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Dating Online
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Right now 236 miles above the earth, STS 119 (Space shuttle)is soaring by at 17,500 mph. They went up to install the s6 truss, which will complete the I.S.S (space station). Space is so cool!
Wanna Own Me?
I'm in an auction and I'm pretty easy to own. I am offering among daily gifts and shitfacing you everyday among other things, my new owner will get an auto 11 or bomb bling every Friday for a month! Come own your own Average Military Woman!!! Click the picture below!
For Console Gamers
I have been a member of Netflix for a long time now. I recently purchased a Nintendo Wii system and own a PS2 and XBox as well. I thought it would be cool to start renting games the way I had been renting movies through the mail. After searching prices and whatnot, I found that claimed to be the fastest shippers of games because they would ship as soon as the USPS got the game at their offices instead of waiting for it to get all the way back to the warehouse. They were also a few dollars/month cheaper, so I signed up for their 10-day free trial. I went through all the proper steps and added about 40+ games to my Q so there would be no issues with availability (at least 20 said they were "Available Now"). I had a slight tech issue with moving the games around in my Q, so I used their site to inform them of the issue. I received this response the next day. "Greetings Melani,
My 1 Yr Fu-anniversary
Cbomb Or Auto Auction!!!
The Forgotten One
The girl walks alone Only loneliness this world has shone Every night she silently cries As her emotions she tries to hide A remnant of someone real Is all she feels Shes no longer even remembered in this place By her fear every night she was chased She used to be But no longer can you see For she is long dead And this is what upon her tombstone was read "Hear lies the fallen girl Unknown to this entire world Left to die alone Now the earth in loneliness she roams."
Happy Birthday K:m:p
No Strings
This Blog is about No strings attached FUN. Not just sex but hanging with friends and not having to answer for it after the fact. I have checked out some of the online sites that promise you they have what your looking for , thier full of it. Spouses say go on and go have fun with your friends but what happens when you get home, you catch hell. Don't beleive me,call the spouse from work ,ask to go out for a few and spend a couple of hours and watch what happens. All for now but I will return with more.
Moving Account
To all of you on my list please note than am changing my account to another one, plz remove this one and add me with this emaill   Thanks and hope to cu all soon   byee :)  
Announcing Poolside Parties On Thursdays!
Got no where to go on a weekday. Want some sun and find friendly faces?  Arcadia, is a Romantic Getaway and European Au Natural Resort in Shelton, WA offering day use for hot tubbing and pool, camping and RV spaces and also wonderful romantic getaway lodgings complete with kitchens and microwaves and even propane barbecues all for a fraction of what it would cost at a hotel with far more amenities for your summer fun.  We are offering a poolside gatherings - how about Thursdays to - besides the weekends. $25.00 for full day use 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  OK no swimsuits required.  Go to arcadianaturally at dot com and see what is all there for you.  for singles and couples of course. We are unique.  You will love us.  Kathy
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Its Time To Party
Ok so I'm gonna have a party, Rain or Shine, SO If your in Maine, Coming to Maine, or close enough to Maine to travel, send me a message and let me know if your interested in coming, I don't know the date just yet but I will let you know
Blah Blah Blah
Westlife Moments
*2002 - coast to coast Tour*10TH May - SECC - Glasgow 11TH May - SECC - Glasgow 12TH May - SECC - Glasgow 14TH May - Manchester Arena - Manchester 15TH May - Manchester Arena - Manchester 16TH May - Manchester Arena - Manchester 17TH May - Manchester Arena - Manchester *2003 - Unbreakable Tour*23RD May - S.E.C.C. - Glasgow24Th May - S.E.C.C. - Glasgow25TH May - S.E.C.C. - Glasgow10TH June - Manchester Arena - Manchester 11TH June - Manchester Arena - Manchester 12TH June - Manchester Arena - Manchester 14TH June - Manchester Arena - Manchester15TH June - Manchester Arena - Manchester*2004 - Turnaround Tour*16TH April - S.E.C.C. - Glasgow17TH April - S.E.C.C. - Glasgow18TH April - S.E.C.C. - Glasgow20th April - S.E.C.C. - Glasgow21st April - S.E.C.C. - Glasgow22st April - S.E.C.C. - Glasgow3RD May - Manchester Arena - Manchester 4TH May - Manchester Arena - Manchester5TH May - Manchester Arena - Manchester24TH July - Edinburgh Castle - Edinburgh *2005 - The no.1's Tour*22ND Feb - Wemble
Red Sox Let Smotlz Go
 OKay here we go again Tim wakefield is on the Dl and where is the 5 starter , why didnt the red sox make a trade for a pitcher, makes u kinda think doesnt it, last nites game againt the yankees hurt not only did the sox get killed they socred 6 runs against the yanks for not, i think theo is losing it, where is the ptching with lester beckett and the i mean ineffective brad penny u got the un proven clah buckholz oh okay okay he threw a no hitter but man he has struggled against poor teams. i dont get it they need a pitcher they let him go and got 4 first basemen Red SOx nation says its in theo we trust well for me its not this year they made a mistake giving up on Cliff lee felix hernadez or washburn what a fucking mess in red sox nation
Club Paradise
Please come & join us for this special event! Thank you so much for all your love and support! Hope we see you Thursday Oct. 29th @ 10pm est. Come and check out us out @ We have the most friendly staff & members that love to have fun. So why don't you come on in and have some fun with us, listen to some great music, have a couple drinks and make some new friends while you are there! Oh you better not miss your opportunity to find out but.... We
Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review Blog
Previously I am an obese victim myself and having read what fat loss 4 idiots shared in their fat loss program..I begin getting some nice results naturally and fast up till today.Since then ....I decide to start a blog sharing my fat loss 4 idiots review with anyone in need too.Feel free to read my fat loss 4 idiots review here if You are keen too:=>
Auto Verkopen Inkoop
Hi, my name's Connor. I work in the men's health industry helping both individals and couples with issues surrounding safe penis enlargement and advice on how to stop premature ejaculation If you would like any more information regarding penis health or want to know how to increase penis size please feel free to get in touch.
My Blog
Computer expert who enjoys designing websites, and I own my own incentivized freebie website. I also enjoy reviewing products such as acai berry, and other health supplements. Purchase Acai Berry Acai Berry free paypal money Computer expert who enjoys designing websites, and I own my own incentivized freebie website. I also enjoy reviewing products such as acai berry, and other health supplements. Purchase Acai Berry Acai Berry free paypal money
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About Me
Colshes Bits
Come to Ambrosia Hotel, a charming Hotel Ypres for you and your loved ones. Hotel Ypres Het Ambrosiahotel is een gezellig, familiebeheerd hotel. Hote Ieper  
Tis The Night Of Full Moon And Fire
'Tis the night of full moon and fireThe Dragons are circling now by our fire.The youngest one of red and gold,His heart is young but his soul is old.The newest one, green of the wood.Still shy and untrusting, but his heart is good.The one who carries our hearts is BlueAll our emotion runs through you.Serpentine black, is my Lord AlastorCarries darkness and light, music and more.And the one who is older than old.Purest white and goldest gold.The Healer of all until the endHe is my teacher, and my friend.Welcome the dragons both large and small.As they protect and watch over us all.     Firewalker6668.............................................
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Sex Pistols Lyrics "liar"
Lie lie lie lie liar you lie lie lie lie Tell me why tell me why Why d'you have to lie Should've realised that you Should've told the truth Should've realised You know what I'll do You're in suspension You're a liar Now I wanna know Now I wanna know Why you never look me in the face Broke a confidence just to please your ego Should've realised You know what I know You're in suspension You're a liar I know where you go everybody you know I know everything that you do or say So when you tell lies I'll always be in your way I'm nobody's fool and I know all 'Cos I know what I know You're in suspension You're a liar You're a liar You're a liar Lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie Lie lie lie lie liar you lie lie lie lie I think you're funny, you're funny ha ha I don't need it don't need your blah blah Should've realised I know what you are You're in suspension You're in suspension You're in suspension You're a liar You're a liar You're a liar Lie lie
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Bad Habitz Radio Lounge
I've decided to start a blog series about design. This is the first in a series. I will also later include either a video or a link you can use to see some of my work. I'll be updating my status from time to time so that you are aware that a new design blog has been posted. I hope you get something useful out of these blogs as I have. I've decided to start a blog series about design. This is the first in a series. I will also later include either a video or a link you can use to see some of my work. I'll be updating my status from time to time so that you are aware that a new design blog has been posted. I hope you get something useful out of these blogs as I have.      
My Blog (random)
i really really really hate men right now. their stupid and dumb; they think with ONE BRAIN! and its not the smart one. and we must always need them or be under their thumbs!! im sick of it!! im a big girl and i dont need their help!! im fucking DONE!!! haha. im such a book nerd its almost ridiculous. i read 2.25 of the divine comedy. i finished the Inferno and Purgatory; but only read a little of Paradise (too many biblical refrences and metephors i didnt/cant understand. in all; my impression is good. well written, romantic poetry, high language. my fav. is of course the Inferno; but if you know me makes sense. i even figured out that if i died today...and dante was right....i would be in limbo (circle 1) with Virgil and all the other unbabtised/"virtuous pagans". wicked sweet. I'm writing this because I don't know if I'll have the courage to say it to your face. When I move back I don't think I'll be capable of just coming over to say what I'm about to say. I just n
Angel Hope
Man where does time goes when you have kids they ae board one sec and than the next thing you relize us that they are going off to college
Tell Me Why????
Standing My Ground
Childhood Cancer
The people who are close to me on here already know whats going on with my goddaughter so I don't plan on going into details of her condition anymore, but she has to head back to the hospital for what the doctors are saying will be an extended period of time.  Her body is not taking the chemo very well.  She is weak, very weak.  The poor girl is all skin and bones and has no desire to even try to eat.  The course of action at this point is to start over and try a different approach to treating this.     Why do children have to suffer?  Why do we have to stand around helpless and watch?  I would give trade places with her at this point.      I love you princess, please stay strong for all of us
Euphoria and no sleep can make one lapse into thoughts that aren't too unimaginable. but require a great deal of faith.  I ask questions that I expect to be significant some day, but here we are already:  putting too much thought into what makes what, and what is it that makes us happy.   Right now the world I live in can't be heard by the ordinary, which is good.  The ordinary shouldn't be supposed to comprehend my thoughts.  It's a contradiction of the very fabrics that produce life and fills it with those can't understand it, or just deny wanting to.    To live in a world I once called depressing... now not so much that way anymore.  Happiness with feeling like the saddest moment in your life; your heart plump with emotions that you can't naturally identify.  Your heart strings unstrung.    To breath water without the fear or knowledge of drowning   Where glass doesn't shatter   Where love doesn't hurt   Questions are okay without answers   Forgiveness without despair
Hottest Women On Fubar
I am starting a folder for the hottest women on  to be a member send pic but keep it clean for i am  not judging  i do not decide who gets in or who is denied my 11 year old son is
Plant Sources Of Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 is known as a water-soluble vitamin that's seen in animal meat, fish as well as dairy foods and also attributes tremendously for the production of red blood cells when helping to help maintain a normal central nervous system. Besides that, this is great for the changing the levels of energy. In addition, it takes an important task in the using any and all of the ingestion of folic acid. Various other B12 Vitamin health benefits range from the protection regarding myelin (the particular compound which takes care of the neural system as well as lets them transfer signs between your neural cellular material through the entire physical body) plus the amelioration of the fat loss power (metabolic rate) of one's body which assists in dropping excess fat.vitamin B12 foods is important for your bodily and mental healthVitamin B12 DeficitNot enough B12 Vitamin could come possibly from the inferior diet absorption caused by an unbalanced nutritious system as well as due to intrinsic
Water Of Life
I had told her earlier that I wanted her to meet me in the grass at midnight under the the light of the bring a blanket and a bottle of her favorite wineI desired to touch her forehead softly, to honor her submission.I had also discussed a special, secret fetish I shall not name yet. Later in the day I watched the sunset across the water and called her so she would know she was on my mind.I reminded her how much I was looking forward to this special meeting.Slave or submissive..the distinction mattered not. After the call I recalled how her soul knew how to wrap itself about my legs in deep submission. As it approached midnight I went outside to meet her.Sitting in the grass, I smoked a joint to allow my spirit to calm and feel her presence without needing to open my eyes.I sat back in the grass and began to preceive her I smelled her scent of jasmine..her scent of choice and to my liking.She stretched the blanket out in preparation and asked me to join her.It
Shameless Vixens Entrance Guidelines
First and Foremost, thank you for taking the time to check out our group, Shameless Vixens. If you happen to have any questions in regards to the group, the process of acceptance, or any ideas, please let the founder or co-founder know. We are here to help each other in the daily grind we call Fubar. Please, enjoy yourselves while yo are here.  ***Shameless Vixens, is not an NSFW required group. You may however, contribute NSFW material if you would like. Please contact the Founder or Co-Founder for further information on this. ***   1 Female and Males accepted 2 Family Add  the Homepage.  3 Add all of the other members as friends. 4 Put SVH in your name 5 Agree to be voted on to become a member of our group6 If we vote yes then remove "Hopeful" from your name (or just the H if you put SVH) 7 Salute our Home Page. (Can also Salute the founders) 8 Be active within the group. Inactivity will result in automatic denial of acceptance. Let us (Founder or Co Founder) know of any per
Pineapple Chunk
Everything Happens For A Reason...maybe It's Time To Find Out Wat That Reason Is
I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason....especially when it is an ongoing process..although the experiences may not be good..I believe there is always a reason for it...I mentioned Robert Smith and just some of the things him and his wacked out family did to me....but to keep on..after so much time has passed...there has to be a reason for it....I found out yesterday that he was just recently arrested and charged with aggravated assault on the person he is with now and child abuse on his own damn if that alone isn't proof enough that this guy has to be disposed of..I don't know wat is...Maybe I am the key to all his started years ago when I was a him and his family..I was nothing but a scared lil girl who had no one to help her...knowing they could do watever they wanted to me..and no one was gonna question a thing....they did it for no other reason than they could...they stole EVERYTHIG from
Sunday Night Stoners
anyone cheifin?
Inspiration You May Need
Life is crazy, and totally unpredictable...It's going to push you over,kick you while you're downand hit you when you try to get back up.Not everything can beat you.Things are going to change you, But you get to choose which ones you let change you.Listen to your heart,Follow your dreams,And let no one tell you what you're capable of.Push the limits,Bend the rules,And enjoy every minute of it.Laugh at everything,Live for as long as you can.Love all,But trust none.Believe in yourself,And never lose faith in othersSettle for nothing but only the best,And give 110% in everything you do.Take risks,Live on the edge,Yet stay safe,And cherish every moment of it.Life is a gift,Appreciate all the rewards,And jump on every opportunity.Not everyone's going to love youBut who needs them anyways.Challenge everything,And fight for what you believe.Back down to nothing,But give in to the little things in life,After all, that is what makes you.Forget the unnecessary, But remember everything,Bring it w
Alonzo's Life
Hi Just wanna to see how your doing. My dad had just past away.
