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Love Story It has been 10 years The memory still surrounds me Today I walk through the garden that needs me I look up and see the fall trees I remember walking to you Your eyes still big and blue Your smile takes me to you I close my eyes I can feel your heart beat with me Your mind was my miracle You showed what it was like for love to even trickle You saved me from my own demons I know I still would never leave her Your laughter is my smile You know I would walk 100 miles for that smile Your faith in me was strong Your faith in Jesus was never wrong I remember standing in the doorway I knew I chose the right way You would wink at me before dinner I knew I was the winner I would come up behind you for a hug You knew I was the one you loved Your imagination was great I knew the love you held for me was Was unexplainable to most I know to this day you think of me I am sure when my time comes for me I knew the day the cancer struck I felt it through my body like amack truck We stood in the face of death together I knew Jesus and you would once again be together As I kneel at your grave Flowers everywhere I begin to pray A tear falls from my eye Good Lord please love my wife I feel a hand on my shoulder Son you never have to shudder I am her existence The love she felt for you was indescribable Her soul was yours Her mind was yours Her heart was yours Her body was yours Her time came and I had to begin a new love story So many could flock to see you mourning I turn around the men and women see the perfect love story Of a soul that believed.
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