying out of the bars???i am not saying they sould'nt join just that they sould keep their remarks to their selfs and their god.i just joined and i was getting bitched out about the pics i posted,if i had know this site is pg 13 i would'nt have joined ,peace out
My Blog
The cowboy has been portrayed as a lonesome soul, a tender of livestock, a mender of fences. well we are all of that, we are the last of a dieing breed, but not by choice.. It's by the world around us. The cities and towns have grown up where once there was miles and miles of grassland, where cattle got fat to feed our families and to pay for our debts. The cowboy is a lonesome soul, but not because we may be alone. Our hearts are naturally heavy, for everytime we look out a window and see another building, a little more weight we feel upon our very souls. We long for the love of a special woman just as our ancestors did 200 years ago. They say we are alone even with someone we love, well folks this is true but only to the point that we long for the old days , when folks always had a cup of coffee and a little news to tell and you never met someone that wasn't a friend. We long to top out on a rise on a warm summers day on a good horse and be able to see nothing but what the good lord
Santa Claus
I'm going to have to explain this to my children one day. I hope they understand. There are approximately two billion children (persons under 18) in the world. However, since Santa does not visit children of Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or Buddhist (except maybe in Japan) religions, this reduces the workload for > Christmas night to 15% of the total, or 378 million (according to the population reference bureau). At an average (census) rate of 3.5 children per household, that comes to 108 million homes, presuming there is at least one good child in each. Santa has about 31 hours of Christmas to work with, thanks to the different time zones and the rotation of the earth, assuming east to west (which seems logical). This works out to 967.7 visits per second. This is to say that for each Christian household with a good child, Santa has around 1/1000th of a second to park the sleigh, hop out, jump down the chimney, fill the stocking, distribute the remaining presents under the
Private Pics
Um . N E Ideas
ok anyone got a clu why i cant view MY OWN pics tells me its private go to users page ... WTF ????
Now Recruiting
To All Club Members And Friends
I am so sorry that I have not been as active, and there for you, as I always try to be, but this HepC is finally really got me sick. I don't know if it has anything to do with getting a flu shot at my doc visit last week or if my system just can't fight this virus, only time will tell. I ask for prayers, for my health, and strength to fight this deadly virus, for a cure for HepC, for our damned government to allocate some funds for treatment of HepC, for all the people that are suffering from this damned virus! Please, if you don't do anything else, send an e-mail to your congressmen and senators, and ask them why there is no help for Hepatitis C Virus victims, when 10 times more people (about 4 million) have HepC than HIV/AIDS? There are so many programs for them, but until we raise hell about help for HepC, we will not get any! Every where I have been, I have been told there is nothing to help me... that I need a specialist....(with no money and no insurance, impossible!)
R.i.p Daniel Wallace
hey I just wanted you to know I miss the few moments we had left together! you are gone but I will not forget you! thankyou for being my friend!
Reading For Wealth
You are invited to check out a web sight for readers of all ages.For a look go to you may be surprised at what you may find.
Helping Out A Friend
I came across a REALLY Kewl Chick today... All to find out that she is fighting Breast Cancer. Her 1 Fubar wish is to Make Oracle By Christmas... So PLEASE...Help her out? Thank You ALL :)
New College Classes
M W F- 10-10:50 AM T- 7-9:55 PM WEB - ONLINE COURSE T R- 4-5:50 PM M W- 1-2:15 PM m- monday t-tuesday w-wednesday r- thursday f-friday
Blog 1
"I intend to answer every allegation that comes my way. However, I intend to answer them in the appropriate forum -- in a court of law. And when I do, I am absolutely certain that I will be vindicated," Rod Blagojevich, 12/19/08 He promises to fight, and calls the rest of the state a lynch mob. Today, the Governor made it clear he will not resign, and will remain in office while he faces a federal case unless impeached. He then asked us, the lynch mob, to give him the same rights as a child, to presume he is innocent. I know, from the selfish view of a child, it is smart of him to remain in power even though it hurts the state. He could use the office of governor in someway, whatever. But, how the hell am I part of a lynch mob? Is it a smart thing to turn on the people of IL when you're facing impeachment?
Thank You So Very Much
I am over whelmed with the love you guys on fubar have shown in the last 2 hours of starting my auto 11's that foxitoxi gave my as a Christmas present , Thank you again sweety , I just adore you , you mean so much to me you are my family. I came to fubar as a very shy and withdrawn person , as i have been away from human contact for a few years , My life consists of looking after my mum and my pc , Ya fubar , My choice , I love my mum very much but I missed being able to interact with people , but you guys have made it possible for me to see the out side world , through the places you take me to in your pics , I cant express what that means to me but I hope you understand , You rock my world and I mean that from the bottom of my heart , I have met so many beautiful people with the most caring hearts and they have touched mine deeply . Your hugs I feel , Your words mean so much , I only hope I can repay you with my friendship as much as you have given me. I will close off this now as I
Ugh this town is soo goddamn boring. I wish i had something to do granted there are 4 bars here but they are dead on the weekdays and lame on the weekends. Note to self, if plan A doesnt work, plan B should
Meet Me
If any of you lovely woman are ever in the raleigh NC area an would like to meet let me know...
so who out there is goin to buy me some drinks n get me f*cked up?!?!
As darkness consumes my soul, and the light in my heart turns to dark. I look towards the glimmer of hope once bright in my heart. I reach for your hand, but the chill of winter air is all I feel. I call your name, but silence is my only friend. A life once lived, a heart once warm... has now given way to the sorrow and pain... The loneliness once dead, has risen in my soul. And engulfed the being divine. I reach for your hand, but the chill of winter air is all I feel. I call your name, but silence is my only friend. The Ghost of You fills my mind... Eyes closed, heart open...I can feel you all around me. The dream of the summer sunlight surrounding our souls warms my heart. When I open my eyes, my world disappears... I reach for your hand, but the chill of winter air is all I feel. I call your name, but silence is my only friend. I cry into the night, in hopes that you'll hear me... I scream your name as I did in passion that night... The blood on my hands
To Be Wasted Or Not
My sexy lover doesn't like me drinking. I enjoy drinking. I don't do it often but when I do I usually get wasted. Should I drink? I really love him and don't like upsetting him. Maybe there is a way I can compromise. Let me think. I know I will only drink at home. Of course I could get drunk on fubar!!! Love you babe!!!
Valentines Day Auction
Politically Correct Lmao...
Valentine's (:
Native Floridians
Native Floridians Five Native American men who were prisoners at Fort Meriam The Seminoles The Seminoles of Florida call themselves the "Unconquered People," descendants of just 300 Indians who managed to elude capture by the U.S. army in the 19th century. Today, more than 2,000 live on six reservations in the state located in Hollywood, Big Cypress, Brighton, Immokalee, Ft. Pierce, and Tampa. Some Florida Indian Nations Timucuan Indians,The Miccosukee Indians (were originally part of the Creek Nation),Creeks, Calusa Indians, The Calusa: "The Shell Indians", The Tocobaga Indians,The Tequesta Indians, The Apalachee, Ais, Mayaca, Hororo,Tallahassee, Chattahoochee, Okeechobee, Loxahatchee, Suwannee and more. Seminole history begins with bands of Creek Indians from Georgia and Alabama who migrated to Florida in the 1700s. Conflicts with Europeans and other tribes caused them to seek new lands to live in peace. Groups of Lower Creeks moved to F
Valentines Fubuck Giveaway
I Was Tagged...