Santa Claus - An Anti-christ
Re - Arrange His First Name : SATAN Change U in his last name to W : CLAWS His Red Suit : the color of the devil His White Collar : the color of angels   Note : Satan was once an angel of Light known as Lucifer 
well usually i don't blog, but i guess i will give it a try.  I have recently come acrossed a section of work in school where we are studdying other peoples religions, i ahve never been a religious person but i have always been open to hear other peoples ideologies.  When we first started learning about Christianity I was actually quite supprized how much Christians today have skewed the religion to boycotting and moneymaking, because originally Jesus was against hating anyone, so everyone who thinks that because you are christian you have to hate gay people, that is 100% wrong.  Jesus wanted you to not only love your neighbor but love your enemy as well (in my case its the same thing because my neighbor is a dick)  and sure same couple relationships may be a "sin" but who hasn't sinned once in their life?  In the bible there is a quote that says "he who has never sinned shall cast the first stone", and you know what happened?  NO ONE THREW THE FUCKING STONE.  I have a bit more respect
hey guys come on i love adding all you hot n sexy women with ya hot pics and ya cherry dollars rising lol but lets not forget the one important thing how diod ya get ya points and ya dollars was it through chatting and talking to the peole who put you there or just adding??? so send me a message and send me some love lol cum on ya know ya want to xxx
Sunshine's Thoughtz
It's been such a long time that I've been able to smile a real smile.My wonderful son will be coming home tomorrow.Karen came by for a few mins tonight. Was glad to see her.Tried to warn her about all hardships that lay ahead.Sara is one of a kind...I mean that in many ways.With all her problems you can't help but love her & yet it makes one wonder how a six yr old could be so negative.Kimmi is doing so great in school/She's one of the four best bulldogs of the month.Bless her heart she's giving up a night with her teacher to ge out with her best friend to Chucky's Cheese in Greensboro tomorrow night.......For those of you that ask(What am I looking for on this site?)My answer is simple friends.Not into the games that I've seen played with hearts or minds.Those of you that have ask if I am seeing anyone.The answer is NO.Those that ask if I am in love with anyone .The answer is YES but still not seeing even that person. With working ,college,raising the kids I don't really care to find
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Hey Everyone
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Hamster Dance
Fuckin Sweet Ass Concerts
this is my list of distruction that shall commence this week. so many shows, so little time. September 19 - Nonpoint, Silent Civilian, ANKLA, Stand Alone. (masquarade)* (silent civilian cancelled, rescheduled later in the month.) September 25 - Unearth, Terror,Bleading Through, Through The Eyes Of The Dead. ( Masquarade) September 26 - Bullet For My Valentine (masquarade) September 29- Silent Civilian, ANKLA (Frontline in Mariatta) October 2 - Fuckin TRIVIUM, w/ the sword and protest the hero (masquarade) October 5 - Lamb Of God, Opeth (masquarade) October 6 - Soulfly, Full Blown Chaos, Scars of Tomorow (masquarade) October 7 - Mastadon (masquarade) October 24 - Mushroomhead, SOiL, The Autum Offering, Brand New Sin (masquarade) November 1 - Soilwork, Darkest Hour (masquarade) December 5 - Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus. (masquarade) HELL YEA MOTHER FUCKERS. Ill see yall in the pit
Send This To All Ur Friends, And Me If I Am 1. If U Get 7 Back U R Loved 1-3 u r a bad friend 4-6 u r a ok friend 7-9 u r a good friend 10-& ^ u r a great friend Dear Friend, When u feel like me. ! . ! . ! I dont promise that I will make u laugh, but I can cry with u. If one day u want to run away dont be afraid to call me. I dont promise to ask u to stop...... but I can run with u. If one day u dont want to listen to anyone..... call me. I promise to be there for u but also promise to remain quiet. But one day if u call...... and there is no answer..... come fast to see me. Perhaps I need you. ____0000000000______0000000000_____ __000________000__000________000___ _000___________0000___________000__ 000_____________00_____________000_ 000____________________________000_ 000___________THANKS__________000_ _000____________FOR___________000__ __000__________BEING_________000___ ___000__________MY_________000____ _____000______FRIEND____
All New 2 Me
I'm new to Lost Cherry, still trying to get everything figured bear with me...
I think of how our friendship grew A simple kiss would make it bloom Thats when I knew I wanted you On Easter night in a hotel room I think of how you rubbed my belly While she laid inside Telling me I'm still beautiful And me knowing its a lie I think of how you stood by me At my daughters birth Holding my hand, helping me push And how you said you would cut the cord When she was brought in this earth I think of how you came by everyday While I laid in my hospital bed You'd take the baby and keep her safe So I could rest my head I think of how you told me Your not in love with me And how even after many months or years You still may never be I think how at that moment My heart was torn out and crushed I love this man with all my heart and soul But your heart I'll never own. WRITTEN BY A GUY FOR GUYS! 1. Whatever you do, don't just show up at her house...she runs around in their underwear just like we do. 2. DON'T CHEAT ON HER. It may seem foolpr
It All Comes From Within...
You scored as You have the Gift of Wisdom. You have had the gift of Wisdom bestoyed upon you. You know how things work, and usually don't know where your knowledge comes from. The same applies to other things that you "just know". People come to you for advice because you are almost always right. Have patience with yourself and don't over do everything.You have the Gift of Wisdom94%You have the Gift of Discernment88%You have the Gift of Empathy75%You have the Gift of Perception/Aura Vision50%You sadly do not recognize your gift yet44%You have the Gift of a Seer44%What is your gift?(PICS)created with Your Power Level is: 67% You're a very powerful person, and you know that all of your power comes from within. Keep on doing what you're doing, and you'll reach your goals.
Gastric Bypass Surgery
my friend art had a great idea for how i can get some of the money for my gastric bypass surgery. i have to come up with roughly $500-$800 dollars for my surgery in the next few weeks and art thought to come up with a club where people could donate $1 towards it. i'd really, really appreciate any and all help that anyone could/would offer. and thanks in advance!!!click the link below to go to my paypal account if you'd like to help me out. anything will help at this point, trust me!!!¤cy_code=USD&lc=US&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF&charset=UTF%2d8
26 Signs You've Grown Up
The One
A kiss never lies!! When you need to know from the bottom of your soul if what you feel for someone is true just kiss them. The feelings that a kiss gives you is something that your body and soul can't deny.The passion is either there or it isn't. When you look into someones eye's and feel the butterflies and lean in and kiss their lips so gently and your heart starts to race and your body trembles with amazement you can't deny what you are feeling. The passionate kiss between two people can tell you everything you need to know about the other person, it's either there or it's not. And when you kiss this person you want to put everything ounce of fire you have into it so that you can see if it's ment to be, but always remember it's not just that one kiss that makes it known. You have to have that same passion and feel that desiere between the two of you ever kiss there after or the fire will eventually die. Kissing is the key to any good relationship and can make or break it. Just a
True Friends
Written with a pen Sealed with a kiss If you are my friend, Please answer this: Are we friends or are we not? You told me once, but I forgot. So tell me now and tell me true, So I can say, I am here for you. Of all the friends I've ever met, You're the one I won't forget. And if I die before you do, I'll go to Heaven And wait for you. Show your friends how much you care. Send this to everyone you consider a FRIEND, including the one who sent it to you. If it comes back to you, then you'll know you have a circle of friends. Ok, Friend Send this to............. 0-2 peeps you are a Bad friend. Booo!!! 3-5 peeps you are an OK Friend 6-10 peeps you are a Great Friend!
Wish Apond A Star
In Memory of 202976 Pte Cuthbert Emmerson 1st/6th Bn. Durham Light Infantry Tuesday 9th April 1918 Ypres One of the thousands of soldiers who were killed, but their bodies were never recovered. They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning. We Will Remember Them In Flanders Field By: Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918) Canadian Army IN FLANDERS FIELDS the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place, and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though po
Join in my quest to leave life overturned Spanning the world, wave of doom Spewing out death with the evil I've churned Awaken the dead from their tomb Love turns to lust the sensations I've felt Exploring the pleasures of sin Making the best of the cards I've been dealt Adjusting the odds so I win Unleash all my burning wrath Potential killing machine Take down all who block my path Enjoying all that's obscene Born of fire Prince of all darkness, initiation Ritually baptized in flames Next to the throne my abomination Spread terror throughout the domain Master the art that controls the impure Inherit the infamous keys Thousands of centuries I will endure Tyrant of all the prophecies Some have called me Satan's son A name I cannot deny Wielding fury that's second to none Far too vile to confine Born of fire All things dead must rise again When twilight's blanket falls Splattered red you'll find my den Blood dripping from the walls Dreams born of
Well, I guess I'm the new kid on the block. I tend to blog a lot in many other places. I don't think my story is unique- I'm 22, I'm a college student, I'm going to graduate in the spring. I like pubs and bars, I smoke like a chimney, I'm an HIV test counselor. Dark beers are my favorite. Nothing watery and girly for me, except maybe a cold PBR but that's a classic. I love hot classic cars and I go to shows whenever I can. I really want a '55 or a '57 cherry red Bel Air to call my own. I love vintage clothes. I wish I had more. But I'm sad and broke. Pass the ramen, thanks.
Guys Are Stupid
so why are guys so effin stupid...they dont want a virgin...but because i have two babies...then you dont want to date me...i want to have a i did...but because i do no guy wants to date me... "i dont want to be his daddy" that is what i hear all the time...i am not asking you to be their daddy...they both have a daddy that is in their lifes!!!! i dont let a guy met my babies unless the relationship is goin somewhere....i dont want my babies to met every guy or girl that i have sex with or a goin to have sex y do guys act that way???? i dont understand....if i was a virgin no guy would want me...and because i have two babies no guy wants me....what the is so stupid...but i am done bitching...i have to go be a mother to my babies...hugs & kisses tiff
Being A Submissive
i've been sitting here reading through O/our comments and messages and am noticing a pattern. It seems to me, at least, that when some; not all, guys see how i've chosen to live....they automatically think that i'm up for grabs! i am NOT a toy, nor am i for just anyone to think that they can "order" me to do whatever their little minds want to think of! i chose to be a submissive a long time ago. This has been one of the most rewarding things i've ever done. But, it has had it's drawbacks. i've lost friends over this lifestyle. i've even inadvertantly cost my Master a friend. i love being who and what i am, and am extremely proud of being my Master's possession. i've never felt so cared for, safe, protected, and loved. He cherishes me the way someone chereishes something priceless. To Him, i AM priceless. So the next time one of these ignorant men think that just because i wear a collar around my neck....Remember, there is a Man behind that collar. It signifies His ownersh
Happy Thanksgiving
So people Thansgiving is here in 2 days, what is everyone going to do? I wanted to say To all of you. Hope you have a great 1.
Story Of Our Broken Souls
Why is it that whenever I start to feel happy i then realize that i am going to be alone for the rest of my life? nobody is going to love me or want me for who i am they just will for dont get me wrong i LOVE sex.. but i am getting tired of being played and used and shoved around by all these macho chauvanistic assholes. i think i deserve to be treated with respect. Oh i feel so much better now that i vented Attempting to do my work..... Not going so good.... I havent even finished my new resume and cover letter... these need to be done.... i at least tried... thats all that matters.... anyways... i was hoping on getting a lot of friends and messages.. so if you like what you see guys or girls hit me up
Prayer Requests
My Son Lane
my son was born 8 lbs 1oz 21.25 inches and healthy
Tanz On Me
hi all!!! stress what a special gift... my life would be nothing w/out drama. hi all i got to go to a party!!!! my friend from jr. high school had her 30th b-day . wow i feel old!
Pothead Etiquette
1) The person who rolls the joint (no matter whose weed it is) gets to spark up the joint and get first hits. 2) If someone rolls a nice joint, it's good to give the person a compliment on his/her rolling skills. 3) If someone starts hogging the bowl and starts using the excuse that its okay for him/her to bogart it since it's his/her weed, this is definitely not cool. the punishment depends on the quality of the weed and how much he/she put in. (if it was real crappy and he/she was real cheap with it, then you bug on the person and rag on him/her) 4) If someone is too palsy to light the bowl (due to being too stoned or the person is just a retard) then they must relinquish control of the lighter to someone more able to get it lit. This does NOT mean the person who lights gets free hits... this privilege tends to get abused ("hey lemme light it for you.") 5) If someone is so much of a palsy that they blow INTO the pipe/joint and blow all the shit on the floor, this pers
Bout Me
Merry Christmas
Not long ago and far away, Santa was getting ready for his annual trip...but there were problems everywhere. Four of his elves got sick, and the trainee elves did not produce the toys as fast as the regular ones so Santa was beginning to feel the pressure of being behind schedule. Then Mrs. Claus told Santa that her Mom was coming to visit. This stressed Santa even more. When he went to harness the reindeer, he found that three of them were about to give birth and two had jumped the fence and were out, heaven knows where to. More Stress! Then when he began to load the sleigh, one of the boards cracked and the toy bag fell to the ground and scattered the toys. Totally frustrated, Santa went into the house for a cup of coffee and a shot of whiskey. When he went to the cupboard, he found the elves had hit the liquor and there was nothing to drink. In his frustration, he dropped the coffee pot and it broke into hundreds of little pieces all over the kitchen floor. He w
A minds capture, rapture of thought Feelings concealed so you thought Secrets untold, secrets unfold I cant help but think about the lie you told Hearts conceal but eyes reveal Why not say how you truly feel My thoughts are open, true and told My hearts breaks while secrets unfold My soul shivers with fear My eyes water and shed a few tears I can not say what the future holds I can't understand because I am not told Strength against lieing yet heres a mirror A window for me..I see much clearer My love is true, passionate and kind My hands tremble as I begin to unwind Thoughts of you throughout the day I come home and in bed I lay I continue to wonder..searching for reasons I can't help but feel betrayed beyond reason Untold secrets can't hide from the eyes Truth is held behind a blanket of lies My heart melts when I hear your voice I can't help but wonder why you made this choice A friendship is dear to a persons heart Truth was told all from the start Why now
Please Read
Date: Dec 20, 2006 2:06 PM Subject Warning!!!! Body: ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Dawn Date: Dec 20 2006 9:38 AM Dec 20, 2006 9:15 AM Subject Warning Ladies!!! Body: Warning Ladies!!! Body: State police warning for online: Please read this "very carefully"..then send it out to all the people online that you know. Something like this is nothing to be taken casually; this is something you DO want to pay attention to. If a person with the screen-name of Monkeyman935 contacts you, do not reply.DO not talk to this person; do not answer any of his/her instant messages or e-mail.Whoever this person may be, he/she is a suspect for murder in the death of 56 women (so far) contacted through the Internet. Please send this to all the women on your buddy list and ask them to pass this on, as well. This screen-name was seen on Yahoo, AOL, AIM, and Excite so far.This is not a joke! Please send this to men too...just in case! Send to everyone you
Magical Name Acronym Generator!
S Spiritual I Important S Scary S Strange Y Yum
Dana: I Like To Please My Men
When People Add Me
dont even reply that as well seems so rude to not even bother ,,,,,,cherry points must be more important i gesss ya fan ppl and thats even to much to return the gesture samewoth family how many reciprocate
Rambling Rose
I'm not a big fan of these things, I've got one on another site that I abuse, but I'll try to post thing on here. It's been a quiet day, somewhere in between tolerably warm in the day, to toe curling cold. In need a spot to cuddle up under my blanket with movies and Coca Cola. I had no idea what to name this diary thing, so I threw in the name of someone I care about a lot and what she's doing now. I've been trying all day to figure out where to take my brother out tomorrow, as it will be his last day of vacation. The way it's going, we're just gonna end up in our favourite TGI Friday's, having lunch, drinks and laughing alot. I'll not complain about that! I'm so very tired right now, I'm really ready to pass out, but still got 2 more movies to watch and some episodes of Death Note. As far as first diary entries go, this really stinks lol! I wonder if anyone ever reads these things? Hmmm we'll find out sooner or later. xoxoxox I'm not a big fan of these things, I've got o
My Map Ck It Out
You have been marked on my profile map!
New Year
Another year has come and gone. A lot of good things happened in 2006, and a lot of shit happened too. Especially in the last month. My brother broke up with his fiance and mother of his son. My bf and I have had our own issues to work out. My car decided that it didn't like me and broke down twice. That took money that I don't have. I hate not having a job. I hate going to my mom and asking for money. But that's all behind me now. I'm going down to help my brother move and sell his house. My bf and I are still reacquienting ourselves (he was gone for 2 months to get work out of town) and he might have to go back if he can't find work here. But we all are moving on. This year, come hell or high water, will be better. H0PEFULLY!!! I'm going to do my best. So here's to a new year. Peace
Dont Know Anymore
Hey just thought i would lure you guys into my lair... new pics are up.. please beware a couple are explicit! they are in the new me section! so umm yea enjoy! more to be coming soon! hey ppl i have new pics up, sorry its been so long, i have been so busy... but now i have shit together and more pics will be going up more often... Still dont know what was wrong with me, but after a week im finally getting my strength back...
