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Distant memories dance on my ceiling as I lay in bed.

Times of happiness, times of fear, love, joy, pain. All put on a show for me.

I sit in the front row wondering what was going to happen next to the character on this stage.

I cheer when he is victorious, I cry when he defeated.

I shout "Get Up Sir, Get Up!"

As the leading gets back dramatically on his feet and rides back into battle I am on the edge of seat.

It's the greatest epic I have ever seen.

The costumes in this show of distant memories are wonderful.

Each person is represented with a color and a theme.

I came to the part when it seemed like he was alone. All one could make out were silhouettes.  Very difficult to make out if they are evil or good.

The character sits on the stage once again this time holding a dagger, Surrounded by these silhouettes and hands. He stares at the dagger and then cuts across his flesh.

The shadows cheer and push for more, they dance and pull at his clothes. Showing his chest he cuts across and screams in terror, pain, and joy.

He collapses....

Shadows fade...

Veils are lifted...

Friends, family...

Looking down....

Some smile, some turn in shame...

One hand reaches down....

To a still....

Cold and lifeless...

A path is shown...

A lonesome.....

Tears fall down my cheek as I what the events take place on this stage. The faces disappear and one light, one color stays.

The leading man climbs to his feet. Clothes tattered, smeared with tears and blood.

He looks at his hands that are forever changed looks and mirror that has come down form the rafters of the stage.

Stares at the figure that now stands before him. He sees...He sees... He sees and man. Not himself but a different man with a new agenda.

A man that has lived through something that should have taken his life.

A new fire now blazes in his eyes, A fire that seemed dangerous yet determined. The man in the mirror reaches out; on his face he bore a mysterious smile.

The leading man takes his hand they forge into new man. Still wearing the scars of battles.

He walks on the path head held high, eyes determined and protected.

He walks off stage....

I lay awake...



The Blood...

The Dream...

The Quest...

My Dream...

My Quest...

My Path....

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