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I grind my teeth. I grind them when I am sleeping and when I am awake. I have been doing it so long that my teeth are completely flat. Sometimes I do it so much I get a headache. 2. I think I am afraid of heights. I don't know I am am necessarily afraid of heights or falling. But I definitely don't like to be up high anywhere. 3. I love kissing. I think it is the most intimate expression of desire. 4. Whenever I borrow a DVD from someone it takes me forever to return it. I love watching movies, but hate having to watch a movie. 5. I believe in ghosts and spirits. I believe they are everywhere around you at all times.
"tagged" By Bob
Instructions... Once you have been tagged,you have to write a blog with 10 weird things,or random facts,or habits about yourself.At the end you must choose at least 5 people to be tagged,listing their names.Dont forget to leave a comment on their profile that says "your it",and ask them to read your blog.You cant tag the same person that tagged you. 1. Open, honest and just a lil bit of a smart ass 2. Thinks intelligent men are wickedly HOT 3. Works in the field of education 4. Left handed 5. Favors hues of tranquil blue 6. Favorite toys include the pool in my yard, and my boat 7. Beverage of choice these days is Dr. McGillicuddy's 8. Believes kindness is beauty 9. Been to Sturgis Motorcycle Ralley 3X, and no I did not flash anyone 10. Have a billy goat named "Bob"...
hope everyone has a good day,enjoy life to the fullest
wax paper stamps that color your dreams falling asleep lost in the bloodstream crawling towards a silent scream that you'll never hear I must admit theres nothing I wont do to get your attention when interest has fell through bleeding out and billowing smoke when a smile would do..............
Dating Online
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Dating Online
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This Is Insane!
Grocery List
Want To Make A Big
INTRODUCING~TORNADO COMMENT BOMBERS~We are a new family here on the Fu and want to have some fun.BUT...As with all families, we have to have some rules.#1 - Everyone is required to Rate/Fan/Add ALL family members. This can be easily accomplished because their is a folder that has every members picture in it. Each one is ripped so that you can go directly to their page. If it is found that you haven't done so, you will be asked to correct the situation or submit your resignation. Those are the only 2 choices.#2 - If you are CURRENTLY in a contest or have one coming up in the near future, DO NOT ask to join this family. The reason is, we are about fairness to all family members and if you are just joining for help, PLZ DON'T#3 - There will be NO MORE THAN 2 family members in a contest at the same time. Before you enter into a contest, please submit a request to the homepage for approval. #4 - You must NOT have your bartab turned off. It will be the biggest way to contact you and when the
Give Me My Chance To Shine
Why do you judge me, just by what you see? Do you even know what's within, What's underneath this skin? Is it my hair, Or the clothes I wear? Is it my face, Is that the case? Can't you see my pain, How I struggle to stay sane, When you degrade me, Just upon what you see? How could you do this? I know I wouldn't be missed, But is my life Worth being taken by this knife? I try to be nice, But I'm just like spice; Some like it, Some don't; Giving it a chance, most won't. Please just listen, Give my chance to glisten. Let me show you what's inside, Let me come out, so I no longer have to hide.
I lve to party and hangout with friends and meeting new laides is always wanted. Iam new at this so ladies be good to me and give me a hand so i can have a killer page and meet good fun people!!!
Its All Me
Tweet Tweet
So i'm on Twitter, if you're into that sort of thing. I warn you i'm twice as boring as you think i am, and i maind Tweet to get out passive aggressive rage at idiotic customers. (I work at a gas station)  
Sex Quiz
Welcome 2 the Nasty QUIZ. Are u daring enough 2 answer this 4 this person? if so, message them your answers!!!Rules:Answer this 4 the person who posted this and then repost it 4 your self!1.Would u have sex with me?answer: 2.What position would u ........ me in?answer: 3.Would u suck me up/eat me out?answer: 4.Would u sex me hard?answer: 5.Would u have sex with me the first night u met me?answer:6.Give me a naked pic?answer: 7.Would u do me in the shower?answer: 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up 2 the bed and then do me?answer: 9.Would u use desert?answer:10.Would u have a 3-some with me?answer: 11.What makes u want 2 have sex with me?answer:12.Would u talk dirty 2 me while we sexed?answer:13.Where would u do me @?answer:14.Would u do me in front of people?answer:15.Would u do me again and again?answer:16.Would u do me in the rain?answer:17.Would u mind if we did it like ........ stars?answer:18.Would u have phone sex with me?answer:19.If i gave u my heart would u love it or let it go?
Im looking for someone to have fun and love
New Story
well just making a statement about turning around and getting a new perspective.  I'll be paying more attention to my own stuff and taking total accountability for all that I do.  I figure if I can do this then I can make myself  or let myself make any changes I want.  I know I have to feel the changes from my heart to actuallt get past the mental stage   the intelectual stage.  I know I can do it   its just letting myself get back in total power.  It all seems so simple in theory, just getting past a lifetime of BSing myself    thats the fun part.  When I do let myself actually feel the changes I desire  it seems to happen like it was there all the time.  Just it is so "un guy like" to "feel"  without trying to fix or make some judgement.  Well the training wheels are back on an I see,  ie. feel    myself making some major changes   just because thats what feels right.
Its Time
Cuz Brn Eyez Said I Had To
Instructions......Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1 i did ur mom last night. hahaha 2 ppl are stupid 3 i have road rage 4 i like to curse. FUCK  5 i drive way to fast wouldnt change it tho 6 i also text and drive 7 love boobs and asses 8 i love the live action comi
My Poems
BASICS: Name:Age:Location:Height:Hair (color and style):Eyes:Piercings/tattoos:Phone Number:OTHER: 1. Do you drink/smoke?2. Do you like the rain?4. If so...would you play in it with me?5. Do you like movies?6. If so would you stay up and watch them with me all night?8. Could we cuddle and just fall asleep together?9. Would you kiss my neck?10. Do you play any sports?11. If so...what? 12. Would you call me right after we saw eachother?13. How would you rate your kisses from 1-10? 14. Favorite body part on you?15. What would you say is the best thing about yourself? 16. Do you have any reps (ie: heartbreaker, prick)? 17. Would you give me a kiss just because?18. Would u sleep in the same bed as me? 19. Would u take me home to meet your parents?20. Would u have sex with me?21. If so, whats the soonest into our relationship you'd have it? 22. Would you tell your friends we had sex? 23. Would u let me touch u wherever? 24. How smart are you?25. Do u have a specific body type that u like?26.
Am going to be down a honest about whats going on with myself...... I am homeless and don't have family that I could run too, Like my profile says am the black sheep of the family.....I had a camping spot and I guess its agest the law here in Oregon to be homeless..... AM not a drugy, and I don't do anything wrong to anyone and it seems that the damn cops here like missing with a good girl that don't do anything wrong....... Almost everyone that has a place looks at all us homeless people and think we did and we decide to be homeless, and that we a buch of druges and everything in their books....... I could talk for a hand full of peps thats not true......I lost my place to keep myself out of jail because I had to pay a dibte that my ex missed up and I was told I don't pay $600.00 or I was going to jail for grandtheft auto....... AM a mother that was thinking about my kids and then someone had people come in and take my kids from me...... Am fighting to get them back and now am homeles
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Drew's Place
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The Ugly Truth (as Of 8/18/09)
Action FiguresWWE Action FiguresMovie Action Figures
Pokerfreerollpassword (pfp) Toolbar!
Thanx For The Delete
Well its so nice to come on in the morning and find your page no longer exists in the fubar system.How warning,no we are sorry but...
i am single man of 35 love the outdoors do my own hunting and fishin love to drink beer and have a goodtime iam easy to get along with love women who are cool enough too have a good time too i love shooting pool and bullshiting with others love shooting my guns if there was any females who like to go hunting with me they are welcome to join i dont meet to many females who clean deer and fish to offten in my spare time i do my own finicial thing on the stockmarket self independent person i like goin to the movies n watchin a good kick ass show
Im Done With Him For Good!