Love's Removal [in 7 Parts]
Everyday hurts a little more than the last. Shadows cling to my every step. No more shelter my walls have crumbled away. My only recourse is to hold my breath and slowly disappear. The shadows that cling to me will become me. In darkness I find another hiding place in my heart. A wave of radiance crashes down crushing a once faithless sinner. A renewed hope was found. The pieces, finally made sense. People looked different almost peaceful. Life tasted sweet. But in the end only nothing lasts forever. In a flash she's gone and life loses flavor. That lost feeling creeps back in no matter how hard we fight. It beats us back into the ground sometimes reminding us of balance. The bitter and the sweet in a blissfully sadistic co-existence. A taste is all we get then it's back to reality for us all. My breath has been torn away from me. The last piece of my heart devoured. There truly is no place for me here. In effigy I rot. Naked for the wo
If You Care...please Do This For Me
What If... 0. We never met each other: 1. I died: 2. I kissed you: 3. I lived next door to you: 4. You found out I was married: 5. I stole something: 6. I was hospitalized: 7. I refused to leave your home: 8. I got into a fight while you were there: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MY 9. Personality: 10. Eyes: 11. Hair: 12. Family: WOULD YOU 13. Help me if I needed it? 14. Keep a secret if I told you one? 15. Hold my hand? 16. Take a bullet for me? 18. Try to solve my problems? 19. Love me? 20. Date me? HAVE YOU EVER 21. Lied to make me feel better? 22. Wanted to kiss me? 23. Wanted to kill me? 24. Broke my heart? 25. Kept something important from me? 26. Thought I was unbearably annoying? AND MORE 27. Who are you? 28. Are we friends? 29. When and how did we meet? 30. Describe me in three words: 31. What was your first impression? 32. Do you still think that way about me now
Its' My Life !
It's My Life VideoIt's My Life lyrics - Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
Da Bears' !

Queensryche- Take Hold Of The Flame !
take Hold of the F...
Queensryche- Surgical Strike !
Surgical Stike.wma
im new to cherrytap and i want to make as many friends as i can im on msn an profileheaven but this site is far better (when i learn how it works) a bit about me i love motorcross, i try 2 keep fit, i love football, im not sexist in any way i prefer 2 b classed as a mans man, i live alone in a 3 beedroomed house in newcastle in the uk but i wish i didnt we are not allowed say whateva we want dont say anyfing about muslims or were classed as racist, wen an undercover reporter filmed wot realy goes on in a mosque, in front of our politicians they wer acting all moderate an condeming terrorism then when they left they wer telling everyone its a muslims duty to kill whites, they must act moderate until there is enuf of them and then take over britain and impose sharia law making britain an islamic state, people dont no how facist this country is, for instace we cant wear a hooded top or anything over our face but muslims are allowed to wear a full face veil on thier passports and driving l
Drivers License!!
Check your driver's license. Now you can see anyone's Driver's License on the Internet, including your own! Thanks Homeland Security! Where are our rights?? I definitely removed mine. I suggest you do the same. Go to the web site and check it out. Just enter your name, city and state to see if yours is on file. After your license comes on the screen, click the box marked "Please Remove". This will remove it from public viewing, but not from law enforcement.? Drivers License Search - National Motor Vehicle License Bureau?
Poop Deck
In the U.S of A! I am watching the tongue run! and as I know the true prose and what really was done! Feigning importance, knowledge and stature with an air of disgust. While merely sitting alone admiring the silicon busts. Protection for innocents is so crude and fragile, the persecuted and silent left watching but only until.........

NAUGHTY APPLiCATiON" 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Threesome? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 21. Can I use you as a booty call? 22. Do you like foreplay? 23. What is foreplay to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for >A distinguished young woman on a flight from Switzerland asked the Priest >beside her, "Father,
Hello All :)
so i dont even know if im doing this the right way, BUT...i just made one of these pages (thanks to my wonderful mikeymisery
In Memory Of
Some Dream
your standing thier taunting me with a roach in a jar with your breast expose and wet lips it seem , so cold it must be real your skin sweats and the roach dies know i see it must be real did you promise me were you down with me i couldnt love you but i need you tonight you were that freaky girl from the video with the lost dog was i outa control did you wear the mask did you play with me did i play with you what did we talk about did i talk in my sleep
Kids Say The Darndest Things!
Stupidity Reigns
TEN THINGS DUMBASSES DO ON CHERRYTAP ONE there is NO SUCH THING as a CherryTap tracker. it does NOT exist. so quit posting stupid bulletins like "OH-MY-GOD this WORKS!!!" no, it doesn't. TWO To the people who have like 100,000 friends, are you serious? You're stupid. Go play in traffic. THREE Don't ever post pictures and say "OMG, I'm so ugly" "OMG, I'm so fat" because if you were, you wouldn't post them. And if u do ur a freaking mongoloid. FOUR Nobody cares about threats over the internet. Don't try to act hardcore with the keyboard. Fighting online is like racing in the special olympics; even if you win, you're still retarded. FIVE Quit crying b/c you're not on someones top 8. who cares? ITS CherryTap SIX Who really cares if I don't accept you as a friend? MOVE ON!!! Don't send me another request or message asking "what's up with you not adding me?" I don't want you as a friend, that's what's up fruit!!! SEVEN Little 6th graders who have CherryTa
Games We Play
You know someone had a bullentin out that said to describe in one word what you think of me.I thought that was just to damn cute.I loved it.So I thought why not put a blog up & maybe it wouldn't go to my shoutbox or private mail like it did in the bullentin. Now when doing this please repost this anyway you wish & I will damn sure tell you in one word what I think of you.So if you post here I will post there.(Fair Enough)I know the little games we play but hey I am bored here in Tennessee.
anyone want's to smoke with me
Heavenly Place
Cherrytap Magazine
Most Beautiful Lady On Cherry Tap Contest
Me My Self And I
Hope It's Right Can't Wait To Go To The Doc's
Hello all took a preg. test this morning and it came out that I was pregnant. Have to make a doc appointment to make sure but keep you fingers crossed Jimmy the Hand has not stopped smiling sence he say the test results LOL would you! Keep your fingers crossed we would like a boy as we already have a girl but as long as it's healthy we don't care. thanks all of my cherry family and friends - Hay my first Blog I just want to let all of you know. I love you Jimmy the Hand you hold my heart for ever and always love you more then you will ever know. : ) Nellie
New Here
hey i am new here and i was wondering if some one can help me out with this thing i dont no how to work it so can i pls get some help
Your Cumare
Most women dont think that its something they could do... But thats because they do not understand nor accept the fact that being a cumare is a every day situation... Everytime you step into a bar and see a hot guy who is obviously with his girl or a female companion but he is still checking you out and you make it known that he has your attention you are opening yourself up to being a cumare... So you say you have a friend with benefits what do you think you are to him??? His cumare... Your male bestfriend is either married or in a serious relationship BUT you and he have an understanding and an arrangment... You know he loves his wife or his woman BUT he is not satisfied so he has you his cumare... Cumare does not mean whore... It doesnt mean prostitute... What a cumare is, is a woman who by all technicalities is singal BUT truthfully she is not... She has a man who may verywell be in a relationship with another woman or he is married... While he loves his partner he h
You And Me
Time has frozen, my clock has not moved, from the moment you said, that atlast, I would get to hold you, seems that the days, drag on forever, each one the same, I never knew how long, a heartbeat could take, want you so much, my whole body achs, you are so beautiful, I look at your pictures, so much everyday, it crosses my mind, can we be the only ones, so much in love, out of all the people, could it be only, You And Me? Music Video Codes By Music
I You Leave Me Now
The nights are wearing me down And it`s hard getting through the day `Cos I need you right now And right now you`re so faraway I guess I should have known That I`d end up this way But I swear I`ll come home And then nothing will drag me away, Now that some much time has passed I know that this love of ours will last forever Cos we feel it, tast it, hold it and believe it You need me like I need you I know you do, I'm sure you do And I`m all alone feeling the tears Falling down from my eyes I was forcing myself just walk through the day When all I really wanted to do was curl up in a corner and cry Nothing had any meaning And I just thought let's give it another day and see if anything happens Then you came along like my own ray of sunshine Made me feel warm, safe and alive again, Don`t you ever leave me baby Don`t you ever leave me now Don`t you ever leave me baby I am lost and broken If you leave me now Chicago - If You Leave Me Now (Remastered LP Version)Mus
I feel so very welcomed! Thank you all for sharing the love and comments about my page. I am learning and trying to add more to it as I learn it. Any one that can help, let me know. Would love to have a picture that morphs into something else. I got caught in the rain today here in the big state of Texas. Well, it was a down pour. Wow! Wait 10 minutes and the weather here will change. I left it was 71 degrees, and came back an hour later it was 60 degrees and pouring rain. Gotta love it! Ya'll have a good one! Finding Another place to talk about myself! LOL I guess I am getting pretty damn vain in my old age. I guess 40 almost 41 is old? Started to feel that way. I get to take a vacation by myself in April. Guess that is what happens too when you get old. Your hubby sends you off by yourself. Anyone want to come along for the hell of it?
One Day At A Time
Well life is peachy. I am taking things one day at a time for now. I am getting some counseling and have had a few epiphanies (read: light bulb illuminating!) as a result. Don't know where all of it will settle when all is said and done but....just one day at a time for now.
I Am 60% Retarded
[x] You have screamed at an inanimate object for 'hurting' you. [x] You have run into a glass/screen door. [ ] You have jumped out of a moving vehicle. [x] You have thought of something funny and laughed, then people gave you weird looks. [x] You have walked into a lampost T O T A L: 4 [ ]You know that it IS possible to lick your elbow... [x] You just tried to lick your elbow. [x] You never knew that the Alphabet and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star have the same rhythm. [x] You just sang them to make sure. [x] You have tripped on your shoelace and fallen. [x] You have choked on your own spit. T O T A L: 9 [ ] You have seen the Matrix and still don't get it. [ ] You've never seen the Matrix. [ ] You type only with two fingers [x] You have accidentally caught something on fire [ ] You tried to drink out of a straw, but it went into your nose. [x] You have caught yourself drooling. T O T A L: 11 [x] You have fallen asleep in class [x] Sometimes you just stop thinkin
Marty Kays Drums Live-fight Back !!!
Bible Vs. Cell Phone
I wonder what would happen if we treated our Bible like we treat our cell phone? What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets? What if we flipped through it several time a day? What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it? What if we used it to receive messages from the text? What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it? What if we gave it to kids as gifts? What if we used it when we traveled? What if we used it in case of emergency? This is something to make you go....hmm...where is my Bible? Oh, and one more thing. Unlike our cell phone, we don't have to worry about our Bible being disconnected because Jesus already paid the bill. Makes you stop and think "where are my priorities"? And no dropped calls!
sex question. Current mood: lacking but will gladly go without why does God waste perfectly beautiful- nice and nicely sized peni on men who just waste em? seriously. and the men those pretty peni are attached to.. why cant they be nice and kind and a lil less obvious that they are jus lookin for sex? Some of us might be lookin for a piece of ass too.. but your desperation seeps from your pores and it stinks and makes me a lil more than nervous.. and while I might not be lookin to get married tomorrow I really must wonder when I decline where you wander off to next.. so I therefore, thoughtfully, decline the next offer. I'd rather have a nice tan session, heat wrap, and then dinner out-- ALONE --than have to wonder what the hell kinda disease you have managed to catch while " out for fun ". and I wonder why I am single? that is all. Thank you. they say that women have the exact love lives that they want. so the question is.. if i want a sex and
I have no Idea what the fuck im doing on cherry tap. I have no idea how to work this site? I just know to add and rate! Any advdice?
Our Swinger Parties... Info!
Host: Location: Mountain Breeze Campground 201 Mountain Breeze Camp Road, New Braunfels, TX 78132, TX View Map | Find a Hotel When: Friday, June 22, 3:00pm Phone: Send Dale a yahoo message Here's the info you have all been waiting for-----THIS GROUP PUT LOTS OF TIME, MONEY AND EFFORT TO MAKE THIS A GREAT WEEKEND FOR EVERYONE. PLEASE FOLLOW THE RULES. KOS/Love Shack Crew2007 River Invasion is June 22nd-24th. /> You can visit this website for more camp information, directions, and local hotels if you dont want to camp. Don't take the rates and miles from campsite you see on the sites. You need to call them and ask. It is peak season. If you decide to stay at the hotel: It will be cheaper for you to pay the $60 as if you were camping for entrance to the campground all weekend, your tube rental and one cooler tube (cooler not included) for Saturday float. No one will be permi
Life's Not Like A Bowl Of Cherries
Well it's back to the DR I go. My blood pressure has been up pretty bad lately, so I'll have to get some medicine for it. Naturally I won't mention this to my older brother because he'll just tell me it's all in my head. Write more later on. hy·po·chon·dri·a audio (hp-kndr-) KEY NOUN: 1. The persistent conviction that one is or is likely to become ill, often involving symptoms when illness is neither present nor likely, and persisting despite reassurance and medical evidence to the contrary. Also called hypochondriasis . 2. Plural of hypochondrium. I've decided there is no point in telling my brothers much of anything. Well, at least if it is health related. They assume I am a hypochondriac just because I get bored and look stuff up on-line or let them know what the DR has told me. I have also looked up things for others in the family so they will have a better understanding of what my mom has, such as possible cancer. I will go and find the information on
Mrs Ravenblood
Just Some Thing To Say!
Thoughts On Things.
So I am a new member to this site. I wonder a few things about it these things are as follows. 1) WTF is this site?? A place where people ask the be rated or whatever, a fuck hangout, or just another simple site on the net like myspace or whatever. Anyway I go to to looking at some people I have noticed they have been adding the following to their site. I love someone, a child, son daughter with autism. I would like to point out a few things about this subject to help people know a little bit more about that issue we all face. According to the CDC I believe it is we have 1 and 147 kid with autism. In case you are wondering that is more people that die each year in car accidents, drunk driving deaths, lung cancer, and so on. By the year 2010 i believe it is they say that everyone in the US will know someone with some type of autism. If you think about it That's a lot of people that will have autism.. I believe they said it will be 1 and 36 or something like that by then.
Every Time....
Every I love you, you whisper, is like rain for the trees, moonlight for the ocean, nectar for the bee Every kiss bestowed upon me is like fragrance on flowers, heat upon the desert, mist from morning showers Every glance in my direction is like flame to the fire, a twinkling of stars, a spark of love's desire Every moment in your arms is like waves to the ocean, a rushing, primal urge, a sweet mix of emotion Every passing year were together is like joy without measure, a life without limits, I shall love you forever.
My Family Stuff
EDIT TO ADD: I'm going to make the family stuff a whole seperate blog so If you've commented on it all ready don't worry about it :) Well I figure I can tell a bit about myself & my family here. So I'm 42 yrs old and married to a wonderful 40(in May)yr old man(I call him Tiger). We have 2 sons Jordan who will be 17 in April. And Colton who will be 12 in September. We have 2 dogs Ozzy who is some kind of hound mix & big. LOL And Sammy who we got from a rescue group and is a black Cock-a-Poo. We also had a Chinese Shar-pei that died last year. We'd had her longer than we had Colton. LOL We miss her. Our pets are definately part of our family. We live in a trailer on our own property. We bought 2 lots have the trailer on one and hoped to build soon on the other. My parents live across the street and a couple houses down. Which is actually pretty nice because the kids can walk down anytime they want to. Plus Jordan & Tiger help them out alot. Not to mention they've helped us out a
First Blog
Right on. Im hella new to this y'all so take your time with me and i'll get some photos up. Anyone know how? lmao i'll find a way yo! Peace
I read a friend's blog post today that broke my heart. Please read Chelsea's story & help in any way possible. This family needs help, love & support. Chelsea will surely capture the hearts of anyone. She got mine..let her grab your's.. " Please help my lil angel" read our blog help if u can@ CherryTAP Hi I have a severely disabled daughter she has cp/she's deaf/blind and has epilepsy. She just spent a month in the ICU at riley hospital in Indy and she almost passed away. One of her nurses is a old family friend and offered us her timeshare for free in Florida for a week we have never had a vacation and her brothers suffer so much cause of hospital stays and it being so hard to get out and was wondering if you would like to do a good thing and donate to our lil fund for the trip. Her brothers miss out on so much cause of their sister being ill, that we wanna do something good for them for once that's fun. I have plenty of pics and web sites yo
Left alone like a pet thrown away set aside by the road and its causing so much pain the hurt and the sorrow building up inside building up so much I just want to die I gave her my all, my everything sacrificed myself and she's letting me be abandoned and torn from the inside out it feels like my heart was ripped right out Torn from my soul and I'm left all alone nothing around here feels like home with the support of my friends I manage to live been abandoned by can I live?
