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The Moment

We all know of this moment: You meet a person at the wrong time. They could the perfect person, the one that you have been waiting for, but there is a catch. You are them are not available. Yeah you could take the risk of trying to be with that person; alas it will just turn to dust and blow with the next passing breeze. Its God's way of mocking us for trying to have that perfect person and setting the bar of standards way too high. Like we are too good for the common folks. So this perfect, great person sits down talks to you. Makes you feel all these great feelings and feel like a decent human being. You sit and say "Dammit where are Marty McFly and his fucking Delorian". So that you could undo the emotional quagmire that you find yourself in. Here is the kicker that perfect wouldn't exist if you weren't in the conundrum you are in currently. It's like looking at the perfect meal at the fanciest restaurant and you just cannot pick up the fork for its welded to the table. And the plate drifts further away from your hungry stomach. What can you do about this situation you ask? Just laugh and enjoy the moment. Those moments are so far and few so all you can do is just sit back and relish in it. If anyone says that this is not truth and they are with their "perfect one" is a person blind by there own ignorance. No one gets the "perfect one", the settle for decent 2nd or alright 3rd. It's the way of life. For those who meet their "perfect one" it's covered by tragedy. They die child dies, something that causes the two to part ways on the most hateful terms. Don't be discouraged 2nds, 3rds, hell even fourths will love you till the end of time and bid for overtime just to love you a little longer. In closing love the one you are with. Enjoys those short "perfect moments"...:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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