Music History
So following the full fubar series of events I have leveled up, been bought and posted a mumm.  I guess now is the time to post a blog. So when I was younger like before school I used to watch Hee Haw( I don't know)  and hated all 'City Music' .  My mother allowed this for some horrible reason.  At 5 or 6 years old I walked up to my mum and told her that I had found an awesome new band that I absolutely loved.  When asked what band it was I said the Beatles.  This was in 82-83, Lennon had been dead for a couple of years. So decades later and I have a kid and he never really shows an interest in music besides listening to whatever is on.  So we walk into a thrift store or something one day and he's looking at hats and tells me he has to have this hat because its his favorite band.  I bought my son a Beatles hat at the age of 7.  Present day, me and the son are watching a little TV and see that they are releasing all of the Beatles albums again in original tracks but digitally remaste
Thinning Shears And Scissors
thinning shearstexturizing shearsthinning scissors
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My Life In A Nut Shell
well my sister in-law Brittany went in a like a week or so ago went in for a pet scan done(that were they see how the cancer is looking) and well they got the results back and they could not find any of the Hodgkin's lymphoma!!!!!!  She still have to go in for kemo for the rest of the year, (thats only like 3 or 4 more times) Wow so its been some time since I last posted a blog, so here it goes So my birthday just pasted and I turned 25 this year, I didn’t do much in they way of having a party like I did last year, but then I did just started working again and I was beat! But hey I’m working!  I’m engaged to the greatest guy ever! He makes me so happy!! I look forward to starting out life together, we recently set down and pick a date for the wedding it’s going to be March 20, 2010. I am so happy to have him in my life. I do not know were I would be with out him. I love you Michael you are my best friend, my soul mate, you filled in the missing pieces to my hea
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Dog Bite
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Tre-o Loc Cuz
One Last Chance
I’m sorry you can’t trust me And won’t ever let me in I’m sorry you don’t believe in me And that I could not win I’m sorry for not being perfect And being able to break your fears I’m sorry for messing up And causing all your tears I’m sorry I can’t fix it And make you want to stay I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough And now I have to pay I’m sorry I ever doubted it And made you second guess I’m sorry I was so stupid You haven’t seen my best
In My Dayz
tomorrow starts my diet / non-diet LMAO. yeah whatever. i am going to start eating better and am committed to do ten minutes of exercise every day...... until i do more than ten minutes hahahaha. well you have to start somewhere. i am on sparkpeople using tools there to keep me motivated. it should be interesting. i am bikini bound for summer 2012. just putting it out there to keep me accountable. i'm loving fubar and all the cool sweet peeps here. i'm so lucky how nice everyone has been to me. i know i am not a knockout, but it feels good when people make nice comments to me. and i love, love, love seeing how creative everyone is on here with their pages and comments. luvin' it up, yessirreeeeee. I'm trying to think of what I am going to write for Nanowrimo. This will be my first year of participating even though I have known about this for years. I've signed up before and then forgot about it by the time November 1st rolled around. But this year I'm getting all serious with myself
Ok Things Are Better Now
Christmas Poems
To those who take the time to read this....I don't want opinions in my SB...this is what it is and let's leave it at that        Tears They come sometimes in bucketsThey come sometimes between breaksIt’s hard for me to stop themThe feelings are hard for me to takeYou used to be one personI used to be a different person tooBut the person you have becomeIsn’t the person I know and I don’t know what to doYour words have become hurtfulHere come the tears againFlowing down my cheekBreathe I say…count to tenBut they continue almost every dayAnd it’s getting harder and harder to hide the painI don’t know what is worse the lies or the deceitSomeone get me off this trainI want to turn back the clockI’m tired of the tearsBut looking in the mirrorI see I have aged yearsI’m sitting on the floorBecause my knees are weakYou say talk to meBut my tears make me unable to speakI’m painted as the bad guyIt’s me who is always doing somethin
Control Of Rodents
Finding the best bunny management assistance on the internet isn't actually an simple factor to do, as there are so many solutions out there to select from, it can actually get quite frustrating. However, with this wide choice available to us, comes a huge probability of us to select the best assistance, for the best cost, which will allow us to secure significant cash, yet get one of the most top amazing bunny management or bunny insect management solutions out there. There are a few methods to tell which insect management solutions are of the best amazing, let's take a look into these methods, and see which will carry us the best results. One factor you must look for in a amazing organization is opinions, if you can't discover out any cost-effective opinions of a bunny management assistance, you won't know how they perform, and do you really want to take the likelihood of moving over cash to a organization that may or may not do a amazing job? Once you do discover out some opinions,
Create Your First Blog!
Daily Rants Of A Cyber Troll....
So as we all know the ranking game has been changed(destroyed) by the new requirement that people make the top 10 (“RED”)once to reach level 58. On the surface this is a reasonable idea but it has disrupted the current system of trades and buy ins that have driven the “ranking game” for some time. This change has also made those alliances and relationships, that we have spent countless to hours built, worthless. A long time ranking player made some astute, all be it unpopular observations, about what this will do and what we could to compensate for the new influx of part timers who will obviously disrupt the system and he was attacked for it. Now for he people who don't normally play the rank game this requirement seems unfair, making RED was an insurmountable task and expensive. It is supposed to be hard and expensive and to take a long time. That is how it is designed, to keep you spending money. (duh) These players who now want get in to the game for
Dj Scooby Doo's Blog
Hey everyone I'm a DJ at this awesome station come listen to me every night from 8 to 10 EST ^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^Click There^^^^^^ Hey I'm in a sexiest big beautiful man contest so this is your cance to show some love ladies just click the pic rate it waht you think it should be rated then leave me a coment to let me know what you think. Hey this is my first blog thought I'd let you guys know that. Thank you
"timeline" Cd Release
On September 19th, WesydeUnderground proudly presents....Written, Produced, Recorded, and Distributed Independently by WesydeUnderground15 Tracks, Including "Tree" and "Letters", 60 Mins of Underground Flavor. Taking Pre-Orders Now!!$12.00 + $2.99 Shipping (if you don't use paypal, email me at: for more details)Support the Underground Please copy and repost this bulletin
I Want This Documented!!!!
I'm Not That
You scored as Shy. Your shy. Lots of people are. Please rate my quiz!!Shy56%Fun50%Nice44%mean38%Outgoing38%Immature6%Dramatic0%what kind of person are you? (shy,outgoing,fun,mean,immature,dramatic or nice?)created with You Are 28% Happy You're not miserable, but you could stand to be a lot happier. Focus on what's right in the world, and you'll be happier than you ever thought possible. How Happy Are You?
What I'm Worth
Your Life Is Worth... $820,500 How Much Is Your Life Worth?