Showin Mad Love
------ Relationship------
The Submissives Rights i have the right to set limits, and expect them to be respected. i have the right to trust, providing I have earned it. i have the right to expect You to believe I am an intelligent, caring and loyal person. i have the right to ask for Your attention,without having to misbehave to get it. i have the right to expect You to administer Your punishment on me with care and caution. i have the right to question your motives,should You deny my requests, as long as I do so with the proper respect. i have the right to speak up if I feel O/our relationship is not giving me what I need. i have the right to tell You what I need in a respectful manner. i have the right to expect You to understand my reasons for doing so, and the right to expect You to listen with an open mind and heart. i have the right to walk away from our relationship if W/we cannot come to a common ground on these issues. i have the right to expect tenderness, love and understanding after a s
Kelinda@ Cherrytap
Another White Dash
Well I've finally moved upstairs into my bigger room. There are still some little tweeks that need to be done like getting the sword holders for my weapons on minimal distruction. I can't wait to get the bigger TV and the HD cable box. I'm going to enjoy this one for awhile. I hot to also sometime soon get some people here to entertain them. Hey everybody it's one of thoes times where try to pimp people out. It's Stanford's Folding@Home Project. Google it because it's alot of scientific things. The main goal is to learn more about how protiens fold and what that does to our bodies. So I'm asking people to join up with my team it's Penguin Ninja Team #68047 Thanks for taking the time to read it.
Little Boys
It seems that two young boys walked into a pharmacy one day, picked out a box of Tampax and proceeded to the checkout counter. The man at the counter asked the older boy, "Son, how old are you?" "Eight", the boy replied. The man continued, "Do you know how these are used?" The boy replied, "Not exactly, but they aren't for me. They're for him," he said, pointing to the younger boy. "He's my little brother. He's four. We saw on TV that if you use these, you would be able to swim and ride a bike. He can't do either one."
Proud Mom
I have to say that I am a proud MoM of a graduated 5 yr baby is growing up but like I have said IM SO PROUD OF HIM AND HE ONLY HAS 12 MORE YRS TO GO BEFORE HE HAS TO WALK ACROSS THE STAGE ONE LAST TIME TO GET THE MAIN ONE.........No matter how hard times get for him while he is in school he will have me to help him with them all.........
Those Who Serve
Many think of this as simply a three day weekend while they observe the activities throughout our nation, as we Veterans try to rally our communities together to show support for our fallen heroes. Monday, May 28th will help bring a sense of the honor and commitment from those who celebrate this but one day a year. We will see U.S. flags flying proudly from homes and businesses to show support for our Nation that still remains at war. We as Veterans know the price paid for freedom as more than 3,000 of our sons and daughters have perished on our behalf during the current conflict. We celebrate this Memorial Day for them, for those who have gone before them from the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq. These men and woman have made the ultimate sacrifice so our children may grow strong in the America we love as a free and safe society. Originally known as Decoration Day, it was established in 1868 to commemorate the dead from the Civil Wa
Wake up and pay attention!Turn Up Your Speakers & Listen! Why do people commit suicide?Why do people cut themselves? Why do girls become anorexic and bulimic? Why do kids bring guns to school?Why do kids get they start using meds, and abusing them?Why do girls feel the need to act like sluts to impress guys?In the Bill Of Rights, it says we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH! So why are we so afraid to speak up for ourselves?I KNOW WHY! "Whores""Geeks""Goths""Emos"AND THAT’S NOT EVEN HALF OF THEM!Society in general
Something I Wrote
i was just sitting around and started writing one night and this is what i got. love it or hate it doesnt make a diff. to me.but feel free to leave comments. confessions of a madd madd woman Dont doubt the need for escape from the ties that bind. some sort of altered state of mind the release we all must find its not all in my mind its in my heart and soul i am eye trying to b complete and whole fillin in the painful holes created by flaws that cannot b controled i exist and no not y need meaning to this maddness the logic eye hold is my own and i must own it for all its worth worthiness effortless dreams paralizing me coating my mind w/ a slick sicness called life betraying my wants to fullfill the needs of others bottling selfconspirisies to fake a sane face blinding paranoia blocks the light of the sun darkness conceals the real faces eye hold in attempts to portray the norm of all im not an extrodinary person no way to be special needing reco
Why do people in general... along with freshmeat talk shiiit and rate photo's 0 or 1... if you don't like it get the fu!@ out... donn't talk shiit ....... like this fuck Larry 'fireman1234' Hull
Job Interview
I got a job interview at Blockbuster for a sales manager. I am really excited. Its better than fast food and I get to see movies before they come out! How cool is that? I am going to do my best to get this job.
I'm Going To Die.. Yay!!!
So it's easy to notice lately that I'm an irritable asshole who seems to hate everything/ Wrong, I hate everything but a couple people. Other than that, all true. But anyone who isn't a dumbass will realize this. I'm sorry to fucking say it and I'm not trying to be mean but someone needs to punch the person that needs to be punched. And sense no one else has ever done it, EVER, than I might as well. If you hate me for it, you're a close minded moron that can't think for yourself, or who can't empathize with anybody. Sorry for all the hatred that is spewing out of me currently. The nice things I do go completely unnoticed except for those who I love, which makes me love them even more. They should expect my good deeds, but no, the people who don't love, that don't love me, I do nice things for. And they fucknig show any appreciation. THIS WORLD DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING BUT ITSELF. AND YOU FUCKERS ARE THE CAUSE OF IT. It's not everybody else, but you. It's everybody else, AND yo
I soar on wings of broken dreams, & heed the facts as mere warnins... I hurt the 1s who love me most, Then wonder y I can't get close. I c the beauty n ur eyes, & silently I wonder y... We can't get closer than we r, Y gradually we drift apart. I loved u more than words could say, & could not go a single day... Without the beauty of ur voice, Echoin with words of choice. I longed 2 have u here with me, 2 have u near so u could c... How much I loved & how much I cared, How love that deep was truly rare. How much I longed 4 happiness, Compared 2 mine urs was less... & even tho I am worthless, My love 4 u, I did confess. The world round comes crashin down, I can't reach; I'm tied & bound... If u loved me u would care, & rescue me from this despair. Save me from my mind's worst fears, Dam the river of my tears... Make some effort just 2 help, B4 I snap & hurt myself. B4 I snap & hurt the 1s, Who loved me 1st & not 4 fun... Who love me when I'm sick & ill, & t
Come Away Wiff Me
Come away with me Norah Jones Come away with me in the night Come away with me And I will write you a song Come away with me on a bus Come away with me where they can't tempt us With their lies I want to walk with you On a cloudy day In fields where the yellow grass grows knee kigh So won't you try to come Come away with me and we'll kiss On a mountain top Come away with me And I'll never stop loving you And I want to wake up with the rain Falling on a tin roof While I'm safe there in your arms So all I ask is for you To come away with me in the night Come away with me
Just how many sides do you have to your personality, hmmm? You keep everyone around you on their toes! Fortunately all these different aspects to your persona are grounded in a loving and capable heart.
Who Am I?
Ok, this is my first blog. Depending on the results, well we’ll see. I’ve read and voted on so many others and finally thought I would give it a try. Reading other peoples about other peoples thoughts and problems has sort of helped me deal with some of mine. I thank you all for sharing those things with the rest of us. The reasons for this little foray into my self expression will become clearer as you read on. I hope you all enjoy reading this, and will share your thoughts on this extremely confusing and demented look into my so called life. Now lets get to our story: About 2yrs ago I received a phone call from one of my sisters. At first it was a “How are you doing type?” conversation, but after a few minutes it turned to something very sinister. When I asked about my mother she proceeded to inform me that my mother had passed away. Not just that day but 2yrs before this phone call was taking place. I say again 2yrs before this phone call took place. After the initial shock of
Band Of Brothers
Crazed Society
Wow. As funny as it gets, I actually have a second Idiot Making News in like the time frame of a week.. I suppose if I looked hard enough I'd find several more Idiots... Okay, here's the story. There was a man fishing down on the coast of mexico, and he was fishing with dynamite (highly illegal, folks...) and someone turned him into the police. So the police came out to investigate this fishermans tactics and asks the fisherman if he can go fishing with him one afternoon. The man consents and they both go fishing. As soon as they are a good distance away from the land, the man lights up a stick of dynamite and throws it into the water. The police says that he is under arrest, and with even more nerve, the fisherman hands the police a lit up stick of dynamite and asks if he's fishing or not. Any Comments About This One? This is a ture news story. Apparently in Austraillia, there was a man jerking off in his girlfriends bedroom, left the bedroom to take a hot shower. After this
Hey All
My Blog.
Heey. I'll love you forever if you go to this show!
Just So You Know
.........I haven't heard a word from my love in South Africa,in better than a week. I've been online with her for 3 years now, and hope to be with her, as soon as things happen. (A Miracle) I'm just not in the mood really for lounges, or much of anything for that matter. I've spent countless sleepless nights on account of it, and well logically this is insane, but my heart still believes, and when and if I finally get her here at CT, you'll know too. Thanks for all you friendship, Bob
(hed)pe At The Brn!!!
Have you even been bored and wondered, "I wonder what would happen if I put this in a blender?" Well worry no more check out the videos bellow and see for yourself:
For the older people here would you want to go back to 20 or stay around 40?
this is my first blog
Tuesday July 3, 2007
Hello all!! AS promised we are starting a daily blog made by me or Rubias. For those of you that missed last night meeting, several things were talked about. I an new oc-owner was (Jessica AKA:Shadow). We also name a new Sectary...Candy. We spoke about helping bomb contests and how the family seems to be dropping the ball in places. So, please be sure do keep up to date in the blogs so that you know where the help is needed. In the pet contest there were a few family members left out when it came to getting help. Right now Cherry is in a contest and all help is needed...there is 2 weeks left and she is in 4th place right now. We need to get her in 1st place asap. Here is the contest photo link: We also spoke about the fact that in Sept. Rubias will be holding a bomb feast and we all need to have 2 salutes to be in this contest. We will join with the another family for this all support is needed....pls get your salutes up as soon as you can
My Writing
This year, I have the honor and pleasure of participating in MDA's Anchorage Telethon Executive Lock Up to help "Jerry's Kids®". To reach my goal I need your help! I'd like to include you or your company on my list of contributors who are helping me reach my goal. Your donation would help MDA continue the important fight against muscular dystrophy. Check out my web page by clicking on the link above. There you'll find all kinds of information about MDA, and be able to make your tax-deductible donation on-line using your credit card. MDA serves people in our community with neuromuscular disease by providing clinics, support groups, assistance with the purchase and repair of wheelchairs, braces and communication devices, and summer camp for kids. MDA also funds research grants to help find treatments and cures for some 43 neuromuscular diseases that affect people of all ages, right here in our community. I sincerely hope that you'll take the opportunity to support MDA. If you
Number 4
time for another installment in my ever growing series. hope y'all enjoy! ----------------------------------------------------- Here we are walking hand in hand through Schenley Park, around 11:00 at night. I am wearing my favorite khaki shorts and an orange polo shirt, sandals on my feet. You are in your usual 'out-on-the-town' uniform of a short, black skirt and white tank top, your red-lace bra showing through. In deference to the heat, you have forsaken you normal thigh-highs and are carrying your heels, since we are currently walking the middle of the ninth fairway. Taking your hand in mine, I pull you to me and kiss you deeply, my tongue first running over your lips and then as you lean into me, slipping between them. Our tongues dance between our mouths for awhile until we grudgingly break the kiss to spread the blanket I've been carrying. "Are you sure we'll be safe here?" you ask in a whisper. "Not really, but that's half the fun. We'll just have to take the chance
Reposting For A Friend
i'm a Cancer wat r u Message: Below are true descriptions of zodiac signs, with traits from a book written 35 years ago by an astrologist predictionist. VIRGO: The Whore Dominant in relationships. Sexy. someone loves them right now. Freak in bed. Always wants the last word. Caring. Smart. Intellectual. Attractive. Loyal. Easy to talk to. Hard to forget. Love at first sight. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please. The one and only. Ultimate sexiness.Great kisser. 7 years of bad luck if you do not repost. SCORPIO: The lover Can be mean somtimes. EXTREMELY sexy. Intelligent. Energetic. Predict future. Most erotic. (Freak in bed.) (GREAT kisser.) Always get what they want. Sexy. Attractive. Easy going. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. The sexiest ever....Romantic. Caring. 4 years of bad luck if you do not repost. LIBRA: The sex addict Very pretty. Very romantic. Nice to everyone they meet. Their Love is one of a kind. Silly, fun and sweet.
100 Pink Lines
There I was 4 Years Old laying in my bed looking at the wall. Crying because I just realized My Mother and my Grandmother were going to die. Someday... I had just watched the news on the Television and realized after asking my Grandmother what the lady meant when she said that two people had died in a house fire the night before .. With a sad look in her face she told me my fate. When I asked what that meant my Grandmother told Me about Death and what it would mean. She told me that we all die and that someday I would. I asked her how long people live and with a Hearty smile she said that some people live to be 100! I remember thinking how long that seemed, and at the same time I was still Disappointed in her answer. I went to bed that night with my pink crayon clutched in my hand, as I Lay there thinking of death I made 100 pink lines with my crayon, next to my bed just under the mattress so my Mother and Grams would not find them while making the beds.
Cherry Tap So Far
lots of old men lonely hitting on you. plenty of young guys. funnnn funnn. lmao
Check This Out!
I'm cherry ann richards, 22 years old :) love to play games and any kinds of games :) if you think you want to know more about me just click my blog page :)
Fubar Stuff
so its funny to me i've been on here a week and i've been blocked by 4 people already. todays blocker was cuz i rated his FUZZY picture a 7 and he took it too harshly rated me a "3" and well blocked me so whatever doesn't really matter to me, this whole rateing things kinda lame anyway.
8 By 11 - Defines Me
Last Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the last time I am postin this before I permanantly leave the site for REAL this time...... And just for the record.. NO I dont have any money.... No I did not pay for my VIC status on here... A wonderful girl of mine surprised the shit out of me and suprised me and bought me a 1 month VIC..... And I am NOT saying her name.. WHY?? Because I dont need fuckin people gettin on her now about her not buying them a VIC 1 month package.... But all that matters is she knows who she is and she knows I love her to death... I am in last place now in my contest.. ppl who I helped in their contests right away .. Never came to help me in mine . Not even am email back or shout back when I asked them if they could please come help me out in my contest.... They ignored me... Sooo well now I no how that goes now.... :( So I was hopeing that was gonna buy me a renewal of me another 1 month VIC... If I was in 1st or 2nd or 3rd place. and 1 a 1 month blast or 1 month VIC either or...
Sending Smiles
I keep getting booted when i try to come here. Not sure what the problem is. Maybe my laptop is too old and not enough memory....anyways just beccause i haven't been able to stop in doesn't mean i'm not interested. Just can't get here. Today for some reason i did.. thats way cool. Hope you have a great week.....
