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I was listening to a radio program (one of those bullshit talk radio shows), and the topic was how women dress nowadays, and how that has sent society spiraling downward, because of how men react to these said women, and that those women should take more responsibility with how they "express" themselves in public. Which is all bullshit, because anybody telling someone else how to express themselves is automatically in the wrong.

But the show kept on about how "provocative" dress incites immoral or inappropriate behavior from others. Whipping out all these wild and unproven statistics tying rape, harassment, sexual abuse, and other predatory discrepancies to revealing dress. If that wasn't enough bullshit, you have people calling in and actually agreeing with the host and his bullshit guest on how these women should be ashamed of themselves, and how we as a world are going to hell because a choice few of us wear tank tops or shorts....

And the whole thing that bugs me about this particular issue, is that the women in question are the only ones being blamed for this all out behavior, and most people know better, but just don't do or say anything about it. Mostly men. Calling a woman a slut, or blaming her attire allows weak-minded and weak-willed men to justify their caveman behavior. Anyone who's been on this planet for at least 15 years should know that a heterosexual man will compliment, comment, nag, harass, demean, ogle, or just down right stare at a woman REGARDLESS OF WHAT SHE HAS ON!! And in my own experience, I have been more turned-on by a beautiful, confident woman in sweatpants and a t-shirt than some loosey-goosey chick in booty shorts and half of a half-top.

To vilify or demean a woman because a man acts a certain way because of that woman's presence is just stupid. A woman should be able to wear what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants to. And any man should be able to control his own hormones when looking at women in public. If anything, that man who makes the lewd comments, and drools at the drop of a dime when he senses anything with estrogen, should be ridiculed and demeaned. The defense that men, or society uses, to explain away the actions of punk-ass men, and putting that burden on women is outdated and just plain wrong. Our taboos on sexuality and nudity are irrational, unnatural, and basically ignorant. How a woman dresses explains about 2% of that woman's character or nature. But we still put so much weight into the issue. It's just a shame that in 2009, we are still having the "debate" over it. So to all the women who dress "provocatively", keep on struttin' and flauntin' it. But beware, society's eyes are on you.....


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