Time For Peace
This last week has been tough,,,,,,,, My exhusband(Dave) that I was with for 17 years was shot and killed by police in illinois. He was suicidal (which I had him committed in 2000 due to an attempt) I have learned alot in the last few days that my head is spinning. At first I felt guilt that if I didn't leave him...he would be alive...Then I had people tell me that my daughter or myself would probably would of been dead by now.Down in I know I did the right thing. I had also found out that it was his girlfriend that destroyed the relationship between Dave and our daughter...She even had our daughter non exsistent when it came to the next of kin...That was giving the coroner my divorce paper and it shot down the girlfriends claims. My daughter's wishes was to have him in Wi..with his parents. So yesterday I went and signed all the papers...He will be cremated , and a memorial service will be later this week after i deal with the funeral home here. I went to meet with my priest to di
Wrestling Blog
First Class Pro Wrestling Presents: Fatal February @ Jimmy's Country Place in Bushnell Here are the results for the show... Main Event FCPW Champion Neil Faith VS Blade Walker (Blade Walker takes the win over Neil Faith) FCPW Light Heavyweight Championship Match. Fatal 4 Way Kris Anderson vs. Jay Icon vs. Remix vs. Freestyle (Jay Icon and Kris Anderson start the match with some chain wrestling and then Remix and Freestyle show them up with some moves of thier own. At that time, Jay Icon and Kris Anderson attack Freestyle and Remix to begin the Fatal 4 Way. After Jay Icon dumps both Freestyle and Remix over the top rope, Kris Anderson then gives him a gut punch followed by a high knee to the chest, and finishes Jay Icon of with the infamous Spinning Spinebuster to get the pin and become the NEW FCPW Light Heavyweight Champion) FCPW Interstate Title Match Champion Sgt. Hardcore VS Pretty Boy Lloyd (Pretty Boy Lloyd takes the win by submission) There were several gre
Pimpette@ LostCherry
Barney = Satan
1. Start with the given: CUTE PURPLE DINOSAUR 2. Change all U's to V's (which is proper Latin anyway): CVTE PVRPLE DINOSAVR 3. Extract all Roman Numerals: CVVLDIV 4. Convert into Arabic values: 100 5 5 50 500 1 5 5. Add all the numbers: 666 6. Thus, Barney is Satan
i wish... lol some guy on here would buy me the romantic dinner gift , a diamond ring, or any other gifts in the VIC ( very important cherry) section lol or just a gift..cuz its not like i have that many.. thank you.. : ) yeh this is not for the easily offended lol i bet if i had on less clothing in my pics i would get a much higher rating than i have if i was naked in some pics on here i would have higher ratings than i do But since i dont... the scores dont really do people justice and no im not trying to brag on myself because some of my friends on here are some of the most beautiful girls i know but just because they dont have naked pics on their profile they arent the top of t his site or watever just thought id say that cuz its my personal it or not.. agree or disagree i can careless cuz i know what i think and feel about it/ its all good cuz i use this site just for fun and so do my friends. to all the people who dont need naked pics on a website to show t
Just A Thought
Ok I just got to say that it's ok if you don't like the way I look, it's ok if you don't accept my friend request or if you do and then never talk to me. I don't care about that but the drama I can live without, save the drama for someone who gives a shit! And here's your clue....that ain't me!!! I don't care if you hate me,think i'm fat, think i'm ugly whatever. Just leave me alone, if I'm that offensive to you go on and mind your business, there is no need for the childish name calling and degrading bullshit, we are not in grade school anymore. It's not about who's more beautiful,more popular or whatever. I am me and if you don't like the me that I am you leave me alone. It's not going to kill you ignorant asses to leave me alone if you don't like me. That is unless you live off of putting other people down. But i've always belived that the reason people hate on other people is to make them feel better about themselves. Well I only got one thing going through my mind right now and th
Erika's Life Rants
Well I just feel stuck in one place right now...I can either go up or go down. I rather go up,but I'm not sure what to do to get my ass motivated to get up there. I'm tired of my job at kfc, I want to go to school and meet new people, stay single for a while and hopefully get into a good relationship with someone I know well,but we don't have time for each other at this point in time. I just wanna get up and grow.
This Is My First Blog
I am on cam now at and I am really horny so cum by and see me...or even better...take me private and lets have sum real fun!!! Your Mistress Gemini
Go Cardinals!!!
HOw about those cardinals!??!?!?
Me The One And Only
what up im finally here im in brooksville florida loving life and looking for cool people around my area lets hook up and have fun are you feeling me holla at your boy peace
What Lies Beyond By Robin D. Vandezande
What Lies Beyond by Robin D. VandeZande (April 2004) When I look to your eyes To the depths of your being What lies beyond Is an embracing feeling When I look to your heart To the emotions inside What lies beyond Is an ebbing tide When I look to your soul To your true identity What lies beyond Is that within me When I look unto your body To which you cannot hide What lies beyond Is that which is inside
The Love I Feel For You
THIS IS SOMETHING I WROTE FOR MY EX-FIANCE BEFORE HE BROKE IT OFF.................................. You are my life my world my everything. I love you so much, you pulled me out of the water when i was drowning.You saved me from my world of pain. You lift me up. I never thought I would find anyone even as half as perfect as you! You are on my mind night and day;thinking of you brings a smile to my face that won't come off. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life!!! It is so hard to believe that I have finally found the perfect guy that I am going to spend the rest of my life with.It's a dream come true. I can't wait to wake up in your arms every morning, you being the last person I see before I go to sleep and the first in the morning. I can't wait to have your kids and start a family of our own!!! People may say that we don't know what we are doing and say "good luck with that", but I say why have luck when you can have the love we share instead! When I think of being abl
OK.. im Only going to Make this short!! Why Is it Everytime i meet someone,things go good for a week or so and then it gets all fucked up?!! guess when i mess things up with someone i do it good... Dont you agree?
Make Welcome
You'd Better Beware
Ok is just a fun, silly poem I wrote for Halloween. Hope you enjoy it. YOU'D BETTER BEWARE Halloween is coming, You'd better beware. Ghosts and Goblins Are waiting somewhere. They are out to get you At any time... I'd be willing to bet You more than a dime. There are witches too Flying on brooms, Waiting on little kids To seal their dooms. So, be careful When you're out there trick-or-treating, Or those witches, ghosts, and goblins Will have you for their eating!!!!! By: Angela Delight
Lawd This Is So True!
When you're gone, they forget about you life goes on without you and even though im doin a bid about YOU, they took MY life and now i live without you Still the Feds cant' get a thing up out you mouth closed and they still seem to doubt you "youz a snitch" but when you was gettin' that paper You was they "people" they didn't bitch about you They quick to run up on ya and out the lights about you see now how the streets can do without you, how quick they move on and just forget about you No money, no letters, no commissary, can't even get a collect call up out you Lifes lessons learned without you it's been so long, my "friends" are gone, the time will come and i will be home Guess what Playa, when it do, im gone be on top and WONT GIVE A F*!# ABOUT YOU!!!
My Heart In Poem Form
Can you walk your talk? Can you talk your walk? Do your actions speak louder than your words? Or am I the one that took the spell.. am I the one that's cursed? Are you proud to have me on your arm or am I on your arm to feed your pride? There's no vacancy available in this heart of mine Because of the hurt you cause Fear of being hurt follows close behind I no longer feel safe in the prescence of your lips They are lethal to me...think I'm cursed. Fading into my skin, I thought I had everything figured out. This one-on-one battle is continuing What the hell is it all about? Hungry for acceptance I've been living in someone else's mind Where do I go to find the real me When all I wanna do is hide? Losing conscouisness to my reality Unable to stand on my own two feet. Blending into the surrounding scenery Where do I go? Who am I now? My smile is misleading, or am I misleading my smile I can not control this wondering feeling why can't I just be normal
What The Hell Is Wrong With Me!?!
Well I went to the doctors today. They FINALLY found out what might be wrong with me. It only took three gastros and about 10 other doctors to figure it out. OMG!! Anyways they said that when a woman is pregnant it pushes her digestive system up and messes it up a little bit. Well after I had little Zach, my digestive system never went back to normal. So now my body doesn't digest food properly or at all sometimes. Thus it causes me severe pain. I am now on a medication that stimulates the stomach to start working BEFORE I eat. This way when I do eat, I will digest the food properly. So you know what this means!?! I GET TO GO HOME!! YEAH!! I am so excited. I get to go be with my kitties. I miss them so much. I also miss all my friends. I will be going home on February 15th. Just thought I should shre that with anyone who cares. lmao The average age of the military wife is 20 years old.She isn't old enough to buy a beer, but is old enough to manage a whole household on her own and maybe
Other People.
