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So do you want to learn how to write? Well it really is not all that hard. I mean for god sakes this country sometimes amazes me how difficult they make things look. You have to be a professor to do this. Money to do that. Some great authors have had breaks some are trying to hard to make it break. Well in my opinion I think I am one of the shittiest writers around. But, I write what I think it takes all of 10 minutes to write one of my writings I dont proofread and bam you all enjoy them. So sometime today just sit down think of one thing that is really important to you and you will be a writer. Dont worry about what skeptics think if it is important to you it is probably pretty important to someone else. Which in turn you have just affected one life. Give it a whirl and see how it goes. Chronykle

Dodging Love July 8, 2006 My body aches for the touch of a man I do not understand When we are together, time stops and passed quickly all at once When our lips touch, the electricity between us could light the world Our bodies become one as we are wrapped in love The world around us is no more, it is only us, together The only sound is two hearts beating as one Two lovers so lost in each other, yearning for forever together Wondering if someday the dream will come true Hoping that it will, scared of what that means Knowing the journey is beginning and wanting to know how it ends What I know to be true is I want only you Nobody else, when things are good, makes me feel the way you do My body moist with the anticipation of your love Let's call off the dogs, break down the wall I want to hold you with my heart, no fear With you by my side as we walk life's final mile Written By: **Your Destiny**

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