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Rain Delay

Finally baseball season is here time for all fans to cheer.  I got my hat on my popcorn and of course my nice cold beer.

I have the day to watch the entire game; no one is here to call my name.  Did my chores yesterday wait what’s this they are saying there is a chance of rain today.

Great just what I needed a freaking rain delay and I took off to watch the game today.  Let’s just wish that it passes please oh please for the sake of the masses.

Innings one through five not a single drop, let’s hope that this good luck doesn’t stop.  My wife will be home around seven, I hope the game ends by then.

One, two, three, into the seventh inning stretch not a single person is wet.  This game is running smoothly and when my wife comes home I don’t have to speak to her kind of rudely.

Score is tied now and is getting interesting. Oh no commentators are saying they have seen some lighting.  No not now it’s the bottom of the ninth runners are on 3rd and 2nd.  Wife will be home any second and I will have to jump when she beckons.

She’s not a huge lover of baseball well to say the least she is not a fan of sports at all. She’s more of romantic movie lover but hey no one is perfect and I still love her.

Now the rain is coming down and the umps suspend play. Dammit I don’t want to wait through a rain delay. Hi honey I m home how was your day? It was going good till this blasted rain delay.

Well why the game is on hold can you come listen to my day and what I sold? Sure can love I have a few minutes to spare.  She looks at me and begins to share.

While she intensely yaps away in my head I silently sobbing due this rain delay.  She talks about her sister, her brother, and her wildly eccentric father and mother.  I could care less about who bought what how, where, or win. I just want this rain delay to end so my team can win.

Looking back to the TV seats are pretty much empty internally I am weeping.  My wife looks at me and she has that look in here eye.  That look of this game is going to get called so why not do things for me.

She rattles off things for me to do while I wait for the game to resume.  Things like can you get this or can you put this in the room.  Also what do you want for dinner?  What do I want for dinner? A winner!

She shakes her head and chuckles I knew I made a big mistake.  Her list gets longer and more tedious. Things like can you take the trash out and Benny the neighbor’s kid asked for me to bake a cake.  

But the game and the rain will be over soon. She laughs and says look at the screen they are dealing with a monsoon.  Now if you will check the gutters, switch the laundry, and take the dog out.  What! You heard me she says and I just being to pout.  

There nothing I can do because the rain is steady. Her work load is now getting heavy, and I m getting angry.  This isn’t fair, I wanted to sit in my comfy game chair, but she doesn’t care. Now she has me running there to here.  All I can say is yes dear.

This is my fault for being a fan of team in a tropical climate.  Pretty sure I know the officials are gonna call it.  This list of work is total bull shit.  She knew this is what I wanted to do today but she’s abusing this rain delay. 

The list is getting long still and now she is having a fit of a bug resting on the window sill.  I just want to watch the game this rain is lame and right now my wife is being the same.

This would not be an issue if the rain had just waited. My team would have won and I would be elated. I would have done everything she asked and not even debated.

Now I am mad the game was canceled and the list has tripled.  I don’t want to clean the gutters walk the dog or talk about her sister, her brother, or even her eccentric father and mother.  I don’t want to switch the laundry, or move chairs to the stupid balcony.

I just wanted to sit in my chair cheer with my nice cold beer.  Enjoy my team’s effort and play. Now it’s all ruined due to a rain delay.  Well that’s baseball and thank goodness for 3 game series.  And I’ll do all my chores and whatever she can think of in a breeze.


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