I don't really understand why someone would want to get mad at me for being honest. What? Do you want me to lie to you and tell you that the moo moo doesn't make you look fat, you've got another thing coming. I don't really want you as a friend if your going to be all bitter and shit just because your ugly and I want to tell you that. People have told me that I'm not attractive and I don't get all huffy and shit! Grow up dude! If this was a real bar, I wouldn't be talking to you. But I'm also wouldn't be rude about it. So, if it hurts your feelings that I don't give you a 10. Whatever. Don't need you anyways. Get it straight.
In the past I have always owned a digital camera but recently the barrel on my Canon slipped and the camera can no longer focus. I thought well no big deal, between living on campus and paying bills I do not have the money or need for a camera. Well it has been a few weeks since my camera broke and I cannot stand it. Maybe I have a future in photography since it seems I like taking pictures so much?
Kganik Hour
welcome to the crazy fucked up life of the one and only Kganik Klown, KAJUN!!!!!!! WOO what is going on my people? if u say nothing i am gonna have to chop ur heads off....only kiddin' so if anybody wants to step up to the plate next time we shall see if there is any more fun to be had.............MMFCL
Condoms And Kids
Kids & Condoms A man walks into a drug store with his 8-year-old son. They happen to walk by the condom display, and the boy asks, "What are these, Dad?" To which the man matter-of-factly replies, "Those are called condoms, son. Men use them to have safe sex." "Oh I see.", replied the boy pensively. "Yes, I've heard of that in health class at school." He looks over the display and picks up a package of 3 and ask, "Why are there 3 in this package?" The dad replies, "Those are for high-school boys. One for Friday, one for Saturday and one for Sunday." "Cool!" says the boy. He notices a 6-pack and asks "Then who are these for?" "Those are for college men", the dad answers, "TWO for Friday, TWO for Saturday and TWO for Sunday." "WOW!" exclaimed the boy;" Then who uses THESE?" he asks, picking up a 12-pack. With a sigh, the dad replied, "Those are for married men, One for January, one for February, one for March..." ******PLZ RATE MY OTHER BLOGS THANK U********
Name It
Touching words from the mouth of babes. A group of professional people posed this question to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds, "What does love mean?" The answers they got were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined. See what you think: "When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That's love." Rebecca- age 8 "When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth." Billy - age 4 "Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other." Karl - age 5 "Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs." Chrissy - age 6 "Love is what makes you smile when you're tired." Terri - age 4 "Love is when my mommy makes coffee for my daddy an
Poems Written For Me
could imaqine it now, a moonlit room laying next to you as the moonlight shimmers off your bare body accentuating your godesslike curves. slowly tracing my finger down around your neck as i rub your face with the back of my hand as i slowly trace your lips with my finger as i stare deeply into your eyes.. you softly,teasingly bite on my finger and dragging your teeth on it as you wrap your warm souple lips around it i feel my internal temperature skyrocket thru the roof. i lean over and begin kissing the nape of ur neck as you run your fingers thru my hair and caress my strong back as i kiss and nibble on your lips and shoulders, i hear a soft gasp escape your lips as your your being and soul all are content and at peace as i make music to your body with my lips and tongue. i begin working my way down your neck kissing and running my tongue down to your ample clevage and begin caressing your breasts with my tongue slowly taking your aching nipple into my mouth as i suck and che
Erotische Dominanz
Holly & Jessica
In Memory of Jessica Aimee Chapman and Holly Marie Wells Holly and Jessica were best friends and both 10 years old when they died on August 4, 2002. They both went to St Andrew's Primary School and later Sotham Village College. Ian Huntley, a janitor at Sotham College, was charged with their murders, and his girlfriend Maxine Carr, a teaching assistant at St. Andrews, was charged with lying him an alibi and helping him dispose of the bodies, which were found on August 17. Huntley did not deny that they were in his house when they died, but said Holly and Jessica's deaths were accidents. Carr testified against him. Huntley was convicted of both murders and given two life sentences. He had a record for sex offenses and should never have gotten the job at Sotham in the first place. Both girls were friendly, generous and loving children. Jessica the more tomboyish of the two; she enjoyed swimming and football (soccer). Both Holly and Jessica were fans of the Manchester United footba
In Need Of Single Sexy Bi F
My man an i are looking for a bi f for offline fun. nothing serious, we r just looking for a girl that we can have fun with a posibly be freidns w/. IF THERE ARE ANY SEXY SINGLE BI LADIES OUT THERE THAT ATE INTETRESTED PLEASE FEEL FREE TO HIT ME UP ON HERE OR MYSPACE:WWW.MYSPACE.COM/LETMECURPUTTYTAT AIM:LETMECURPUTTYTAT YAHOO:LETMECURPUTTYTAT An then we can talk an see if we could meet up
sup, nosey? LOL~ this place is a madhouse... ok, give me a month to catch up, and if anyone wants to show this lady around, i'm needing it! if i don't respond or seem rude, it's because i don't know what the heck i'm doing yet.
All Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Be safe and keep smilin', paul
My Trip Around The World Starting 6/15/07
Well, I quit my job and decided to fly around the world. In a little over a month I will ride my bike to Sturgis ND. See you later...I will post my recent pics later today.
Welcome 2 the Nasty QUIZ. Are u daring enough 2 answer this 4 this person? if so, message them your answers!!! Rules: Answer this 4 the person who posted this and then repost it 4 your self! 1.Would u have sex with me? answer: 2.What position would u ........ me in? answer: 3.Would u suck me up/ eat me out? answer: 4.Would u sex me hard? answer: 5.Would u have sex with me the first night u met me? answer: 6.Give me a naked pic? answer: 7.Would u do me in the shower? answer: 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up 2 the bed and then do me? answer: 9.Would u use desert? answer: 10.Would u have a 3-some with me? answer: 11.What makes u want 2 have sex with me? answer: 12.Would u talk dirty 2 me while we sexed? answer: 13.Where would u do me @? answer: 14.Would u do me in front of people? answer: 15.Would u do me again and again? answer: 16.Would u do me in the rain? answer: 17.Would u mind if we did it like .......
Sex Quiz - Send Me Your Score!!!
Sex Freak Quiz 1. Have you ever had intercourse? (5pts) 2. Oral Sex: Giving to Orgasm (5 pts) Receiving (5pts) 3. Licked an ass? (5pts) 4. Had your ass licked? (5pts) 5. Stuck your tongue in their ass? (10pts) 6. Swallowed Cum? (5pts) 7. Practiced Bondage or BDSM ? (5pts) 8. Had anal sex? (5pts) 9. Had an orgasm from anal sex? (5pts) 10. Ever squirted or made someone squirt? (10pts) 11. Squirted from oral or made someone squirt? (5pts) 12. Had sex with someone of the same sex? (5pts) 13. Did a threesome? (5pts) 14. Did a foursome? (5pts) 15. Been in an Orgy? (5pts) 16. Been in a gangbang? (5pts) 17. Had sex in public? (5pts) 18. Snowballed (swapping cum) with someone? (10pts) 19. Had your toes licked or sucked? (5pts) 20. Licked or sucked someone's toes? (5pts) 21. Had sex with more than one person (one on one only) in a day? (10pts) 22. Had sex with more than one person (one on one only) in a week?
Nihcoles Blog
please vote for her she is so cute and in lastplace she needs help comment up please heres the link
well i am new to this cherry tap site, still trying to figure out how it works, if anyone knows how to search for people by location let me know.. but other than that i like the site, its different then most.. i have already met a few new people on here.. and im sure i'll meet a few more... well have fun everyone!