Gardening Tip: 1
Eden BioScience: Messenger. There aren’t many tools a gardener can use to be pro-active in the fight against diseases. Plant health activator, Messenger, shows great promise in helping to grow better plants and in cutting down on the need for fertilizers and pesticides. It’s too early to say with absolute certainty, Messenger is a wonder tonic for plants, but researchers are cautiously optomistic. It is endorsed by gardening associations, including the American Rose Society, and is available in most garden centers. Pros * Plants treated with Messenger are less prone to disease and when attacked, recover faster. * Messenger can protect plants from all sorts of pathogens: fungal, bacterial and even viral. * It is not genetic or systemic. * Non-toxic and breaks down quickly * So environmentally benign it is labeled for use on aquatic plants, on or above the water line. Cons * Mesenger hasn’t been around long enough to be absolutely certain of its
X-games Last Night
I was watching this live on tv last night! Jake Brown was in 1st place, and dropped nearly 50 feet to the bottom of the ramp!
Decending Into Madness
Right now, at this very unique moment in time, I am trying to conquer a nose bleed that has lasted for the past three hours. I only get these when I'm completely stressed out and on the verge of a complete breakdown. So I know what's coming and if I don't write it out I'm going to be screwed. See, I can't take an hour to calm down or regroup. I have to pack. Of this 13 room house, no one room is finished. I'm under the gun because the lawyer/executor of my mother's will is a real cocksmoker. I stand to lose EVERYTHING belonging to me and my mother if I don't move.... FAST! This weekend is the big move. I've got several friends coming to help out. No, they are more than friends, they are my family. These very few people are the people who are always there for me. ALWAYS. They know me the best and always have my best interests at heart. They all calm me in their own ways, which I need right now. It's not that I have to move that is stressing me to this point. I've moved a zillion
Cold By Thane
A seed lies withering beneath the soil, seeking warmth from distant sun. Fruitess seems the endless toil; seeking solace and finding none. To grow and flourish, to begin anew, to burst forth in colored array, but finding only Winter's chill embrace in toneless shades of black and grey. Oh when dear Lord will Summer come, to save this seed from bitter frost? To bring dappled light of untold promise, else all efforts past are lost. A seed lies withering beneath the soil, seeking warmth from distant sun. Fruitess seems the endless toil; seeking solace and finding none. we met as weary pilgrims, two travellers whos paths had crossed upon the craggy road; and together walked passing time with song and story, to ease us of our burdensome load. miles and hours passed as seconds, and too soon we went our separate way; to find our fortune in other countries, perhaps to meet another day. and though time may pass like tide, month to year and yard to mile;
Can You Please Listen
I want everyone to listen to me just for a few mins. First of all who ever sent me that message altho I'm not going to mention names but they know where they are. I want you to listen to me carefully. I don't know what the heck you are talking about. I was not putting anyone down. I'm not that skinny myself. I'm not prejudice at all. Altho being big is not always in the best health. You can put me down all you want but if you think thats going to hurt me you have another thing comming. There are going to be people that like me and people that hate me and personally I could care less. I don't think that with what you just said is going to ruin me in any shape or form. But for me I need to be skinner cause its not in the best health for me. I think you misunderstood me and instead of trying to find out all the facts you jumped down my throat and tried to insult me. I feel sorry for you and wish you the best of luck in your life whatever that might be.
Girlfriends Poem
A POEM ABOUT OUR GIRLFRIENDS Someone will always be prettier. Some will always be smarter. Some of their houses will be bigger. Some will drive a better car. Their children will do better in school. And their husband will fix more things around the house. So let it go, and love you and your circumstances. Think about it! The prettiest woman in the world can have hell in her heart. And the most highly favored woman on your job may be unable to have children. And the richest woman you know, she's got the car, the house, the clothes~~~~ might be lonely. And the word says, "If I have not Love, I am nothing." So, again, love you. Love who you are. Look in the mirror in the morning and smile and say, "I am too blessed to be stressed and too anointed to be disappointed!" "Winners make things happen~~ Losers let things happen." Be "blessed" ladies~~~~~ and pass this on to encourage another woman. "To the world you might be one person, but to the one person you just se
Next Fubar Godfather
Peeps, help my friend become the next fubar godfather. rate his pics, stash, mumms, and blogs. he's put a lot of work into this effort , so lets bomb his site with lots of rates! trout gang@ fubar
I Had To Keep This !!! So Tru
Five (5) lessons to make you think about the way we treat people. 1 - First Important Lesson - Cleaning Lady. During my second month of college, our professor gave us a pop quiz. I was a conscientious student and had breezed through the questions until I read the last one: 'What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?' Surely this was some kind of joke. I had seen the cleaning woman several times. She was tall, dark-haired and in her 50s, but how would I know her name? I handed in my paper, leaving the last question blank. Just before class ended, one student asked if the last question would count toward our quiz grade. 'Absolutely,' said the professor 'In your careers, you will meet many people. All are significant They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say 'hello.' I've never forgotten that lesson. I also learned her name was Dorothy. 2. - Second Important Lesson - Pickup in the Rain One n
Indian Hertiage
Internal Cry
An unborn heart Already torn By a condom That was not worn A young life that has turned to death Before its first external breath There you stand guilt free Look what we've done Can't you see **copyrightd 1990 Written by BinnieBluEyes
everyday in life is a new day. We all have are own problems in life. Sometimes when we don't think it gets any better things look up, other times it keep going wrong. when you are just stressed out to the limit and nothing is going to go your way. Way you have to look at the good in your life to keep you going. Things always get better might get worse first but always gets better. life is like a guessing game you never know what is going to happen next. Just always remeber that you have friends and family to help you and never give up. that is life and you have to make the best out of it while you are here and don't stress on the little stuff it makes it harder. So stay happy and not so stress remember it always gets better Sticks and stones may break my bones,but whips and chains exite me,so hold me down,tie me up,and if you like come bit me. lol its funny but im just kidding. You are always there sharing laughter, love and care. You are truely my best friend. Our special lov
Demon Thoughts
So this is how you see yourself? exciting sexy you like to party ohhh you're wild and smell good. guess what we were born for redemption get your 72 hour bag out dump out the vodka and condoms fill it with buck knives and blueprints strap that megaphone to your gas mask baby now give me a kiss thats how we make our own electricity. Back it all up on an external hard drive and put it in your pocket. Someone give my ghost a shadow Its almost goodbye I swear I promise I'll do it for you too Because I know you wont do it for any of us. Just tell me when you breathe you'll be thankful and bury my bones, standing.
My Website
If you want to see my revealing videos and photos, I've uploaded a ton of videos to my FREE profile. Go Here ( www.Sexxtalk.Com ) For My Nude Videos And Photos. Sign up for FREE, then look up my handle Mistress-ST. Let me know once you sign up and I will send you the password to see my nasty videos.
Dance With The Moon
What a joyous feeling To be free in the night skies In the glow of the full moon To rejoice in the nights beauty To feel the moons Happiness As you join her in the dance The cool night wind Blowing through your hair As you dance the moon dance Rejoice with the Goddess The Mother of all that is Night For she calls her children tonight I go to be with the Goddess As all her children should As she shines the brightest on this night To the skies I shall go tonight To be One with the Goddess The Mother of the Night. wrote 9/28/07
Support The Troops
Please Remember Mom Helen
Screen Shots
What To Do?
Always The Fool
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My Modeling.
Please show some support and join my BRAND SPANKING NEW yahoo group.As a member you will have access to MORE photographs(some never seen on myspace) and get even more updates on yours truly.=]It's free..all you have to have is a yahoo id and email. Click to join SynfulDame Thank you!!xxxo-S
God Is, And Nothing Else Is
what if this world was just a dream, and things weren't what they seemed, and outside of the dream was a better place, where attack and anger were replaced, by the treasure of limitless love, nothing to measure no below or above, or here or there or black or blue, trade you judge me and i judge you, for the light in me salutes the light in you, yes, this place would be quite nice, this place would parallel paradise, to exist in this place there is no fee you're there right now, you're there for free, you're with your whole family tree that consists of God's Sons and that includes me here we rest for eternity, a constant sense of equality and the hush of Heaven falls apon us, we feel the rush of God call on us as co-creators we co-exist, at home with God safe in his fist you've never left but you did start to dream, of separation from God and fearful screams bodily limits and awful things, the good news is from dreams
People say she's only in my head It's gonna take time but I'll forget Say I need to get on with my life They don't realize Is when you're dialing 6 numbers just to hang up the phone Driving across town just to see if she's home Waking a friend in the dead of the night Just to hear him say it's gonna be alright When you're finding things to do not fall asleep Cause you know she will be there in your dreams That's when she's More than a memory Took a match to everything she ever wrote Watched her words go up in smoke Tore all her pictures off the wall They ain't helping me at all 'Cause when you're talking out loud but nobody's there You look like hell and you just don't care Drinking more than you ever drank Sinking down lower than you ever sank When you find yourself falling down upon your knees Praying to god, begging him "please" That's when she's More than a memory She's more She's more 'Cause when you're dialing her number just to hang up the pho
Little About Me.
I need some help to make my profile better. I know, its lame. If you are interested in helping me, let me know. I am open to about anything, but I am lazy so I want your idea and you to put it on my profile. lol Be creative. Hey there. I am a fun loving guy that works too much and plays to little. I like to have fun no matter where I go. I love to chat and meet people. I have a cam and love to chat on cam. I do not plan to try to show anyone my stuff. It is not that impressive until in use. lol Gimme a shout, or mail if you want to chat on Yahoo with your clothes on. (not gay, just would rather see it in person than on cam) Have a great day/night or what ever. Peace out! Wes
On Compatibilty
Many people speak of compatibility. I don't think that there are any two people that are the same. I wouldn't want to be someone else or something other than me. I am an individual and am me and not you. I don't think its good to change who we are to be like or please someone else. How boring would it be if we agreed on everything? There would be no fun, no competition, nothing. Just bored of the same old thing and nothing new to grow with. We would have nothing to talk about if you didnt have something of your own. I love the Steelers!! I love Jeff Gordon. But if you did not love the Browns then I would have no fun on game day. Who would i have to harass? Just an example. I need you to be exactly what and who you are. I even like to roller skate.. I don't mind if you don't. I have friends already that do. Make sense? Common interest is important. Its a known fact that opposites attract though. Musical and movie tastes are important with friends and
Life Is Prison
Life Is A Prison Life is a prison, Oh God let me out. No one to listen, To hear when you shout. Climb the walls of insanity, Ride the waves of despair. If you fall it don't matter, There's no one to care. Used to wish for a window, To see birds, trees and sky, But you're better without one - Stops you aiming too high. Watching freedom is painful, For those locked away. Seeing joy, love and happiness, Another price that you pay. Strong is good, weak is bad. Be it false, be it true. Your mind makes the choice, And enforces it too. Cell walls built by society, With rules to adhere. If you breach the acceptable, You had better beware. Hide the pain, carry on, Routine is the key. Don't let on that you're not, What you're pretending to be. Lock it all up inside you, How badly that bodes. Look out for that one day, When it all just explodes. Leaving naught but a shell, Base functionality too. But killing all else, That was uniquely you.
Thats Our Military Friends For Ya
MILITARY FRIENDS CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Tell you not to do something stupid when drunk MILITARY FRIENDS: Will post 360 security so you dont get caught CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs MILITARY FRIENDS: Call your parents, pretty lit, and tell them about the fat chick or guy you tried to pick up CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Hope the night out drinking goes smoothly, and hope that no one is late for the ride home. MILITARY FRIENDS: Know some wild crap will happen, and set up rally points and an E & E route. CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong. MILITARY FRIENDS: Will be sitting next to you in jail saying, Damn...we screwed up...but hey, that shit was fun as hell!" CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Cry with you. MILITARY FRIENDS: laugh at you and tell you to stop being a fag. CIVILIAN FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back. MILITARY FRIENDS: Borrow each other's stuff so often nobody remembers who bought it in the first place.
We Mourn The Death Of A Friend
Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth-records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as: Knowing when to come in out of the rain; why the early bird gets the worm, life isn't always fair; and maybe it was my fault. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch (mouthwash contains alcohol); and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition. Common sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for
Some People
That is a good question. I guess a better one would be what a papi is to me. A Papi is a man among men. This is the guy other men should aspire to be. He is compassionate, patient, tolerant. He is brutally honest, trustworthy, intelligent and makes me feel safe. He can be gentle with me. Take my face in his hand and kiss me so tenderly that I go weak. He will hold me at night, cuddle with me on the couch and wipe away the tears when I cry - Doubtful he would be the one to cause them. not impossible, just highly unlikely He can be incredibly romantic and passionate to a complete freak in the bedroom. HE will own me in the bedroom. He will have me so turned on and teased I won't know which way is up. All I can think about is I want this man anyway, anyhow, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. There is nothing in reason I would not do for or to him. That to me is a papi and if I call you a papi you better believe I think the world of you and would never take you for granted, purposely hurt
Why Are So Many People Scared Of Staying Married?
I blame the music for today's marital troubles. In a sense, bad music has messed up the world as we know it. You can tell by the message that's in the music today. It seems that the mentality is "why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free". This is why no one wants to get married, and why no one today ever wants to stay married. I mean I'm not married right now because I want to get married ONE TIME and ONE TIME only. I've seen first-hand what divorce can do and let me tell you, it's not pretty. Nobody gets it worse than the kids, trust me on that. I mean nobody even cares anymore, about their spouses or anyone. Whatever happened to those Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee-type relationships? There is no sense of order, nor is there any sense of structure anymore. Believe it or not, the only way to bring that back is through the power of music.
Sing Along.....
SING IT GIRLS!!! At first I was afraid, I was petrified. When you said you had 10 inches, Lord I almost died! But I'd spent so many years just waiting for a man that long, that I grew strong, and I knew that I could take you on... But there you are, another lie, I was ready for a Big Mac and you've brought me a French fry! I should have known that it was bulls***t, just a sad pathetic dream Should have known there was no Anaconda lurking in those Jeans! Go on now - go! , Walk out the door, Don't you promise me 10 inches, then turn up with only 4! Weren't you a jerk to think I wouldn't find you out!? Don't you know we're only joking when we say size don't count??!! [Chorus] I will survive! I will survive! Cuz as long as I have batteries, My sex life's gonna thrive! I will always have good sex, With a handful of latex! I will survive! I will survive! Hey! Hey! It took all my self control not to laugh out loud, When I saw your little weiner standing t
So Beautiful
You are more beautiful than anything I've ever seen, But that is not the only reason I'm so keen. You have a beautiful personality, It has its own originally. You have the most beautiful deep brown eyes, They are beautiful because they have no disguise. You have beautiful, luscious lips, Even better when they eclipse. You have a beautiful soft face, So beautiful, I would never replace. You have a beautiful touch, So beautiful, I want it so much. You have a beautiful kiss, So beautiful, I would never, ever want to miss. I think this is a becoming a beautiful love, The kind only sent from above. These are reasons you are such a beautiful friend, I hope we will be together til the very end.
Graphics Contest, Help!
So I hope that some of you out there actually take the time and check this out. I've posted it on my profile and in a bulletin but now I'll post it here for a back up to the back up I guess you could say. This also happens to be my first blog ever, whether here or myspace or anywhere! Haha, so here's the deal. I belong to this forum of sorts that runs contests every once and a while and some of them strike my interest. They've got a graphic contest with the concept of last fan standing in support of the new Will Smith movie I Am Legend. You can do two entries so I did. The first one is an old graphic I made that I just really like and think it will catch people's eye, I just added some stuff and touched it up a bit. The second is just a random picture that I ran into and decided to play around with and add to it. So help me out. Ratings and comments are great, but even if you just view it, it will still help out. Nothing really to lose. First Submission: Second Submission:
Hey all ~ just wanted to drop in and wish all of our friends a Happy Holiday Season. Kelly and I have moved back to New Mexico - temporarily! LOL He's currently in Phoenix, attending truck driving school for a few weeks. He's kickin' ass and takin' names! He should be home sometime around the 19th ~ then a week or two here... then he's off to Denver to start six weeks of Driver/Coach training with a mentor. After that, he'll have his own truck - and we are hitting the road. We will be doing long haul - coast to coast and Canada. I will try really hard to keep everyone posted on here as to where we are and where we are going... that way, if we are in your neck of the woods ~ maybe we can stop and have a beer with ya! To Be Continued.... ~ hugs & Bites ~ ~ S ~ & ~ K ~
It's Me
"Like You'll Never See Me Again" Alicia Keys. The first time I heard this track I can't begin to explain what it did to me. After spending 15 years off and on with my daughters father. The last 6 years he has been incarcerated we still have 22 months. Everytime I have to leave that visiting room, I feel everything this track says. I'm really interested in the responses from these questions. So please tell me about yourself. I'll go first and then you respond. 1. Would you bang or pass the chance? BANG 2. What State do you live in? OHIO 3. What color eyes do you have? GREEN 4. What zodiac sign are you? AQUARIUS 5. Favorite position to have sex? DOGGY...I'M VERY FLEXIBLE 6. Would you ever star in a porn movie given a chance? NOPE 7. Favorite place to have sex? IN PUBLIC 8. Any Tattoos and/or Piercing's? YES BOTH 9. Do you perfer shaved, trimmed or natural on your partner? TRIMMED 10. Are you the one who makes the first move do you just hope they do?
