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I missed my chance

I sat and watched you walk out of my life. Not that I did anything to stop you but off you went, on to bigger and better things.  I was just person you saw out the corner of your eye some days as you came in and out of the coffee shop. In my head we did this dance like I would say hi and you would say hello and out the door you would go. Then the next day I would say hi and you would smile brush the hair over your ear and say hi.  And after bout a handful of hi and byes we would sit and chat over coffee and doughnuts. Then came time for me to ask you out and you would smile and say yes. Yes would have been the best phrase one simple man could ever hear.  Dating would be a breeze, there would be no fights just love and passion.  Passion that burned so bright it would rival the sun.  And the kids we would have would be gorgeous. Little talented angels that could hum a tune, turn a phrase, and are the humblest kids a person could ask for.  I would love till I lay down on my death bed. Look into your eyes see our lives play again within your eyes and all I could was smile and say thank you for having coffee with me all those years ago.  And Death and I go off together like two old school friends and I have no regrets. 

Here’s your change.  I am smacked back into reality and watch you walk across the café room towards the door.  With every step you take I am painfully reminded of what could be and wouldn’t be.  You’re so beautiful.  You turn and look in my direction we meet eyes for a moment there I thought you had the same life vision I had. But you smiled brushed the hair over your ear and went out the door.  I never saw you again but you gave me the best life a person could have in the time it takes to pay for coffee.  Never had the strength to speak to you because you didn’t seem real.  I was gun shy and I missed my chance

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