Home Is Where The Heart Is
i have been back home from arzona now for 3 years now and i am very happy
On Every Journey There Is A Meaning.... A Poem I Wrote
On Every Journey There Is A Meaning Sometimes life seems to just pass us by, Leaving our tomorrows with endless why's. Our minds race to see what lyes ahead on the journey's we make, But we cant pick or choose what paths we decide WE want to take. We knew from the start what we were chosen to do in our heart, But the future is blinded to us as we must start at the beginning part. Each path would take us to places unknown and we would face fears, There are even paths that lead us to waterfalls made from our tears. Every day we continue on one step at a time always getting a little farther, Even tho some steps and some days seem to be getting harder and harder. Some search for different things, maybe even a kind of healing, But if we trust in the Father we know and accept *On Every Journey There Is A Meaning* written by: Debbie Frensley
Just Getting Started
Well, here I go again. Listening to my neice, and starting on another page. she got me started on myspace, and now here. She is the bomb..If I would let her, she would also lead me into trouble.. but a little too smart for that....but I love her very much!!!!!she is my little helper in life!!
My Life With My Love
i wish today would have never came,,, my father a lying cheating son of a bitch,, for years i did not know,, he would never come around ,,, then today i fount out that he is a child molester,, when he dies i will be the first to piss on his grave,, if he reads this: I FUCKING HATE YOU ,, STAY OUT OF MY LIFE,, OH WAIT YOU ARE ALREADY OUT MY LIFE,, I AM YOUR ONE AND ONLY DAUGHTER,, BESIDES MY STEP SISTER,, AND YOU SHOULDNT BE A PARENT CUZ YOU STILL PLAY ,, YOU AINT NO MAN,,,YOU WILL BECOME A MAN WHEN YOU ARE A FATHER TO YOUR KIDS,,
Hot Pole Dancer For Ass_tech
Sexy Ladies Contest!!!
Today the doors open up for the sexiest lady on cherry tap!!!!! The Contest will start on 12-28-2006 at 7 p.m. central time and end on 01-04-06 at 7 p.m. central time. Here are the rules for the contest: 1. This is for fun! I will not tolerate any garbage of leaving dumb comments on other contestants comments. you do YOU'RE BANNED!!!! 2. Comment bombings are welcome. 3. Rates are welcome as well ( will be used to break a tie) 4. Again I stress, have fun!!! 5. Contestants, repost in a blog and a bulletin!! Make sure you get your people to vote for you!!!! Good luck to all the contestants!!!! Here are the contestants: Irreplaceable Busty Blonde IndieAngel mlmssy Summer Power Girl The Real JoAnna Sexy Moma msssable50 There you have it ladies and gentlemen. The fun is about to commence!!!! (repost of original by 'ryawolf *sexiest ladies contest starts tonight!!!!' on '2006-12-28 13:49:21')
Vampire Love
Submission forms in drips, As wax melts onto skin. Domination is the word, That has led me to this sin. I need to take control of you, Make your every move for me. Tantalise and tease you, As I take your skin in my teeth. Bite down hard upon, The spots that make you shiver. Then run my finger nails down your thighs, And watch them as they quiver. I will hold you captive, Tie you up in restraints. Resistance is futile; I won't listen to any complaints. I can tell by the heat that rises, From the wax as it boils upon your skin. That you want me to be the one, To deliver you into this sin. Notches on the bed head Will keep the score. As I untie your wrists And throw you to the floor. Every move you make, Now is made for me. Domination is the word, Of this my fantasy. She stands tall, thin, and strong. Her hair is a shade of beautiful blond. Most of the time it is held up with silver pins. For now though, it remains draped around her shou
Hello to all in here, I just love this site and I will add more pictures and more about me also, so have a great New Years and be safe and sound...........xoxoxo Mischelle
Simple Beauty
Celli's Cherry Breaking
well guys, i just want to say: Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
Courtesy of
My Friend Kat
Second Tattoo...
For my next tattoo, I want to get a Lotus. For those of you who don't know, a Lotus is a very beautiful, colorful flower. Just like my 'love life' tattoo, there is meaning behind it. The Lotus starts out by blooming in mud; a very ugly flower, obviously covered in mud. Once the Lotus hits water, it begins to grow and bloom into a beautiful, colorful flower! All I am looking for is a nice picture of a Lotus that would look good as a tattoo. Seeing as though my first tattoo is on my right rib cage, I want them to be placed symmetrically; therefore, I would like this tattoo on the left side of my body. Any ideas? Thanks for your help! Ash
today is just one of them days, one that is where you dont want to do anything. you just feel blaaaah. wanted to tell everyone hey and say hope your day is better than mine.... lol kissezz muuuaaaahhhhzzzzz~~~~
Rants, Raves, And Randomness
So as of lately things have kinda been up and down around me. I am getting ready to go back to work full time, yet I am not ready for the summer to be over with. There are so many things I wanted to do that I just wasnt able to. A few different people have come and gone from my life. Of course, I thought they were great. Why else would I even bring them up otherwise. One was someone I had been talking to for about the last 6 months. The plan was that he was coming out to WI for EAA (a big airplane fly in with planes and pilots from around the world). Well the couple weeks leading up to that all of a sudden he completely stopped talking to me. Phone calls went unreturned, yada yada yada. Well right before he was supposed to be here I finally got together with who I thought was this absolutely amazing man. He made me laugh, could make me smile when I was sad, and brought a smile to my face just by talking to me, hugging me or kissing me. Well that was great for a few weeks until we start
Queensryche- Screaming In Digital !
Screaming In Digit...
Lita Ford - Broken Dreams' !
12 Broken Dreams.w...
I am in love with women, but I am proud to say that i am a one women man so n e ladies interested in an honest man then get at me.
Country Music
Get A Life!!
