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Frantic Life

Single mother sitting in your car She is trying to gather the cokes you just bought her at the store Blocking traffic Life you see is so frantic You watch her close the door Only 12 and you still get a tear Hoping she will be safe out there You watch her walk up the side of the car The people behind you think must be angry by far You dont tell her to hurry or she may get hit by a car You will take the embarrasement and not say a word Life as that single mother is hard Even with people trying to rush you with that child you love She walks in front of one headlight and you see her fall You think what to do Where did she go Your life just dropped before your eyes You grab for the door and a stranger runs by He looks at you You look at him He grabs your daughter without thinking of him Her cokes lay on the ground She is crying and you see her big frown The man looks you in the eye He can see the single mother inside He sees the last dollars you spent to buy them for her You wont take charity from a stranger He tells you one sec He comes back and says he had two cokes left How bout we sit here on the curb and watch these passing cars I just got off work and have nothing planned so far Your daughter smiles and takes his hand Come on mommy you havent had a date since daddy passed away Its time that we sit and talk with this man about our day Tear comes to your eye You see sincerity in his big blue eyes With a smile you say one coke Then after that with my number you need to hit the road James H Morrow Jr www.truelovelive.com
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