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SexiChica88's blog: "on my mind"

created on 05/16/2009  |  http://fubar.com/on-my-mind/b295546
locked inside are feelings of pain
fear and hopelessness
nothing to gain
locked inside are truths in need to be told
secrets of heartaches
left unknown
locked inside is a girl still screaming
terrified of life
nothing but dreaming
locked inside is a key to open
beauty and love
worth showing
locked inside is love awaiting
peace and comfort
I'm yours for the taking
i don't want to be locked any longer
i want you
to make me stronger
take the key to my heart
hold it close
never to part
open my eyes to see the light
hide nothing from me
do not let me fight
show me the life i want
happiness and love
be up front
open my heart to your love neverending
place your love inside
no more pretending
love me unconditionally
i'm in need of a savior
set me free
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