You scored as Passion. You are very passionate whether that passion is good or evil has yet to be determined. You have great power over others and they seem to flock to your service. You are very competative almost to a fault. Perhaps you should let someone else win for a change?Eyes full of Pain58%Passion58%Mysterious50%Diamond Eyes42%What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)created with You have a sexual IQ of 128 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at I wish people would get a life and go with the flow. Its not hard, just open your eyes, shut your mouth and LIVE!!!!LMAO
Signs Of Maturity
1. Your house plants are alive, and you can't smoke any of them. 2. Having sex in a twin bed is out of the question. 3. You keep more food than beer in the fridge. 4. 6:00 AM is when you get up, not when you go to bed. 5. You hear your favorite song on an elevator. 6. You watch the Weather Channel. 7. Your friends marry and divorce instead of hook up and break up. 8. You go from 130 days of vacation time to 14. 9. Jeans and a sweater no longer qualify as "dressed up." 10. You're the one calling the police because those damn kids next door won't turn down the stereo. 11. Older relatives feel comfortable telling sex jokes around you. 12. You don't know what time Taco Bell closes anymore. 13. Your car insurance goes down and your payments go up. 14. You feed your dog Science Diet instead of McDonalds leftovers. 15. Sleeping on the couch makes your back hurt. 16. You no longer take naps from noon to 6 PM. 17. Dinner and a movi
Dream A Dream
1.What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up? WOW, I still have my penis, Eat that stupid boogeyman!! 2. What is something you need to work? Must collect more severed heads.. 3. What is the most important part of your life? Getting my A+ Certification and living to the fullest! 4. What would you rather be doing right now? Eating babies with Angie 5. What did you last cry over? Personal Shit 6. What always makes you feel better when you're upset? Talking to Angie or sleeping when she's not around. 7. What are your plans tomorrow? Grocery shopping and haircut. 8. What's the most important thing you look for in a significant other? Ambition and Creativity 9. What are you worried about? Ehh...too mixed up right find one. 10. What are you looking forward to most in the next week? Going through the week w/o losing my mind. NINE HAVE-YOU-EVER'S 1. Have you ever liked someone with a girlfriend/boyfriend? Yes 2. Have y
Sampling Of My Junk Poetry
Repugnant. Withdrawn into the Wasteland. Through the Looking Glass with purple Wallpaper. Lies Alice in her Cups. The Red Queen in her Corset conquers. Intractable. Sordid, Swampy Wasteland Three flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The Face of the Girl fell down. The remaining Two flew Far on. With never a Thought for the Crown. In the Wasteland Velnias sits. Cross-legged, waiting for the Pair. Fly or Fall The One remains Quiescent. --------------------------------------- Instant regret I see a razor and I think of you wanting to rip open my flesh and watch me scream. Your laugh makes me want to rip open my throat. I hate this incarnation; I am only happy when I'm gone, but not truly because I know you will find your way back or I will find my way back to sentience We all hate you but you won't go away... Blessedly alone before madness takes over and you take the fall. You pass me by and I contain my horrible anger for when you do something nauseating. You
Most Common Last Names 1. Smith 2. Johnson 3. Williams 4. Jones (tie) 4. Brown (tie) 6. Davis 7. Miller 8. Wilson 9. Moore 10. Taylor (tie) 10. Anderson (tie) 10. Thomas (tie)
A Rant
I received an email today from someone a tad upset that i leveled over them, when they joined CT first. How many times can you call someone an attention whore in one email. Well she managed 7x in the one sent to me. Im sorry but OMFG how petty is that?? I had never even met this person until i joined Cherrytap in the first place. So here is my rant, If you want to level up here you HAVE TO work for it!! I visit ppl in the online user bar, leaving 10's and words of hello. NOT asking for anything in return. When ppl rate me or my pics i go and do the same with them. Its only fair. I have posted a few blasts, which is self promotion and in all honesty alot of fun! I fill up my stash and i have GREAT friends who take time to rate it. When my friends are close to leveling i do ANYTHING i can to help them. I have amazing friends like Spazz who bought me a VIC membership. Which has upped my points a bit. I blog when something hits me and ppl rate that. THIS IS HOW I LEVEL. If you
Rose's Blog
More Words Can Say
You're the one, who stole my heart, Who can take my breath away. You're the one, that makes me smile, In everything you do and say. You're the one, I'm dreaming of, You are in my dreams every night. You're the one, I want by my side, So you can hold me so tight. You're the one, I want in my arms, To hold just you all night long. You're the one, my passion burns for, To show you our love is strong. You're the one,I'm longing for, To always feel your tender touch. You're the one, my heart belongs to. Because, I love you so very much. The days we spent together, The times we've shared, I forgot what it was like, For you to be near. The smile you put in my face, The silent kiss, Made me remember, That it was you whom I missed. I felt the warmth of your glance, That had once touched my heart, And I swore to my self, That we should never part. This is what will keep us together, Even when we're miles away, So that we can be one, When we meet ag
My name is Jess I am three My eyes are swollen I cannot see I must be stupid I must be bad What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me I can't do a wrong I can't speak at all Or else I am locked up All day long When I a wake I'm all alone The house is dark My folks aren't home When my mommy does come home I'll try to be nice So maybe I'll just get One whipping tonight I just heard a car My daddy is back From Charlie's bar I hear him curse My name is called I press myself Against the wall I try to hide From him evil eyes I'm so afraid now He finds me weeping Calls me ugly words He says it's my fault He suffers at work He slaps and hits me Yells at me more I finally get free And run to the door He's already locked it And I start to bawl He takes me and throws me Against the hard wall I fall to the floor Wilt my bones nearly broken And my daddy continu
True Love...
Naughty Sexy Lil Secrets
except to have another venue to potentially harass others :-p
since i bear witness john parnell 2005 to societies sickness as it is at its thickest im sick of the buisness it only took a couple minutes for me to decide that i was finished i figured no better time than the end to lick my wounds and start again since ill break before i bend or turn myself into the pain again shoot myself in the brain again do the same and expect change again my creed remains the same unchanged since i began so on with my one on one walk with the wind the sweet smell of sin as it soothes my wind burnt skin the grooves made by the wear and tear of only having some one thats never there proves the end is almost here i can see it grinning ear to ear it proves to be my biggest fear the fact im neither here nor there the fact that things dont seem so clear the fact that i dont seem to care walk the gauntlet of my fears slip and slit my ear to ear what you stalk
Lets Become Friends
i'm writing this for one special lady out there in cherry land. you know your my friend and i would do anything for you. when your down i have a shoulder for you to cry on. when your happy and want to tell someone about it i'm here to listen and be happy with you. when your bored i will find a way to perk you up and when you find that special person to fall in love with and if it's not me then i will still be happy because your love that you showed me will all ways be mine and i will be happy that someone feeled that void in your heart. but rember this no matter were we go or were we are i'm your friend and you hold a specail spot in my heart. I WISH I COULD FIND MORE REALL FRIENDS ON HERE INSTEAD OF PEOPLE JUST WANTING POINTS. I DONT MIND RATING PEOPLE BUT I WANT TO MAKE REAL TRUE FRIENDS. HOW MANY OF YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY. i've been on here for a while and i got to say eather i just to weired or ugle but i have tryed to make friends that i can chat with. i have stopped and commented
Velut Aegri Somnia
i had a very good day today. i hung out with a friend of mine at the park. i took a bunch of silly pix of him and some of the midget. we had a picnic. it was nice just hanging out and being silly. made feel peaceful somehow. i need more outings like this. soooo BLARGH! the past few months have been amazing. the powers that be seem have cut me a break. i guess i should start at page one. matt and i met at the end of january. our initial intents were bang until we got bored of each other. we ended up developing feelings for one another. he really is an amazing guy. i always heard stories about guys who say pretty things but actually believe themselves and carry out those romances. he opens doors and helps me up when i'm too high to get myself up. i blew out my knee and he sat up all night with me. matt actually helped me use the toilet because i couldn't get there alone. he rubs my back when i'm sore. every time he kisses me i get butterflies in my stomach and feel like the universe i
Help Me
im so bored anyone have aim and wanna posbly have fun or just chat im me at aim s/n joshzo2350
Heading Home :(
well my Green card has been put on hold so I have to head back home for a bit but never fear for I shall return...the only sucky thing is my wife has to stay back in the USA and I will miss her like mad on the up side I will see my family and friends that I had lost contacted with when I was here in the USA but still I would not Trade my wife for my friends for nothing......
Naughty Horroscope
Yes it's the naughty horoscope. repost this bulletin with your horoscope ;)) Aries (March 21-April 19) LIVES for head massages. ANY part of their head: Lips, Eyelids, Eyes, Tongue, you name it! Aries also likes to fuck in public places during business hours. You need to be open minded with an Aries...If you don't feel like being duct taped to a wall and beaten with live ferrets: Tell Them. Be warned! IF you don't want to be kinky, don't be with an Aries. If you say 'No' too often to them you may lose them as a lover forever. Aries Idea of Heaven Is: Participating in live sex shows for money. Having their favorite human toy win first place in a pony boy/girl race. Fucking as an art form on display in a gallery. They secretly crave to be strippers or Annie Sprinkle. Aries LIVES to be jealous...they also like to coordinate other people fucking. Secretly desire to be fluffers. Aries owned a Violet Wand before it was popular. They are also Sadists. The best gift to give an Arie
Melissa's Mind!