Vote For Me On Myyearbook
I know that this is HAPPY HOUR, and i have no problem talking to people on here...but when all you get are men that are old enough to be your dad talking to you like your just a piece of ass on a porn channel, it get's annoying...I have no pic's that have anything to do with porn so why do you talk to me like I'm just a piece of meat? It's so, so annoying..I mean, most of them are married, so why don't they go and sleep with there wive's or girlfriend's and leave me the hell alone...i'm sorry i just had to vent...I'm not trying to affend anyone, but this has really irrated me.
i want to thank everyone one who helped me level up i might have missed the fubar gift but the fubar family came thru and helped me. Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for the help Alissa aka Blondie
Prepaid Legal Services
Words To Live By
Words to live by when you seem to have nothing !) Every person you meet may seem better off but you have no clue what’s wrong on the inside of him or her or around him or her so treat him or her like family even if they wrong you. 2) What you do have in life is precious and should be loved no matter what even when the world has you against the wall love what you have in your life for you may never have it again. 3) If you seem unable to escape the darkness that surrounds you embrace it and use it to your advantage for in times of strife you can use it to help others with their problems. 4) Time on this rock is very short don’t waste it with what ifs do what you can and do it in love hold what you can and hold it in love and know out there your making a difference even if you cant see it you are. 5) You may think the world hates you but in truth its fear any one who has ever said I hate you means to say I fear you but wont admit it to themselves. 6) Know when to back
Happy Birthday To Me Buy Me A Drink.
Getting older. Need to get drunker.
Fubar Stuff
FuBar Pts. Break Down WHEN YOU DO THE FOLLOWING YOU GET 3 pts for rating a profile 2 pts for leaving profile comment 1 pt. for rating a photo 1 pt. for photo comment 1 pt. for stash rating 1 pt. for stash comment 0 pts for fanning someone THE PERSON YOUR HELPING OUT GETS 11 pts for you fanning them 6 pts for you rating there profile 6 pts for photo rating 6 pts for photo comment 6 pts for stash rating 6 pts for stash comment 5 pts for page comment Please keep in mind all pts are doubled for you and them during Happy Hour. As you can see when trying to level someone it pays to fan them. Stash and pic rates and comments may be worth the same but some find it a lot easier to rate stash then pics. Also for those of you that may not have realized as you can see its also helping you out when your helping others :) ... And a side note DO NOT get any points for Ripped Pics...COPY them then upload them. Below is a list of blog links. They will
Love Boat
Hellbillys Hideout
To Write Love On Her Arms
It is a non-profit out of Flordia who seek to help those with their problems of drugs, addictions, cutting, and just life in general they have a myspace page and i fully support what they are doing i hope you will check them out and give them some support even if it is only moral support all seems needed!! thank you To Write Love On Her Arms - IntroAdd to My Profile | More Videos To be alone to die alive, day by day just to survive. Each minuet passing by, is one more time she has to try! For there is something deep inside, that with these scars she's trying to hide. They tell a story of anger, pain, self torment, and personal blame. A canvas of flesh and blood, framed by burdens instead of wood. If she only knew that people do care, imagine the beauty we would see there. Her arms filled with words so fowl, a terrible sight why, how? Society why have we left her to this harm, when we should try to write love on her arms? By
~just One Minute Of Real Love~
**********Just One Minute of Real Love********** Sometimes when you Love someone with all you are...Heart, Mind, Body and Soul, you start wanting to protect them and spare them from any Hurts, Pains or Troubles. It comes from wanting the Best for them and willing to Turn the World upside down for them. It is an ureal expectation and even though Your Mind knows this, Your Heart still tells you to try EVERYTHING to help them and spare them any Pain. You try to find solutions for their problems when all they may need is your silent support. Even words used to comfort can come back and bite you in the ass because you are in a different place then they are and are in a different mindset even though you struggle mightly to be next to them. Hell, you would even take a bullet for them if you could to spare them. I am learning about Real and True Love. Peace.
check out my new pictures and comment me thanks ....
Kids Are Why I Need A Drink!
You know I have a wonderful gorgeous nine year old. She is this blonde haired blue eyes little cherub. But underneath this is a satan spawn. She used to be sweet and loving. Now she is nothing but anger and arguments. I know its because I am not home at night. Her father tends to either yell at her instead of talking to her or he is too busy with playing video games to pay attention. I have to work. I have to make a living. I guess I have to take a pay cut and try and find a day job. I finally found a job that is good for me and pays a great salary. My daughter is more important. I am just at my wits end...not sure what to do with her anymore. I welcome any suggestions! Thanks for listening!
Dj Hand Off
DJ Chastity 250 DJ Madman k DJ Chastity 200 DJ Madman k DJ Chastity 150 DJ Madman k DJ Chastity 100 DJ Madman k DJ Chastity 50 DJ Madman k DJ Chastity 40 DJ Madman k DJ Chastity 30 DJ Madman k DJ Chastity 20 DJ Madman k DJ Chastity 10 DJ Madman k DJ Chastity go DJ Madman got it DJ Chastity Great have a good set DJ Tater Ladies and gents. That is how you do a hand off.
Gender Issues!!!
Haters And Players
I am finally happy with my girlfriend, and i am moving away from where I have been for a while. I am starting fresh with her, getting rid of all the bullshit and drama. Yet, for some reason, the bullshit keeps coming up because people don't know how to get a fucking life, and leave me the hell alone. Why is it so hard to believe that I am happy and want nothing to do with them. Try to tell them, they don't wanna listen, stop talking to them, and they wanna start drama. What the fuck is their problem. So, for all the haters that can't stand seeing someone happy... deal with it, because if you fuck someone's happiness up, that is definitely low. Just because you can't be with them, does not mean for you to go on and fuck their happiness up!
Made For Me!!! Thank You
Friends Are Something That People Sometimes Take For Granted. Sometimes You Let To Much Time Pass Without Telling Them How Much They Mean To You, Or How Much They Are A Part Of Your Life.Sometimes You Need To Take A Few Minutes Of Your Time Just To Say Thank You. Thank You For Being A Friend.Thank You For Listening When I Needed Someone To Talk To.Thank You For Helping Me When I Needed It.Thank You For Being The Person You Are.THANK YOU!!!These People Are The Ones Who I Consider To Be Great Friends To Me. They Are The Ones Who Make My Time On Fubar Great. They Are Always There For You When You Need Them And They Are Always Willing To Lend A Helping Hand Or A Shoulder When You Need It. Each One Of Them Mean Something Special To Me In Thier Own Way, And Each One Of Them Hold A Special Place In My Heart!!!So Go Show Them Some Love And Tell Them NJ_Nice_Guy Sent You!!!IN NO SPECIAL ORDER!!!ÐJ §ëx¥ §HÈLL ÖWÑÈR ÅND Gênêrál ÖF DREAM GIRLZ@ fubarMrs. Bubbles™FuWife 2 Southern Goddess@ fuba
Respect Or Lack There Of!
READ FROM THE BOTTOM UP! masterdomi...: believe me, gagging when looking at your lard ass does not require cock thinking. ->masterdomi...: i am sorry that you do not know how to treat a women. how hard is it for a man to think with his brain and not his dick? masterdomi...: yes and I am sure you are called air bags for reasons other than your big fat floppy juggs laid out all over the internet sluts lay your fat asses out for the world to see and when you get a comment you get pissed off......kiss my ass fat bitch ->masterdomi...: they are not showen all over the internet like most of the whores on here. atleast i have enough self respect to keep my clothes on in all my pictures masterdomi...: hey, flop your fat juggs out for the whole world to see and what do you expect. ->masterdomi...: good bye you disrespectful jerk masterdomi...: nice fat juggs I AM SORRY IF ANYTHING THAT I SAID UPSETS ANYONE BUT BEING TREATED LIKE THIS MAKES ME VERY UPSET!
Im in an auction.... wanna own me?? Start bidding!! Hosting my FIRST contest!! I need 10 people to enter this contest, it will start after I have 10 people in it. Prizes are as follows: 1st place 1 MILLION Fu-bucks- first person to 50,000 comments. 2nd place 500,000K Fu-bucks-second person with at least 30,000 comments 3rd place 250K Fu-bucks- third person with at least 15,000 comments Once this contest starts you will have 5 weeks to get to the number of comments needed, if you don't get the number of comments needed to prizes will be awarded. To join send me a private message with a link to the photo you want to use. Only one rule, NO DRAMA!! ~Hillary~~MEMBER OF GIT-R-DONE-REBELS FAMILY BOMB SQUAD~ and a "Real Deal Babe"(Fu-Owned by@ fubar I am holding an auction. I need 15 people to join it!! All I need is a link to the picture you want me to use and 25K fu-bucks to join... you will get that back most likely because the
WELL GOOD MORNING PPLZ! I HOPE UR SUNDAY STARTS OFF BETTER THEN MINE! IS IT JUST ME OR IS THERE SOME REALLY DUMB AZZ MEN ON THIS SITE? I SAY THIS BC THERE HAS BEEN THIS 1 MAN WHO I HAVE NEVER EVEN SPOKEN TOO THAT HAS CONSTANLY MESSAGED ME, NEVER BEING RUDE UNTIL THIS MORNING...SO I NEVER BLOCKED HIM JUST IGNORED HIM *lol* WELL THIS IS THE CONVO THIS MORNING... AFTER LEAVIN THE FIRST COMMENT...WHICH I DIDNT RESPOND TOO, HE WENT TO MY PICS IN WHICH I HAVE A PIC THAT STATES...DESCRIBE ME IN 1 WORD...THE WORD HE LEFT WAS "FUCKABLE" :| Don: I say such a shame if someones not benefiting from that sexy and seductive woman! Ch3rrY: wow did u have to leave such a rude comment :| Don: I am not the one sticking my tongue out baby what did you expect Don: thats whats wrong with women like you they tease and never please just a joke huh Don: may be rude to you but a woman would take that as a compliment Ch3rrY: women like me ??? my pics are sensual not sexual by any means...but u don
What The Fuck!?!??
Goddamnit once again bullshit rears its ugly head!! Sherri just turned her back on me and my ex contacted me trying to say shes a good person...hahahahahaha bullshit!!! I am so fucking tired of being shit on by the female population......i at least met one great woman back here in florida. But damn people something has got to give....i mean a guy can only take so much shit before he snaps.....i know us guys put ya'll women thru some shit but ya'll do the same to us......god im losing my mind!!!
The Insomniac's Lunar Delights
Fu Bank Roll Contest ...wooot Come Help Me Out
I Asked You
All About Me
Cleaning Lists
IF I haven't heard from you, you NEVER talk to me or leave comments or you're not wicca/wiccan I'm sorry you're gone. I'm trying to keep this name limited to those I can rate or leave comments to. If by chance I do accidentally remove you please let me know
Here I Go Again
just a few thoughts and explainations to my friends who dont mind listening... lately i have been distant to my friends, espically the closest ones who i talk w on the phone or txt... trying to help my family...and an ex of mine has come back into the picture again... i am probably setting myself up for heart break again, but i have to follow my heart... he joined fubar again..his new name is Lord Death... for most who have read my other blogs...espically the ones labeled feeding my soul... and missing my soul mate...i wrote them with this young man in mind... you know how sometimes u just instantly connect w a person b4 u even meet them??? well thats what this young man has done with me... i started haveing dreams and lucid visions of him back in october 2000... i met him online this past july of 07, i told him of these dreams...and all he kept saying is i found what i dremt... he claims that its been 5 years ago since he had such a strong connection to a woman a
My Vip
hey all I am in a contest need 10000 comments 4 a vip 4 my birthday please help me out with as many as you can tyvm xoxo annie
The days and the hours go by it is always the same.
Lil Devil
Hey LIl DEvil Is trying to lebvel help,her out. Thanks.
I Dont Know ....
Hey ya'll, not sure why I'm feelin' this way, but I kno away u can help me out ...... PLZ STOP BY AND SIGN MY GST BOOK AND I'll be sure to return all tha LUV ........ ApPLe :)
Cheat Sheet
Lair of Love Lounge We Wish All The Mother's On Fubar A Wonderful Mother's Day. Grab your friends and check out Lair of Love! You will be extremely glad you did! Click the pic to join Lair of Love!
Untitled Poem
UNTITLED when i first met you i was afraid afraid of opening up afraid of getting hurt or worse getting my heart broke again i didnt think i could ever love someone again i didnt think it was possible till i met you Now I lay here awake thinking about you curled up in a ball in my bed all alone cuddled up to a pillow crying myself to sleep wishing you were here with me and wishing you knew how u make me feel when i talk to you i laugh i cry happy tears and you put a real smile on my face a smile that people dont see very often ,but when i'm talking to you i cant help ,but smile all the time. you make me feel loved like i'm the only one in the world that matters you make me get butterflies in my stomach every time we talk you make me feel like a little giggly school girl in love again i was so afraid to open up not thinkin i would ever feel like this again i am so glad i finally did you have shown me that there is love out there an
In Irons
What 2 Do???
I'm craving sum peanut butter and I'm horny..LOL...
Lettin All My Friends And Family Memebers Know...
That I won`t be on here as much as I used to be...I am 7 months pregnant and I am tryna get everythin`ready for my baby girl...So, If you leave me luv and profile comments or whatever I will return everythin`as soon as I can...` Thanx for understgandin
Im Up For Sale In 2 Dif Auctions
OK Guess what the one and only DJ Tazman is goin up for sale in 2 dif auctions . Now who wants me . show me you want me . im offering fu owned for 2 weeks , rate pix 10s durin hh , i will make a couple morphs and add to top friends . thats the first one the second one i am offering rate pix durring hh , fu owned for one month , add to family and top friends , added to yahoo and ur name in mine for a month . i just might toss in something else if the price is right .Just click the pic to go to the auction page .if you dont have enough to bid then please just go and rate the pix since i can win something off of the rates as well ty all and come show me how much you want me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feeling .
It is impossible to fall out of love. Love is such a powerful emotion, that once it envelops you it does not depart. True love is eternal. If you think that you were once in love, but fell out of it, then it wasn't love you were in. There are no 'exit' signs in love, there is only an 'on' ramp
Darn Giveaway Is Soooo Long,anyone Bored?
I know another giveaway, my last one for awhile, but couldnt pass up a 1 YEAR VIP. any help would be appreciated, thanks all, and as always THANK YOU for always being there for me.=) ^^^^CLICK ME^^^^ ^^^^CLICK ME^^^^ ~BRATT~.=) ~BRATT~@ fubar
'Well you see, Norm, it's like this . . A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo. And when the heard is hunted, it is the lowest and weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural selection is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the whole group keeps improving by the regular killing of the weakest members. In much the same way, the human brain can only operate as fast as the slowest brain cells. Now, as we know, excessive intake of alcohol kills brain cells. But naturally, it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first. In this way, regular consumption of beer eliminates the weaker brain cells, making the brain a faster and more efficient machine. And that, Norm, is why you always feel smarter after a few beers.'