My World
So much I wanted to share my life, I gave so much of me, to have you here in my world, but you don't seem to want to be, how I wish I knew you, what is the life you need, I would gladly give you my world, there is so much you just can't see, from there where your standing, on the outside looking in, if you could only open your heart, you would find that love again, there is a better life for us it's here waiteing for you, in my world right where it's always been. 3 Doors Down - My WorldMusic Code provided by Song2Play.Com
sexy men free going with all
Wecome To The Rejected Nightmare
Hello....hello... How do you do? I am the other part of my sanity.... Brought here by you... See I'm crazy... See I'm crazy about you... Hello hello... I can explain this about me... But I'm crazy... I love rainy days... I love bloody movies... I love the sweet taste of revenge... well my name Is Dewayne and I'm here for all your toles... So i heard you were sad... say, lets say we grab this chainsaw and make them all pay? make our own graphic movie... let the world know who we are... hello hello... I'm the alter ego myspace profile: My Blog URL
FINALLY! after months of heart ache. Well ok a week but it felt like months. Things are FINALLY looking up. Ive been looking for a lap dog. Either a chihuahua or a pom. Something that would be easy for me to take care of. FINALLY! Im getting one today. A chihuahua after all this time. A cute little chihuahua, it doesnt even bother me that thats the same type of dog that my ex fiance has. I thought it would be hard for me to have the same type of dog. But his dog meant the world to me. She felt like my own little baby to. So, it actually feels good to get my own baby. Even if it is the same kind of dog. Ill love it i mean come on its gotta be cute right? lol I'll add pictures as soon as I get it and I level up lol. How does the name Engel sound? Its german for Angel. Yes ill come out now and confess angel is the name of my ex fiancess dog. Thats why I went with the german saying. I have a new guest book. I would love for all of my friends to go and sign. A person could never have to man
Meet People For A Reason
PEOPLE COME INTO YOUR LIFE FOR A REASON I am sending this to you to see how many actually read their comments.Your response will be interesting. Pay attention to what you read. After you have finished reading it, you will know the reason it was sent to you. Here goes: People come into your life for a REASON, a SEASON or a LIFETIME. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we
This Is Sooo Confusing!
Are You A Betty Crocker?
What demon sleeps inside you ? You shelter a Water DemonVery quiet and cunning, the water demon is one of the cruelest and most destructive demons once provoqued : he awaits in the shadows the opportunate moment to strike and then, either with the force of a raging sea or the sharpness of a knife, he stabs the most sensible part of the target. Although he will not wake up if unecessary. Then he will show a calm and gentle image of himself.Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Book 14 Conan Doyle, The Hound Of The Baskervills
Sadly, thats the end of the chapter of a great book, i hope you will enjoy the full story in my blog over and over, regards LEKRAFT Chapter 15. A Retrospection It was the end of November, and Holmes and I sat, upon a raw and foggy night, on either side of a blazing fire in our sitting-room in Baker Street. Since the tragic upshot of our visit to Devonshire he had been engaged in two affairs of the utmost importance, in the first of which he had exposed the atrocious conduct of Colonel Upwood in connection with the famous card scandal of the Nonpareil Club, while in the second he had defended the unfortunate Mme. Montpensier from the charge of murder which hung over her in connection with the death of her step-daughter, Mlle. Carere, the young lady who, as it will be remembered, was found six months later alive and married in New York. My friend was in excellent spirits over the success which had attended a succession of difficult and important cases, so that I was able to induce h
Important Things
When your feeling all alone... and your far away from home. Know that I am right there with you... i'll always be in your heart... Even though were far apart. Im here for you no matter what... I want our lives to change for the best... Just had to get this off my chest. I dont know how real this is... but i love you. Trailer: The Crow: City of AngelsFlixster - Share Movies update: my granny (the most wonderful person in the world) passed away monday night at 9:55. it was a very depressing birthday for me this year. i just stayed home and cried. i miss her so much, although i know she is in a better place. i wonder if its so wrong of because im selfish and i want her back. My grandmother has been my rock all my life. she raised my brothers sister and i. When we had no one she took us in. My granny has always been my best friend...not to mention the glue that held our family togeter. she is a spectacular woman. Right now my granny is laid up in a hos
True Friendship
True Friendship" (With none of that Sissy Crap!!!!) Are you tired of those sissy "friendship" poems that always sound good, but never actually come close to reality? Well, here is a series of promises that actually speak of true friendship. You will see no cutesy little smiley faces on this card- just the stone cold truth of our friendship. 1 When you are sad -- I will help you get drunk and plot revenge against the sorry bastard who made you that way. 2. When you are blue -- I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you. 3. When you smile -- I will know you finally got laid. 4. When you are scared -- I will rag on you about it every chance I get. 5. When you are worried -- I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be until you quit whining. 6. When you are confused -- I will use little words. 7. When you are sick -- Stay the hell away from me until you are well again. I don't want to catch whatever you have. 8. Whe
Hello Everyone
Hope to make some friends here. I am a friendly lady who loves to chat.
A Pirate’s Will Ye who wonders round my halls, I to warn thee of my curse. If ye found my treasure chest, Shall find naught but riches. From near and far within the seven seas, others try to take these treasures from ye, Be silent if ye wish to stay, But be warned of these thief’s hands. If they touch y treasure, Their hands shall bleed ‘til they see their bones. For ye who first find thy treasure. Shall not be harmed in any way. But don’t spend naught for one years time, For these halls belong to thee Who find thy treasure with a crew in two years time? You shall stay on board. All shall be provided on a notice, Be not alarmed of thy wonders on this vessel, So enjoy thy great legacy for the years To come. When these halls and decks Will have the crew, ye will choose To speak of mere acts of every experience.
My Blast
Hello Everyone! I am new to this site, so any helpful information about this site, would be much appreciated. Any mistakes that you made that you could tell me about so I won't make the same. Or if you just like to give advice, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
Peaches And Cream
So I have blogs all over the place but really looking for a place to be able to put my thoughts down - so I will try it out here! :) As I have rants or good things to write about I will! yeah So right now it is 5:05 am on Sunday morning and I am awake! I have been awake since 2:30 am and haven't been able to get back to sleep. Pretty weird for me considering how much I love to sleep! I have been waking up more at night because I have been hurting again, not sure why it is starting up again, but somedays I can barely move. I think with my ankle hurting so much that is not helping much right now. Good thing with being awake is that I get to watch the world wake up for the first time in awhile! Kinda cool to see the sunrise and listen to the birds. Reminds me of my grandma. Well I think I may try to get some sleep, though now I am hungry so we will see :) Well if you know me then what i am going to say next won't surprise you too much! I sprained my ankle again!! That's right
Various Blogs About What I Feel!
im tired of being lonely! i need to find me a man! guys what can anybod y say about them? "they are hard to live with and hard to live without" why are guys so afraid to speak their mind and come strait out with what they have to say? i hate liars,jerk,punks,and bums.
My Poetry
One more time Is a lost love just subposed to be from long ago? Does it have to have a dark and sorid past to know or can it be one from yesterday? Or maybe the girl who didn't stay? Who has the answers to these. Is a million miles the best misery Or decades of tears Does any one have answers to my fears? So if its either time to short or long or a heart thats unstrong or miles of dirt keeping us apart do you wish for a start Love just one more time Or is old love a crime? I Found You today There was once this girl I did love with my all For her now i await the call cuz i promise u i'll be here Cuz she easies my fear She always made me believe in divinity She makes me believe in serenity From the doors of my past she steps out And now I want to shout "It's her yes it is" At me she is a wiz No one knows me more And me she never bores I could talk with her every day But then why didn't she stay Must have been my fault Cuz shes perfect, an angelic vault
Aight, well see here is the 411, umm i juss became single like two days ago. I kinda miss him but i dont. He was a really controlling type of guy and that shyt doesnt fly by wit me. Im the type that wont put upp wit stupid childish shyt that most gurls wuld. Anyways the point is that iduno wat to do, he wont stop calling!!! Ahh getting really annoyed with the whole situaion. I don't wanna date him, maybe be friends or sumthin, iduno. I do know that iam confused as heck right now!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!

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