Year Book Battle
Sadness Becomes Me
Since my family and I have moved to Virginia I have become separated from them in a few ways. I have searched and searched for ways to reconnect with the ones I love. However to no avail... My life it seems has become a farce of what it used to be. Love... from the person that matters to ME second only to one it seems has drifted so far away it will never be teathered again. My daughter is too young to be going through this. She is to naieve to understand what it is that is happening around her. I miss the warm embrace of my partner; the way she cuddles up next to me when she is sleeping. The way she smiles when she is truly happy. Even the moodiness she exudes when she first wakes up. Although I have not been with a woman in almost a year now I dont feel that any other woman would suffice. She holds my heart in her hands. My soul is a part of her. She has taken posession of many of my firsts in life. The most precious to me I gave to her willingly. I s
Bleeding Love
Closed off from love I didn't need the pain Once or twice was enough And it was all in vain Time starts to pass Before you know it you're frozen But something happened For the very first time with you My heart melts into the ground Found something true And everyone's looking around Thinking I'm going crazy But I don't care what they say I'm in love with you They try to pull me away But they don't know the truth My heart's crippled by the vein That I keep on closing You cut me open and I Keep bleeding Keep, keep bleeding love I keep bleeding I keep, keep bleeding love Keep bleeding Keep, keep bleeding love You cut me open Trying hard not to hear But they talk so loud Their piercing sounds fill my ears Try to fill me with doubt Yet I know that the goal Is to keep me from falling But nothing's greater Than the rush that comes with your embrace And in this world of loneliness I see your face Yet everyone arou
Black Heart Society
Well just wanted to say hello to all the fellow MASTERs, and MADAMs. I am the house MASTER of the Black Heart Society, a network of swingers interested in the BDSM lifestyle. If you have any questions or thoughts drop them here.
The Best Lounge Ever!
My Weekend Getaway...
so you want to hear about my vacation: friday night we went back and forth as to where to go, she kept saying, she trusted my judgement but I was getting annoyed by the minute. I mean think about, she's been nagging me that she wanted to get out of town , now that we were both on vacation from work...she couldnt put her finger on a specific place to go??? I mean come on! So, friday night passed and I went to sleep, saturday came and i was eager and ready to hit the road, somewhere. So, I suggested Minneapolis, then cabins in minnesota, chicago, a concert (bbd, troop, and mint condition) but there was so much i wanted to do in chicago that $$$$$ became an issue and i didnt want to drive there, just for a concern if i couldnt do several different things. I figured, the total trip would cost about 1000.00 if I decided to go do chicago and do a bunch of things to make weekend a fun getaway. So that went out the window....then... the thought of going to omaha zo

Hi there im 5'10 brunette brown eyes , pretty fit and straight ... Im not looking for anything other than friendship. Im a honest person and expect it in return. I HATE liars and people who like to play mind games . The love of my life is my horses and my dogs , my family and the closest of my friends. I love ppl who can make me laugh as i love making ppl feel the same way . The things i like to do in life are horse riding the hills and off roading , horse racing , showjumping , eventing , cooking , eating out at nice places , clubbin when i got the time , and RUGBY !! ..... Im on line quiet often as i own a on line RPG game with a good friend of mine , i also love talking to ppl from all over the world female or males , ok here goes ........... Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 15 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 10 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forge
Salute Photo Discrimination
Masters Slut Ii...............
-Are You a slut, Kitten-? His dark eyes locked with mine, as His voice calmly spoke. I had no idea what to answer Him, because I was not only a slut. I was also a lady and a playful girl in a perfect blend with the hungry and sensuous slut. He looked at me and smiled -Answer my question in this way, then; I want you - today - to prove to me and to yourself what a hungry, wicked slut she is. Email me the ... results. My eyes widened as I heard those words. My first task, my first assignment from One I know has a lot of power over me. From One that both frightens me and entices me...because of that power – and One that I simply need to obey – because it is the right thing to least in this stage of my life...a stage of exploring, learning and finding out more about who and what I am. Hungry, wicked slut...indeed. When I go wet just by seeing You ~ when I balance on the edge of a release merely by a gaze from Your eyes or a light touch from Your hands...I am most certainly
Captive (asir)
The Captive (Asir) I want you, yet I know that never can I embrace you to my heart's content. you are that clear and bright sky. I, in this corner of the cage, am a captive bird. from behind the cold and dark bars directing toward you my rueful look of astonishment, I am thinking that a hand might come and I might suddenly spread my wings in your direction. I am thinking that in a moment of neglect I might fly from this silent prison, laugh in the eyes of the man who is my jailer and beside you begin life anew. I am thinking these things, yet I know that I can not, dare not leave this prison. even if the jailer would wish it, no breath or breeze remains for my flight. from behind the bars, every bright morning the look of a child smile in my face; when I begin a song of joy, his lips come toward me with a kiss. O sky, if I want one day to fly from this silent prison, what shall I say to the weeping child's eyes: forget about me, for I am captive bird
It wasn't till after a relationship I was in for years did I truly realize how programmed I was by her. I kept thinking of what she would want involuntarily, and that got frustrating. So I started the task of unprogramming my mind, so I could make my own choices, independant of what she would want. And do you know what I found? I found out that I was only partly myself while I was with her. I am still a sweetheart that will do a lot for those I care about, but I also found out that I was lying to myself about what I was into. I found myself watching more of the types of movies I enjoy most, horror, and it felt good to be my own person. Another part of my life that I didn't realize was affected until after was my sex life. I got so used to doing exactly what she wanted, that I had no moves or special tricks. Only from experimentation have I figured out where my strengths lie. And now that I don't have to worry about her limits, I've expanded my mind and seen things I could
One Reason I Hate To Rush
Ok a few of you know I had to take off quick to pick up some paperwork b4 4pm. On the way I fell and hit a brick wall...yup. I landed on the concrete after crushing my right ear into the corner of the bricks. Several minor cuts n scrapes,,sure it will all hurt worse Guess I'm not just a tough old bird but blessed too. Don't appear to have broken anything, and I can still type. Just wanted the peeps I was talking to to understand how quickly things happen. Especially when I already got like 3 trillion bunches of shit goin on already...hehe..but true. Love my friends.
Herb decided to propose to Sandy, but prior to her acceptance Sandy had to confess to her man about her childhood illness. She informed Herb that she suffered a disease that left her breasts at the maturity of a 12 year old. He stated that it was OK because he loved her sooo much. However, Herb felt this was also the time for him to open up and admit that the had a deformity too. Herb looked Sandy in the eyes and said 'I too have a problem. My winky is the same size as an infant and I hope you could deal with that once we are married.' She said, 'Yes I will marry you and learn to live with your infant size winky.' ' Sandy and Herb got married and they could not wait for the honeymoon. Herb whisked Sandy off to their hotel suite and they started touching and teasing, holding one another. As Sandy put her hands in Herb's pants, she began to scream and ran out of the room! Herb ran after her to find out what was wrong. She said, 'You told me your
7th Coh Hiring Dj Bullie
Needing Help Leveling
Godfather Auction - Cash Bids Only
Photo Op
Got Screwed And Missed It
Ay Amor Mio
AY AMOR MIO - Funny videos are here
More Of A Question
Ive got new pics on my computer but when I go to down loan them here it says the pics are to big. How do I fix that?
Inspired By Something I Read By Venus Da Goddess.
wow i feel a wave of emotions building as you begin i feel the whirlpool of hurt through undercurrents of hope as it presents a glimpse of light at the surface too deep to fathom with shallow empathy overwhelmed in the end rhythmic tug of war between earth and moon causing tsunamis from memories loving is human mating is just instinct to breed will to survives a norm in all life forms it's done instintively i guess that is the nature of it all what complicates this most of all our hearts like the earth, our mates the sun, our mind's the moon constantly playing tug of war
Exotic Dreams Things
I Am New
So i am at the library and can't access my space or for whatever reason but can access this which i think is pretty cool. i am currently working part time and go to school.
My Sex Survey!!
OK This sex survey is a little different - Its gonna take guts to answer these questions!!! I wanna know who among you is a real freak and who is just plain jane when it comes to your activities behind closed doors! Answer HONESTLY!!DONT POST THE ANSWERS SEND THEM VIA MESSAGE TO ME 1) Would you do me? 2) Would you let me go down on you? 3) Would you go down on me? 4) if you're a girl do you squirt? 5) Do you prefer a women to swallow or spit? 6) Do you like the way you taste? I know you've tried it! 7) what is your favorite position to cum in? 8) Pull it out or leave it in? 9) Mouth, face, chest, back, belly? 10) Cum once then stop or keep going? 11) How many times can you cum from 6pm to 6am? 12) Ever had a 3 way? 13) 2 guys or 2 girls? 14) Would you have a 3 way with me? 15) Which of my friends would you want me to invite to join us? 16) Would it be straight sex only or would it be mouths and hands everywhere? 17) Would you
Rigor Mortis
Time has not healed but rather created these wounds that I feel these nerves raw and grated. Stepping outside and looking back in what a wonderful ride from the start to the end Sure we had issues sure there was pain but you cannot dismiss you can not complain that our lives didn't have meaning or that it all stood for not for the proofs in the gleaning the child we brought into this world as proof of our love this wonderful girl who's life stands above either of ours and this point will remain that we'll both fight the powers that attempt to bring pain to her wonderful heart that's a mix of our lives So we'll start our new starts and we'll start to take strides And we'll both start to heal from these deep cutting wounds moving past what we feel and start singing new tunes and start living new lives and start dreaming new dreams and we'll both start to strive and we'll both start to achieve and we can both then look back and see t
Gum Drops & Rainbows.
Just me and you, With the world in our hands, So say what you want I'm really not who you think I am, I keep the ones that make me sane, So stop telling me I'm not who you thought I would be And I'm so much better now that I'm far from you, This passion drowns our need for love Don't you ask me any questions. Just come on and follow me Through the wires and ocean bottoms, Through the skies and empty rooms. From the pit of my stomach Coming out through my throat, Regret and failure, The need to keep you coming back for more. And this is all still so new to me, Our eyes have lost their color. And now I'm trying, I'm trying to keep my balance. But there is nothing, there's nothing to keep me steady. And I'll hold myself up. And I'm so much better now that I'm far from you, This passion drowns our need for love. No, we can't stop even if we wanted to. No one ever said that life was fair and I'm not saying that it should be So knowing that you are what you want to be and I'm not comes
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Peter Britt
Hello, My name is Kristine. I am a long-time friend of country/rock artist and published author, Peter Britt. I wanted to tell everyone about Peter’s book “All That I Am, I Think!. Peter’s book is a journey into emotion. Pain, love, sex, anger, passion, forgiveness and much more. This is perhaps the easiest reading book I have ever had the wonderful pleasure to own. It was surprising to me, that a man could actually understand a woman so very well. Not only in the respect that a woman is physically different but, in a woman’s emotions and feelings. The true woman inside. This man has a seemingly natural understanding of how we (women) think and feel. The most wonderful [art of his book, was that it made me feel as if I were having a conversation with Peter over a cup of coffee. That in itself made me realize this man has something substantial to say to the world. Fortunately, he was compelled to write about who and what he truly is deep inside and share it. Any woman who wants he
Auction Im In Come * Bid
Something I Wrote:)
Tired Of Fake People
What Men Want... Sexually
I can't speak for every man, but I can speak for every man that I have ever met.     85 percent of women reading will not like this blog and think I am a shallow asshole. Of course you 85 percent are also the ones at home alone right now wishing that guy would call you some other time than 2:15AM when the bar closes, he needs a ride somewhere or he needs to borrow money.     Or your home alone while your boyfriend/husband is "hanging out with the boys", often referred to as bending his secretary over the copy machine.     So put on your big girl panties and pay attention. This is exactly how men think, they just don't have the balls to tell you, because men these days are pussies, not men, which is a whole new blog topic we won't go into.     It's common knowledge that I like for a womans bra and panties to match if she is planning on getting naked for me. Here's the typical response to that.   Her: "Matching bra and panties, that's so shallow! I want him to be attrac
Another Poem By Me
Busty Babes
Im turned on by busty babes...Woman with curves...
Why Is It That Most Of The Women's Pictures On Here Are Sleezy
I have noticed for a long time now that 90% of the women on here have very sleezy to down right display images. I personally feel that women on here do not need to exploit themselves to get attention. I am well aware that this is a social network designed and creadted for adults. I am perfectly ok with the ones that have their flirtatious to sexual pictures in a private album of which members of this site by the owners choosing can view the photos. I however believe that a woman's breasts and pussy should not be spead from here to kindom come just to get men to talk to her. Even if the woman is not easy she is labeling herself that way for posting images like that. So to all you breast showing pussy spreading whores, make your fucking pictures private. Also do not bash me simply because I do not have any pictures of a sexual nature for all to veiw. I am proud of the fact that I do not need to reveal my body on this site or any other site to get to know people. I am not prude and am
It's Ok
Its ok. I’m sorry too. Lay back hold a pillow, pretend I’m there holding you. I’ll whisper in you ear. How you’re such a beautiful person inside and out. While I tickle your arms to your back. As you fall asleep I’ll hold you just as tight as you hold me. I’ll always be beside you and never let you go. You’re in my heart, on my mind and a part of my soul. "I love you. With all my heart. Forever!"  So a little input please! Does time catch up or slow down and wait?
Never Stopped
You can forget I exist, Care about me no more. Watch me fall crying, Just walk out the door. Break me into pieces, Crush whatever remains. Tell me you hate me, Inflict upon me your pain. Trap me in a room alone, Watch as I go insane. Laugh at my stupidity, Leave me in the rain. Kill me if you must, But don't deny what's true. Even after all this suffering, I've never stopped loving you.
It Support
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A Little About Me!
I have the finest collection of free online games & biggest collection of song lyrics!
Just Some Thoughts
well i just got an account here and tried to get into a bar and they asked me to get a pic and come back in .. i just got here weird...
Poetry By Wulf1367
UNTITLED: Yyou are the one who watched me, so you coud learn to see. I am the one that made you run so you would know how to breath. I am the darkness thathurt you to teach you pain. As i fly through your existence, you now know coldness. I tookyour shadow from the earth so you could not be seen, and i took your reflection frommirrors soyou would not know vanity. I am the bringer of death and you will wear me to the wedding. I am the one who steps on your soul as if it where in peices upon a tailersfloor. I am the one you hate most for letting you live. The sound of the pain i make you feel makes your own ears bleed. I once caught you dancing so i gave you your ,feet in a box. I once caught you tasting the pleasures of sweetness so i ripped out your tongue and made you swallow it. You now kneel before me and beg for death that will never come. You will now sit in perpetual sadness as i watch you suffer till the end of time. BY WULF1367
Life After Divorce
I have been divorced  for a year now and it seems that most women dont want anything to do with a guy that has children.I am wondering if this is just typical of a women.I only have two little girls so its not like we are the brady bunch.
Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw puzzles are my passion. I know, it sounds boring but I really like solving those puzzles. So check out my profile for my jigsaw puzzles website, I also love playing copter game and this tetris website.
You say I never believe you But Baby you know I'll always love you Darlin' You know I'd never leave you You are mine I would cover your body in kisses And this is true Oh I love you You ask me why I do this for you And I tell you time and time again I do, Oh I love you I'll give you my trust and honesty and you know this is true How I love you I love you The rushing waters crashing upon the rocks Amazing how everything seems to stop Stopping in that moment of truth Stopping in that moment of honesty One or two no matter how many Either or you may not have any Within thy own heart Within thy own soul Only one could ever really be told With the heart pounding With how the waters are sounding So much of this could be astounding Much is life Much is strife But thine own love Could it fly out like a dove The waters we feel The emotions we steal The life we love The life we know of Much is like water Much is like air But how can one even dare Love is water
Whats Up
whats up people i just joined acouple days ago look at my pics leave some comments hit me up i got a cell so if u girls want my # just ask fore it
Orlando Hotels
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Sorry To Bother You
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Military Blogs
Thank you tat for posting this. If  the red shirt thing is new to you, read below how it went for a man....Last  week, while traveling to Chicago on business, I  noticed a Marine sergeant traveling with a  folded flag, but did not put two and two  together.. After we boarded our flight, I  turned to the sergeant, who'd been invited to  sit in First Class (across from me), and  inquired if he was heading home.No, he  responded.Heading out I asked? No.  I'm escorting a soldier home.Going to  pick him up?No. He is with me right now.  He was killed in Iraq , I'm taking him home to  his family. The realization of what he  had been asked to do hit me like a punch to the  gut. It was an honor for him. He told me that,  although he didn't know the soldier, he had  delivered the news of his passing to the  soldier's family and felt as if he knew them  after many conversations in so few days.  I turned back to him, extended my hand,  and said, Thank you Thank you for doing what  you do so my fa
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Real Family
Internet Cheating
Fantasy Baseball
Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
this is more for the ladys but men are welcome to comment if they are true men..... Beauty is only skin deep. I true woman loves who she is without make up and just being them selves, If someone really cares about you they dont look at your appearance on the outside but whats on the inside. It don't take make up and heels to make you look sexy and pretty it take honesty within yourself to be who you really are. I sit and go through pics on here and so many beautiful woman on here and what i like the most is the woman that are real and true to themselves. You dont have to try and look like a super model to get attention, just be yourself. I have met some really awesome ppl here and the best ones i have found are not fake but they are beautiful for just being them selves. So ladys please just be yourself and not what the other want you to be.. If they are true they will look at you for who you really are not just your body.. Men if you are true then please feel free to comment
My Birthday Wishes
Blogith And They Will Cum
Redskyy's Ninjatastic Life
So last night I was approached by a record label, I will be signing with them by the End of the month. And making good money doing what i love. It just goes to show you put blood sweat and tears into your work, good things will come out.    Love always Redskyy
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Hey Everyone What Up?
hey everyone what up? i'm just being bored and frustrated tryin find some music to put on my profile and i'm havin no luck so i don't know. i wish i had a more interesting profile but idk i guess it isn'tthat bad.  if anyone wants to be fiends then just send me a request, peace.
Hi Girl Here To Meet New Friends And A Nice Lady
hi i matthew here to find new friends and meet a nice lady for a long term thing
Right Florist
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Stop Domestic Violence By Letting Go!
When I met him he was so beautiful. He was sitting there on my front porch as if a gift from God. He was married but going through a devorce. He didn't wamt anything to do with me. He wanted to be free. At first we were just friends. I flirted with him a lot. Eventually I madr hi realized that he loved me. He was a young man age 27. I was 22. I was in nursing school and had a daughter out of wedlock. He had a drug problem but i believed in him.       He moved into my small appartement right away. There I was supporting myself, my daughter and him while goning to nursing school. It didn"t take long and I was pregnant. Only months into the relationship. He took great joy in making me jelouse. He flirted with women right in front of me. I weighed 279 lbs. I was a biggin! I was very insecure. I kicked him out ojne night after he went to a bar! I insisted I would not be disrespected like that. Little did I know I would be. When he came home he began to kick the door. I didn't know what to
Sad Sad World!
the world has long ago gone mad, i love my childeren more than my own life id give my life to save theirs these poor parents of these innocent LITTLE BABIES i cant imagine how this would ever feel....everyday my kids leave my home to school to be with friends anywhere i fear for their safety daily, things like this really makes me wonder why people are still having kids dont get me wrong childer en are the most beautiful beings on this planet but with the way the world is today it doesnt matter how well u raise them sometimes people just loose it and snap for whatever reason and that is something i will never really understand is taking an innocent life no matter what the age is but common little kids who have yet to actually live life or experience it good or bad...everytime this happens i just constantly think of the fear these kids and adults have at the moment esp. the kids crying and wanting thier mom and dad :(PATHETIC IS THE HUMAN RACE and people wonder why people loose faith e
Lowongan Kerja 2013
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Blocked For Rating As A Leveling Requirement
     I think some people on here get to butthurt to easy. A friend of mine is trying to level and one of the requirements is to rate 50 a "1". So, she is going along and doing this requirement, and goes the this person's page ( So what does he do, he blocks her, really, i mean really. She tells some of us this. Out of disbelief i rate the user a "1", and i too, was blocked. We discuss this behavior some more. So, the rest of our friends have done the same. This is a game they had to do the same thing to level, so why get so butthurt and block someone for the same thing you had to do. This is crazy.
Tied Up
Blind fold is on your hands are tied I slowly work my way down your body kissing and feeling every inch of you as the minutes go by a cube of ice i slowly move it around your lips down your knèck an very slowly around your breast and very slowly working my way down i gently roll around your clit then slowly as your body squirms and shivers and incert inside of you my finger inside of you fluttering up an down while my tounge roles around your pearl your body begins to shake your waist begins to move up and down faster and faster your moans becomes screams yes yes o god yes yes then with a final jolt of your waist and the Arch of your back and lay there shivering...
Dedicated To Man I Love
Lovely my dear,I'm trying write this blog for you and I failed I writing know its hard for me to focus,because of failure.i refuse to let it get me down,so I'm trying it again.i love you with all my heart.I cant tell you enough of how much I love you.a very unique person has come into my life and I don't want to let go.when we met I thought I just had another chat buddy I can talk to sometimes,because I was rarely on love for you has grown stronger for you each day as we one knows what the future holds but Jesus.he can make all things impossible to possible.pertaining to our love we have for each other ,if we have have the love of god in our hearts I know we can make it.i believe what The Lord says to me " i can do all things through Christ that strengthen me". Even though we my seem far away but we're not.its just patience I need.patience is what I need to hold on for our relationship.its just like if you were in the military,don't know when you coming home
Heinous F*ckery
  7:25am REY AZTECA: nice boobs baby! 7:27am Owl Queen: thanks, theres a lot more to see where those came fro 7:29am REY AZTECA: ok. whats ur name? single? 7:31am Owl Queen: yep, sure know, if you ar einterested in seeing a lot more than pics, and can buy things, let me know 7:31am REY AZTECA: i wana buy you!!!!!!!!!!!! 7:31am REY AZTECA: NOT PICTURES OR VIDEOS! i want you body! 7:32am Owl Queen: prove it then. Send my 100$. 7:32am REY AZTECA: fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7:32am Owl Queen: problem? 7:33am REY AZTECA: fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!! 7:33am Owl Queen: 7:34am Owl Queen: you liek that? 7:35am REY AZTECA: fu
Rate Fest For Fam..
Frist of all ,I would like to say Thank you too all,who took time to read the blog,..To all that did take time to pic Rate a big Thank you. Prizes will be award as stated in the frist blog on 10/3/13.. Now to list the following winners for this month it was close....the winner for september are.....Angelfire  1971..Rockstar..... the next winner is ....ladyinred....rockstar...the next winner is ......Connie......boomy....the reason 2 rockstar are awarded the 2 ladies really picture rated ..Congrats to all  3 of you.....!!!!!!!!  Now to the new contest..the Prize is a lil Better.....who ever Rates the most pictures for the month of October will be awarded a Vip.....the second  highest picture rater will recive a Rock Star ... and a bling of my choice...the third most highest rater will receive a Boomy and a bling of my choice.. Since I am uping the Prizes this time it will be Only 1 Vip !!!!award..The new picture rating contest will Start Monday!!! Make sure you Date And Comment all fold
I know I shouldnt be bothered by people at work but when they ask me to do stupid stuff it really aggravates the hell outta me. So much today I had to leave and drive around to calm down now im a little bit better but these assholes better watch it. How come i'm the onewho ends with ink from the copier machine all over me when I wasnt the one using it yesterday and broke it. No Im the one who has to fix it so now i supopose they think im a repair technician what the hell ever How is it that I work my ass off all day and have a second job but yet I still seem to have no money after bills. I'm exhausted from it. Right now I got 3 or more guys wanting to sleep with me but they don't want to be with me wtf? Its a rainy and dreary day not o cold but cold enough for me to wear a sweatshirt. 35 minutes and i get to go pick up one of the boys god help me. I had a procedure done friday which prevents me from any sexual activity which really sucks since its been since last saturday(shhhh.... wa
I don't know if anyone will read this but I thought I would give it a shot.First I want to say a BIGGGGGGGGG thanks to all of you who have been so wonderful to me. I know Iam not the prettyest or the skinnyest out here in LC but you guys make me feel like Iam. =). I wish all of you the best an agin ~*~Thank You~*~ -BB
Tabby Tied
It was a lovely sunny evening as I walked up the road to Tabby's house. I couldn't wait to see her wondering what she would be wearing for me. I knew that I was going to be in for a great evening. I got to her house and walked up the path to her front door. I pressed the bell and waited for her to answer. A few seconds past then the door opened. There she stood, just over five foot tall, wearing a small white bra, a little white lace thong and lace top hold ups, topping it off with 4" white heels. She looked so sexy. I walked into the house and took Tabby into my arms. Kissing her deeply, our tongues searching each other's mouths. Tabby broke the kiss and turned around and started to walk away, her hot little ass framed by the thong and stockings she was wearing. I followed her, feeling my cock growing harder by the second. She looked over her shoulder and smiled as she walked in front of me taking her little white bra off. She was teasing me and I knew it, but little did she kno
Ending Up There,
A time in You're life when U should just fuck it and go Wherever U feal with or without anybody. I Recomend Exploring Even if U travel just for a weekend U never know whay U may run into. And U may never know where U might end up Sometimes in life U just need to start over
We Are Elektrik
Chakara's Shit!
Dark gray hair Just laying there Hasn’t been combed But you don’t care. So sweet and worry free Old and innocent Can barely even see Laying there watching the old sweet TV. You barely speak And yet you mean everything to me You’re my hero I hope that you can see You’re my world The one with the purest love Laying here in a ball all ragged and curled I will sing you one last song By Chakara Sue Dedicated to my Grandfather/Hero 2006
Whats Up
My Family
You Can Never Have Too Many Friends.
Fly away with me.Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics
Sitting here the little man stirring. Feeling like a pubescent boy trapped in a man's body. What makes a man a man, not a boy? Is it how his body looks and feels? Is it how he sees the world? Is it that he takes responsibility for his actions? Is it how he treats others? Is it how he treats his mother? Or is it how he acts rather than reacts?
Sexy Saying
sex can great , it can hot. it can things like licking up. sucking u ,eating u i need it , want it , get it to me now, baby am so hot , your plcae or mines
This Guy Has No Clue
A guy gets home early from work and hears strange noises coming from the bedroom. He rushes upstairs to find his wife naked on the bed, sweating and panting. "What's going on?" he asks. "I'm having a heart attack!" cries the woman. He rushes downstairs to grab the phone, but just as he is dialing, his 4-year old son comes up and says, "Daddy! Daddy! Uncle Ted's hiding in your closet and he's got no clothes on!" The guy slams the phone down and storms upstairs into the bedroom, past his screaming wife, and rips open the closet door. Sure enough, there's his brother, totally naked, cowering on the floor. "You bastard," says the husband. "My wife is having a heart attack and you're running around with no clothes on scaring the kids!"
9 Sex Jokes
# 9 A man is in a hotel lobby. He wants to ask the clerk a question. As he turns to go to the front desk, he accidentally bumps into a woman beside him and as he does, his elbow goes into her breast. They are both quite startled. The man turns to her and says, "Ma'am, if your heart is as soft as your breast, I know you'll forgive me." She replies, "if your penis is as hard as your elbow, I'm in room 1221." # 8 A young man walks up and sits down at the bar. "What can I get you?" the bartender inquires. "I want 6 shots of Jagermeister," responded the young man. "6 shots?!? Are you celebrating something?" "Yeah, my first blowjob." "Well, in that case, let me give you a 7th on the house." "No offence, sir. But if 6 shots won't get rid of the taste, nothing will." # 7 A businessman boards a flight and is lucky enough to be seated next to an absolutely gorgeous woman. They exchange brief hellos and he notices she is reading a manual about sexual statistics. He asks her about it and
God Sent For An Angel
For my Father-In-Law who just passed away on Tuesday. God sent for an angel On October 10th, A man full of knowledge, Of courage and strength. “Stephen, my son I now need you here, To watch after your loved ones While they shed their tears, You’ll now be their angel And be with them each day, You’ll hold their hands And show them the way, The way through their problems Their worries, their fears, You’ll show them hope For the rest of their years, You’ll share in their love Their dreams and their laughter, Their sorrows, their joys Their deaths and then after, You’ll meet again This is not a goodbye, You now have a new home With me in the sky, So to all of your loved ones He’ll be with you each day, I just needed an angel To help lead the way.” 10/14/06
When You Thought I Wasnt Looking
WHEN YOU THOUGHT I WASN'T LOOKING (Written by a former child) A message every adult should read, because children are watching you and doing as you do, not as you say. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you hang my first painting on the refrigerator, and I immediately wanted to paint another one. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you feed a stray cat, and I learned that it was good to be kind to animals. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you make my favorite cake for me and I learned that the little things can be the special things in life. When you thought I wasn't looking, I heard you say a prayer, and I knew there is a God I could always talk to and I learned to trust in God. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you make a meal and take it to a friend who was sick, and I learned that we all have to help take care of each other. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you give of your time and money to help people who had nothing
The Fire Is The Desire!!!!!
Success or Happiness does any of it satisfy? I've chased both without "success" (that sounds funny) I guess it depends on what definition you pour into those words. Happiness and success. they are just words thrown around and back again. defined by the direction of the shifting winds derived from others. usually feeling good (for now) as it tickles your ears. if it is not your own it is borrowed. anything borrowed cannot satisfy, im finding. as it is out of my control and is fleeting it has always left me looking for another lender. the question success and happiness begs. am i where i am supposed to be. am i being me? i've known that feeling it was my own. hunting bugs with my daughter asking me questions just wanting to know, trying to figure life out... we just want to be known. Without a doubt it has little to nothing to do about stuff its about living life with others and helping each other figure it out. This feeling is the fire within me. when I feel it
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What Would You Do.....
Please Excuse My Leave Of Absense
As some of you know, I've gone and stayed with my mom. I moved out here because she's dying. Cancer. No one in my family knows. Growing up, I didn't really know her. She left me and my dad, got into drugs, walked the streets. They never divorced, my dad loved her dearly. But a few years ago he couldn't take not knowing where she was and split. I havn't seen him since. Phone calls sometimes, letters thats it. I went and lived with my cousin because it was a stable environment. Got into modeling for her, but realized models are ugly people, they are cold and heartless. So wrapped up in looking good. Makeup can make anyone look pretty, look at my pictures. I don't dress like that all the time. I'm just a regular girl. I'm just saying this because, well, if I'm not around that much, now you know.
Cherry Stuff
If any of you see my name turn blue here, please smack the ever-loving shit outta me... Almost fifteen bucks a month just to have your name in blue, the ability to rate '11's and 2500 pics? Nah, s'ok... I can find better uses for my cash. Ok, that's all... just wanted to put that out there... Kenny Hey Cherries... I've posted some new pics over the last week or so, so come by and show me some love if you haven't already. Ratings are nice, but I really love your comments. Thanks y'all!
The Darker Side
Nightmares You may wonder why I have such an interest in my stories. My experiences came at a young age. Nightmares at best, but occurrences that leave a child of 7 questioning. This is my story. The summer was great for a kid at my age. Playing with my friends, planning a camping trip to the Grand Canyon. Awaiting the arrival of my Aunt and Uncle and their kids, coming up from San Diego. I knew I was destined for the couch in the living room, but I didn't mind. Its been almost a year since my Grandfather had passed, 2 days after my 6th birthday. July was fast approaching and I had mixed feelings of emotion. Sad that my Grandfather was gone, but happy because of the events soon to unfold. Or so I thought. My first night on the couch was of nothing unusual. For a house filled with people, the silence was unnerving. I settled down on the couch for the night, snuggled in under the covers and began to drift off to sleep. A few hours later I was awoken with a star
Relationship Rules....for Us Girls
RELATIONSHIP RULES.....FOR US GIRLS 1. If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. 2. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. 3. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. 4. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. 5 . Slower is better. 6. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. 7. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. 8. Don't settle. 9. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. 10. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. 11. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. 12. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't mar

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